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Bendtner’s bender causes Danish fury

Nicklas Bendtner has been accused of ‘pissing up and down the leg’ of the Danish Football Association (DBU) after reports claimed the Arsenal striker has been on a two week bender in New York and Las Vegas.

While such a jaunt registers little on the radar of English football fans so used to seeing the likes of Wayne Rooney and Ashley Cole partying until the early hours in the off season, it appears that Bendtner’s actions have infuriated his countrymen.

Last month the 23-year-old controversially pulled out of Denmark’s under-21 European Championship squad despite the tournament being held on home turf. A statement from the DBU initially gave Bendtner the doubt after he went public on a desire to spend the summer with his six-month-old son:

“Nicklas Bendtner didn’t want to play, because he needed personal time. We have never, and will never, intervene in our internationals personal life.”

However, with pictures set to be published tomorrow of the striker letting loose in the Big Apple and Sin City the Danish tabloids are set to go to town on the player’s apparent betrayal.

A long standing fixture on the Danish celebrity circuit, with his whirlwind romance with 34-year-old Baroness Caroline Luel-Brockdorff often garnering headlines, it has now been suggested that national team coach Morten Olsen should take a firm line with the striker by refusing to  pick him for the foreseeable future despite his goals being integral to Denmark’s success.

Such a decision would come as a blow to Bendtner with the young Dane scouring the continent for a new club ahead of next season. Certain to quit the Emirates after going public on his desire for more first team football he has so far been linked with German side Borussia Dortmund and Turkish giants Besiktas.

Bendtner isn’t the first Arsenal player to get caught up in a club versus country row this summer. Jack Wilshere also pulled out of under-21 duty claiming fatigue would hamper his development next season; he has yet to be caught out in a casino, but did post this picture of himself relaxing in the sunshine.


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Joe Steele

How can you possibly say that Walcott relaxing is being ‘caught out’ when he’s claimed to be fatigued… surely that’s EXACTLY what he should be doing?!

Loose cannon

Joe, i think you read a completely different article.


Hi father has just said he was there for 5 days promoting his jewellery compnay NB.

Hes back in London i saw him at wimbledon!


Yeah, he was tweeting about some Danish tennis girl. He’s probably trying to twit-woo her, like a digital Danish owl.


Does he have a confirmed twitter account? I thought all those were imitators.


Firstly, Joe steele’s first comment is comic genius.
Secondly, Denmark will play bendtner no matter what happens so this is a no-goer.

Loose cannon

Bendtner will play because Denmark have really bad strikers.


Why would a 23-year old who is well established in the senior squad have to play in the U21 squad? International football is off its rocker.


Bob, more to the point , how is a 23 yo eligible to play in an under 21 tournament. i know you can be 1 year old older due to the qualifying dates but 2 years older???


They should call it the Around 21 European Championship.

Nick B

You have to be 21 or younger when qualifying first begins for the tournament. The qualifying started in September 2009, so anyone born after September 1987 is able to play in the tournament. Bendtner was born in January 1988. Therefore is able to play.


Thanks for clearing that up, nick b. I was seriously confused!!


Nick B… hmm…

Junichi B

The guy had a lot of issues, dealing with injuries, part of them because he played injured the World Cup. How can they just think about selecting him for a Sub 21 tournament. Just give him a break, for everybody sake : the player, his (future) club, and the senior national team !


What a crime, a 23 yr old having a few beers while on holiday!!! Give the lad a fucking break. They can’t have a drink during the season so surely when he’s on holiday he can have a few beers when the season is finished!! Pre season doesn’t start until July!!


this guy is seriously dumb. how did he manage to stay at arsenal for so long?

Loose cannon

Great question! I’ve been asking same myself for two years… How can a piss-poor player like him even come close to the starting line-up at Arsenal is beyond me…


I saw Bendtner yesterday at Wimbledon!!

Loose cannon

Well done, Paul. You win the award for the supplier of most useless piece of info.

Errr can you confirm whether he was wearing pink undies also? Smh.

Rudy zarsoff

Bendtner got smashed at Wimbledon?

Midfield Corporal

Bendtners attitude sucks. I would have thought he would have wanted to use this tournament as a shop window for any prospective clubs. He can’t be fatigued as he’s hardly played this season. Is Junichi seriously asking people to give Nicholas bendtner a break? This player is the epitomy of all that is wrong with the modern day footballer. Filthy rich and achieved nothing in the game.


Bendtner, kindly wait until we’ve sold you before you go off partying. Until then, please pretend to be focused on improving yourself as a player.

Carl E Gooner

He won’t be missed. Can’t understand how Wenger stood by him so long.


It now all makes sense.

He was pissed most of the time.

Loose cannon

We need to dump Bendtner into a dustbin. Most overrated piece of non-entity I’ve ever seen. Terrible.


I just want to focus on the comments about how nB has been tolerated at the club for so long. Surely the same could be said for a good few players in our squad last year.

I’m by no means a fan of his, personally I think he needs to grow up a bit, but last year – the early part of the season especially – he played well. With that in mind though I don’t think he has the ability to be a first team gooner

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