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Wenger calls for perspective

Arsene Wenger has urged fans not to put extra pressure on his team after Arsenal were subjected to boos at the final whistle of the 1-1 draw with New York Red Bulls.

Fan frustration was evident as the Gunners let slip another lead but given the fact it was a pre-season fixture the manager is looking for more understanding from fans.

Speaking after the game, Wenger was asked if the booing frustrated him.

“Well, you have to take that into perspective”, he said. “People want always to win, that I can understand, but I don’t think we need to put extra pressure on us at the moment.

“The most important is to prepare and take the pressure on when the result really matters”.

Arsenal’s final pre-season game takes place away from home next Saturday against Benfica, before the season kicks off against Newcastle on August 13th.

See Wenger’s press conference on Arsenal Player

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Were the fans booing the team or the manager/board and the weakening of the team over the last six years.

Let’s get that in perspective.

Biff Baxter

We should ask Mata and whoever else we’re trying to sign. They were watching yesterday; weighing up their options.


The crowd were boing the ref for refusing Henry to play the last 5 for Arsenal. They were not boing the team according to a friend of mine who was there.


You do realise that just because 60,000 people sit together in a stadium, it doesn’t mean that they develop a shared conscience to became one sentient being. I was there and i’m pretty certain they were booing the team, whilst i was trying to explain to two of my aussie guests (their first footy game) why are fans were so pissed off about losing a friendly. I wasn’t one of the many boo boys, and i felt completely embarrassed.


What a fun season it’s going to be!


I totally agree with this one lol


Problem is fans have run out of patience, me included. It feels like we’ve been waiting for ages for a positive end to the frustration of the way the season collapsed. Instead of that we get just more frustration. Frustration of not signing that new defender we clearly need, frustration of all the talk of two of our best players leaving and now frustration that we’ve led a lead slip twice in two days! Sorry Wenger, you’ve no room for errors or perspective at the mo.  Didnt watch today, instead I went to an 80th birthday party. Think I made… Read more »


Ok, last season was a fiasco at the end but to carry over the angst and bitterness into a new season does no good to anyone, including yourself. Fans like you are like spoiled brats that can’t get a new toy. Your team has some very important matches coming up and the team will need our support.


But carrying over the same excuses from last year (and all the previous years) is acceptable, right?

Simon Frizzell

No, the problem is it’s fucking Groundhog Season.


wenger is a liar he always changes what he says never tells people directly that he wants to sign players etc just read his comments no fucking targets he says !! just sign someone you cunt you have got money , more bullshit coming out your mouth , song frimp chamack and gervinho mighe be out in january fabregas and nas are leaving so realistically we need 4 signings in key positions namely defence


I feel convinced after reading your compelling argument.


. <— that's called a period. Learn how to use them.


Listen to yourself mate-you sound like you need a straight jacket. Relax and enjoy your football, it’s an new season. When did it become so important that the only thing is to win-I really cannot imagine what football would be like if all football fans supported their team in the way that many (support) ours.. At least we figure to be challenging.


I totally agree. NO ONE loves the Arsenal any more than me, but as long as they challenge (which they do EVERY SEASON) that is all any fan can realistically ask of their team!


The problem with the current squad is the manager that doesn’t know the right substitution to make. Look at the two games critically, the team collapsed after the substitutions. Wake up Mr Arsene.


Wow, it was friendly games, games made to give minutes to the players, main reason why you can make 6 substitution. In a EPL game, if Wilshere got injured, and Nasri is on the bench, then I don’t thikn Benik Afobe would step on the field. Just try to think people !

Savage is a Dave

Another apologist with yet another excuse. Cant wait for your next gem.

just another overseas gunner

woah. it’s a friendly dude. everyone gets game time over the two days, that’s it.


Complaining about the substitutions in a preseason friendly? Really? Really?!? Has it come to this, Arsenal fans? F*cking pathetic.


would have to agree mate……..a lot of us Gooners have gone over the deep end. Lets hope it doesn’t all end in tears for the club.


some arsenal fans are realy starting to tire me out.
i’m wondering where this train load of cuntish,silverware addicted little manuspurswhores have come from.
lets buy messi,samba,lampard and terry. sack wenger and everyone related to the club.throw away all the trophies we have won in the last 14 years and boo and cry every time reality isn’t 100% like the infantile fantasies you choke on while spouting all this skysports/talksport dreamworld bs that you take as gospal……. i’m of to the bookies to bet on arsenal having the best away record in the league,and losing every game at home.


Nice one mate, couldn’t agree more!


Again we just can’t kill teams off Arsene knows r problems within our defense.Why does it take such a long time to buy players Cahill&jagilika shape up or ship out Arsene?

Biff Baxter

We attract the dumbest fans in the league. Seriously.


No fuck that. No other fan has gone through what we have gone through for six straight seasons. Other clubs go up or down. We stay the same. EXACTLY the same. I wouldn’t boo if we were mid-table hopefuls, trying to break into the Champions League spots. I wouldn’t boo if we were relegation fodder. I do however, get very frustrated that we have learnt nothing in six seasons. Six whole seasons. It’s ridiculous to say, but it would do Arsenal fans’ a lot of good if we either crumpled completely and started rebuilding again (Liverpool), or start striving for… Read more »


I see the fans are in mid-season form, lacking any sort of bottle, loyalty, or good old English commitment and mental strength. Are they all French surrender monkeys?

Arsenal fans are turning the Emirates into an away-field advantage for 19 EPL teams. Well done, lads!


Spot on.


Thank you!

Biff Baxter

Well said. Our support is utterly gutless at the moment.


some arsenal fans are realy starting to tire me out. i’m wondering where this train load of cuntish,silverware addicted little manuspurswhores have come from. lets buy messi,samba,lampard and terry. sack wenger and everyone related to the club.throw away all the trophies we have won in the last 14 years and boo and cry every time reality isn’t 100% like the infantile fantasies you choke on while spouting all this skysports/talksport dreamworld bs that you take as gospal……. i’m of to the bookies to bet on arsenal having the best away record in the league,and losing every game at home.some arsenal… Read more »


Arsene Wenger is turning the Emirates into an away field by doing nothing to improve the team! If the atmosphere is bad, do something to change it. Dont blame the and for being disappointed, blame the Manager for putting out a bad team!


Cock off Arsene you liar


No offence lad but without Wenger the club would never had players like Henry and Fabregas !!!


@nick, your a mug mate. If your one of the MINORITY who still watches the game though the ‘in arsene we trust’ glasses, then I pity you. It is clear to see that this team just isnt good enough. We have potential, yes, but in only a small area of the team. Players like Djourou, Squillaci, Chamakh are just not good enough for the competitive PL that we have today. If you roll back 10 or so years ago, then yes maybe. Teams were ‘scared’ to play arsenal and there was only 2 real title contenders. Next season, theres a… Read more »

Real Talk

Spot on Baz. Fans calling other fans gutless because they want to express their annoyance at the whole situation are embarrassing. Ask any other top club’s fans if they would tolerate season ticket price hikes, a lack of investment with regards to playing personnel for a sustained period and glaringly obvious tactical mistakes not being addressed time after time. I have supported Wenger through thick and thin but enough is enough. He is allowed a God like status at the club which has made him complacent and allowed this stubborn stance of his to be maintained. Wenger thinks that he… Read more »

Real Talk

Be it said I don’t agree with booing as it is unhelpful especially at this stage. However I dont condemn the fans that did. I really don’t see how frustrations can be aired without the Board and the manager taking notice. Numerous fans have written directly to the club to bno avail, the Arsenal hierachy do not read blogs or social networking sites so what else can people do?


The boos were for you Wenger, you arrogant prick.


Hate to say it but Arsenal fans are the worst around. Shameful even.




@dobbi, your saying then that if Man U hadnt won anything for 6 years, there fans wouldn’t get frustrated and want to show it? your telling me that if chelsea were potless for 6 years they wouldn’t boo there players off? Yes, its a pre-season game, yes its meaningless, but the signs are there that the team just hasnt learn from there mistakes! Scezney said in an interview, they had worked on defending set players in training, were is that evidence? We were woeful in defence in what has to be said, a sh#t red bull team and an even… Read more »


Don’t remember us conceding a goal from a set piece. Are you sure you were watching or are you just making shit up to suit your argument?


yes i know we didnt concede through a set piece but if you actually look at the way we defended the equaliser, you will see that we had numerous chances to clear the danger yet we didnt. We cant defend to save our lives. Im just sorry you cant see that.


I was sickened by the moronic booing at the end of todays game. Clearly the substitutions would have been different if it had been a game in one of the four competitions. If these people are not prepared to support the team they should stop attending and take themselves off to the Lane or the Bridge. They will not be missed. Instead of SSFM, STFU, you contribute nothing to the club.

Savage is a Dave

Do us a favour. When Arsene leaves go with him. Ta


Until then, you moaning twats need to go on loan to man €£t¥.


@Baz I think you’re missing the point fella. Nick didn’t say anything about whether Wenger is still good or bad or whether we have the right players or note. He’s talking about the one thing that will definetly destroy us as a top club. The one thing all the bloggers and keyboard terrorist don’t seem to get or want to write about. By all means criticise the manager or players if you must but the muppets that booed at an effing pre- season friendly have made us a laughing stock. Every other fan at every other PL team knows they… Read more »


so your telling me that if we go on for the next 6 years, hanging onto the coat tails of Man U and Chelsea, scraping into the CL spot by the skin of our teeth, defending like a bunch of girls scared of a little ball, that everything is rosey in the land of arsenal? i’m not one of the fans who say ‘sack wenger’ because i dont believe that is the answer. what a lot of fans don’t realise is how much wenger has actually done for the club. we were languishing in no mans land before wenger came… Read more »


Course it’s frustrating – didn’t say it wasn’t. And I don’t know what I’d do if we went another 6 years without winning anything but unless we’re dropping down divisions and not attempting to fix things then I think I’ll still be supporting the team. A lot of what you say makes sense – it’s the same discussions being had by Arsenal supporters everywhere. But this is about booing the team in a pre season friendly. It doesn’t help the team, it doesn’t help the crowd, it doesn’t do ANYTHING positive for Arsenal FC. The only people it helps is… Read more »


i booed, i’ll tell you as for why…. Throughout the whole game we played high up the field, kept the ball (moderately) well away from our goal. Had shot after shot after shot at thier goal. Scored, yes! Then 7 mins or so from time they get into our half. All of us at the clock end were screaming to get rid me it. But no goal.

Mean Lean

Is that the reason for booing?

Mean Lean

Personally I do not see the point in booing whatsoever. It is a friendly, the season hasn’t even began yet, players are still getting to full match fitness and Wenger hasn’t played a settled side yet. While we are all frustrated when we do not win games we should do and I guess to some, booing makes people feel better after the game, I cannot see how this helps the atmosphere of the team and the club. The media already love jumping all over us so this is just more fuel to mugs like Robbie Savage. Our home support is… Read more »


The booing was terrible…..let’s at least wait till January 😉


Some of the comments on here are beyond belief. If Wenger had gone one year without a trophy and people booed, that would be sick. Maybe even 2 or 3 years, but it’s been 6 years!! They’re not booing because of one bad match, it’s an accumulation of negatives that has resulted in this sour attitude towards the manager. And to be honest, if he does not buy what’s required he deserves every boo he gets. Having said that, I think the fans should be a bit more intelligent and sing songs like “Wenger out” or “spend some fucking money”,… Read more »


Spot on!




Excellent point Pete. How else do fans get their frustrations across? Pre-season or not, nothing seems to have changed. All this ‘getting business done early’ bollocks hasn’t materialised yet again. I think most fans just don’t trust what Wenger says anymore.

Johnny Massacre

Let’s get this right. People were booing because they are frustrated at what generally everyone perceives to be a weakness in the team — defence — not being addressed so close to the start of the season despite Wenger saying we need to do business early and that will be active in the transfer market. People were booing because they are fed up of seeing the same mistakes rear their heads again, that have been rearing their heads for five years. Even if it’s a friendly, people are expecting that we should destroy teams in friendlies. People were booing because… Read more »


But how does the booing help? What does it actually do?


It sends a message to wenger and the team and the board that we are not happy with the way things are

Keep on cheering the team and wenger will think that everything he is doing is right


That’s seriously what you think? I have to pity you, in all honesty.


keep cheering the team and everyone will think you support it… strange behaviour indeed.


Went to watch the Dublin cup yesterday Celtic were terrible but there fans sang and encouraged there team for the full 90 minutes. Pity the arsenal fans can’t create a bit of atmosphere like that on match days. as some people have said here already it’s a friendly.No points given out for beating red bulls and boca juniors


I am sick and tired of these Arsenal “fans”. when these fake fans get behind the team (e.g. home game against barcelona), we play well. the rest of the time they’re nowhere to be found except when they boo when the team loses.

such a bunch of sourpusses.


You took the words out of my mouth!!! We won the Barca match and most of the away matches last year,it was because of loud and positive fans……
And anyways it’s pre-season, so the team couldn’t and shouldn’t give everything as they are not completely match fit yet or else could risk injuries or fatigue later on…
And 17 players appeared(with very inexperienced players included), so it’s hard to get the rythm and chemistry on……This was just a fitness getter and a small test to judge the players for Arsene…….


I really can’t believe what I’m reading- yes we were poor defensively, yes we haven’t won a trophy in 6 years but it’s still pre season. Who cares if we didn’t win the emirates cup- I certainly don’t- let’s wait til the season starts before we start criticising Arsene or any of the players- let’s take the positives from the weekend Afobe and Frimpong being two major plus points. Let’s get behind the team and the manager abd who knows


Gunnersteve – You say ” let’s wait til the season starts before we start criticising Arsene or any of the players”. So I take it then, that if we play this season the same as last season, concede sloppy goals from set pieces,e.t.c. that it will then be acceptable for us to do so ? And that you personally, will join in that booing ? If not, then you’re not being consistent. And in fact, you’re being a hypocrite. As another poster on here said, the reason we boo the players is to give them, and the one who picks… Read more »


I think the sensible way forward is to let the team know how you really feel before they’ve started the game. So Im proposing a chorus of boos during the warmup against Liverpool. And if we sign Mata or Jagielka or Cahill or someone else the daily mirror mentioned, we should boo them even more. Let them know they cant get away with not performing in the warm up. And the mascot kid – on the day, boo him every time he only kicks the ball to szczxyz instead of knocking it in the onion bag. That’ll learn him.


Fans are bottlers, more that the team. The home support for a team chasing a title last season, and the atmosphere was like nobody cared until it didn’t happen . Only loud when things go wrong.

Booing a friendly, not even after a loss is a joke. Wenger has a lot of work to do, and deserves criticism like every other manager, but we haven’t started the season and people are out for blood. The fans are going to make home games into easy ones for the visitors by not getting behind the team.


Well, if Wenger sees Sol Campbell doing well in training and decides to go with him instead of paying £15mil or so for a defender, I wonder if supporters will still be frustrated? I’d support it but the proof would be in the pudding and it’s a critical period for Wenger at the mo, where it doesn’t apppear he’s taking fans views on board. His call though, as he’s the manager for now…..


Afraid too many of the above comments show what a bunch of impatient wankers a lot of Arsenal fans are these days. Cock off and go somewhere else.


Oh yeah, we’re so impatient. Third biggest club in England that hasn’t put a decent title challenge together for 7 years. Supporters like you make me sick, you’re the reason we win fuck all, supporting a lunatic tight arse manager who fails every season.


If you lot that admit to booing our players/manager-after a glorified FRIENDLY for gods sake- could channel your energy in a more positive manner,the stadium just might become a more positive place,unlike the theatre of doom that it is at the moment.I know it’s not easy at the moment,but keep the faith and remember-it could be worse,we could be like sperz!!


not to put pressure on the team…haha…worked well the last 6 years hasnt it?


Did Wenger pay for a ticket, did chamakh or arshavin pay for a ticket , no they didn’t.
Many arsenal fans travelled by air or sea or coach or whatever to see Arsenal.
Bullshit performance.


A fucking friendly!

Those that travelled by air and sea (really?) did not boo, I guarantee you that much.

Savage is a Dave

Yeah but your a bore as is your trolling of this page.


jesus. the haters really need to grow up. this was a pre-season “friendly” for chrissake! who cares what the bloody result was… the season doesn’t start for another two weeks. why don’t you go “support” chelski if all you care about is trophies…


Definition of a fan: an enthusiastic devotee. Definition of foe: an enemy or opponent. What the fuck was in the Emirates stands on Sunday afternoon?


It would appear – falsely – that there are two divisions amongst our fans. Pro Wenger and Anti Wenger. This I find is the saddest thing.

I think booing is premature. From what I can gather all the pre-season games so far have been AW trying out different players to come into the squad. Hence the team changes in the second half. Sadly he hasn’t tried out different tactics but if I’m right then players like benik


It would appear – falsely – that there are two divisions amongst our fans. Pro Wenger and Anti Wenger. This I find is the saddest thing. I think booing is premature. From what I can gather all the pre-season games so far have been AW trying out different players to come into the squad. Hence the team changes in the second half. Sadly he hasn’t tried out different tactics but if I’m right then players like Afobe, Frimpong and Bartley have been given runs out. Rosicky has been given chance to shine as has vela. Some players have confirmed what… Read more »


As we are all gooners(which is the most important point) there’s really no point in booing the players,slating our most sucessful manager and generally adding to the already negative vibe(caused by the obvious trophy drought) around the club. Yes Arsene is far from perfect and alot of his bad decisions are stubborness born bt the man has a firm desire to lead this club to greatness again, Surely we can all give him a chance to get things right.


I fucking hate iPhones. Apologies fr the half post and then informatively addition. That should have read irritatingly.

Clown Shoes

Wow a lively debate for pre-season….. Is six years without a trophy really that long? how do the likes of the other clubs that have never won the premier league….? yet never heard any amount of booing…. I remeber watching players like Gus Ceaser, Steve Morrow and Chris Whyte, boring boring Arsenal… yet there was moaning but no booing. we are here having won the league 3 times in the last 15 years, 2 x doubles, and play regularly in the Champions League….. yet those who have never experienced finishing 12th, 15th, 8th and the season actually being over in… Read more »


most of these ‘fans’ were not fans until arsenal started winning things. they don’t know what it was like before wenger. for all i care, they can support citeh if they want a team that plays football like Football Manager, or Spurs if they want a revolving door of managers.


Hear hear!

Savage is a Dave

Another plum that jumped on the wenger wagon. Before wenger came along we had won 10 league titles, lots of FA Cups and a couple of European trohies (2 more then your deity has achieved), we’ve always been a big club so please for the love of god leave when he goes.


well said clown shoes. i have a leeds supporting friend who cries all the time about how leeds should be in the prem league but still has a laugh about whiny arsenal fans have got in the last couple of years.


listen the booing is maybe over the top however itsexactly what was needed…finishing third in our own sponsored tournament, hand-picked opposition, friendly or not- thats pretty embarassing. But the booing had bugger all to do with the new york red bulls game, and ‘le prof’ should be smart enough to know that. Its symptomatic of the fact 6years ago, we were promised this youth revolution would result in self sufficiency and continued dominance. Well now 6 years on Fabregas the figure head of Wenger’s vision, the starlet he built his vision around is about to be sold , as Fab… Read more »


That was well said. The club needs a lift – something good to focus on, a la ‘Bergkamp’ type signing. And a defensive coach.

Robin Yer Pursie

RABBEL RABBEL RABBEL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


seriously, in how many games are we going to take off Kosc to bring on Bartley? This is a pre-season, you maroons. give everyone a chance, just like we did against Koln or those Malaysian teams.

For those who are anti-wenger ANd boo the team, please cock off and support another team. Give up your season ticket if you have one, we have a long line of lads who’re waiting. we won’t miss you. or your fucking negativity.


Honestly why are we so frustrated ? This is Arsenal we’re talking about. I don’t think I’d be lying if I said we all saw it coming right ? It happened last season ,it almost happened against cologne, it happened against Boca Jr and New York Redbull, and you can be damn sure it will happen again, whether we like it or not. What I’m saying is: Get over it. Yes it’s annoying, yes we’d like the manager to fix this issue, but I don’t think it can be fixed. I honestly don’t think this Arsenal team can be solid… Read more »


Where were these negative morons when bruce rioch was in charge – not even watching football. Yeah I remember the dark days and it seems they are back. I’m arsenal until I die trophies or no trophies. Stop whineing on about bloody trophies, let’s fix the problems re-group and worry about trophies when we’ve got this team sorted out. I know its tough being close then literally throwing it away halfway through the season but some of you lot sound like a bunch of yiddos. Man up or jog on. After all even bruce rioch signed dennis bergkamp. Maybe its… Read more »


We WERE NOT close. We were 12 points away. It’s where you finish at the END of the season that tells the story. To believe we were “close” is what our deluded manager believes, and his devoted followers fall for it, like they do with all his other spin and lies. Last season was one of the poorest Premier leagues for many years. It seemed as if none of the contenders wanted to win it. It was our best chance to capitalise on that and win the title. And if Wenger had sorted the team mentally, and showed some tactical… Read more »


To be fair to Rioch he took us from 12th or 13th I forget to europe in one season. Admittedly Bergkamp was a major part of that but give the man his dues


Booing your will need it come Jan-May 2012




Why were people booing at that? Yes it was a set piece, but it was nowhere near what our CB pairing would be. It was a friendly, i would expect the players not to go full throttle to avoid injury! Booing your own team is a stupid thing to do and the fans who booed can f*#$ right off

CJ of the C

I hope Mata wasn’t watching yesterday. The fact is that Arsenal play half their games in front of a hostile crowd and the other half away. It’s an impossible situation. We won’t win anything and nobody will want to play for us.


It’s quite simple : play better and the fans will not boo or buy better players that will assist the team in playing better and the fans will not boo.

Then this problem goes away.

Biff Baxter

The players already feel completely disconnected from the fans. How long has it been since an Arsenal crowd supported an Arsenal team? At the Emirates it’s crickets or jeering. You boo them, they go play somewhere else for more money.


Biff, When you are charged the most expensive ticket prices in the league then the Customers (which is exactly what Arsenne has turned us supporters into) quite rightly have a reason to complain when the product they’ve paid for doesn’t live up to the hype. If you bought a car that only hit peak performance for 33% of the time you were driving it despite being promised the world when listening to the sales rep then you’d be on the blower to the dealer sharpish. In fact, I think you could probably call the Advertising Standards agency on last years… Read more »


And I once thought english football supporters were the epitome of real fan support. There are 20 teams in the PL. ALL of them want to win the league….16 of them would gladly change places with AFC….most of them (except maybe for MU and LFC) would gladly take Arsene as manager. In fact, the majority of them, save for Chelsea and ManU would take the performance of AFC over the last 10 years!! It is a function of success that when you are successful it tends to heighten expectations. The more u win, the more people expect u to win.… Read more »


FRIENDLY!!!..YOU Booooing pricks!!yes wegner Needs to buy a defender or two but I don’t see why you all think we have a right to win something?ok were a big club and he does have money to spend but not the kind Chelzki and them other cunts have!!but to my recollection we’ve always challenged them and I feel still will.Lets have some positivity to add to the cause please (and hope he does bring in that elusive cb we need)an maybe we will get somewhere.Booing ain’t gonna help anything!

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