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Arsenal dismiss verbal bid for Fabregas

According to a report in the Daily Express, Barcelona have already lodged a verbal bid for Cesc Fabregas but had their £27 million offer dismissed out of hand by the Arsenal board.

While the Spanish playmaker’s desire to return to Barcelona is well known, Arsene Wenger has spoken publically about his eagerness to see the club’s star man stay at the Emirates for at least the next twelve months.

The Gunners are thought to be holding out for a figure in the region of £50 million for Fabregas, however, with Nou Camp president Sandro Rossell admitting recently that Barcelona’s transfer budget will be restricted to €45 million this summer it appears the reigning European champions will be forced to wait another summer to snap up their young protégé.

“I am concerned about the club’s economic sustainability – we have to balance the books. In two or three years we hope to be a solvent club,” stated Rosell.

“When we came in, we found the debt was much bigger than they had told us. We negotiated a syndicate credit with the bank.

“We were very worried because we had no money to spend.”

“We have sorted out the situation and what the economic area has achieved means we have €45m to spend on transfers this summer plus sales.

“We have a business plan, and after what we have said, the banks trust us and have given us this credit, but you have to pay credit back.”

Fabregas himself has remained coy on the speculation despite being questioned about his future by the Spanish media at a recent promotional event in Madrid.


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what can one say that has not already been said about this shitty saga?


Well, Wenger should stop being a pussy and tell them he is not going anywhere and they should stop wasting our time with Modrič money. As Blogs beautifully puts it: CUoCO.


I guess Barca can only afford to put forward a successful bid on one of his feet.

Fed up of Barca

We should agree, but sent them a Cesc lookalike doll laced with antrax

Andy Mack

Dzaden, AWs said that Cesc is not for sale. He didn’t say that he may be for sale if the money is right. How can that be ‘being a pussy’? when it’s tougher than what you suggested…..


Someone should start a rumour that we have accepted a £55m bid from another club, & then sit back & watch the Barca sites lose their shit.

If they think someone else has a chance of getting him their tune will change.

This has gone on too long, & so long as we can tie down Sammy Nasri I think we can cope without Cesc. I don’t want him to go but if he is not committed to the cause then we should get the right dough for him.


Hey did you guys hear? Apparently another club have bid for Cesc fabreghas. It’s meant to be an offer £50 million! This news is so big I’m going to post on every footie site out there! Anyone care to help spread the good news…


I’d love it if Real bid £50M for him. That would make my Summer.

Robin Yer Pursie

only barcelona will come in with a lower bid after having been rejected before, making a higher bid.

they’re obviously just playing games trying to make it seem to cesc that they’re really trying and it’s all Arsenal’s fault


They must know the deal by now, it’s 45-50 or no deal

CUoCO Barca!


I wonder if they even want him this year or if they saw how it mentally damaging it was to our club last year and decided to do it again this year.
Possible but I’m probably giving them way to much credit


Even if another club were to match Arsenals valuation of cesc I don’t think he would be keen to leave . It’s asrenal or farca for him. ( unless arsenal aren’t playing CL football next year) then who could blame him. He has ambition and arsenal must match it with some quality players. If not next season it will be RVP , and the season after JW . I am aware that the board have thier sustainability model but sometimes I think you have to take a punt if they really want to dominate. If they do go for it… Read more »


on a totally unrelated subject, with all the stuff going on at Chelski, it seems drogba & anelka will be on their way, would anyone like to see nic back at arsenal?? it’s not beyond the realms of possibility?


Henry was never really exciting as a signing unless one saw him at Monaco tbh. He struggled at Juve. Most of AW’s signings were random frenchys we’d never heard of but those who succeeded far outshine the failures. There’s too few of us that can say we knew much about viera, pires, Henry, Nasri , wiltord etc before they joined the Arsenal. AW’s most spectacular signings remain Cambell and Arshavin because of their established rep at the time.


And yes I would love to see nic back


SteveP72, be honest were you excited at the Henry transfer news or a whole season later when he started banging ’em in? All signings are a punt but I agree that Cesc won’t go anywhere but Barca. He’s Catalan through and through.


I take your point, but I was very excited by the henry and viera signings take your point that they were troubled when we bought them. I Agree totally about sol…. My point really was show some ambition or risk our better players leaving. Fab, JW and RVP could walk into any side they want, and I for one wouldnt blame them. Van persie inparticular.


I’m with you on that too SteveP72. sometimes I fantasise that Cesc is just toying with Barca to take the flak off the others – like the Captain he is. For all the talk of Nasri, I regard RVP as The Man!


TOMC, If Arsenal could get some success next year ( with Fab in the team) , and farca continue to insult Fab with ridiculously low offers I personally think he might stay long term. The way they conduct themselves is saying ” we’d like you but don’t need you”


Apparently we’ve just signed a 23 year old Argentine named Alvarez. Has anyone seen him play or know anything about him?


Stumbled across the rumour earlier and YouTubed him. Looks good. All left foot with skill and strength and knows where the goal is. Could be good if true.


our 2nd signing Ricardo alvarez,.. he’s meant to be the new robert pires. could be a great signing.


Thanks for the info. Does look like something special. But YouTube videos only reveal so much!


I didn’t mean he should name the price. I know he said he’s not for sale and he’ll try hard to keep him. He doesn’t have to just try, he can and will do it but on the road to it he can blast the creeps with ‘you’re insulting’ or sth so they cool off a bit. He is being too diplomatic that’s all I’m saying.

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