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Kyle Bartley signs new contract

Arsenal have announced that young English defender Kyle Bartley has signed a new contract with the club.

Bartley, who spent periods of last season on loan at Sheffield United and Rangers, had only one year left on his current deal and it seems the club have moved to ensure that he won’t walk away on a free transfer next summer.

While many will speculate the new contract means Arsene Wenger has given up on his search for a new defender this summer, the former Bolton man could very well go out on loan again this season. Rangers has again been mooted again as a possible destination, although the player himself believes he’s ready to make the step up.

Last month he said, “If I’m honest, I don’t think I was anywhere near the level to play for Arsenal last season. But I’ve come back, I feel really strong and I feel that I am ready now.

“I am a little bit different to the other centre backs. I like the physical side of the game and I see myself as a leader. If Arsène decides that he wants me in the first team then that will be fantastic.”

Bartley played for 20 minutes on Sunday against New York Red Bulls, rather unfortunately scoring the own goal which handed the trophy to Thierry Henry’s new team. He joins Carl Jenkinson as the club’s joint leading own goal scorer this pre-season.

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and who said we weren’t going to sign a centre back!!!
the good times are back!!!


Good to know we’re locking in the in-form goal scorers to new deals!


Joint leading own goal scorer. Hilariousssssssssssss


Sign Lansbury up now too Boss.

Also, let me be the first to say, Bartley will be like a new signing.

rectum spectrum

hahahahahaha ver good 🙂


Damn. Beat me to it.


The timing of this contract does appear to be ominous.

If bartley is the defensive ‘addition’ arsene is leaving himself without a leg to stand on.

This week seems to be another week thats going to pass us by without a transfer.


we are fu*ked! No left back, sh*t centre backs, no Mata, no Jagielka, Nasri and Cesc both want-away and then you look at who everyone else is signing… its hard to stay positive 🙁

Ejiro Esiri

[comment removed for using all-caps]


I’m loving the all-caps police.

Mr Arsenal

How long has he signed for? There is no confirmation on

Ejiro Esiri

i heard marseille trashed man shitknighted 8-2! is it true?

rectum spectrum

“He joins Carl Jenkinson as the club’s joint leading own goal scorer this pre-season”


Incidentally…who is Arsenal all time leading own goal scorer?


I’m sure Diaby’s return will soon top the own goal charts. If only he can get back in time for Utd away, then its a cert!


Also good to see Arsene’s avoid Bosmans as much as possible (sigh). I haven’t heard of many first teamers signing contract extensions recently. When is Robin contracted until?



Since when did we play without a left back, [INSULT REMOVED]. I remember when Clichy was given the nod after Cole has left, one word, Poor.

Gibbs will be better than Clichy. He’s already better going forward and his defending will improve as well. Clichy and Cole were both injury-prone but they got rid of those.

I don’t cry for selling Clichy, he had regressed and was the weak link in the defensive set up. Gibbs is more than capable of plucking that whole.

We don’t need a left back because Gibbs can do the job.

rectum spectrum

now it all makes sense – the lack of movement in the jaggynettles/ matalan transfers…..
….le boss had to focus first on the major priorities of filling the void of dangerously high paid ‘potential’ stars with the imminent departure of eboue and bender and denilson.

now finally we can get back to topping up the first team with the £685.55/week left in the wage budget. Which actually ties in well with the matalan pun on Mata’s name. which i totally intended.


Fair play to the lad..looks a decent prospect. Lets face it, hes not the answer to our defensive prayers; Because hes a young lad ! FFS get a grip of your hysteria, its not ‘ominous’..just a young player signed to a contract. Here we go again, promising talent, signed to long deal, everyone goes into the club is crap, overdrive. Rather we let them all go ? I’m sure some of you more vehement types would be the first to start screaming that we let academy talent go after investment in them and buy some foriegn unproven youngsters. No, wait,… Read more »


Cue the “like a new signing’ or ‘plenty of competition at Centre Back’ quotes from Wenger.

But in all seriousness, he looks a decent prospect.


That kid is massive


Poor Bartley, gets booed in a pre season kickabout friendly and gets stick because he’s signed a new deal! What has happened to us Arsenal fans. Is everything negative what ever we do. Am not surprised we can’t sign a defender because they can feel the negativity before they’ve even arrived!! Get a grip gooners, this is a lad produced from our academy, like wilshere, Gibbs, frimpong, and now Bartley. Aren’t we proud of that? Let’s give these lads support and also the rest of the team!


I agree we have become the most negative fans ever, Bartley may have signed a contract extension but who knows maybe its because he had one year left or something like that. Anyway he might just go on loan anyway so there is no reason to fear just yet.


Agree. Im becoming embarrassed to be a Gooner – everything gets turned into a negative with our fans. No wonder players want to leave. We’re meant to be SUPPORTERS, right? We only threw away the leads in the Emirates cup because of dis-jointed substitutions…the reason not being coz Wenger doesn’t know how to make a substition, but because pre-season is mainly for fitness – squad members need a run-out too. Get a grip you Gunners. And keep a look-out for Frimpong and Bartley being big players for us in years to come. P.s.I wouldnt want to sign for us either… Read more »

Professor Plum

These are only plastic gooners mate, who dont understand the meaning or concept of the word ‘support’. Even if we finish 20th, i’d still ‘support’ the team. These freaks will probably fuck off to citeh or the chavs sooner or later. Anyone on this blog support arsenal or even watch football in the 1970′ or 80’s? muppets.

Lee Pitt

Well said Matty, we was at the game on Sunday watching Beni and Bartley thinking how proud they must be…..yet we boo them at the end, true it might be because other things like price hike or transfers but theses players hear you booing them!!! Plus we had the Legend Henry in the house what must he think??? What must our new signings think??? What must Nasri and Cesc think??? We honestly need to get a grip, we have stayed in CL only Man Utd and few teams around Europe have been in this 14yrs straight!!! AW has done amazing… Read more »


What has happened to “good old arsenal we’re proud to say that name….”!


Squillaci should pave way for Bartley. Squillaci, 33 years and shit, blocking the development of a young English player.

Instead of sending Shit-llaci to pre-season to the Far East and Germany Bartley should have rather benefitted.


this is typical of the negative non-factual nonsese coming from an increasingly hysterical section of arsenal “fans”. squillaci is 30 (soon to be 31), not 33. maybe you should check your facts the next time you decide to post an incoherent rant…

Danish Gooner

He is the new centre back Wenger had been speaking about.

Danish Gooner

Wenger always on the cheap.


Who knows, maybe Bartley will ‘kill Squillachi’ in some sort tragic misreading of Wenger’s newsletters.

rectum spectrum

he’s an inside man. like matt damon in the movie ‘the departed’.

his perogative is to bring us all down and turn on ouir club and ourselves, thus further destablizing AFC.

He’s a sp*rs spy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Great picture! Cannot stop chuckling at it


I think he’s going to be a good CB. He’s exactly what everyone has been crying about: physical, tall, a leader. He may not be the complete solution now, but we couldn’t let him go for free. Just be happy that we got him to sign and hope for another CB. We still have 28 days…


Well done the lad. He should serve as an example to those below him and hopefully, in due course, as pressure on those above him. The sun is out, the sky is blue and all will be well


I will take Bartley over Miquel. Miquel, a Spanish will do well here and soon cry to go back to Spain.

Arsene should cut back bringing foreigners in because they are using here as a stepping stone.

Professor Plum

That’s good – and im very pleased he’s signed. I have a mate who goes to Rangers – and he’s been raving about him.


I’ve been wanting Bartley in the first team squad for a while now. I’m sure he can be an improvement over Squid.


Personally I think this is brilliant news. He’s a quality young player and I was worried when he wasn’t included in the pre season tour he was going to be let go. Unlike some of the lads we’ve seen come and go Kyle Bartley has real potential and after last season I’m convinced he’ll do well.



Hopefully he will become a Rooney crushing, Drogba stomping, Terry molesting, red & white worshipping, bastard of a centre half!

Now sign ip Lansbury too, as he will quite clearly enjoy hurting those inferior pricks from some shithole down the road.


Bring out the cannons!



Like a new signing!
I have to go back to what Bartley said earlier this season in an interview. He insisted he can offer ‘something different’ to the team. Indeed, he showed he can at the weekend.
Anyway, he has the potential, I watch him with Rangers a bit last term, and he looks comfortable on the ball coming out from the back, not unlike Kolo Toure.


Some of you disgust me. Let’s actually look at the situation here our back four looks to be sagna koschleny vermarlen Gibbs (sorry if any are spelt wrong) now that’s a strong back four in my eyes and personally I don’t think samba cahill or jagielka would be much of a improvement. Kyle bartley looks like a very good young player so we should look to keep him. If we want to point fingers we should be looking at the tattics used/coaching not the players


All I’m hearing is he’s a great prospect. Brilliant in the u17s. Blah blah blah. This is so boring. Wenger is dillusional. He’s already said we can’t compete with Man Shity, Manure or abramovich. Is he only talking about signings or is he talking about trophies aswell. Because where I’m standing we don’t have a chance in he’ll of winning anything this year. Had Wenger addressed the defensive and keeper problems over the last 6 years maybe we would have won something and a 4th place finish in the league would have been acceptable for this season. At present I… Read more »


MikeyG – disgust is a strong word and, in your case, an entirely misdirected one Compare your posting with that of Good-Bloke’s a little earlier. Who would you rather be supporting the Arsenal? Who would you rather stand next to at a game or in the pub? Self-indulgent, teenage wallowing. Get over yourself mate. Kyle’s a young lad who’s come up through the ranks and signed a new contract. He’s good. He’s got potential. There’s not much more to it. What’s there to bitch about? You’re right re conceding goals (Toon Army game was the worst) but every season brings… Read more »


He was saying our 1st choice back four is decent..? Re: tactics, I wouldn’t try to claim to know everything, but I was surprised as much as pleased when Wenger tried on the old 442 for a change towards the end of the season. Mixing up the game plan might even help over the course of a season..? On Bartley, I think it’s great he’s one of a several proper academy products getting close to the 1st team, and it’s refreshing to hear one of out players talk about themselves as a leader. Let’s hope he comes good & stays… Read more »




MikeyG – my apologies. I meant DannyBoy. Sigh!


Well, that’s a different case. DannyBoy seems to struggle a little with his spelling (loosing etc.). Wouldn’t surprise me if he’s actually supposed to spell his name Dani, and he’s on here to unsettle Cesc!


Tomc who used the word disgust? And your argument about every season brings a shocker is foolish if it were just 1 shocker. But if you cast your mind back over last season 1 defeat, a shocker in respect to getting beaten at Wembley by a team that got relegated lead to a total copitulation to the end of season results. Same old story year after year. We go out of 1 competion and then another and another all in 2 weeks. Why, because we lack experience (not 17 and 18 year old technically good footballers) and with experience comes… Read more »


I failed my gcse English !!!


@professor plum.

What the hell has the 70’s and 80’s got to do with how one supports a team!? Not saying I don’t agree with your point, but do try not to alienate younger fans. They’re exactly what we need! Make them welcome!


Arsenal winning nothing is not down to experience (yes a few older signings would be nice) I personally think that our consistency works against us. Let’s face it arsenal don’t have the money to have the same squad (and notice how I said squad) to compete with the bigger boys. I honestly think that maybe arsenal should forfit a few cups so they can concentrate on one or two cups. Experience isn’t our downfall it’s squad size/quality. Our first 11 at the top of the game week in week out would walk the league but as we all know we… Read more »

[…] other news, Kyle Bartley has signed a new deal which is good news considering he had just a year to go on his old contract. Whether he makes the […]

Bromley Gooner

Great point mikey g we should go back to blooding youngsters in carling cup

Dan werren

Pofessor plum what the hell has the 70s and 80s gota do with it? I was born in 1986 and have been an arsenal suporter as long as i can remember. Am i not allowed to be a fan because i wasnt born in the sevenries. Maybe your backwards negative views are half the problem with supporters today


Kyle Bartley has apparently joined Rangers on a season loan. Another free space in the squad.

[…] Bartley has sealed a season long loan deal with SPL champions Rangers just 24 hours after penning a new deal at the […]

Mr Marcus

Morning my fellow gunners, on it maybe laboring a point but who wishes JET was given a real chance at 1st team action. Come on Aw give the English guys more than pre-season games. Let’s see how Frimpong gets on: another big prospect.

Mr Marcus

Has anyone seen that Sawyers kid from WBA,apparently he’s a bit special, in the mould of an English Pires.

[…] to sign a contract extension before committing to another season on loan; earlier in the summer Kyle Bartley moved to Rangers after penning a new deal in North London. Follow […]

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