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Wenger reaction to Newcastle draw

Selected quotes from Arsene Wenger after Arsenal’s 0-0 draw with Newcastle.

Gervinho: “I think Gervinho didn’t deserve a red card, he should give a red to the two players or a yellow to the two. I feel the referee has not seen it and the linesman has not seen it properly.

“I’m 100% sure that the referee did not see the incident so I would like to know who made the decision”.

Arsenal’s performance: “We had a solid performance where we controlled the game. We missed our chances in the first half and missed a little accuracy with the final ball.

“They tried to slow the game down and defend well, we were pushing to score and it is difficult to say whether we would have scored or not. I can’t remember giving Newcastle a chance at goal and, away from home, you have to give credit to our team for that”.

Arsenal’s defending: “If we had conceded a goal I would have been bombarded with questions about why I don’t buy a centre back! They have to take credit”.

Potential transfers: “I am not against spending money if the players we buy can improve our squad. We have a big squad and if some players leave we will try to bring players in. We request top quality and we are not scared to spend money”.

On Cesc and Nasri: “We are, on both fronts, in no mans land”.

Newcastle 0-0 Arsenal report.

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weeDy Dewey

Wow. “No mans land.” That resonates. Shouldnt he know whats going on? Or is he just lying/withholding the truth again for seemingly no reason.

weeDy Dewey

Which is getting increasingly frustrating to be honest, it allows newspapers to make up whatever they like and print it and certain fans do unfortunately take this as gospel and get wound up.


Then stop believing the bullshit the media pisses out dude


No matter if he conceals information on transfers as he typically does or reveals it, he’s now got his back against the wall with some of the fans, media and other clubs staring him down.


Spot on my friend. They’ll keep writing if you keep reading.

weeDy Dewey

Im not talking about myself here people.. Thanks. And unfortunately the type of people that i am talking about probably wont be found reading arseblog news.


WTF “We are, on both fronts, in no mans land” Why confuse, just say it?


I see and suppose he doesn’t want to show his cards to the hungry disgusting agents.

Bring Back Brady

“I am not against spending money if the players we buy can improve our squad.”

AW re-discovering his sense of humour at last? Made me laugh!


In no man’s land? Why on the first day if the season is this the case, poor management of both cituations




I’ve been to no mans land and he won’t find anyone decent to sign there

The Red and White Observer





hahahahaha(i don’t want to get banned, so no caps)


I’d pay good money to watch Barton run around in no mans land. Especially if he wasn’t told it was actually a minefield.


Such a funny guy, with hilarious humor.

Savage is a Dave

“Hilarious humour”? Wow he must be funny.


I think I’d prefer we sent him out with a faulty gas-mask and the threat of mustard gas shells. Of course, it’d be better if there were no mustard gas, just tell him he’ll have to watch out for it.


We have a big squad half full of crap, we’ve had all summer to ship out the deadwood and need to get moving sharpish. It’s going to be a long and painful season otherwise


For someone who was a great communicator, he’s forgotten how to do it quite clearly.

He can’t pull however many million Gooners into a room and say look lads, this is what’s really happening, so he has to use the media to get his message across.

Take the Mata thing – we’re not signing him and I don’t have to tell you why. Well, true Arsene, you don’t.

And whilst that may be a fuck off to the journos, it also comes across as a fuck off to the fans.


Forgive him. He thinks he’s talking to adults.


Amen to that. One of my favorite responses I’ve read here. This, and “maybe he just likes cones.”


Or you could learn to read between the lines.


Clockender, sorry fella it just doesn’t strike me as a similar situation to the Kanu deal (dodgy heart and knee, who’d buy him?), then wallop. Job done.

If Mata signs I’ll eat my shoes.

And the comment about no-one leaving was a joke. But not literally.


If the Cesc and Nasri transfers are out of our hands then they are clear both gone…. I just hope that Wenger could see that we clearly lacked the killer pass tonight. I have always supported the manager even if i don’t understand some of his decisions however I think his disregard for the Arsenal fans is becoming too much to bare… He is never honest in his briefings to the press or Arsenal TV for that matter. There is no really harm in coming out and saying we are looking at a CB or CM. Just to give the… Read more »


Hasn’t Ivan Gazidis said we were looking to sign a CB only just recently? I also believe Wenger has said that previously, too. Does he have to repeat himself?

Savage is a Dave

Yes but them saying they are looking for a player and actually do that dirty deed called “buying one” are two very different things it seems


Have to agree with mooro I’m that one, not encouraged by today.


HAHA this super quality s*** again i suppose eboue,squillaci,almunia,denilson,vela,djorou,chamack,song and rosicky are to good to improve on?do me a favour wenger.He complains about to big a squad release eboue for free,sell vela toa spanish club,sell bendtner 5 million and give squillaci to spurs sorted.Fair play to the lads today tho gave everything just lacked creativity and a world class finisher maybe wenger can spend 30 million outta the 60 he has and sort it asap.


Like you know any DM better than the song in the league!


Essien and yaya toure? But Song is good and played well today. I hope the FA doesn’t punish him retroactively. They should understand that the foul was on Barton so extenuating circumstances.


I swear, Essien has made his reputation with some Gooners on the back of one screamer scored against us years ago. Hell, even Rosicky has done that–once. Essien is a tad overrated and hasn’t had a good season in a couple of years. Song is pretty darn good!

And Barton is a cunt.


We have a world class finisher, we just lack someone who can give RvP the final ball.


On today’s performance we are in big trouble. Rosicky is crap, slo’ws the play down way to much. did you see how frustrated Van Persie was waiting for a through ball about 20 times and no one would do it. God we are in big trouble.
All the play and no goals, sound familiar. No player maker .

Help us


And did you see how frustrated AA 23 was when he finally put in that through ball only for the skipper to mis control? Dont pick favourites, we weren’t good offensively just as we weren’t in the second part of last season.


Spot on…..Today our finishing was so much more bad than the final pass,,,,,,And defence was solid……..

Charlie boy

Time to get off wengers back


Like the board has for the last 6 years?


Arsenal gave us exactly what i expected ,nothing more nothing less. There was no Cesc no Nasri, so we were shit at creating anything. Persie barely got a shot. Vermaelen was back so the defence looked like it did season before last – Good but not quite solid. It was nice to see Rosicky run at their defense, now he owes us 10 goals. Barton is twitching cunt muscle! He is only more moronic than who ever gave him that hair cut. Keep the faith ya gooners!


Not having a go its just I think we need to articulate grievances better. Starting that Wenger doesn’t tell us what is going on in transferable is just naive. When did any manager state who the targets were prior to getting them? Other than the two Spanish club who seem to be given a free pass from meeting regulatory rules. Personally I am as annoyed as everyone else that we havent done our business in thecmarket yet. But let not criticise the manager for playing his cards close when its the logical thing to do…


Granted, but there’s 17 days left to sort whatever business out with two of our best players about to leave.

I guess it’s just frustrating that we’re at this point.

And no offence taken by the way. This is what this site’s about.


Cesc and nasri are good buy they are not irreplaceable and they are NOT bigger then the arsenal! They don’t deserve to wear the shirt, nasri is a greedy garlic eating cunt of the highest caliber and cesc is a muppet, who’s he gonna replace in that barca side? Iniesta? Xavi? You have more change of Gary glitter watching gymnastics without getting a hard on! Both should be replaced right now, no waiting about! This is arsenal and players should be brought in now and them two should go or rot in the reserves! As for out defence its still… Read more »


We beat United last season without TV5. They are far from invincible. And farther from “The Invincibles.” Let’s not over-doom it at this early stage with over two weeks remaining in August.

Savage is a Dave

Really, to excuse our malaise in the buying of players as “well we have 2 weeks left” is simply daft. We play Udinese, Liverpool and the Mancs over a short period and we shouldn’t have to rely on buying players at 11:59 pm on the 31st August, really we shouldn’t. Players need time to bed in, and we need players.


joey barton deserves to get sent off for laying his filthy hands on Gervinho!


Good but not solid? Unfortunately the defense couldn’t make Newcastle have a negative number of shots on goal, so shame on arsenal for giving up zero


Oh just fuck of Wenger, sick of the evasiveness drivel year in year out. It’s pathetic. Just buy some fucking players for goodness fucking wanking cunting sakes man.


We were average today and Wenger is not stupid, there will be deals in the pipeline. He will never be honest about transfers because Citeh and Chavski are waiting to pounce. Truth is today highlighted some failings, showed progress in defence and tragically showed that we will never get a fair deal at SJP. No red for Barton was criminal (as was the Song stamp incidentally), but even more was the treatment of Gervinho – fouled for a pen, throttled for going down and sent off for touching a twat’s face. The ultimate kick in the balls will be that… Read more »


I agree, I’m sure there are more signings on the way. We have to crush Udinese so that the prospective incomers are reasonably sure that we will be playing in the Champs League.

We have to play better against Udinese. Hopefully Wilshere will be back in the side to replace Rosicky or Ramsey. Udinese are going to give us a lot of possession; we must make the most of it.


I think we can say that once upon a time wenger wasn’t stupid. Now it’s closer to a 50/50 proposition.

And if there are deals in the pipeline that’s down to crappy management by wenger. He’s known forever that these two were going and to not have their replacements in the shop is down to him and him alone.

Now i know why wengers signing these young strikers. After today’s performance wenger knows he has no chance of signing rvp.


Dude, every team is limited to a 25 man squad. You can’t just buy players til your heart’s content. Players have to leave before others can come in. And to be honest a week ago it didn’t look like Barca were going to put up the money for Cesc, and Nasri looked like staying too. Now thats changed we will have space to sign players because before there was no room. That’s why Wenger is constantly saying “We have a big squad/our squad is full”. If you actually LISTEN to the man, what he’s saying is his hands are tied… Read more »


His hands are tied because he’s signed three teenagers, who’ve never played above league one and are now in the squad. Anyone think those three are going to contribute anything? That type of squad management is laughable and you defending it even more laughable.


What a thoroughly depressing and uneventful match. We resembled and are increasingly resembling a typical Wenger press conference. Turgid, inartful, and dull.


I thought the defense played well today against an admittedly poor Newcastle offense. The back four were all quite good and Song won a lot of balls in the midfield. Rosicky is no replacement for our former captain or Nasri; we should have got rid of him months just like Eduardo. Ramsey, Wilshere, and Oxcart Chamberpot are the future not the present. We’re going to have to grind out results against the top teams. Unless Wenger makes a significant creative signing, it’s going to be a low scoring year. Also, anyone but Djourou on the ball on that breakaway during… Read more »


Our bench tonight did not reflect a big squad of super quality, sad to say.


That bench was absolutely pathetic wasn’t it.


Today’s performance in defence repeated what we saw preseason – our first choice back 4 were solid and WS13 was hardly troubled. If TV or LK get injured then we may be in trouble but do we seriously want to spend ££££ on a backup and would the likes of Samba WANT to come to THOF to warm the bench? Somebody said we should have already got rid of our deadwood – but for that to happen somebody needs to want them!!! I am sure Almunia wil be gone if we get an offer. And I see Gervinho has converted… Read more »


I think Samba wouldn’t mind warming the bench; anything to get out of Blackburn! Cahill scored a great goal today.

We’re going to play a lot of games this year. To have three very good center backs and two ok subs is reasonable. Man Utd have four of the best CBs in the Premier League and I don’t think Smalling and Jones are going to be complaining.


” If TV or LK get injured then we may be in trouble but do we seriously want to spend ££££ on a backup and would the likes of Samba WANT to come to THOF to warm the bench?” I think our ambition should be to get quality in who will challenge for a place in the team. We also need targets with willing sellers. Samba wants to come, but Blackburn don’t want to sell him after losing Jones. That’s that then. Cahill, who knows. He scored a goal today, but we wouldn’t buy him for his 20 yard swerving… Read more »


My thought watching gervinho was that he’s only been here 4 weeks and already he’s been infected with pass first.


Have any of you who wanted Barton on a free reconsidered? Things are bad at Arsenal, but never that bad. We don’t need scum like him at the club.


And what do you guys think of the Tevez for Nasri? I think that would be ridiculous. Exchanging one wantaway player for one really wantaway player.

Tevez is dumb though; maybe we could put “gentina” over the “senal” in Arsenal all over the stadium and he’d think he was back home?


Regarding tevez, we wouldn’t/couldn’t / shouldn’t give him anywhere near the wage he is currently on. I don’t know why bullshit stories like this are even printed (I would love to be proved wrong). I think people need to get off wenger’s back, Arseblog is right, he’s dealing with millions of pounds. It’s attention to detail like this why we have a new stadium, not in crazy dept (apart from the reasonable stadium costs) have a top 4 team playing real football. Wenger is an intelligent man, why should he share his transfer details with us when it would fuck… Read more »


Where’s the trophy for moral righteousness handed out?


People will get off wengers back when he starts addressing the problems. As long as he doesn’t address them he’ll get all the stick he rightly deserves.


I read that rumor and it’s not supposed to be a straight swap. Apparently, Arsenal are willing to give Nasri + ~10 million for Tevez. That would be awesome business.

As for Tevez’s supposed desire to return home, meh. I could just as easily understand those stories as a cover for “fuck me, Manchester is a shit place to live!” I think that’s possible.



Disparate Dan

1st game. No need to piss pants yet. I thought we looked solid enough against a team of big lumps. Rosicky not the answer though. Arshavin worth a try in that position.


Agreed, Dan. With all the commiseration over the summer, the team showed a lot of heart. Not enough skill though…

It’s the next four games that will be really key. Udinese will give us lots of possession because we are playing at home. Our fans have to create a threatening atmosphere and the team HAS to create chances. Set pieces if that’s what it takes. We need at least 2-0 not only to progress, but also to convince Mata, Cahill, or whoever to join us.


“We request top quality and we are not scared to spend money” So where are the top quality!!!?? The recent signings, except Gervinho who proved himself stupid, is kids with promise but not the quality to improve the team. “Super quality” up my arse. Stop the fucking bullshit and tell us the truth. There is no money!


There’s plenty of money. He just wants to do it his way. Buy kids he can develop and win. Didn’t work out well the first time but he’s going to try again. Give us a call in two years.


Gervinho’s not stupid, he’s just never met a cunt as big as Barton.

The BearMan

Pardew set the same trap and the Arsenal men (Man) got caught again. It’s cheating, but we have to maintain our discipline.

Ramsey is not ready for the Fabergas role YET! He has to practice vision, loose his makers and perfect crossing.


It never ceases to amaze me how many “fans” are so naive about the business of buying players. If it’s in the Sun that we are trying to sign Emile Heskey they think it has some kind of credibility! When did Arsenal ever do business in the red tops!? Your posts are moronic. Let’s all play you our strengths…… Let the board and the manager run the club and you can run around your padded cells!

Disparate Dan

Without Fab the collective might realise they all have to step up. Having TV5 back will help with that. Arshavin looked hungrier than for a while and has all the ability needed. Make or break season for Theo. Kos WILL develop a good partnership with TV5.


I noticed that about Arshavin as well. I think if this is the team we go into September with, then Arshavin should play in the hole–more like his preferred position–and Rosicky or Ramsey should warm the bench.


This may be over optimistic. Perhaps the boss is trying to finalize incoming players before sending the final email to Barca and Man city.


We lacked directness and far too many players are looking to walk the ball into the box then fall over an opponent’s leg for a penalty. How about we start shooting from range at least once in every 3 or 4 times we hit the final third? That will force teams to come out more to try and close down that threat rather than just building two banks of players and wait for us to try and find a way through it.


Good point Argonaut. Personnel is only part of the problem. We still have the lack of a plan B and the lack of work ethic to deal with. Wenger is never going to tackle those problems. I have had enough of him.


Spot on Moore, it is a fuck off to the fans, and he’s been doing it for many years now!! As far as I’m concerned you can fuck off Mr Wenger!


Top 6 if we are lucky. Can’t wait till we play Man U and get spanked like we deserve. Wenger you ain’t got a fuckin scooby, now fuck off.


Why would you want to get spanked by anyone, let alone Man United? I just don’t understand some people.


I still say u all need to look outside the box. What wud u all b crying about if Arsenal were millions in debt and no new stadium etc etc etc. I personally wud hate to c them in a Utd etc etc situ where their annual figures are in the red. Like the worlds financial situ is “dodgy” in the banking worlds etc etc. God knows where these clubs will be wen they reach their bottleneck. Arsenal will then come to the fore……..patience. This was written while under the influence of alcohol but opinion will still say the same… Read more »


I agree, there are many clubs that look to us as the model to emulate. We should be proud of over-achieving with limited resources compared to the faceless billionaires that are ruining football. So we haven’t won a trophy for a few years, fuck me, we’ve been through worse times than this before. Fans are so reactionary and fickle these days. I agree it’s frustrating when we came so close and imploded, but get some perspective for fucks sake you doomers. What are you going to do if we finish 6th? Support Chelsea? Exactly… just get behind the club and… Read more »

Bring Back Brady

Limited resources my arse! The club is the second highest earner in the EPL and the fifth highest in the world. In financial terms it is in a special league of 5 ‘superpowers’: Man Utd, Real Madrid, Barcelona, and Bayern Munich. Now, if you want, go compare the trophy haul of these four with that of AFC over the past 6 years. Puts AW’s ‘achievement’ into perspective …


As long as Chezz doesn’t get caught in no mans land, OK. From the look of today, I don’t know where the goals are going to come from. And am I the only one sickened by all the Arsenal players buddying up to that Gestapo-looking creep Barton after the match? What the fuck??


@Truegooner: “anyone but Djourou on the break at the end and we’d have scored”. I think Djourou actually got the ball back and stormed forward passed at least two Newcastle players. He had a very bad spell recently and needs to improve but he’s for sure not the reason why we didn’t score today. Plus, it was the first time since 2004 that he actually played as a midfielder! (Reserve’s game at barnet!!). I truly believe he is good enough to be in the 4 CB we have unlike Squilacci who was last year’s super quality!! If we buy one… Read more »


Hey swiss,
All I’m saying is that he thoroughly cocked up that pass. If an actual midfielder had the ball then, or even Vermaelen, he would have passed it out properly. I’m not blaming Djourou for the loss by any means.


I don’t understand the reluctance to say what’s happening on the nasri (the cunt) and cesc front. The whole world knows they want to leave, we are in talks with clubs on their move so where do we get off saying we are in no man’s land? This shit has dragged on all summer, can’t we just freaking draw the line under it and move on already? Damn!!!
Am I reading those comments from AW right? No outgoing players then no inccomings?


@Bring back brady – may be bringing in big money recently but that’s thanks to a big new stadium. The same stadium that then needed that same money to go out again servicing the loans. Wakey wakey. In terms of transfer funds we are only just getting to a point where we can compete with other clubs that spend their own money (rather than their sugar daddy’s).


Why don’t we spend our sugar daddy’s? Just wondering, if every other big team does it, and we know that they won’t get penalized (Platini is not going to keep out Real, Barca, Chelsea, Man Utd. from the Champs League), why not spend a little of Alisher and Stan’s money?

We don’t have to go on a spree, but if it’s a matter of a few more million pounds, why not? Inter is in huge debt, but they still beat us out for Alvarez. Why is that?


Is Barton turning into Morrissey?

Wes Johnston

Really pleased with the keeping and the defence today. Well done boys.

As for midfield and attack… All I have to say is that we’d have beaten Newcastle in any given season on the first day. We just don’t have the quality.

We’re as good as Everton now. Sorry to say. We’ll be lucky to get a Europa spot this year. You laugh, but do you honestly think Liverpool fans expected to finish 6th last season? No. And we have a worse squad now than they did last season.


Why is everyone banging on about how good out defence was?? It’s because it was facing a shit Newcastle attack!! Wait till we come up against a decent side. As I have said before, the Cesc and nasri situation was inevitable so why not get sorted at start of season in order to find sufficient replacements rather than wait and leave us weaker than last season??!! Can’t fathom this shit, what a joke.


Our defence looked committed and Sczc was commanding. Newcastle scored 5 goals against us last year, so it is an improvement. I refuse to admit that yesterday’s performance was wholly negative.

Arsenal Bystander

Jesus Gervinho should have played smarter, knowing Barton he should have insult him and got punched instead. Red card for them and more chances for us! Poor play! That said he does look lively!


Gervinho dived. Let’s not kid ourselves here. We should not condone or turn a blind eye to that at our club.

Do we want players who dive any more than we want snot-flickers like Barton? I really don’t know. What I also don’t know is who, in this team, would have grabbed and hauled up a box diver for us like Barton did Gervinho? Paddy, Keown would have. Maybe RVP? We are still missing an in-your-face fighter.

Jackaz: more Eraserhead than Morrissey for me 🙂

rectum spectrum

TomC i’m shocked! Too many ales my friend?! 🙂

There was solid contact and he went down, it definately wasn’t a dive!

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