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Wenger: Nasri not disturbed

Arsene Wenger claims Samir Nasri is not affected by the uncertainty over his future.

With just 12 months to go on his current contract, and unwilling to sign a new deal, the Frenchman has been linked with moves to Premier League rivals Manchester United and Man City. However, the Arsenal manager insists that Nasri’s performances on the pitch will not suffer as a result.

Speaking after Arsenal’s 4-0 win over a Malaysia XI ,Wenger said, “He has always had a very good attitude. We are a big club with many good young players so we are confronted with many rumours and speculation. But it doesn’t affect much what’s happening inside the club. We have to live with that and you could see when he played that he wasn’t disturbed by that”.

It has been reported that a club agreement was in place regarding both Clichy and Nasri that they would be sold if they did not sign new contracts, but Wenger says he believes the board back his Nasri stance.

“I think so, I believe that is no problem. It is a technical decision. What is important is that the club has a good team and is in a strong financial situation. The decisions are dictated by financial restrictions but not only by that. The most important thing is that the team is right and our financial situation is right as well”.

And he remains positive that the stories won’t affect Nasri’s relationship with the Arsenal fans, saying “I believe that everybody who loves Arsenal wants all our strong players to stay at the club”.

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Hard to see how Samir is going to get away with his behaviour this summer without addressing fan’s doubts about his integrity and commitment with a focused and sincere statement. While I’m on the subject, such a statement by our (current) captain wouldn’t go amiss. Anyway- Nasri played well, Jenkinson could do with staying back a bit, Wilshere was a beauty, Ramsey started well, and Vela? What can you say. He’s brilliant if you’re playing a pre-season game or someone from Division 2. I’m comfortable with giving him another season’s chance, but his wearing the number 11 shirt is a… Read more »


Can’t Wenger convince Nasri to stay over the course of the season?


we have to keep our best players,it is as simple as that.
People saying we should sell ,sell sell,are not thinking well…why sell your best players ,when instead you can show your best players that you mean bizness by buying more best players to join ,giving the team more depth.

Wenger is refusing to sort out the defence department,well we will see…i hope for our managers sake that all goes his way this new season…


Have we had a genuine offer of £20M for Nasri? There’s lots of talk and speculation, but I’m not sure we have. Any offer is probably nearer £10M. Let’s see whether Nasri gets to play in the Champions League. If he doesn’t then we might be looking to sell him for an inflated price in the January window. There’s the other option that we save on wages for him by keeping him in his final year at his current salary, then offer him a lot more in the Summer if Cesc goes. Most other big clubs will fall foul of… Read more »


If he’s not going to sign up sell him now and cash in on Cesc now this bollocks needs to stop now. He didn’t play his best last season and needs to go now for as much as we can screw above the law barca for.


If a player doesn’t want to play for you anymore it’s pointless forcing them to and Cesc for one doesn’t want to play for us now. If he was keen to stay as our captain he would of got up and said don’t believe any of the stories I love arsenal and want to continue playing for them. He’s not said a word and has let his so called friends stir it up. Don’t get me wrong I’m not on the anti wenger bandwagon or negative about the club but this rubbish needs to stop


it’s interesting that le boss mentioned about “financial restrictions” and “technical decisions” while speaking about his intention to keep a player, who we can arguably get £20-25m for now, & let leave free next year. how in the name of god can he justify that? I mean what’s going on here? does he honestly believe that nasri is gonna have such a huge impact on our forthcoming season that he is willing to keep him no matter what the cost? There is something more here than what he is saying, something else is going on, what, I’m not quite sure.… Read more »

Edward Hackney

This has probably been covered but there’s so many arses replying I can’t be arsed to check! 😉 This is the only explanation I can think of that explains the Nasri situation, and one I haven’t really seen you entertain yet Arseblog? (although i know from what you’ve written lately how ya feeling about this situation 😛 ) Based on as much trusted information the papers have (sweet FA) I think Wenger being Wenger has decided to take a massive gamble on Nasri and use this season to prove to him he’s in the right place. Wenger can’t even bare… Read more »

Mr Teddy Ears

Sounds good but In a perfect world but for all his skill and the so called father son bond between Arsene he is a mercenary and nothing more.

If he truly had that bond he would not have acted in the way he has and call me a cynic the manager is letting his emotions rule his head here and nobody has the guts to tell him.

Sell the wasters he has in the team and stop wasting fans hard earned money.


Anelka a really cool documentary said something like : “The hardest thing, when I decided Arsenal was to tell the boss, he was like a father, and in a way, I had the sensation I was betraying him”. But still he went away. As Wenger has to put aside the relation he has with his players (which his difficult), when driving their carreers, players have to put aside their relation with Arsene, even if it’s painful. Fabregas always insists about how Wenger is a second father to him. Still, he wants to go.


Just a hunch, but it seems like Nasri will stay & Cesc won’t. Barca’s incessant tapping up through the press is disruptive whether we like it or not & it won’t be going away. We’re probably just trying to eek what we can for Cesc, and Samir will sign an improved contract, get the central role he craves, and his ego given a rub down from Le Prof. I saw a Malaysian gooner on another site say he got an autograph from Samir, pleaded with him to stay, and Nasri’s response was a wink & smile (maybe not verifiable) he’s… Read more »


Good Analysis Hackney, let’s see what we can do this year and hope that Nasri wins back the fans with goals and not by kissing the badge in preseason..!!!


Nasri can go fuck himself as far as I’m concerned!

He’s not good enough to hold the club to ransom, hopefully he will get left to rot on the bench and be made to train on his own for his final season, then he can go sell his arse for all he can get.

He’s fucked the Club and the Fans about enough.


Ransom? Man, he just refused an offer, he’s free to do so. He’s not saying, pay me or I kill you, he’s saying “well, I disagree with your offer, I don’t extend my contract”. That doesn’t mean he will play like shit this year. Or won’t give 100% on the pitch… which is -correct me if I’m wrong- the most important.


I guess Wenger is taking Nasri for his word as Nasri has said himself that it is not about money. If we win the League or CL, then we are hoping that he will re-sign. If we’re left tropheyless again, he’s gone. But if we do finally win something significant, he could still bugger off to a team willing to double his wages. I personally don’t think he’s been with the club long enough to fall in love with the club and it’s traditions. No offense to the manager, Thierry, Paddy or Bobby, but he’s also French and very capable… Read more »


Once a players head is turned, I’m sorry his head is turned. You can say all you want about AW’s powers to persuade or whatever, but that’s bull… Little Samir has a boner for the glory at which Arsenal cannot give him at the moment, he wants what that little pecker head Evra’s got, Samir is a little money grubbing turd and be off I say, be off……….


Defintely, we saw that with Vieira by the past. Oh, and Ronaldo, that year Fergie hold on him and prevent him from going to Madrid, ha was so poor on the pitch that he scored like 40 goals and lead United to the CL Final…


The only thing that seems certain about the Nasri situation is that he has been hugely, spectacularly badly advised this summer.

Anyone any theories on why we continue to put up with all the shit from Barca over Cesc? Why are we not reporting them to UEFA for blatant tapping up (and being cunts, although not sure if UEFA have a rule against that. Hang on, Platini runs it so guess not then)?

Midfield Corporal

I don’t see how anyone really believes Nasri will give 100% if he sees out the final year of his contract. I can’t see he will go into a 50-50 fully committed knowing he doesn’t have the security of a fat contract should he be seriously injured. Also he’ll be playing for himself rather than the team, which must affect a players ability to make the right decision in a match. If 20mil is on the table take it and reinvest in Hazard or Mata. Has Nasri really been that good, scored goals till January, one assist in prem, two… Read more »


Because of Euro 2012. Also because a bad season would harm him on the financial point of view. Because actually no one knows what is in his head.


Yeah – a good season with us with some silverwear to display wont be a bad thing for his CV And if he plays crap this year then he wont get picked for France in Euro2012 and that will also affect his face-value Playing poorly this season may mean that next summer he could ONLY be worth 8-9million – which wont do his signing on fee much good. So he must know that if he DOES intend to leave on a Bosman next Summer (and I still think he will sign a new contract) then it is in his best… Read more »


Can someone please tell me where this 20-25 mill for Nasri has come from??? Who has made that bid for him? Who is going to pay that sort of money for someone in there last year of contract? He is worth that sought of money if he had 4 years left. Wenger prob knows that he’ll probably only get bids for around 10-12 mill so it’s not really a risk not to sell him this summer. If we did it will prob cost us 20 mill for a replacement because there’s not a talent of nasri’s ability in the last… Read more »


Gents, Wenger has basically told us Nasri is staying & Cesc isn’t.. We’ll take the c. £30m, Nasri will sign an improved deal within a week that’s prob already agreed in principle, all of this ‘we stand to lose 20 million’ will be irrelevant. Oh, and Fergie’s a wine-soaked old c***.


The bit about him ‘spending too much’ in this context must mean him caving in to Nanas08 wage demands and subsequent confidence that he’ll stay. I still don’t see the ‘need’ to sell Fab. Even if there was a Gentleman’s agreement, slap a price of >£60M on his and sit quietly amidst the noise.


I think personally wenger is so confident he can talk nasri around he’s willing to take the gamble. He’s very sure of himself on his abilty to persuade players and bring them round to his way if thinking. Backfired with flamini though

[…] when he’s on the pitch. He also spoke about his decision to keep him for the season ahead and whether the board back that: I think so, I believe that is no problem. It is a technical decision. What is important is that […]

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