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Arsenal linked with Andre Santos

News reports from Turkey suggest Arsenal are set to sign Fenerbache left back Andre Santos.

The 28 year old has 22 caps for Brazil. His signing comes after news that Armand Traore has agreed terms with QPR. Arsenal are believed to be paying The Hoops £500 and a industrial sized barrel of olive oil to take him off our hands.

Turkish TV are reporting a fee of around £6.2m

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Great LB, solid defensively, and fantastic going forward. Quality player


Awesome left back. I actually said at the start of the window we should buy him. He was very impressive at the copa America.


I am not impressed with the players we are being linked too. This is a Champions League club. We have the highest ticket prices in the country. We have recently sold two of our best players. So why are we seeking to replace them with bargin buys that lesser teams would consider a average signing? We’re meant to be competing with the likes of Chelsea so why would we sign the players considered to be surplus to their requirements? The talk of M’Vila and Marvin Martin and of Mata fell through so we go for the player Chelsea will be… Read more »


Why don’t you read up on the guy before shooting your mouth off with negativity. Santos beat out Marcelo for the left back spot for the Brazil national team. That must mean he’s on par with Marcelo. You would take him wouldn’t you? Seem like some “fans” have decided that no matter who is signed they will be dissatisfied.


Were you unimpressed when we bought players like Viera Petit Overmars Henry Anelka just to name a few. Those weren’t exactly well known players when we bought them but they did the job for us. If these players we are linked with who have playing experience can add strength to a very depleted and fragile squad then we can’t complain as it will be better than the situation we are in right now.


I am not so concerned about this player but the general quality of player we’re being linked too. As I mentioned the talk of M’Vila seem to have gone quiet and we’re looking at players who are cheaper.

I think we justified to ask why we pay so much for tickets if the board is insistant on this transfer policy. Especially when the club is newly enriched by the sales of Cesc and Nasri.


We could keep Traore if you would rather have him…


As an LHS winger or defensive winger yes.


I agree look at all the top quality young talent out there.Neymar,Rooney,Ronaldo,Aguero,Hazard,Torres,Mata,Pato etc…We can’t afford.AW needs salaries and transfer chest to pull the cream of the crop of young players and experienced professionals.The fans are paying the highest prices. The Board need to get the commercial income, which they are not. We need to replace Nasri & Cesc with Tier A players not journeymen. It’s time the Board answered some questions.


He is actually right.. Anyone who has seen him play will have a similar opinion. He is decent going forward but not a good defender..


Certainly looks ‘solid’ in that picture … Broccoli awaits …


Decent. Haven’t seen much of him but surely he’s better than traore and it means less pressure on gibbs. Could it be that we’re actually signing someone to improve a weak spot in our squad?


He was very good for Corinthians a couple of years ago and I enjoyed watching him. He won several trophies with what was a very good Corinthians side at the time, I really thought several players from that team would have really fitted in well within an Arsenal. I am well pleased if this signing is true!

Burak E.

This guy has been great for Fenerbahce. The league is inherently very different in terms of style and quality, but the pressures of success there are huge… to the point where they’ll need to get involved in match-fixing… tsk tsk. Aaaannyways: he’s certainly up to the mental challenge.

Bendigo Shafter

Wenger must be desperate, this chaps a veritable OAP.


at 28? you sure?
He’s clearly a stop gap. Young enough to get a good 3 or 4 years out of if Gibbs doesn’t cut it, but also old enough to move on if Gibbs does cut it. It’s a logical conclusion. Maybe it’s desperate what with the timing, but probably not a bad buy, if it goes through. 22 caps for Brazil doesn’t usually say someone’s shit does it?


Sounds like a good signing. Best we can hope for are relatively unknown players as the board won’t approve the wages of an established player.

She wore

I said yesterdays result was a turning point and maybe a few lightbulbs have gone on in a few heads at the club, Christ knows it’s about time , don t know about you lot but a marquee signing along with the likes of santos and park would cheer me up no end, kaka anyone?


I would have thought fans could hardly complain about signing an experienced international left-back. I would have thought. Arsenal fans’ self-loathing seems boundless, these days.

Kaka of old would be a perfect fit for Arsenal’s system, in my opinion, but he hasn’t been on form for a long while. I also doubt we are going to be able to take him from Real Madrid.


Seems a decent player from reports and experienced. But please not benyoun, that is just not right it can’t be. We surly have not dropped to that depth I no we are shit but signing him will just make fans angrier.


It would make me angrier. But then I realized I would rather have Benayoun than Rosicky/Lansbury/Ramsey. With the exception that Ramseys form might improve a lot.


She Wore, do you expect Kaka to cut his wages in half to come to Arsenal?


This will be a great signing. But I will believe it when I see it. We also need a decent CB and 2 quality midfielders to replace Cesc and Nasri plus a decent forward. If Arsene can pull these signings out of his magic hat then all is forgiven! Like I said, I’ll believe it when it happens. Losing 8-2 was probably the best thing to happen to the squad. With that hammering you can’t hide behind potentially good 17 year olds. You really do need to go out and buy quality!


Kaka is too injury prone IMO


Kaka is a bit like his name these days.


traore to QPR. that warrants another article on its own to cheer us all up! used to big him up and think our LB position was covered for the future, he was similar to clichy as a youngster; incredibly quick player. guess he modeled himself on clichy a bit too well coz he ended up making stupid concentration errors (playing nani offside in the… *too painful to speak about it*) as for andre santos, this is all exciting stuff, not marquee i know but a very welcome addition given the frailty of gibbs, who i think could rly step up… Read more »


I’ll believe it when i see it confirmed on!


bbc bloke on twitter: Arsenal confirm to me that Fenerbahce left-back Andre Santos is set to join for about £6.2m, subject to medical and personal terms


Fenebarche have confirmed to the Istanbul Stock Exchange (courtesy of that they are in talks with a foreign club over the sale of Andre Santos. See link below

Karim Moukaddem

Isn’t he too old for Arsene’s liking? Seriously though, wasn’t he looking for a central defender?


…………………………………………….. off!
enjoy the signing and stop bitching


Santos would be a great signing. Technical, strong and would provide a better attacking which we haven’t really had since Ashley Cole!


Better than Clichy considering Santos beats out Marcelo to the left back spot in Brazil’s squad on a regular basis (22 caps). Just because he isn’t Leighton Baines or Jose Enrique doesn’t make him crap because you didn’t know him. For example, how many Arsenal fans suggested we sign Gary Cahill BEFORE we were linked with him? None. As you see, Arsene isn’t a complete fool (and yes I do doubt him at this moment but he is what we have and I’ll tell you I can’t count how many clubs would die to have him as their manager). At… Read more »


Here here.

Adam, Watford

Indeed, it’s nice to be able to say
” Hear, hear ! ”
to a comment rather than
” There, there . . . ”

Arsenal, I am with you all the way !

Mr Teddy Ears

In Jack we trust also he will be a LANS when he comes back next season


Hmmm? Just have no words, everytime I comment on speculation it doesn’t happen so let’s just see.good player mind you….


PETE .. What HAVE you done !! .. you just commented on this …

You are killing us Pete .. killing us !

🙂 ….

Rectum Spectrum

for fuck sake pete…..


for Pete’s sake, RS…

Dave Button

In arsene we trust or rust. Not decided yet. I do know I want him to turn arsenal around not only for good of the club but for the good of himself.


For the love of God enough with the negativity! And why are we complaining about his age??!! Do we not need a mix of youth and experience? Yeah Arsene has fucked up big time and should have made signings 3 months ago, but now that he is, can we not get behind him?


Why not go for Davide Santon?


Santon didn’t make the cut at Inter and at Cesena .. although a potential good prospect, i thought we agreed that we didn’t want any more prospects and want more experience brought in ??


i’ve been wondering that too. he looked a quality player a couple of seasons ago and can play both CB and FB, but he seems to have gone backwards since…

Midfield Corporal

I know nothing about this guy but I would hope an experienced international has got to be better than what we have at present. The question will be can he adapt to the pace of the prem quickly? Surely we could offer everton25-30m and get Jagielka and Baines?


Ahhh, why pay 15-20M for Baines when you can buy Santos for 6.5M from Fenerbahce. Can we bet on how Wenger will spend? I bet it will be less than 50% of what he sold Nasri and Cesc for.


and hopefully, bring in Alex from Chelsea to give the new brazilian some company .. with both in we would have some muscle at the back …

Mr Teddy Ears

Alex and Cahill now thats a bloody good combo !!!


He can’t be too bad turkish fans do not tolerate lazy players IMO a good reasonably priced signing, who can do a job where we need it, I really wish we had’nt been so quick to get rid of eboue

Adam, Watford

Agreed, Eboue on a good day could be very, very good. I have defended him beyond the call of duty to many people, the gentle Goonerfolk and barbarians alike . . .

However, on a bad day . . . well, let’s just say Liverpool, at home, last season.


i don’t mind getting rid of Eboue, I just wish he signed someone better than Jenkinson to replace him. Jenkinson should not be playing significant minutes for us yet. Yesterday was cruel for him.


Wow finally some sense, a left back, I never thought we would buy, I don’t even care how good this dude is, its a warm body! (I do truly hope he is good).


Hopefully this goes through. Now Lets get an Ugly Defender and a couple of midfielders and we can make a season of it. Chin up peeps, it had to get to this for it to get better – As I sang yesterday – Arsenal till I die!!!!!!!


Good going forward, defensively not too impressed from what I’ve seen of him in recent Brazil friendlies.

On the plus side, that horrible shit cunt up at Celtic, what’s his name….something Brown… well anyway he tried to rough Santos up early doors in the Scotland-Brazil friendly at the Emirates earlier this year and our new recruit was having none of it, beefing him off the ball and generally completely outclassing him in one on one duels.

Definitely up to the physical demands of the PL, just concerned about his pace.


well if you think about it .. sagna isn’t too pacey and he is one of the best right backs in the league .. we need muscle and good tactical sense which i think this guy has .. and a few good dribbling tricks that neither clichy nor Gibbs have ..

Ejiro Esiri

Enough speculations

Mike Hawke

Well, the omnipotent Wikipedia says he´s an Arsenal player………… And we all know Wikipedia is always, always right.



Like Ricardo Alvarez who joined Inter ! But I believe the source, it is true.


I have seen this guy play. He’ll easily be the third best back we have behind Sagna and Vermaelen.


A fine player I’m sure, but you can’t argue that this isn’t a typical Wenger signing nowadays and that Arsenal are getting the best talent they can anymore, especially defensively.


I see nothing negative about this signing. Established international, experienced, at his peak, will help with Gibbs development (when the poor lad is fit) and can only support Sagna and Vermaelen in improving our defence. We were all crying out to replace clichy, it’s late in the day but Wengers done it and that can only be a good thing. A few more new faces and it’s a few steps in the right direction.


I think Santos’ a good buy. But One thing we must also consider is that we need another forward/striker. What if VanPersie gets injured?!

Rectum Spectrum

excellent news. and 28 years old with international experience. and maybe a 26 year old striker with good international experience too coming in. wenger has the right idea. this is exactly what we wanted to see. experience. fighters. and we know a midfielder will come, and a CB.

on a lighter note my mate just sent me this joke:

DODGY EMAIL WARNING: don’t open any emails that say ‘two free tickets to see arsenal. It may contain two free tickets to see arsenal.


Wenger did say he will try to sign another defender and midfielder .. does that mean signing a premiership CB is out of the question now that this defender is due to join ????

Rectum Spectrum

i wouldn’t imagine so. i still feel something will happen with cahill. he wants to leave and arsene wants him enough to have lodged a bid.


yeh, something probably will happen with Cahill. He’ll probably go to Sp*rs so they can add to their massive collection of centre backs who they’ve ruined.


this is typical of arsene if it’s true. this guy looks like a quality buy. he has probably had a number of deals lined up and is pulling the trigger on them now after seeing how inadequate our backup players are. At least I hope that’s the case. If we get Cahill in for 10m or so and a quality creative central midfielder (i like the look of Jadson or Lucho Gonzalez) we’ll be in pretty good shape once we have everyone back and focused again and we’ll still have 30-40m to spend in january if we need to.

Rectum Spectrum

yeah and then arshavin can be shown the door. i believe we probably had that option this summer, but because of cesc and samir he was forced to hold fire on him.


arshavin will be a quality squad player who can come on when the opposition is tired. i expect we will see gervinho and theo as our main wingers this season, hopefully theo can step it up.

Rectum Spectrum

i’m suprised how effective theo has been playing through the middle. he is useless on the wing.


I wish we didn’t have to rely on Arshavin. Should have sold him to Zenit months ago. We still can because he did not play against Udinese so he is not cup tied.


A very good signing!! Now get the CB and two midfielders we need. What happened to that Park guy? Has he signed or what?


According to talkshite, he’s undergoing a medical.


Quality player. No one should be complaining. He has fantstic skill on the ball, good defensively, vast experience and a good cross. Twice the player of Jose Enrique from what i have seen. Finally, the spending has started. I expect more!

Gunners, be happy this is good news!


Thank fuck we might have a true LB again. Maybe the start of some decent singings come on AW


Now add Gotze, and apparently Podolski is available… Galatasaray are trying to sign him from Koln. Arsene liked him before…

Adam, Watford

I always thought we should have tried harder to get Podolski, a few years back ! Is he still top notch ?


13 goals and 7 assists for Koln last year.

Seems to always step it up for international competition. I think there’s still a bit of tread on those tires.


Podolski would be awsome! Direct player we need.


Podolski is much more likely than Gotze. He’d be great for us working beside Van Persie. We should definitely look at more German talent. I love Andre Schurrle from Bayer Leverkusen but they will probably keep him this year. Every team and their mother are after Gotze. BvB has consistently refused to sell AND we’re playing them on September 13th. How would BvB sell that to their fans: ‘We’ve made the Champions League for the first time in forever and now we ‘re going to sell our best player and the best young talent in Germany to the team that… Read more »


I know nothing about this Santos fella but I do welcome the signing of an experienced left back. And can I say that it is also great news to be rid of Traore! I would have preferred Carlos Vela to play LB rather than see Traore occupy that spot for this club again.


Ah cool a proper Brazilian, sounds like a good player. I really hope it’s done because that position has cost us a lot in recent seasons.

She wore

Szcesney-sagna tv5 alex santos- jack Ramsey song- gervinho rvp Walcott Subs Gibbs arshavin frimpong jenkinson ox ryo koscielny& gk- George wood(need to up the average age of the bench) should get us 4th


What does it say about the manager and board when our starting LB is shipped out the day after starting against United. Surely they knew years ago that Traore wasn’t cut out to be an everyday Arsenal player, yet they felt him worthy of a start vs the league champs yesterday. The very next day he is sold. I simply don’t understand the Clubs direction at this point, or lack thereof. Feels like the blind leading the blind. Don’t get me wrong – Traore needed to go, and I’m happy he has. I hesitate to think how someone like RVP… Read more »

Gervinio's Forehead

The board need to pull their finger out and have a deep sniff… Authorize higher player salaries so we can attract ‘invincibles’ quality not mid table dross or that stench is what we are gonna be in…

gooner 4 ever

the team needs leaders.he will be a leader alongside vermaelen and sagna is a natural leader who pushes our right wingers eg.walcott to give their get a central defender who will be a great support for SZCZ as a last man.whats more important for a team is to have a back 4 who refused to get beaten down even at it’s darkest hour.we also need someone at midfield who jack and aron can look upto when they are lost on the pitch at times.alex song needs an attitude change…also the summer news of his bust up at cameroon…he is… Read more »


anyone know if Paolo Maldini’s still got his boots?


Believe it when it it’s on the club page.


well i was suspicious that things like this would be going on at Arsenal

gunner x

this guy plays left back……a quick youtube on the guy he looks like his a winger/striker with all these goals and skills…i guess thats good

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