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Szczesny: Cesc and Nasri should stay, but …

Arsenal goalkeeper Wojciech Szczesny believes both Cesc Fabregas and Samir Nasri should stay at the club to help them win trophies, but believes if they go the club will use the money to sign replacements.

In an interview in which he, and compatriot Lukasz Fabianski, spoke to, Szczesny said, “In my opinion a professional player, after a season of defeat, should do his utmost to lead the team to success next season and not leave.

“If they leave we will get money to buy their successors. I don’t think about a transfer because I believe the club can win trophies. If Cesc thinks otherwise, that’s his opinion”.

When asked directly if Cesc would leave, Fabianski said, “He is not here, so this is an answer to this question”.

The younger of the two Poles is most likely to start the season as Arsenal’s number 1 (even if he is going to wear 13), but Fabianski is determined to push him all the way.

Speaking to Arsenal Player, he said, “I will do everything that I can to be the No 1. In my shoulder and in myself, I am feeling stronger than I was before. I am very happy that I am finally fit and I could play a part of the game against Cologne. I am pleased with my fitness level and hopefully it will keep improving”.

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Now there’s one lad who’s passionate about Arsenal. Sod the rest, time to cash in.


Ah Fabianski, confusing with his comments as with his glovework.

Paul N

Nonsense! Fabianski played great last season, up until he got injured.


still shat my pants every time the ball went near him though!

Luke Godward

Interesting NSFW pic.


for once (if correct) we have 2 honest players that will give 100% next season even if they are not considered the best (i think both are good enough to deal with the challenge) and will proove alot of people wrong.. tell nasri/fab to show the same pride and we would have a chance, i think cesc will go, i wish he wouldt ithink nasri will stay, i wish he wouldnt (do you honestly think the fans will be cheering somebody holding the club to ransom?) i wont and it will be a morale destroyer for the whole team! samba/parker… Read more »


I agree with him, apart we need shot of Nasri.

[…] Ian Wright is taking up acting. That’s nice. Wojcech Szczesny and Lukasz Fabianski have been talking about numerous things, Cesc, Nasri, the No. 1 spot. Here’s a nice summary. […]

Fed up of Barca

Yeah we can’t keep Nasri. If we do it’s so unproductive but I wouldn’t blame anyone in the stands that booed his every touch.


Boo an arsenal Player while he’s on the pitch NEVER. I’ll boo him if and when he leaves. Anything else is counter productive.


Cesc will be a fool to leave right now, He is world class but lets be serious… where will he fit in that Barca side? Replace Iniesta or Xavi??? Very unlikely! He ain’t a winger so can’t replace pedro or messi! And he’s never a holding midfielder like Bisquets!!! Cesc NEEDS to bide his time, wait a few season for Xavi to get older then go, He’d still have our blessings. As for Nasri, He can f*ck off!! We all stuck by him when he played crap and broke his leg… and what do we get back? him fu*king off… Read more »


He’s better than Iniesta, and I would guess whichever set of stats you look at will bear that out.

All of this “Where would Cesc play?” guff is selling Cesc short, like a 27 million pound bid for the player.


I don’t want him to leave, though. I’m just saying…


Love the pic haha


Why do some of you criticize Cesc? He’s been very professional with his attitude with the club. He wants to leave = Yes. But only if Barca can match what Arsenal is looking for. Otherwise, he’s more than happy to give his best to Arsenal next season. I don’t think his criticism is justified.

But if you wanna criticize Nasri, he deserves it.


What are you talking about?! If Cesc was respectful, he would have been with the first team in Germany. We all know that his “injury” is just a load of tosh. I think Cesc is being hypocritical and trying to force his way out. He lets his pals at barca insult us and Arsene without even trying to stem the flow. He’s lost a bulk of his fans surely.


Not a fair statement. You don’t play players who you are negotiating their departure. Almunia, Bendtner, and Cesc all the same. Sure the injury is probably a cover, for morale–because it’s far from given Cesc will leave–but it’s disrespectful to risk injuring a transfer target, even if it is Barca and they are not deserving of respect. Arsenal is being the bigger man in this situation. As for Cesc, you have unrealistic and unfair expectations. He can’t very well control what Xavi and Pique say to the press, and he shouldn’t try. He’s said time and time again how he… Read more »


Fair comment. If he wanted to leave for Barca at all cost, he never would have signed a new deal with Arsenal tying him up through 2015.

Remember, too, after coughing up a transfer fee worthy of the player, Barca still have to pay him wages. How much can they realistically afford to pay him given they are borrowing money in the form of player loans just to scrounge enough coin to meet Arsenal’s valuation?


If the theory is that Cesc didn’t go to Germany to make sure he doesn’t get injured and put a move to you-know-where at risk then what can you read into the fact that Nasri went to Asia and Germany? Even Denilson was in Kuala lumpar.


How is it any different for Nasri? He has only said he doesn’t know if he wants to sign a new contract, and is letting the club decide. And he only has a year left on his contract and is considering a move away, unlike Cesc who still has many years.


The Only time Cesc has spoken in this transfer saga, he said his future lay in Wengers hands, that if a club put a player for sale then the club wasn’t satisfied with the player, and that he is happy being an Arsenal player. Fab has never said he wants to leave, never, not even on twitter. At least that’s respect for his club, the whole noise is been spread by Barca players and by the media, especially the English media and it’s such a shame. I wish Fab stays, and even if he leaves I will wish Him well.… Read more »


Monsieur Wenger.. Go get Nigel Reo Coker.

Do it.

Do it nooooow!

(I’m super’ cereal, guys!)


Are you serious? He’s shit. He’s got the silky skills of Eboue and the discipline of Paddy Vieira. … Oh, I geddit! You weren’t being serious.


well done’ trig! 😉


Ahhh my head hurts

Lord Teddy Ears

Sell them both if they dont want to be there then really go elsewhere. Cesc will sit on the bench at Barcelona for a couple of seasons and his career will go the way Hleb and TH went. Nasri will go to Man City and will end up like the rest of the guys who have been fucked off sitting on the side lines. For those that say Cesc is a gent he may well be but really when your new manager says you are 2nd on the list and no real offer has been made you have to be… Read more »


i think the Cesc injury has mainly been exaggerated by Wenger so that the saga does not affect the rest of the squad. The impact of losing Nasri on the squad would be minimal in comparison. I don’t think that many clubs have been more destabilized in such a publicised, and, in my opinion, illegal campaign that Barca have conducted against Arsenal. They have tried to unsettle Cesc in every way possible, making his position at Arsenal so untenable that he would be forced to leave for a derisory price. Personally, I think Barca should be reported to FIFA for… Read more »


If Cesc wasn’t sure about leaving Arsenal, Barcelona have done enough to unsettle him and ensure he’ll not be at his best for sometime. Barcelona has insulted Arsenal in every possible way, from thier valuation of Cesc to the comments from all the catalans (from thier President to the toilet cleaners in camp nou). If I owned or ran Arsenal, Fab will never be sold to Barca, He would only go to them at the end of his present contract. Why must Arsenal sell to Barca? Why cant Arsenal bid for Barca’s Lionel Messi??? What happened to being top ten… Read more »


I like Szczesny alot, but i believe its quite disrespectful of him to claim that :

“In my opinion a professional player, after a season of defeat, should do his utmost to lead the team to success next season and not leave.”

If after 6 years of Szczesny giving his best and having sub-par team mates (with obvious flaws) mess up each season, and then he still says the above statement. Then and only then will it be considered fair grounds to do so. But not just after one season of failure.

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