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Usmanov ups his stake again

Arsenal’s second largest shareholder, Alisher Usmanov, has further increased  his stake in the club.

Bloomberg reports that Usmanov purchased 68 shares from one single shareholder at a price of £14,000 per share. The £952,000 investment brings his holding in the club to almost 30%.

It was reported a number of weeks ago that Usmanov was keen to reach this threshold so he could have access to company accounts. This is his second large purchase in the last number of weeks. Last month he took his stake from 28% to 29%.

With majority shareholder Stan Kroenke untouchable with his 66%, and Usmanov’s desire to gobble up as much of the club as he can, it seems smaller shareholders are being squeezed out by the two billionaires.

Just over 4% of the remaining shares are held outside the American and Uzbeki.

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Our club is in serious turmoil. What the fuck has happened?


if all these shares was reflecting more on th pitch and on new players ,then it will be easier


loved that gobbled up line


We are more or less owned by two billionaires yet can’t compete in the transfer Market!?!? WTF


I had a nightmare last night where this ended in a dance off. . . . .


Now that I would pay to see.

Midfield Corporal

The lack of any comment from Kronke since he took control is disappointing. He hasn’t stated his ambition (if any) for the club, and seems happy for us to chug along as we are. In one breath Usmanov talks of selling shares to small shareholders as if he is a ‘ man of the people’ whilst buying up what shares he can. I would rather not have this character associated with the club I love. For all those who were hoping David Dein would return, we have him to thank for bringing both kronke and usmanov to the club. I… Read more »


midfield corporal mate..

Usmanov will buy shares until he reaches 30% then he is allowed to see the accounts and all transactions Arsenal do..simple as far as Kroenke goes..we shoud never have sold to that american tycoon..its all about the money with that guy…and do not discredit Usmanov …right now he is closer to Gooners heart than Kroenke ever will be im afraid..


I completely agree. To be honest I’m bored of all the ranting and raving about Usmanov. At the end of the day they’re both business men and neither are philanthropists but so far Usmanov has said all the right things and shown a bit of passion. Oh and a bit of pointless info apparently kroenkes wife is even richer than he is…

Midfield Corporal

I think he probably understands the feel among Arsenal fans more but is he just saying the right things to get us on board? Like arseblog said a while back, he’s like an opposition politician, saying all these pressing things but knowing he doesn’t have the power to act on them. It does concern me about his suitability to run The Arsenal if we are to believe what has been written about him.
Perhaps the saddest thing is the fans are all become experts in boardroom politics instead of enjoying our football?


Usmanov is a slimy crook, thems the facts. If anyone seriously believes this guy would pump endless cash into the transfer market and provide us with glory and stability, they would be sorely mistaken. Kronke is leaving the board room stuff to those who know best, he has a good track record with his other sports franchises. I really cant understand why people want us to become a billionares play thing, eventually all the billionares bar none will get bored and walk away leaving their respective clubs in massive debt and wage structures that make them financial dogs to sell… Read more »


I don’t think any of us want our beloved fc to become a life sized version of champ manager with the controller smashing the f key or whatever it was but I do think we’d Like to see some money being spent. Why when united are looking at Sneijder (or however you spell it) are we looking at some unproven kid from Argentina.


Is Usmanov required to bid for the club once he reaches the threshold of 30% share?


yes, and if he fails to complete a takeover he has to go under 30% shareholding.
Also on this thing about him being able to see the accounts, he can’t under stock market rules, and they surperceed FAPL rules. Also nothing legally binding in that FAPL rule that would make Stan let usmanov see the accounts


In any organisation stability and common purpose at the very top are essential to success. Up to about 6 years ago we had that, but not now. The two biggest shareholders are at loggerheads and don’t even seem to speak to each other. The rest of the board are shareless, effectively neutered and ineffective. Anybody who thinks this doesn’t impact what happens on the pitch hasn’t lived in the real world of management. Instead Wenger gets the blame for everything that happens, when there is a void above him not giving direction and support. Looks at the recent experiences with… Read more »


Sooner he gets 30% the better as if he gets access to accounts etc , us fans might finally get some honest facts about what is going on at our club. Apart from when they wish to squeeze us dry they treat us with contemptuos ignorance whilst blocking every avenue to speak out such as shutting down TV Channel & closing chat room on club website.


Pity Usmanov didn’t get the whole club at least the Russians put their money where their mouth is


Good. Hopefully he’ll manage to drive the stingy American out. Let’s face it, Kroenke is never going to spend a penny on the club. I see no use in having him when all he’s going to do is pocket money for himself from the club’s coffers while investing nothing. He’s a leech.


Could kroenke have bought his shares just to make a quick few handy quid? think abt it, he seemed in an awful hurry to buy what shares he could, & now usmanov is nearly at the threshold of where he’d need to make a formal offer to buy all the remaining shares, & so would have to offer kroenke substantially more for his than he paid originally? netting him a nice bit of profit on his investment. it’s not beyond the realms of possibility, I mean these are cold blooded businessmen. not life long arsenal fans,.. they’re ruled by money… Read more »


“……they’re ruled by money & profits. nothing else.”

Ya, just like frizman. dead and gone, but what did he left behind? A US-eless bilionaire in control who does not care about improving the squad. At least, usmanov did berated at the stupid Board’s inaction, ruthless as he may be. Would be interesting if Arsene Wenger has to report to usmanov directly for the team’s performance.


Ummm, the best football stadium in the world; A club not getting fkd in the ass with interest payments; a club worth the last weeks of your life. Etc, etc. Wow, what great respect for somebody who did so much for the club… If it were not for Danny Fiszman and people like him, we would not be punching above our financial weight like we are now. We would be worse than ‘pool fans hanging on to past glories with no real possible success in sight. Would you give your last few days of life to ensure our clubs future?…… Read more »


Wow! Who’d have thought Kroenke and Usmanov would have so many of their close friends and confidantes commenting on football blogs. Such great access to the workings of their minds.

spurs overtaking goons

At this rate, arsenal will just die. Lots of rich men on Board but totally useless and greedy, with a totally useless manager, freakish about youth, even his top stars want to leave!!! ha ha ha .


I am thimbert… and I will smash

Man City Blue

Man City 3rd. Arsenal 4th


I have an old VCR here I’m done with. I’m getting a blue ray player.
How much will you give me?

Le Boss

I’ll trade you Eboue and Denilson. I see a lot of potential in VCR and believe he will fit nicely in defence. This factored in with our mental strength means we have a good chance this coming season. I also hope to sign promising Frenchman Le Tosser from FC Randome.
P.S Your VCR was made in France, no?

Moses Watasa

Like i have said before, Alisher Usmanov should just buy-off this whole thing (Arsenal FC). The “wolves” on Arsenal FC’s Board have kept him at bay because he belives in freeing cash to bolster the squad. But they ( the wolves) would rather they pocket and chew-up all the cash as the club accelerates its dangerous slip down the log (table). He raised the hopes of many, but it appears Stan Kroenke is hostage-to or has been assimilated by the “wolves” on the Board of Arsenal FC. At this stage, only Usmanov (with a thicker wallet than Kroenke) can take-over… Read more »

Dave Button

In reply to spurs overtaking goons lolololol your portsmouth in White an we know what happened to them lol


How long before we gunners go on a march?

this is bollox


Hargreaves anyone?

andy g

Cant believe the things i reading here, Usmanov should buy the club? did everyone just “Forget” he is a slimy mob criminal?
I used to think we were the smarter end of North London. The city sheiks will get bored, the chelski mafia will get bored, and when they do all that will be left are two clubs that won a few things then went into administration because nobody could afford their wage structures and make them viable business models.


You’re naive and ignorant if you think the Sheikhs and the Oligarchs will just get bored and leave. They are in it for the long run. They are here to build brands. You will be repeating that bollocks even when we end up as a mid table table team.

Agent Marlboro

cmon usmanov just 1 more % to block stan.

Midfield Corporal

Andy G- got to agree with you mate, if the only way to get success is to sell our soul to the devil I don’t want to be a part of it.


Does anyone actually know if we can believe that Arsenal have offered nasri 110k per week or is this all bullshit?

Press without facts is mainly bollox

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