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Gunners start with a Toon

The Barclays Premier League fixture list has been released and Arsenal start their campaign away at Newcastle on August 13th. That’s followed by a home game against Liverpool.

St James’s Park holds bad memories for Arsenal. A scintillating first half last season saw them go in at half-time 4-0 up, but a combination of Abou Diaby’s red card, Phil Dowd’s refereeing and some Sunday League defending allowed the home side to achieve a remarkable, and horribly painful, comeback.

August also holds an away trip to champions Manchester United while the first North London derby is scheduled for October 1st. All fixtures are liable to change because of TV. TV has the power. And once you get the power, then you get the money, and then you get the women.

The full fixture list is available on

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[…] Update: fixtures are out and Newcastle away is confirmed. […]


Newcastle, Liverpool, united plus champions league qualifiers is a tuff start, but its not how you start the season it’s how you finish


is is my imagination or do we always get Villa around boxing day? also, first time in donkeys years we don’t have sp*rs around my birthday (mid November) keep up the good work uta


“first you get the sugar,.. Then you get the power,.. Then you get the women 🙂

Simon Young

You’re good looking, you got a beautiful body, beautiful legs, beautiful face, all these guys in love with you. Only you got a look in your eye like you haven’t been fucked in a year!


Arsene’s got the yeyo and the money too.

Say hello to my little friend!

Phil K

Come on boys – still whining about that 4-4 ? Give it a rest. Arsenal have had more than their fair share of dodgy refereeing decisions going your way and Newcastle rarely did. (The appalling Graham Ashby – worst refereeing performance EVER – and his one man campaign against Ginola being a fine example – kicked from one end of the field to the other, Dixon feigns being elbowed – no blood or even a mark – and he’s off. One pro-Arsenal dodgy ref of many) Newcastle are being ripped apart by Ashley and Pardew at the moment, and cheap… Read more »


What a shit set of Christmas games. There should be a chelsea game or something there. At least one big festive game but no, its wolves.

Rudy zarsoff

Get on the gunners for the title….this will be the season.


If only getting the woman was enough, either that or the woman was Arsenal and she was gorgeous with big bountiful breasts and a varacious sexual appetite. Every Saturday at 3pm she’d trot out and give 110% for 90 minutes. And there’d also be the midweek outing, with equal gusto but slighty timid tactics and then comes the inevitable interlul. The period ridden interlul.


Phil K what about Shearer/Adams tangle in your 3-2 away win in 2001/2? Eh? Eh? ‘Twas ne’er a red card.

Swings and Roundabouts or Roundabouts with integral swingy mechanisms… Witches hats? Whatever happened to those?


And by Witches’ hats I mean these beasts:

Vox in Oz

Defoe at Arsenal?? just read it on the bbc or somewhere… I think this would be a good move. Opinions?… I’ve seen Gervinho, hope his engine’s improved, but under Wenger could be great…


So for my birthday (6th september) this year is shall be going to wembley for england v wales, and then the emirates arsenal v swansea on the 10th! Go smash the welsh then is it


Yeah lets beat the welsh because that will make England look great & capello a genius again.

I’m welsh & beating us is easy, so if u didn’t win thay game then all the multi million pound OVERPAID, OVERATED English might as well not even dream about lifting any trophy. Thats not me being jealous or bitter, its a fact!

Anyway back to arsenal uhh umm.

August is tricky, but we are the arsenal & this is our time.

The end


Thanks for letting us know when your birthday is & what you will be doing.

Mine is 5th july & I’ll be in ibiza off my tits!


Jonesy you’ve missed the point my good man, I’m mearly pointing out that the fixture list has a habit of throwing up some coincidence’s sometimes, and on this occasion it is that the teams that I support will be playing a welsh team within 4 days of each other, and that by even more of a coincidence its over my birthday! That’s all…I was not being racist…or derogatory towards ur country…I have no animosity towards the welsh…so wind ur neck in sunshine and go munch on some leeks, sheep lover


Haha you say your not being racist then your last sentence?! Its so laughable that you keep referring the welsh to sheep shaggers or in your words ‘lovers’, but you miss the point because that is not 1 but offensive to the welsh as we always say….we shag them, you eat them ;-). You enjoy your bithday at wembley (thats assuming you going), have a nice birthday old chap


If you had the ability to read (I know that if ones father is also ones uncle that impacts on ones intelligence) you would in fact have noticed that in my 1st post I did state that I would be going to both wembley and the emirates! Enjoy your holiday assuming that in fact your not going with your sister who is also your girlfriend who is also a sheep x


Hahahaha Its your mother actually. Loves it long & hard just like my sheep rammy ;-). Thanks Anyway i’ll enjoy my holiday with my sheep/your mum xxx


Renagoon, you wonder why countries think that our nation is arrogant. People like you are prats!

I believe Jonesy has rinsed you


Loooooool the old mum gags ay, which is funny coz just before I gaged yours she was telling me that it made a nice change for her to have sucked a mans cock and then not have to spend the next week pulling sheeps wool out of her teeth


yawn!! Renagoon your boring me now with all this welsh shit. Just remember the next time u order the lamb shank or scrapping through bins to get your next meal time, think about the happy times that sheep had crying with pleasure when I was hanging out the back of it. Mmm taste like spunk? Yep its what I left up there earlier. Mmmmmmm


Renagoon = twat

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