Arsenal 0-2 Liverpool – By The Numbers


This season and Arseblog are teaming up here on Arseblog News to bring you a post match statistical breakdown for every game.

After every match I will endeavor to provide you with a post-match numerical analysis. Of course, I’m not just going to dump data on you but instead will select things I think are important or that I want to keep an eye on.

For example, how many touches did a player have? Who was Arsenal’s most incisive passer? How did the team do in terms of number of chances created compared to last year? That kind of thing.

In most cases the raw numbers come from Opta via any number of the outlets they are working with at the moment. Though I also have my very own database that covers the big events (fouls, yellow cards, etc) from the last five years and I mix that in as well.

Anyway, enough palaver, on with the numbers!

11 – Walcott touches in the first half
11 – Number of touches Koscielny had in 16 minutes
22 – Walcott touches second half
38 – Robin van Persie touches entire match
89 – Nasri touches entire match*
87 – Vermaelen touches
100 – Charlie Adam touches**
0 – Total Arsenal through balls which found an Arsenal player
5 – Total Liverpool through balls which found a Liverpool player
1.5 – Cesc Fabregas’ successful through balls per game last season**
49 – Attempted long balls by Liverpool
27 – Accurate long balls by Liverpool
50 – Attempted long balls by Arsenal
28 – Accurate long balls by Arsenal
6 – Accurate long balls by Aaron Ramsey**
6 – Attempted long balls by Aaron Ramsey
9 – Attempted crosses by Stewart Downing**
6 – Attempted crosses each by Theo Walcott and Samir Nasri*
0 – Accurate crosses by Downing and Theo combined
1 – Accurate crosses by Nasri
4 – Successful tackles Frimpong*
4 – Interceptions Frimpong*
12 – Successful tackles Lucas Levia**
4 – Successful dribbles Nasri and Enrique**
9 – Number of times Nasri was dispossessed**
3 – Number of times Jordan Henderson was dispossessed*
17.26 – Average shots per game for Arsenal 2010-2011
6.26 – Average shots on goal per game for Arsenal 2010-2011
12 – Arsenal shots v. Liverpool
3 – Shots by each of Thomas Vermaelen and Charlie Adam**
3 – Arsenal shots on goal v. Liverpool
1 – Arsenal shots on goal in first half v. Liverpool
1 – Shots on goal for each for Thomas Vermaelen, Frimpong, and van Persie*
6 – Shots on goal by Liverpool
6 March 2010 – Last time Arsenal allowed 6 shots on goal at home (3-1 win over Burnley)

1 – Arsenal red cards per game 2011-2012 (2 total)
0.16 – Arsenal red cards per game 2010-2011 (6 total)
0.03 – Arsenal red cards per game 2009-2010 (1 total)
3 – Consecutive home matches in which Martin Atkinson has given Arsenal a red card
5 – Number of red cards Martin Atkinson has issued to Arsenal or their opponent in his last 5 Arsenal games

1 – Number of Arsebloggers at the game**

*Lead team in this category
**Lead all players in category

(Sorry about that.. off to a great start I see.)

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While Nasri had a fair number of chances today, I did notice that whenever he picked up the ball and there was a player with a red shirt in front of him, he passed sideways or backwards. When no one was in front of him, he’d drive forward. Selfish play from a selfish player.


Nasri gets a pass from me today. He looked like he was really trying. It would have been easy for him to mail it in, but he didn’t. Besides, who would he pass to: Walcott? Arshavin? Frimpong? The players around him were callow or garbage. Nasri must be glad he’s leaving; RvP must be considering handing in a transfer request.

Chris Thompson

Dont no what 2 say think of hanging my Arsenal top up and watching my sunday leg team play


Selfish? He’s very good when he gets moving forward and takes on defenders. He’s just playing his strengths. And he’s no Cesc, but he is very capable of a telling pass, and made more of those than anyone else today from what I remember. If he leaves were gonna be desperate for a replacement because he’s the only one who brings a creative edge to the game for us.


Chance of Arsenal qualifying for Champions League group stage – Fuck all.

Chance of top four finish – Fuck all.

Chance of a signing before transfer window closes – Slim.

The Red and White Observer

I am afraid to listen to Absolute Radio and or 606 tonight, because it will be moan moan moan, and Talkshite I never listen too. Alas the numbers reflect the reality. Theo had very little impact in the game, and Arshavin is not mentioned in the numbers, which may indicate high numbers against. I am so sorry to see and hear the outcry from the stadium fans. They demand CHANGE and expect immediate sucess from all.

Vincent O'Carroll

The empty seats at the Arsenal should be a reminder to the board that it is the fans that ultimately pay for everything…whilst no player is bigger than the club…without fans there is no club…my own opinion is that project Fabragras


Empty seats only came about when the torrential rain came down and on the front 6 rows… not saying that’s okay for them to not get soaked but the stadium was pretty much full at the start of the game


the only few empty seat were at club level like every summer because some people have live outside football ground and summer is a good time to take holyday. as usual the menace and the “doom” are only coming on the internet never live. The stadium was full (ish) and when some people try to sing “spend some fucking money” after pool score they were quick told to shut up by the vast majority where i was seatting. Actually this was one of the best ambience i ve been for a while, people were behind the team full voice instead… Read more »


Today was the lowest moment of Wengers reign at Arsenal, the team were clueless & devoid of any attacking creativity.

I love Wenger & have always sung his praises, but after today I feel he needs to face up to the fact that the squad is the poorest he has had since joining Arsenal & that the need for quality reinforcements is vital.

You have 11 days Wenger to sort this & save the season. If not I fear the goodwill and support he deservedly has will disappear rapidly.


We were about as effective as Spurs attempts of acquiring a new ground.


It would be one thing if we were in this situation because two weeks ago Fabregas decided out of nowhere to join Barca and Nasri had been acting like he was going to sign but decided to leave, but the reality is there have been very few surprises or unexpected events resulting in this weakened squad. It screams of poor management. No real financial problems (that we are aware of) and yet for any other team these symptoms would indicate were were in economic collapse. Just 10 more days to fix things and everyone knows we are trying to do… Read more »


That’s it exactly. Why is the management behaving that we are close to administration? There is frugality and then there is what we do; I think a new word must be coined. “Arsenality”? Wengertivity?

Why didn’t we sell nasri last month? Why didn’t we but Mata a few weeks ago? If we were going to sell Cesc anyway, why didn’t we do it weeks and weeks ago? Like Amy Lawrence said in the Arsecast, what is the plan? As shrewd as Arsene has been in the past, this offseason has been managed absolutely terribly.


Open Question to all: Are Arsenal a “big” club anymore? Judging by performance and spending strategy one would have to answer in the negative. Wenger still has a few days to sort things out blah blah, but our decline from title challenger to feeder club has been precipitous. In February we were challenging on four title fronts. We lose the Carling Cup and tie Newcastle 4-4 and our form goes down the toilet. Our performance in the boardroom then mirrors our performance on the pitch. We became a selling club in the course of one offseason. When and why did… Read more »


Well said.

If we really cannot afford to spend any money, then i’m sure the majority of fans would be very happy with our level.

All we want is to do the best we can with what we’ve got. If we have money, spend it. If not then that’s the way it is.

Just stop lying to us.


0 – pounds spent on experienced quality
60 000 000 – pounds estimated to be avaliable for transfers

(Sorry, I do appreciate the stats though)


Gervinho is an experienced quality player, but I agree with your point.


Yeah I know, but I thought a 0 would look better.

Premiership experience then?

Bob T

A tough day at the office for Arsenal against a relatively average Liverpool. It was a hard one to watch. Man U next week then.


Truly bad management. I cannot believed we ended the games with so many youngsters and 2 others who are desperate to leave. RVP must be so sick to be captain of this shite.


A bit of transparency and a statement of intent would be good from the club, let the fans know why things are how they are.


Fuck off darren


Like Everton, we’ve become specialists at raiding League One. Like Everton, we now suck.


Ignore the troll.

Small club mentality, means he still feels inferior and has to talk us down.


we, arsenal funs are too protective over AW while we suffer psychologically,pleas lets be realistic about this.arsenal is heading nowhere with these under-20 year old players,we need experience in this team

Sleek Gooner

I am proud of the way we fought today given terrible injuries. Word has it that we will announce soon that are debt is over soon and we will be laughing! Look at the spuds- riots only and an absolute crap hole – we have the Emirates spuds! Shite club no history 13 titles to 2 undefeated 49 run at shite hart lane do not listen to the media who are anti Arsenal, Wenger WILL get it right! Imagine if we had a spastic like rednapp in charge??? Have the faith, we will improve!! Up the Arsenal, to hell with… Read more »


love it!


wenger is a cunt, is a cunt ,wenger is a cunt dont care what people say he is deluded just listen to his interview we played a good game? he must smoke some sort of shit with coments like that if they dont qualify for the champions league what will he have to fall back on?? he needs to go asap


get a grip. we owe everything to that “cunt”


a true arsenal fan, insulting our greatest manager ever.welldone insulting people on the internet where they cannot defend themself make you feel big.
i have no problem people wanting someone else as manager (everyone can have his opinion) but i would never insulte him because he brought the most amazing time in arsenal history.
i really think its soon the end of wenger era but it will be remenber as success and like every success it has a end
CUNT ***** : )


It didn’t make complete sense Sleek Gooner, but I’m glad you said it anyway.


darren l you dirty yid scum if you dont beat the mancs it will all change muggy cunt


Okay… none of the rascist diatribe needed


Just back from the game
Bad result against a rather average pool side. Defensively I thought we were ok but we lacked any cutting edge. Walcott and andrey were Piss poor but the sending off scuttled our ship. Shame because frimmy was having a very good game. I worry for the utd game now no frimpong we only have Rambo and Lansbury available. The petulance of song and gervinho along with wengers lack of recruitment is going to be telling. Possibly worst start to a season I can remember


I can deal with the injury,the own goal,the red card and the offside second goal but what really PISSES ME OFF is Arshavin and Walcott. If they don’t know how to play football then they should go and get another job. USELESS.


Tthe problem with Theo is his brain is faster than his feet. If you watch his game closely, he tends to leave the ball behind. Todays game he was well marshalled by Enrique, so he had no where to go. But in terms of Arshavin, he was wasteful and lacking in that killer pass. He may be coming to the end of his cycle which is a shame.

Sleek Gooner

Sorry chap…. Typing on an iPhone!!

Unlucky own goal and a late goal with a sending off.

Be positive Gunners! We will improve 🙂

spuds, kiss my arsenal!

61 years and counting….


with the team we put out, i dont think we played to bad considering what liverpooh have spent, but the thing that really pissed me off was the so called older players, what the fuck were they playin at and where were they? TOMO V was our best player! its true we are having some very bad luck with one thing or another but COME ON WENGER SPEND SOME FUCKIN MONEY NOW. oh yeah and DARREN man u are gonna fuck your shit up just like the rioters should of done to white fart lane.

Sleek Gooner

We as Arsenal fans need to be united and together – good times will come!

One Arsene Wenger!!!

micky readman

now lads, well i thought we would still have enough in the tank to get a win tday…. stick together everyone, we have had a poor start but its not how you start, its how you finish and there is plenty of time for this to come good, we were a few players out injured/suspended i still have faith in the boys and arsene! lets have it right boys the arsenal way of doing things of late we should not be suprised pool beat us today cos as gunners we all know fine well that the liklieness will be that… Read more »

Lord Teddyears

I thought the defence played well and if ping pong had not been sent off for a totally reckless challenge that will have Lenny signing upto his twitter feed we would have drawn that game. I don’t actually think we need many players and as most of you know I have not been nice about about Nasri I thought he played well and was very professional. Shame he didn’t show that this summer and say fuck it build a team around me and I will be a legend. Rumours in the press are he is going to stay but I… Read more »

[…] teams have rightly felt scared to open up to the Gunners, especially when they were at home. But, as I highlighted in my By the Numbers column on Arseblog News, in two games this season Arsenal have managed a grand total of five shots on goal, scored zero […]


frimpong played have to give credit where its due.we were a match for liverpool in every department even after they spent millions and millions.we lost to two offside goals while playing with 9 players at one there is no need to press panic button but it will be better to bring in reinforcements to be title challengers instead of being competing for champions league spot.


New to the blog over the summer. Love the stats, great perspective.


I will go against conventional wisdom and say that we don’t need a central defender at all. We need to get rid of Arshavin and Walcott needs to be sub until the time he improves or his contract runs out. Ramsey is out of his depth and we need to buy an experienced attacking midfielder/playmaker. While arsenal teams of the recnet past were great offensively, this team is stale. there is nobody to connect defensive midfield play to the offense. Arshavin lost the ball too many times to count but at least he puts in the effort. Otherwise, I think… Read more »

micky readman




but you are a fucking idiot


What’s starting to get on my tits is the fans who say we shouldn’t expect to be a top 4 club. Yes we fucking should. We’re struggling because we have a manager who is so out of touch and bereft of ideas who answers to no-one. The board seem apathetic at best so arsene is getting away with peddling his rhetoric about this super quality squad. Jog on. Yes I’ve changed my opinion since last night. I live in an area heavy with mugsmasher fans. Anyway back on topic, if we had no money then fine to finish in the… Read more »


From the looks of it wenger wont recruit any new midfielders or they just not available i think in this a fourth place is the best we can get maybe a carling cup . We really should keep Nasri as hes the only proven attacking midfielder with a nice bit of pass range even if we loose him for free he is essential now for us to be a top four club . Wat say guys enough bitching about him and lets keep him for this season if he wants to leave for free fine atleast we have a quality… Read more »


Sorry i was going to finish with… to fail because of some grand delusion rather than to not hit top 4 because we’re as shit as spurs well that’s what’s unforgivable.


I’ve just been on the BBC website and watched the Arsene Wenger post-match interview. Predictably, he’s blamed the referee for the ‘two offside goals’ that we conceded. He refused to say anything about the pathetic display going forward, in which we managed to force just one save from Pepe Reina.
Please go now, Arsene; you were once a great manager, but now you are just an embarrassment.


how many manager go in front the tv and insulte,put dow his own player in front millions .;………very few ( if they ever do they loose their team ) go in front a reporter .we have enough idiot in the media and blog who do so.if something was bad wenger say to his player in front of them ,in the dressing room. when i was playing rugby (decent level i was)and we ere loosing we were getting bollock by our coach after match in the changing room but he would never put us down in front other.always like they done… Read more »


how much transfer funds we have this summer? 50? 60mil? lol and where will it go? the board’s savers account. wenger thinks all expensive players are average while youngsters are top quality.


sigh……………………….. maybe from now on i should watch newyork redbulls rooting for henry. watching arsenal shortens my lifespan. we seriously dont look like a big club, we will be competing B team positions like spurs heck i think even spurs can beat us which is really frustrating. next week we will be playing man utd and we are already 15th on the table. its stressing to know we are most likely to lose and drop even further. to be honest with wenger’s atittude and philosophy within the transfer market i cant expect our club to win anything. we are not… Read more »

Pete Garcia

Gooners! Have you forgotten that 8 players were unavailable for various reasons? That type of luck for ANY premiership side would make most squads crumble entirely yet our performance was not terrible. Calm down folks and stand beside the club you claim to love.

hohoho down we go

yeah and whos fault is that? wenger’s. we had injuries and suspended players BEFORE the match it was quite obvious we lacked midfielders especially with cesc gone and nasri going. but what has wenger done about it? reserve team is his answer.

hohoho down we go

i would like to add we have been calm in the past 6YEARS, allowing wenger to do his job. but this will be the 7th year going and its looking more miserable than before. well i guess there are some gooners here that loves to sit and be calm even if its 10more years without trophies.


This result was not unexpected. I thought we would have got hammered.
However the team played reasonably well for most of the game. Liverpool did not pose any great problems until Frimpong got sent off. Seeing the tacklle again it should have been a straight red. The goal was a freak, poor performance by assistant referee, two wrong calls.
However the worry is no premiership goals 2011/12.
Does this concern anyone yet?

Mike de Jong

Yes, I’ve been saying it till I’m blue in the face (make that red in the face!! lol). WE NEED GOAL SCORERS, NOT BLOODY TIPPY-TAPPY BALLET-DANCERS!!!!!!!!

North Bank Ned

Isn’t that why Wenger has been buying attackers?

Last season only three teams conceded fewer Premiership goals than us. Arguably improving how we defended was going to be more important than changing the personel in the defense. But how many times last season did we bemoan our inability to stick the ball in the net or to create chances?


Calm down people. Like the majority of yous at 12:45pm I was shouting to Wenger “Spend some f****ng money on a CB & DM”. It got worse when Koscielny left the field. But by the end, (0-2 down) I was shouting. Get rid of Theo & Arshavin. Get back to 4-4-2 & we will be back winning.


Who would play up front with vP? Chamakh? Please..

Mike de Jong



I thought the display was brave and I was proud of the players out there but was a performance related to the quality and experience of the squad. Thomas vermalen was absolutely brilliant and proved he is one of the best in the business. Schezny and frimpong were two more very huge positives to take, he deserved his red but we have been calling for someone with some bite and aggression who will take one for the team. We have to remember we have one of if not the best forward in the world in captain van persie but if… Read more »


Also if we just bank the cash from sales of fab and nasri, where does that leave our debt situation? Imagine if we were debt free and able to spend 20-30 mill off our profits every year rather than interest payments. That would be a strong stable and fiscally responsible club. But if that’s what voyuer is thinking he should tell us straight. if van persie is fit and not scoring he will get unhappy.

T smith

Unlucky Arsenal for the performance today considering all ur problems ur racking up at a fast rate. I know its only early on in the season but yous need to sort it now cause its looking bleak for yas, just look at us last season our bad start lasted up until xmas so if wenger doesnt want to follow suit he only has a week and a bit to bring in some quality experienced players a liverpool fan but i love watching the arsenal play and its a shame with whats happening to them this season . i think… Read more »

Martin Keown is my hero

One positive is that Frimpong was excellent against Liverpool. He had more fire in his belly than the rest of team combined (excuding the Verminator). With his early yellow his sending off was inevitable. But if I was coach I’d tell him he was excellent and to continue to play like he did against the scouse, perhaps with a little bit more guile. But he’ll get a bit smarter with experience. For me, the Frimster ran the game…..he tackled, intercepted, laid balls off and even had a crack at goal.

Also, I thought Miquel did well under the circumstances.


AW really needs to sort the signings out. Did anyone else notice that Sagna had a quite game? He was played at left back and he obviously wasn’t comfortable.
Loads of positives in that performance but talking about the off side goals instead of the lack of creativity in the team is just taking a piss.


I did notice that, Wenger should stop F’n about and buy Baines


Good idea for a series of posts. I believe “lead” (Pb) should be replaced with led.