Tuesday, October 4, 2022

Lucescu confirms Arsenal want Jadson

Shaktar Donetsk coach Mircea Lucescu has confirmed Arsenal’s interest in Brazilian midfielder Jadson.

He also hinted that a deal between the two clubs had been agreed saying the transfer was dependent on the player himself.

“I can confirm Jadson is wanted by Arsenal,” said Lucescu. “Now it all depends on him.”

The 27 year old has been playing for Shaktar since 2005 and is described by Arsenal Brasil as similar in style to Tomas Rosicky.

Arsenal fans urged Arsene Wenger to spend the money available to him during yesterday’s 0-0 draw with Newcastle, a game in which Arsenal lacked the creative edge from midfield that the departing Cesc Fabregas so often provided.

And with Alex Song likely to face suspension for treading on Joey Barton  Jack Wilshere and Abou Diaby injured, the Gunners could definitely use some reinforcement in midfield.

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I’m underwhelmed, but you never know, he might be an Arsene gem.


Check this game-by-game highlight of some of his 2010-11 season. This should lift your spirits a bit. This is not your typical youtube video. The 14 min clip highlights his contributions in each game. He looks class. One of my favourites was the Champions League QF 2nd leg against Barca. Enjoy.



it think this chap looks like the real deal. it may take him some time to adjust to the pace of some of the premier league games but he looks like a proper player to me. his goalscoring record is pretty impressive too and he was won 5 league championships, multiple cups and a uefa cup. i put this down as an upgrade over an increasingly de-motivated cesc who was a great player for us but never should have been the skipper imho….


As am I. I find it very difficult to believe that this is the best that we could get and he is going to be World Class. Unfortunately, I think this is going to be a fatalistic season.


Is he better than what we have


“Similar to Rosicky” apparently. You can only hope that’s the Rosicky we signed and not the broken and rebuilt one hanging around the fringes of the squad now.


Another Rosicky? So lots of sideways and enthusiasm but not penetration. That almost sounds dirty.


I love a bit of sideways enthusiasm!


Dats tru hope his style of play is penetrative not like Rosicky!


Wonder if he doubles as a centre half ?


Standing in at a, erm, standard 1.68m/5ft 6in…well y’know what they say about Brazilians in Europe!


i thought our defence looked very solid against the geordies. we don’t need a new CB, especially if he’s not going to be an upgrade on what we have. Vermaelen, Koscielny, Djourou and Squillaci with Bartley and Miquel coming through is better than most teams have… we need to defend better as a defensive unit and as a team and it looks to me like we have been working on this over the summer… i think we’ll surprise a lot of people (as we always do), especially if we can bring in someone like jadson to replace cesc…

[…] the FOOTBALL channel Lucescu confirms Arsenal want Jadson | Arseblog News – the Arsenal news site […]

Kris evans

He’s not like Rosicky, more like Scholes from a few years back, all about late runs, shooting outside the box and excellent vision. He scored 2 in copa america for brazil last month, was their best player by all counts….


Not a cunt like Scholes though I hope.


No no, he’s deffo not the cunty type.


If he is anywhere near the quality of Scholes, being a cunt might be tolerable.


You summed it up…….


I hope he is nothing like that waste of space Rosicky!


Well he’s probably had more playing experience than all of Arsene’s signings thus far this summer so that’s a positive… Rosicky was a brilliant player and still might find form again. He looks like a creative player too and a bit of a play maker. I reckon that would be a decent signing as long as it wasn’t the only one meant to ease the loss of Cesc and Nasri…


38 goals in around 170 appearances – good record. He also can spank a free kick, he has a good long shot, and he was capped for Brazil over Kaka, who I know is now pretty rubbish. Still, inexpensive, which is good. If he cost £25million he would still be the same player, believe it or not!


dunno why people are so negative on comparisons with rosicky, granted he’s not that great these days, but pre-injury he was pretty great really.

let’s hope jadson is the real deal !


We are reportedly interested in Lucho Gonzalez, his agent has said that arsenal are interested in him and he will travel to Marseille tomorrow to negociate a deal.


That would be a fantastic signing. Lots of experience, won titles in every club he played for. A creative player that can provide a lot of chances for his teammates but also score some goals himself. And he wouldn’t be too expensive.


We do need investment and a bigger qaulity sqaud. The vast majority of the current sqaud is good but lacks depth and we need competition for places. It’ what Man Utd are built on and is the reason why they have been successful in the last 20 years.


We don’t have any space in the squad. There’s one spot thanks to leaving Eboue out, but that’s it. Unless we shift Almunia and Nasri, we can’t sign anyone else over 21. Cesc, Bendtner, and Denilson are all homegrown, so can only be replaced with other UK homegrown players. That’s why Wenger keeps buying kids – you can have any number of under 21s, plus get them at 18 and they’ll count as homegrown when they hit 21. But everyone just keeps ignoring the squad rules and insisting Wenger buy a ton of players.


Blogs how about you write a letter to the FA ensuring Song is punished. You are not making enough noise it seems 😉


It does… Barton is also a cunt


He’s a good player (ace on FM lol)- strong, plays deep and comes forward, would be a good buy. Who knows, with a full squad i may realise my dream of never seeing DIaby in red ever again.


I hope he’s ‘super quality’


So is it me or has arsene lost it?

I could have sworn he said we won’t be buying jadson or Mata yesterday

Arsenal Bystander

Maybe he plans to keep his card close to chest for now. Let’s wait and see anyway.




Well said


Eden Hazard does the job, all he has to do is spend the money that’s necessary.


Hazard would cost £30m.

And I wonder how many people only want Hazard because of what they read in the papers. Have you seen him play? He’s 20 and short.


lionel messi was player of the year at 20 and is short you stupid bastard

hazard is a quality player dont get it twisted


“you stupid bastard”

Your reply would have lost nothing of substance if you had left off that bit which violates the comments policy.


Speaking of violation.. Where’s your daughter


Hazard’s the man. Doubt Lille would sell so close to their first Champs League appearance, but I also doubted we would be still be looking for help with the season already under way, so…


If we fail to sign a creative midfield player (expecting Cesc and Na$ri) to leave) and cannot provide support to RvP, we won’t score goals. Missing out on the CL would cost the team somewhere in the region of 30 million, so spending it (assuming we make it from the two players leaving) seems reasonable to any sane person. I don’t know if Wenger can bring himself to spend that much on a player, though. Hazard would be nice, but I do believe its unrealistic for us to spend that much money on someone his age who is tied to… Read more »


Let’s not forget the hole petit left us and we signed a brazilan who had only played in brazil who ended up being a great signing and part of the incincibles ! Gilberto silva


Expect this to run to the last week. From his point of view, having broken into the Brazil team, he may want to bide his time a little, so he’s definitely playing CL football this season.


Apparently he said jadson deal is no whr near & mata deal is off. plz dont twist things. also he said he expected nobody to leave ‘in this weekend’. irish independent reported it correctly. thousand lies = truth is a nazi equation, make intellectually honest statements plz.


Wenger says a lot of things regarding transfers. Anyone ever stop to think he’s playing with the press?


Wenger didn’t say he deffo wasnt buying him, he said there’s no advancement, which obviously got translated by the scummy papers as ‘we’re not signing him’. Desperately need a 10+ goalscorer in our midfield, hopefully he’ll add something to the team. still hold out hope for rosicky to return to the player he was before his injury


Seems to be a realistic and decent signing IMO. Much needed too, as we appeared to be really light in midfield yesterday.


Whoever we sign, let’s hope we start getting a bit more direct, and stop just trying to win penalties. It’s become quite evident that our tactics are solely about trying to walk the ball in the box, looking for a leg to fall over. After a great debut in pre-season, even Gervinho is doing it now.

All our strikers bar Robin, and perhaps Bendy (who just loses the ball instead) play for the penalty and have completely forgotten about shooting. Is this what they are being taught on the Arsenal training ground?




Wenger said that transfers aren’t as easy as we think, and I wonder if this is the stumbling block he’s referring to. We’ve hammered out a deal with the club but the player doesn’t seem in any great hurry to play for the Arsenal. I think we’re going to pay a price for turning the Emirates into such a hostile environment for our team. Players are people. They have internet. They know we’ve been booing our players and our manager and that our general sentiment toward the team is utterly toxic. Do they want to work under those conditions?


a more logical answer would be that jadson is waiting to see if we qualify for the champions league before he leaves another champions league club in shakhtar


Great point


I didn’t know Jadson, a Brazilian who has spent the last seven years in the Ukraine, could read English. It would also be the first time in history that a multi-million dollar transfer deal was scuttled because of negative posts on a blog.


Defence looked good but lets not forget it was against a defensive newcastle team. also are orginal starting lineup was never really the problem the problem is that we are one injury away from squilici.


at least there is hope that we ll still sign someone


i just hope when the transfer window closes we will have some calm from the fans


More riots, probably…


I like the sound of this guy, Arsene sign him up.

Lay off Rosicky too, he’s dedicated and tries his bollocks off every game, he will find his scoring touch again and I would have him over some of the pricks we have been associated with in recent years any day.
Actually had a very good game yesterday.


@ QI…. Yes I have seen Hazard play, I wouldn’t have said his name if I hadn’t. £30m or not thts what is required to make a difference. Personally I don’t think it would take that much, I think £25m would seal it, but if not fuck it, Fabregas is leaving and he MUST be replaced as we all saw yesterday evening.

Arsenal Bystander

Funny how just last season we were only screaming out for a new center back, and now we are also screaming out for midfielders. Arsene likes to make things difficult for himself aye?


Well, last season we had Cesc and Nasri and didn’t have Vermaelen?

Not saying we don’t also need a CB, maybe even a left back, but it’s not difficult top understand why attacking midfield needs to be addressed too now.


AW said we weren’t in on this guy, maybe it was a rouse. Perhaps we’re still in on Mata too.

Lord Teddyears

Yesterday was a wake up call for Arsene & Arsenal we have Lost 2 very creative players and have not invested in quality. Our squad players are not good enough to keep us in the hunt for the premier league title and I can’t see this team go into the last 4 of the champions league. My worry is that the manager does not have a very good track record at managing big ego’s that proven players bring with them. I feel that unless we bring some genuine proven talent we will slip down the table and Arsene will be… Read more »


Watched the lucky cunts Manure against West brom and was impressed by Tomas Olsson in West Brom. He would be a very good squad player and a good solution to the centre back problem when Vermaelen breaks down. He would also be great against all the Carrolls in the EPL. Tall, good header, very good first pass from defence to midfield and organises the defence well and vocal.


This purchase looks to be very economical or pragmatic. Though I thought “Super Quality” is what we were told to expect. I don’t think Jadson meets that standard.


Why are fans getting silly over the first game of the season?? We played against a solid Newcastle team and if it had been midway thru the season a point would of been accepted

Mr Teddy Ears

I dont think its the 1st game its the lack of activity and for the 1st time in a number of years it looks like we have slipped further away from the competition.


Goodbye Cesc! You leave with you head held high. Now fuck off Nasri and let’s buy some quality


Hmm, was hoping we might sign someone less horizontal and more penetrating to replace Cesc. Go back to our more direct, counter-attacking style which won us things. This Jadson fella looks like more of our current non winning style


This story leaves me with an overwhelming feeling of “meh”.

rectum spectrum

like when you reach for your coffee, then think ‘nah, maybe i’m done that was a shitty cup of coffee anyway’ but you grab the cup and take one more sip anyway AND ITS FUCKING COLD! bastard.


Yeh. That about sums it up. But it’s worse with tea. I could put some ice and maybe a nice shot of a liquer in the coffee and pretend to be sophisticated.


A coffee making itself out to be better than it is… Which Arsenal striker does that remind me of?

rectum spectrum

that is so racist…


His website says his agent met on friday with Shaktar officials to convince them to listen to what Arsenal has to offer (“Agente de Jadson tenta convencer Shakhtar a negociar com Arsenal”). A deal seems to be forthcoming, they seem to be in negotiations, interest is definite.

[…] club, Saprissa due to their impressive youth set-up.  Shaktar Donetsk have also confirmed that we’re interested in Jadson and Theo reveals that he finds Fabio Capello scary.The Ladies beat Doncaster 3-0, two wins in their […]

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