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Report: Physio Reece set to join O’Driscoll at Old Trafford

According to The Mirror, Arsenal physio Jordan Reece will leave the club to take up a position at Manchester United where he’ll reunite with former boss Gary O’Driscoll.

Reece joined the Gunners from Crystal Palace in 2012 and worked his way up the ranks to become head physiotherapist in 2020.

For a couple of years, he was the most visible member of the medical team, regularly sitting in the dugout alongside the coaching staff and administering in-game treatment to injured first team stars.

More recently, that hands-on role has sat with Simon Murphy who joined from Leicester in 2021. Murphy himself flirted with an exit in 2022 – he was wanted by Nottingham Forest – but seemed to change his mind.

O’Driscoll was lured to Manchester United in September to take up the same Head of Sports Medicine position he held at Arsenal. The Irishman drew a line under 15 years of service as a Gunner when he moved to Old Trafford, a move he reportedly made for family reasons, and he’s since been tasked with getting on top of the club’s injury crisis by new monitory shareholder Sir Jim Ratcliffe.

Arsenal replaced O’Driscoll with Dr. Zafar Iqbal in February although they didn’t announce the appointment on a formal basis.

While losing Reece is a blow to Edu and Mikel Arteta, there’s been so much churn in the expanded backroom staff in recent years that it’s unlikely to cause too many sleepless nights.

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After reading that ridiculous and derogatory email ratcliffe sent to existing staff, why would anyone willingly work there…

Eric Blair

As a cycling fan I’m highly doubtful Ratcliffe will be able to do much there. He loves the sound of his own voice and his name being spoken about, and primarily seems to be using the sports things to boost his other business interests.


So he’s a typical boss- looks like he’s working when the cameras are on by yapping. Firing people isn’t action, it’s a way to increase stock price.


The average human mind works in a very fickle way. Ppl have easily forgotten the Kroenkes kicking out all tenants from their ranch without any notice period; the cruel animal hunting; forcibly buying out every shareholder & so on.


Simply because I mentioned one billionaire is an ass doesn’t mean I like another by default.


I’m not linking the two but someone’s gonna do it:

O’Driscoll leaves Arsenal medical staff – Arsenal have one of the best fitness records in the Prem.

O’Driscoll joins Utd –
Utd have a season long injury crisis.

Obviously this is all just down to luck and nothing to do with these guys being inside Arsenal agents but anyways…

Good luck Jordan, good luck.

Johnny 4 Hats

To quote a famous David Mitchell catchphrase…

Correlation is not causation


“what’s correlation… ah, forget it.”


More accurately, it’s not necessarily causation.


I had the same thought. But really it’s down to how the manager uses his players!!

Cliff Bastin

*cough* Malacia *cough*

Eternal Titi Berg Pat Nostalgia

How can anyone in the right mind leave Arsenal at the present time?

Johnny 4 Hats

Sometimes I still think about that Ozil tweet.

Trust the process *crying face*

Lol. He must feel dumb. Or maybe the juice has numbed his shame receptors.

Dr. Gooner

I can be more charitable in retrospect. I can see why he would react that way after being shown the door by this upstart a manger and then watching that team struggle and finish 8th. It does tell me though that he doesn’t have a future in management if he couldn’t see the structures and foundations being laid.


Bit off topic while still on the man u subject…..

Can someone explain to me how, someone with a 25% stake in anything, manages to gain overall control?

What am I missing here? I really don’t know of any business where a new minority partner would, supposedly, gain complete control of the core business.


The Glasers are tacitly admitting they have no idea how to run a football club and are simply using United as a cash cow. They hope that by having more competent management their 75% remaining stake will grow in value, while giving themselves a juicy windfall in the process.


Kind of agree with the outline of your post but the Glasers have put money into the club, about a billion £ i believe?. It’s a very risky manouvre and I just can’t get in my head how is such a big part of any business handed over just like that. There has to be more that we aren’t being told. I think it will end in tears, or at least I hope it does.


He’s already do e the standard billionaire things so far- fire a bunch of people and beg the government for taxpayer money for private enterprise.


Yeah. Best part of that was the whinge about all the decent stadia being in the south, so the taxpayer should stump up for a new one for them. Odd really, as I’m sure I recall the taxpayer building a state of the art stadium and handing it to a club for free in, er, Manchester. I guess that one must have been too shit to qualify as infrastructure investment in Radcliffe’s deluded mind. I’m sorry, but other clubs pay for their own infrastructure. The fact that the Premier League’s greatest cash cow has been run so badly it can’t… Read more »


Really? On a net basis? Because the state of the stadium, the training ground ( apparently) and the amount of dividends they have taken out make that look a bit unlikely, I’d have thought. Happy to bow to your knowledge though and if you could clarify I’d be most grateful.


The Glazers only own 44% of Utd. Ratty 25%, other investors 31%. Ratcliffe might have an understanding or boardroom concensus with the other investors which allows him to implement his strategies.

Adney Toams

Bit like Boehly then?


I’m guessing it’s down to voting rights or the shareholder agreement. It’s actually quite common. For example, Mark Zuckerberg only owns about 13% of Facebook stock, but has 60% of the voting rights as his shares are a different class which carry more voting rights. So he retains total control even though he only owns 13% of the stock. I doubt that’s exactly what happened at Man United, but it’s likely something similar.


Yes, that makes sense but, as I understand it, Mark Zuckerberg floated Facebook and he retained a controlling shareholding majority. Ratcliffe, as far as I know, has only acquired and paid for 25% of Man u.

Could very well just be me being thick.


The way i understand it is that as part of the purchase agreement, Ratcliffe gets 25% plus sporting control.

Dr. Gooner

Hey look guys I can be a YouTuber:

Arsenal in CRISIS after losing physio and how Jordan Reece will absolutely FIX the injury plague at United!! Exclusive #content #subscribe


When do you start your Patreon memberships?


What transfer fee do we get? Not less than 10 mill for Reece I say.
C’mon Edu sort it out!

Cranky Colin

I have no interest whatsoever in Man U

Naked Cygan

Could he give our dressing room secrets away? Something to think about with these low key, but possibly damaging transfers.


He probably could, but I am betting that the club are covered under non compete clauses and medical record confidentiality, so why risk losing your career and then also looking at prison time?

Dr. Gooner

It doesn’t work like buzzfeed. This ONE TRICK…!

It’s a patient culture build on all levels, we’ve got it, they don’t.

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