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Bendtner could stay and Chamakh could go. Or not.

Nicklas Bendtner has hinted that he could end up staying at Arsenal as speculation circles that Arsene Wenger could allow Marouane Chamakh to leave the Emirates on loan.

The Danish striker announced at the beginning of the summer that he would be allowed to leave by Arsene Wenger if a suitable bid was forthcoming. However, despite there being plenty of interest the player admits that with three years left on his contract the club were within their rights to retain his services.

Speaking to homeland publication, the 23-year-old striker revealed:

“I cannot do so much, so I take it quietly. It is out of my hands. It’s up to Arsenal. I have three years left on my contract. They do what they do and I do as I do.

“I’m not saying that they [Arsenal] charge too much for me, but that it is out of my hands.  I do everything I can and cannot do more, so you can judge for yourself where the problem lies.

“I cannot with 100 per cent certainty say that I’m done at Arsenal.

“There has been a lot of concrete interest. A lot. But I focus on my football and doing the best I can. You can only focus on what you are good at. I hope something happens before the transfer window closes.”

Earlier in the day reports in Denmark hinted that Bendtner would seal a move before tomorrow’s  11pm transfer deadline, after his father had claimed that today [Tuesday] would be a ‘good day.’

However, playing down his father’s optimism, the attacker revealed:

“My father always says that every day is good. If you call him again, I’m sure he’ll also say that Wednesday and Thursday will be good days too.”

German side Borussia Dortmund, Portuguese side Sporting Lisbon, French side PSG and Premier League rivals Everton and Stoke City have all been linked with the Arsenal Academy graduate this summer.

Meanwhile, Bordeaux’s president has spoken publicly on rumours linking Marouane Chamakh with a loan return to the Stade Chaban-Delmas. While open to the striker returning just 12 months after leaving for Gunners on a free, Jean-Louis Triaud hinted to regional paper Sud Ouest that given the failure of cash-rich Paris Saint Germain to lure the player from Arsenal he sensed such a scenario was unlikely.

“If Chamakh wants to come on loan, I’ll take him right now,” said the Bordeaux big-wig who last summer was frustrated at losing his former star man on a free.

“I was a little angry with the player but not the man. But I think he wants to stay in England. When PSG showed interest, he immediately made ​​his position [to stay at Arsenal] known. 


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Uncle pats rice

Cue : circus music


That’s all clear then!


Get it sorted, gentlemen.


Why tease us like this?

On current form–and by current I mean 9 months of current–Chamakh adds nothing to Arsenal.

I’d much rather keep Bendtner. Plus Bendtner can play right wing!!!


don’t really care about these two. I think Bendtner has more about him, but he’s also really sloppy and infuriating at times. What has happened to Chamakh? Seriously. I didn’t rate him before he came. He looked pretty mediocre, and then he surprised me, and then became even worse than I thought he was.
He needs to sort himself out, starting with that fucked up haircut. What the hell do you even call that? It’s ghastly! Just shave your head or something man.


yes to everything


hahahahahaa agreed… i remember seeing a piss take vid the yr before we got him when we were linked with him showing all the open goals he missed!!

George Blazenby

2nd yes to everything


He was cheap, well nothing that’s why we signed him and waited till the window opened again. No other reason

Lord Teddy Ears

Play Bendtner in the middle and he will do better


I’d love to keep Bentdner; gives us a plan B with big bloke up front. Good for games against Stoke etc. and a last reosrt when we can’t pass the ball in the net. Just hope he will be a bit more humble and accept a role as impact sub. A loan for Chamakh away from the PL would hopefully able him to regain his confidence.

Le Arse

Chamakh only came to see Eboue!


Nick is a decent player, but really I think he’s to young to expect to be the world class striker were looking for. That said if he’s in the middle meeting crosses instead of providing them he’d do better


Chamakh is shit but so is Bendtner.How quickly some fans have forgot the Camp Nou last season.Get rid of both these losers


And there was me thinking he had no sense of humour… Next time I need a cheer up I might just have to give Nick senior a bell

Rectum Spectrum

i can’t belive we turned down actual money for him. the fact it was newly super rich PSG makes me think it was maybe a quite decent sum. 6-8m maybe?

i can’t believe that is accurate, because i can’t believe wenger would turn that down for him.


He did well in France why Is it surprising to see a team who plays in France wanting to pay money for a proven player ??


he didn’t do that well. He only hit 15 goals starting nearly every game in his last season for Bordeaux who were more likely carried by Gourcuff and Ciani. They were a very good side at the time and a better striker than Chamakh would have hit double what he did.


I’d keep B52 anyday over Chamakh. We need depth at Arsenal and we can’t keep selling players without getting enough players in. Bendtner was never really given a chance, but I hope he will chance his attitute, be more humble and stop insinuating (or actually saying) he is the best in the world.

We still need a tall and strong striker and RvP is injury prone, and Wenger knows this, and I don’t think Bendtner will be shipped off…


My brother was in Vegas the same time as chamakh and said he was chain smoking the whole night,as frustrating as NB52 is I would rather keep him than Chamakh as he gives us more.


Makelele was a 40 a day chain smoker too and still is.


def’ keep Nick B. and cut loose of Chamack-no-attack, then for God’s sakes AW use a 4-4-2 and put players in their PROPER position, Nick B is no right winger, get it through your old, grey haired head of yours, got it??? I’d rather have Ian Anderson from Jethro Tull leading the line than Chamack-no-attack, just because I love Jethro Tull thats all……

Johnny Massacre

Well at least we’re getting rid of all the shit players.


Really? Where is Almunia? Squilly? Denilson only on loan, he’ll be back. Arshavin? (on a big salary no doubt) Rosicky? I would keep Arshavin and Rosicky because they are good subs, the probelm is that they are probably among the top earners at the club. The top earners should be first-teamers. As pointed out by 7am kickoff, Chamakh had better goals/assists per minute played than Nasri did last season. Yes, he looks awful, but we should at least give him time in the cups and as a sub to regain the form that made him stand out in France and… Read more »


Shame it’s too late in the transfer window to get rid of and replace the both of them.


The rumours i’ve heard coming from close friends whose friends work at the club(yes, I know, I know) are that Chamakh is alledgedly being bullied for being gay and it has completely destroyed his confidence. If true it’s a sad fact but we are not paying him £xxxxx pw to act as counsellors. (This from the same source that told me about Gerrard/Chelsea a month before the papers got hold of it)
Whatever the truth our future lies with neither player if we want to mount a serious challenge in any of the serious competitions


if true that is extremely saddening


Zadane is a famous smoker as well but that’s ok he was good.


Fuck ’em both off, shower of shit.

Bendtner, Pink boots!? You fucking prize cunt!

Chamakh, you look like you would be more suited to wearing a pink tutu, twat!

Buy just about any other striker in the world and it will be an improvement.


Even Emile Heskey ?


Zidane I mean 😉


Oh Arsenal! Big wages for averages players. Makes them very difficult to move. Man U has slightly a bigger wage bill than us but our talent doesn’t even come close to theirs. What a world we live in…


I said it ages ago we don’t pay top wages but we pay all our players very well ie 60 k week for bentner and alike thus very hard to off load em when we should be paying these far less and the top top talent far more.


@goodbloke – ye but dont get rid of them both this season, we’re lacking players and its a long season with prem league, fa, carling, chl league and so on. Chamakh is rubbish, i think bendtner is not bad but not good enough for 1st spot but good enough as sub this season..

Midfield Corporal

If the rumour that he wears 52 on his shirt because he earns 52k a week then that tells me all I need to know about his character.
He’s ok as third or fourth choice but nothing more. Forget the miss against barca, I still remember the hatful of sitters he missed against burnley

John has anybody seen this story but no offence now but I would rather have Dempsey right now than Arshavin.

Midfield Corporal

I’d rather have Dempsey, or Makepeace rather than Arshavin at the moment.

That said, he made is name as a no 10, that’s why we bought him but he’s never played there for us. If he isnt going to track back and we’re short of creativity why not try him there.


Ide take anyone over arshavin he really is a waste of a shirt and 70 k a week. Hope its true about Dempsey good player but can’t see us signng another forward somehow especially if we don’t off load the worlds greatest striker


Just seen on sky sports that mertersaker has passed his medical and agreed terms two signing in one day its like christmas has come early


All it took was the heaviest defeat in living memory to jolt the pricks into signing players.


I’d like to thank Man Utd for spanking us really good. One has to wonder what the fuck has been going on at the club. So we could sign Mertesacker for less than 10M, Santos for about 6M, have always had about 40M in transfer money (prior to the additional +70M received from player sales) yet we wait till now? Just goes to show the lack of planning and blind faith/stubbornness of Wenger. Only an 8-2 scoreline has kicked this cunt into action. Unfortunately, I don’t think even the spanking is good enough to change this old dog. Old dogs… Read more »


These (Santos and Mertesaker) seem like good, even super quality, signings. why not get this done weeks ago?

Gervinio's Forehead

The board are the CUNTS… greedy, tight sphinctered CUNTS… The manager identifies players and then its the boards job to make that happen… it’s the boards job to authorize an increase in our wage limit. That’s why we don’t have Xabi Alonso, Essien, Mata, Schwartzer, Essien, Bale, Ronaldo etc… all players identified by the manager that went to elsewhere coz the board are greedy f’ing CUNTS…. Just look at the dividends they pay out each year. Now Wenger the surrender monkey deserves shite for his tactical blindspots and obsession with youth, however, it’s ultimately the board that are CUNTING us.… Read more »


It’s interesting to read Nasri comments on Football365. He quite clearly says the board is screwwing up signings/contracts/salaries by being tight not Wenger

AFC Sweden



Viva Wenger
Viva Wenger
Sitting on the bench
Dont spend a Pence
Viva Wenger

And yes, I don’t have anything to do at the moment!


Maybe man u routing increased the number of players we’re signing, but Wenger was always going to sign @ the close of the window.that’s why he is getting them cheaper.those players would have been much more expensive if we’d gone earlier for them.their old teams are now eager to sell b4 the window slams shut you know.


For me a 442 will work much better for the team playing with a similar team but with vp in the hole and walcott/bendtner/park in cf role. He isnt a player who plays on the shoulder all the time or win headers in the box with every cross. he has played best in the past playing deeper with another striker linking the play with henry and adebayor. Hence we should buy a winger to fill the hole left by walcott

Ab Di

There is talk of us signing Dempsey. IMO, it would be a great signing. The guy is good at scoring headers. Gervinho, Walcott , Sagna’s crosses wouldn’t go to waste anymore. His positioning is quite good. Somehow he’s almost always at the right place to score a goal. Premier league experience. Best of all, the guy takes shots from long range. Something which is quite important when we are shut off by the likes of stoke. Park,Santos,Metersacker, (Dempsey, M’villa, mystery CB) would be good enough to hold us till the January window and beyond i think..


Both of them are fucking usless.And some fans wonder why we only finish 4th.Look at Citys and Utd’s back up forwards Tevez Berbatov Wellbeck
We cant get rid of Big Head because he wont take a cut in his £52k a week

Alf Johnson

All the Wenger bashers… Are you POSITIVE that it is Wenger himself who holds the chequebook and sanctions the personal terms?? Is it at all feasible that Wenger makes his recommendations and then the board make the ultimate decision – and kept saying “No Way – too expensive?” Is it at all possible that Wenger knew it was ManUtd away early enough in the season to not have to worry TOO much about a defeat and picked a weakened team on purpose so he could use the inevitable humiliation to see Kronke Monday morning and say “I told you they… Read more »


I think you have a very good point, it seems the arsenal board are useless and have no clue or interest in the future of the club! Its annoys me to see all the hate thrown at wenger when not everything is his fault, the board play a big part in our transfer dealings and I just get the feeling theyre happy making money rather than spending it!


Alf Johnson you are fuckin deluded. Do you really think anyone apart from Wenger is running the show at Arsenal? To suggest he engineered a defeat to make kroenke cough up would be like suggesting you got your your best mate to fuck your missus to prove to your parents that they should have let you out later to spend time with your missus rather than having to stay in and study a cse in being a thick cunt.


Utter nonsense in other words

Ab Di

C’mon people. What’s done is done. The away fans at OT showed us what we gotta do. Let’s turn The Emirates into a legend. Stick with the team through the up’s and down’s. And for those so called fans that keep whining, you are welcome to follow in the footsteps of Nasri and MCFC…


Look, there’s being a fan and there’s blind faith and to keep making excuses for Wenger after what happened on Sunday is just dumb. He chose the side that went out and got as humiliated as an Arsenal side has done since Loughborough traded octonauts with us many years ago. it’s his project that has seen us over invest in youth over experience and as much as I’ve loved him and his teams over the years, it’s Wenger that needs to stand up and be counted now things are going wrong. I’m not even saying he should go now but… Read more »


We should get rid of Arshavin, bendtner, chamakh, rosicky squidy, at 00:00:01 on January 1st. I would have gotten rid of them earlier, but it’s too late for that now.


Let’s see, we’ve already moved out this year: Cesc, Nasri, Clichy, Eboue, Traore, JET on permanent deals, Denilson and Vela are away on season-long loan. There comes a point that you want some continuity in the team. Shipping out five more veteran squad players in January, many of whom have had good runs wearing the gun, hardly seems like a good idea. And do you think Arsene will replace them all (or even one or two of them) with experienced players who can contribute if they’re sold?


Fuck if I know even the slightest about footballers but I think Chamakh comes off as possessing more humility and character than Bendtner. I know Chamakh had a miserable finish to the season too, yet it seems Chamakh is willing to put in more effort to improve the team than the Great Dane would.

[…] be more movement today. At this moment in time there are still question marks over certain players. Nicklas Bendtner could stay or go. The same with Marouane Chamakh who is being linked with a loan move to Spain. The uncertainty over […]

[…] Bendtner is taking the piss again, and stating that there is a chance he may be staying, whereas Chamakh may be likely to leave on loan. Arseblog has always been relatively reliable, and […]


I wonder if Wenger would consider Bendter staying like a new signing.

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