Barcelona in touch with Arsenal over Cesc


Barcelona have spoken to Arsenal about the possible transfer of Cesc Fabregas, according to Chairman Peter Hill-Wood.

In the Sunday Mirror he said, “Yes, they have spoken to us about Cesc. They have been in touch. But so far they have not made a bid and we do not want to let him go. But he comes from Barcelona so it is understandable if he wanted to go back. However, they have not made an offer so far.”

In what is proving to be the most tedious transfer story of the summer it remains unclear why Barcelona would make contact without making a bid.

Nobody would go into a shoe shop and ask ‘Do you have shoes?’, everyone knows they have shoes. If you want some shoes, pay the asking price of the shoes and go forth into the street with your new shoes (and possibly a packet of plasters in case the shoes chafe the back of your heel).

Do Barcelona want to buy Arsenal’s shoes? Only time will tell but it is certain that they are finicky shoppers.


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Ask barca for messi and see what they say!!!!!

What’s good for the goose and all that…..


I always thought Arsene should do that. If Barcelona don’t want to pay what Arsenal is asking for, Arsene should make a £10 million bid for Messi and talk about Messi’s DNA to the press just to piss them off.


I wish newspapers would write news like this. Or is this an op-ed piece?


We should now start a program of telephoning Barca about random members of their squad that they have under contract asking polite questions as to their health, favourite colour and their opinion and to the potential winner of the 4.30 at kempton.

Preferably these quizical enquiries should be made in the wee small hours of the morning.

These calls should be then leaked to the Spannish press to produce unsettling headline such as ‘Arsenal involved in intense overnight negotions with Barca over player x’

That will learn them.


19 days gone since tranfer window has opened and yet no new signings!!! ( youth player from Charlton doesn’t count) I remember when Wenger 1st arrived, transfers were done quickly , since then David Dein has left and we have missed out on the likes Angel Di Maria, Ronaldo, even though they were ready to sign, This will be a long drawn out summer fellow gooners, oh an can some one tell PHW to shut it! he does the club no favours talking to the Daily Star


Maybe we didn’t give them chance to make a bid.
‘Hola, we’d like to enquire about Cesc’
‘You lot again? Fuck off!’ *puts phone down*