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Exclusive: Arsenal make contact with Lille for Hazard

Arsenal have made contact with Lille regarding the summer transfer of Belgian international Eden Hazard.

A source close to the player revealed to Arseblog News that the Gunners are in discussions with the club regarding a move this summer, however, the talks are at an early stage with more news expected next week.

Negotiations have stalled over the contract of playmaker Samir Nasri while the future of skipper Cesc Fabregas is still uncertain, and Wenger is actively looking to strengthen the Gunner’s squad ahead of the new season.

The source explained that both clubs were in talks over a move although details will remain private, with the Belgian international tipped to replace Nasri at Arsenal following the club’s refusal to break the club’s wage structure to keep the 24-year-old.

Hazard, 20, was a principal protagonist in Lille’s historic Ligue 1 and French Cup Double win last season and has regularly spoken of his preference to move to Arsenal over other rival suitors.

During an Arsenal press conference in January Wenger even responded to speculation when asked by a French reporter if he was aware that it was the Belgian’s “dream” to seal a move to the Emirates.

“It’s a very good question. We follow him. And personally I think he’s a real talent, and he’s good enough to play for Arsenal, yes.” Wenger explained.

Hazard became the youngest player to win the Ligue 1 Player of the Season award last term with Wenger keeping a regular watch over the talented forward. The Frenchman recently sent a scout to monitor his performance in the European Championship qualifier against Turkey last Friday.

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good good good

the dude

is this definately true coz everyone reports they have sources etc..
great work if so though



a good friend of mine josh rosenfield said he just saw jerome thomas in the london colney area…. do you have any news on this

frankie frankie

i think thomas still lives in the area or has family from that area. i served him in blockbusters once when he was a youth team player at arsenal. he was also friends with of the kids who went to my school in the lower years.


Bye Nasri.


I believe, a creative playmaker would be needed for Arsenal even if Nasri stayed. I believe, Cesc will leave, Nasri is a concern. I’ve doubts that Lille will let both Gervinho and Hazard go, and I think, we should move for Marvin Martin.

Miyaichi Noodle Soup

Marvin.. really?? and thats because………… let me guess – you saw a clip of him scoring in the frenchies last match, and one media outlet called him ‘better than Zidane’.. Am I right?

Really weak

I’d say stop fu*king around in Ligue 1, and get proven PL players!


I believe his 17 assits in the French Ligue 1 10/11 season are also convincing. Anyway, I don’t think that Arsenal scout their identified talents via a five-minutes long video on… Martin was named in the Ligue 1 Team of the Season, alongside Gervinho or even Hazard. I think, he wouldn’t be so expensive, would fit into our 4-3-3 system better than Hazard, and he may not want to leave us 3 years later to join his dream club, Real Madrid. But this is my personal opinion.

1thechamp (sydney)

arseblog is always rite on the money and has inside contacts


I should point out this story is authored by Nigel Brown. You can see the byline info etc of each piece underneath the headline.


And may I ask who Nigel brown is? And how reliable is this source? Is it 100% true that we are in for Eden?


can u get this kid onboard fast, keep nasri and cesc,, av heard that barca’s transfer kitty is less than the valuation for fabregas- hope that’s true!!

Pete the Gun

Sounds promising..


If nasri and cesc leave it will be a blow to us but also might freshen things up. I watch allot of football and samir even though he is absoluty class he tends to have too many touches at times and floats into the middle. not to many crosses come from him and i think a winger like hazad who is direct shoots on sight and can produce propper wing play might help us. The problem with our team is we like to play through the middle all the time, when it works it looks great but sometimes i want… Read more »


My oh my..this transfer news bcome more exciting..


Have it on good authority, that Wenger is waiting for Nasri and Cesc to leave before any incomings happen. We are interested in Gervinho, but no big as of yet. Hazard, we have first refusal on him but its 30 million euros and we will only offer 20, and only the basis nasri is sold, preferably to juventus or any other team not in prem. Any other questions dont hesitate. I dont pretend to be in the know, i am in the know.


“I dont pretend to be in the know, i am in the know” Now I know who’s in the office with Wenger, making the deals sorting out the targets! Well done oli you are the man.


“I know a guy, who knows a guy, who met the Arsenal Chief Executive in a lift in a restaurant in London last week, and he said…”

Twisted Cuntloks

really ? you must be really important


From what I have seen of Hazard, he is trully an amazing talent, and dare I say, could prove to have a bigger effect on this Arsenal team and AFC than Nasri would have had. If we sign him, I see no reason not to let Nasri go, replacing Cesc however, would be another issue…


No player is irreplaceable


At this point I would like to introduce new evidence. We can call it La Pulga Atomica…(messi for the uninitiated)

In any case, you can replace and change a system, but certain players…they are irreplaceable.


Too good to be true

I’m such a cynic.


Mmmmmmmm gigidy.


Buy hazard. Amazing. Keep cesc and nasri and make Theo the third striker after selling bendtner. Perfect.

Now that’s a midfield!!!


If it’s a question of Nasri or Hazard on the wing, then better to go for Hazard and have some money over for other areas of the squad.


Please please please Arsene Wenger spend what ever is needed to get Eden Hazard!!


i hope this goes through and we can keep a hold of both cesc, and nasri, go back to a 4-4-2 and have theo and rvp up front with a midfield of hazard/cesc/wilshire/nasri that is an arsenal.


Interesting that you see a midfield line up without Song…


depends on how we want to set up, if ryo comes back, song/wilshire/ramsey can all be rotated

Dortsmond Revelation

Interesting! where will u put Arshavin


Just been in contact with my in the know friend. We have agree to trade Nasri with Nani and the funds used to sell Bendtner and Fabregas will be used to buy Frank Lampard and Scott Parker. Any other questions dont hesitate. I dont pretend to be in the know, i am in the know.


i know your full of ish


Arsene would truly have lost it if any of that actually happened


My insider told me its a straight swap for Cesc and Messi. Can you confirm that one?


You claim to have a friend in the know, then you turn around and say yourself is in the know. We are all in the know about you, though.


idiot …..

Twisted Cuntloks



Lol and i heard that we’re gona sign messi play him in goal, and move almunia up top

American Gooner

if oli is an insider, then i am arsene wenger. hoping this buy is legit, but we also need a defender or two and striker, especially if bendtner is off.

dream would be hazard, sakho (cahill second choice), insert left back here, and gervinho/falcao/higuain, etc., with cesc and nasri staying.

since dreams dont happen with arsenal, ill say:

hazard and samba in along with odemwinge with nasri bendtner and and rosicky out. clichy and eboue stay for now. hazard in because we are getting worried that someone else will get him. who knows.


Absolutely thrilled that Wenger is actually trying for once.

Welsh Gooner

Well cheers Arse.

I hope this is true as he is a class player. But you have now alerted everyone else to this fact. All we need is Shity or the Chavs to step in… 🙁


Paarently this is true, Arsenal also in for Cahill and Subotic


I hate to break it to you but if both Cesc and Nasri leave we ain’t replacing them too quickly.


Hate to break it to you, but your high if you believe that.

[…] course, there are conflicting reports with some folks saying that it’s not Bolton but Lille where the Frenchman is doing his hunting and…. There ain’t nothing there but snakes and apples but hell, it’s being reported and […]


Hazzard is the real deal. He fits our style of play and he has that “edge” we need. He is a winner. If Nasri does not resign, we replace the two and with the money for Nasri, we should get Chamberlain from Southhampton. Done and done.


The last thing we need is another 17 year old. There are better and more proven options than Chamberlain.

John B.

If we lose both Nasri and Cesc–not inconceivable really–then I imagine Wenger would buy Hazard and promote Ramsey.

chicken goujon

please mr.arseblogger could you provide us with more info on this story in tomorrows blog please


Guys! Seriously? Chill out! Yes we (Arsenal) like Hazard, yes he is a quality player, but the reason he hasnt and wont come this summer is because Lille want 30mil euros at the moment. Having said that, dont be suprised if an 18mil euro offer gets accept by Lille within the next 2 years. There will be lots of rumours floating around, i wouldnt beleive anything until it is confirmed on the official Arsenal website-yes transfer season is exciting-especially this one as we will be busy-but Arsene keeps his cards so close to his chest-not even his nipples knows whats… Read more »

Rickard M C S

Two belgian terminators the future heart of our defence? Sounds goooood.


what are you on???

hazard is not a central defender


what is wrong with buying youth, nothing.. best policy to have. sometimes i am ashamed too call myself an arsenal fan. The things i hear, coming from so called fans ok we have not won anything in six years but arsene told all of us it would be six years before we could compete due to the financial pressure of the stadium that was before the bloody recession. That stadium we would not have if it was not for him, and it has sucured our future for the next 50 years or so. and if i remeber right we do… Read more »


Couldn’t have said it better.. well said.


Arvind you muppet, what your doing on here? lol

Ihubueze gabriel

please what is wrong with these arsenal players.HARZAD is a good player i wish the sign him hence next season nasir will leave arsenal .He should come for cover


Agree, highly promising signs of our intent.

By the way people keep talking about Cesc and/or Nasri leaving. Imagine signing Hazard and keeping both. Signing Hazard may well impress upon both too.


me likey

Boss Hog

Yeeeeeee Har!

Lets chase the Hazzard

the king of the world

There’s a Hazard on it’s way…



Opened talks in case nasri goes.Nasri stays talks will breakdown.


Cabaye, Mmmmmm.


Just how reliable is this source? I read we had made contact with hazard on another blog and there source was ESPN but I couldnt find any news on ESPN. This could be massive if this website get this right! I know were everyone will come for the news lol here but only if it’s true!


Not to out a damon on things, but this is e likely scenario. We will not buy him, or anyone else significant for that matter. Players will leave – Clichy, Nasri, Cesc, Bendtner, Denilson. Young players will be promoted and new players will be given a second chance. The is is the Wenger way. If it works in the long-run, it will be a stroke of genius. And who are we to judge? Wenger knows far much more about the game and what the team needs than any of us. Why do you think he brought in Silvestre? Everyone thought… Read more »


Not to put a dampener on things, but this is the likely scenario. We will not buy him, or anyone else significant for that matter. Players will leave – Clichy, Nasri, Cesc, Bendtner, Denilson. Young players will be promoted and new players will be given a second chance. The is is the Wenger way. If it works in the long-run, it will be a stroke of genius. And who are we to judge? Wenger knows far much more about the game and what the team needs than any of us. Why do you think he brought in Silvestre? Everyone thought… Read more »

Awesome English

I hope this is not true. Why wenger cant get it, that we will win nothing with these greedy foreigners playing for the arsenal. I say sell all the damned foreigners, and use that money to buy English players. One english player for each position is enough to win us titles and cups. All we need is Green, Cahill, Parker and Jack, and an true English Striker, Kevin Davies.

It time for Arsenal to be English again. The French have failed us.


Is this a joke?


Yes.. you are too true!!!!!!!! Lets fill the Arsenal team full of English World Cup and European cup winners!! We would dominate for years to come. Oh wait………


We need more [UNLIMITED] firepower. We all know technique is useless up front what you need is a proper striker who can bully defenders! Lets meet Andy Caroll’s minimum release clause?


we all knw wenger doesn’t sell to epl clubs and lille are going to the champions league and they’ll need experience so wenger to throw squillaci, clichy and 12mil and even Ryo Miyaichi on loan to compensate the loss of their phenemenal player!!

Hazard should be our main priority!!

Loose cannon

I am Nigel Brown. I don’t exist. I make up rumours that amount to zilch.

I am Nigel Brown. 🙂

PS if Hazard comes, I’ll kill myself and post my autopsy live on a website. Won’t happen.

[…] Arsène has his “finger in a few pies“.  Which are real? Eden Hazard is coming more to the fore as Gervinho looks for his lost third person. Around £20m is the […]

[…] on Lille’s attacking midfielder Eden Hazard. Arseblog News broke the story yesterday that we’ve made contact with Lille about him and with serious interest also in Gervinho we’ll have to wait and see how amenable […]


What about Willian too? Nasri to Real for cash + Diarra?

Montlenyane Maromba

oh my God…may wenger win ds battle..gooners lets not point fingers out coz our manager has hd lil cash to spend in d market previous seasons..n now a HAZARD is coming..h cn even giv em Chamackh coz w already got Gervino..also bring Cahil.Samba.Falcao.


he is liverpool player


Hazard shuld be replacing Theo on the right..given him some competitor in that role should help him be a more consistent player..arsenal shuld try hard to hold on to Samir & cesc..Samir can slot on left..that way clichy would have more security..coz Samir and clichy usually combine well..and sagna can mould hazard to his style..coz Theo is usually lost wen sagna runs up the flank..

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