Friday, January 27, 2023

Oxlade-Chamberlain having Arsenal medical

It is being widely reported that Southampton winger Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain is currently undergoing a medical at Arsenal ahead of a deal to bring him to the club.

He’s been linked consistently with the Gunners for some time now and speculation increased this week that a deal was close. The 17 year old played 27 times for Southampton last season, scoring 9 goals.

Quite where the youngster fits in to the current Arsenal squad remains to be seen. Arsenal have a large collection of wide forwards and it’s hard to see if his immediate future will be at the Grove or if he’ll go out on loan for the season.

Many fans will be wondering why Arsene Wenger is set to spend the guts of £10m on a 17 year old winger having not yet bought a centre-half, but Arseblog News, whilst also confused and slightly bewildered, would encourge people to take the signing on its own merits.

This means ‘Can’t believe he’s bought a 17 year old winger and not a centre-half, the cunt’ comments are entirely unnecessary for this particular discussion. Thank you!

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Can’t believe he’s bought a 17 year old winger and not a centre-half, the cunt

morgan mcdonagh

ur such a legend…….criticise from the platform of achievement good man.


Nice one


Totally gobsmacked. Why not spend this money on a decent (center)back?


Can’t believe he’s bought a 17 year old winger and not a centre-half, the cunt


Anyways…..”Nice one” to you too


Damn. Not quick enough, I’m stil fuckin hilarious though.


I laughed. 🙂

Alan Wright

I can’t wait to see him play, I loved that “can everybody stop getting shot” song.



Maybe Theo (when fit) will be finally put down the middle this season then.


And leave rvp and gervinho on the bench. Ya that makes alot of sense.


When RVP gets injured, we need decent back-up, and Walcott is that. Gervinho seems to be more of a wing player than a central striker.


It won’t matter where you play Theo he’s just not good enough

A gooner

dmcle and derp, whatever Wenger may or may not be, he is not a c**t.

Fed up of Barca

Exactly, overly harsh.

He’s just a stubborn old douche bag


Piss off…..You don’t know what happens behind the scenes and you comment based on what’s the media is feeding you……The riots in London is an “example” where insecure wants(confusion) of the rioters is directly proportional to the sensationalized and materialized sh*t media feeds them and the comfort level increases making them to work less and expect more………
P.S. Only geniuses will understand what i said.So don’t tell me what i said was confusing and off the mark.

someone who can read

did you actually read the article or just turn up to jump on the ‘i hate wenger’ bandwagon?

someone else that can read

hahah the humour was obviously lost on you…..


One assumes the medical is to ensure his Achilles are made of tissue paper and that rumours of the ox being over 5’4/11 stone are merely scurrilous.


Good work, now lets sign a centre back.

Cahill please.

Dave Gooner

“Cahill please?” Don’t you mean “Cahill? Please. No.”?

He’s not good enough.


Wasted…10 million.
Surely he couldve spent that money elsewhere!


Wenger’s not a cunt but he’s more cunty than he used to be.


Phill Collins is a cunt


Can I just add that Paul Scholes is most definitely a cunt?

Thank you.


JT… King Cunt


yes its true, I am a cunt


lol JT


There he goes buying kids again, the… oops


I read this five minutes ago and I’m still laughing my arse off. Pure fucking comedy mate


Oh i really hope this isnt the transfer news we were supposed to hear this week…


One of Arsene’s versatile wonders? Hope he’s good at defending.


I don’t mean on his own and you know that too! But I personally want to see Theo play down the middle.


The points is that this signing is pointless.
Did we really need to spend that much money on ANOTHER winger…
Surely the same money could be used in a deal to bring in the ”super quality” players wenger is supposedly looking for…


He may turn out to be the next Dennis Bergkamp. Would you still say we should have turned him down?

Nobody knows how much we have to spend, so I can’t understand why people get so arsey about how much a player costs. Let the Arsenal accountants deal with that one.


Perhaps he can play centre half


Great success. Now we can make an entire team out of young wingers…

Christopher Flanagan

I think it’s worth remembering this: signing Chamberlain and signing a centre back are not mutually exclusive. Hopefullly there are further additions to come this week.

Azim Ali

Good signing. Center half and a left back now before the deadline.


When Wenger makes this signing he’ll be moaned at for buying kids and not addressing the centre of our defence. Then again, if he doesn’t and Liverpool/Chelsea/Manure buy him, then Wenger is useless and has missed out on another quality prospect.

So you’ll call him a cunt until he wins a trophy, then he’s god again!!

Alex Fisher

I’m still for Wenger to be in charge but the fact is that he’s not prioritising the areas in which we need to strengthen. While I won’t moan at all about a fine young prospect joining the ranks, he’s one for the future and right now Arsenal needs someone proven. What worries me is that we focussed the first part of this window on signing Gervinho, who I’m glad we signed, but then why did it take so long to put in a £10m offer for Jagielka? And what about def mid and left back, as these are also areas… Read more »

Alex Fisher

and it’s not just because we desperately need a CB, it’s also so they have time to bed in and forge an understanding with the others – all the more crucial given the teams we face at the start of the season.


Perhaps Nasrisleftfoot can play centre half


Grow up.


You might think he’s a cunt, but he’s our cunt.


This kid’s a decent player.Wenger’s still a cunt though.


It’s only £5m up front according to the Guardian.
Which means there should be more than enough to buy a centre back


I wonder if this was timed to deflect criticism of Gadzidis tonight.


why would you wonder?


Well summarised Paul. The Centre half will be bought for sure and quite soon as well. At that time, I dont think many fans on here will take back their words about AW but thats what some modern fans have become. Sans perspective and sans gratitiude.


Next on the to do list.

Scott ‘Super Quality’ Dann!!

Marcus Pea

Wicked. Another young boy with zero premiership / winning experience – and unless AW buys another CB or 2, he will never know about winning.

Arsene Wenger is an anagram of facepalm. And cunt.


You either don’t know what an anagram is, or you don’t know how to spell.


Well actually from the early 1900’s to 2005 he won a lot of trophies so I think he is very familiar about winning.


The early 1900’s?

“Are you Herbert Chapman in disguise..?”


gunner73 spot on his our cunt 🙂 we are lacking in directness in out attacks so hopefully this las can add that to our play. Miyiachi hopefully will get his permit but it’s looking doubtfully now some talant breaking through again exciting days! Now a centre half signing and we should be gold

Merson's Mojo

Can’t believe he’s bought a 17 year old winger and not a centre-half, the cunt


Why in gods name do we need other winger? What was the point in sighing spam head? I think we need to double bluff Wenger so he buys a Cb, if we all start calling for a forward he might think about signing a Cb.

On another note, did anybody see that the looters smashed up the spurs shop. I have to say what they were doing was wrong, but there was a ray of sunshine there to.


I bet it was Levy and ‘arry. It was the only way they could get rid of all that junk in there!


The ray of light thing…….You spoke my words……:)


This must the “Super Quality” signing he was referring to last week. An unproven 17 old winger from Southhampton. Ignorance is bliss!

North London is my home!!!
Wide men : Asharvin, Walcott, Nasri, Gervinho, Rosiky, And more…
Centrebacks: Vermalen ( all the rest aren’t good enough)

George Coolstar

Ok, I’ll judge it on merit and in light of what we need. Merit: He won’t help us at the moment and will cost 10m. We already have enough wingers, and he’ll just add to the congestion, so won’t play first team football, or will just increase the wage budget. Great, he’ll be good in the future when we’re out of the top 4. What we need: We need a cb, we need a good cb, we need an experienced cb. We don’t fucking need a young winger that won’t organise our shambles of a defence. Wenger won’t sign a… Read more »


this is a joke if he thinks this will reassure the fans he must be smoking crack or injecting skag he really is losing it i dont care how good he will be in 5 years time etc or how fast he is its not a position we need players in and if sends him out on loan after spending 10 mill or whatever the price what a waste of money SIGN A FUCKING CENTRAL DEFENDER U FRENCH ****


What do you think?


You do make me laugh, Sagnawig.

You are such a dipstick!! LOL!

Mick Mahoney

Very good you lot. Very good.


would much rather hear that campbell is having a medical etc but doubt it now this kid is joining wenger will be called a pedo even more now how many kids has he signed now this summer?


Jesus, give it a fucking break.


Dude…..Oxalade is 5 times better now(3 years younger) than that Campbell……


Too all fans who think we have paid 10 million pounds. We have paid 5 and the fee may/ will rise to 10 in 2-3 years depending on appearances, games played and Senior National team call ups.


I’m pleased we signed him. Yes, we need a CB, but any player that is quick, can score goals and give us more cutting edge can only be a good thing. Who would you rather play on the right? Eboue? Perma-crocked Theo?


so you would have this squad now minus cesc and 40 milion in the pockets of the board members and wenger, another 17 year old inexperienced player who possibly wont even get in the first team squad, may go out on loan for a season or two ? and super quality squilacci, also clown eboue is one of wengers favourite players so will probably stay which you will enjoy in arsene we trust pussy.


That’s not what I am saying. Yes, we need to replace Nasri and Cesc and buy a CB etc. I have no doubt we are trying to buy those players. I very much want our useless shite offloaded and replaced with far better players. As well as buying for our first team, we are always on the lookout to add to the academy. That is also part of Arsenal as a business. We will always sign talented young players as buying them now makes sense before they get too expensive. As for the line about “in arsene we trust pussy”,… Read more »


I don’t think anyone would be annoyed about this “waste of 10mil” occured AFTER we signed I defender. But in Arsenal’s current situation it’s kind of a WTF moment. But I’m still in Arsene’s corner, we still have time and I really do think we’ll bring in another defender. Arsene said it before the Debacle(Emirates) Cup; “We try very hard..errr.. we will sign one more defender at least.. and eeeerrrm.. we are very active behind the scenes..” With this comment and our “attempt” to sign Jagielka, you have to assume there is one on the way. I hope something is… Read more »


Exactly! We have added pace to our forward 3 which was a big missing link in the past couple of seasons…Gervinho, Walcott, Ryo, Chamberlain are proper wide players not AMC playing wide and playing 1-2’s and coming inside all the time! The timing definitely sucks however! CB should have been the priority…this deal could have been done and announced later…it is not like the kid is going to play anytime soon. This will not help Gazidis in any shape or form, just get people more irate. Good young players are always welcome, but given we have a defence made of… Read more »


we need to sign a defender asap not 17 year old babys ffs injuries happening already etc we need to keep squillacci away from the first team and away from the bench just let him rot in the reserves then rotate between verm,kozzer new centre back and djorou clown and possibly have miquel etc as back up for cc or fa cup who cares about why we have signe him its the fact hes more than willing to spend cash on a 17 year old uknown inexperienced kid but as soon as you mention either premier league quality or somebody… Read more »


One comma. I’m speechless. That is all.


L, o, fuckin-l


Someone on twitter said it the best: “Saying we aren’t looking for a CB because we signed Chamberlain is like saying you won’t buy dinner because you just got a haircut.”


Haha @Plev GOLD! And accurate. If we’ve had a bid for Jags turned down, we are more than likely going to be negotiating with a number of clubs for our CB targets.

Seems Gooners are getting more twitcy than a North London protester.

I’ll write the season off next May.


Hopefully this wasn’t the great injection of talent that Wenger hinted might be announced this week but still a good signing. He’s a good player and it shows Wenger is willing to spend money; perhaps the lack of signings in essential areas thus far is caused by problems that are out of his control!

Andrew Jones

1) This is the price of a good young player these days (£5m rising to possible £12m
2) Its not his fault he is not a centre back.
3) If he goes on to become the next Arsenal legend, £12m is a snip
4) If someone else got him and he became the next United legend, we would moan
5) Still time for a super quality centre back!


Especially if Everton got him.


Also, I love how untill about 5 minutes ago wikipedia said he was related to the appeasing Prime Minister of the second world war (needless to say the similarity of names is nothing but a coincidence)


Were gonna end up 6th, below Spurs!!!


Go support them then

someone else that can read

don’t swear on this forum Zak!!! Its not big and its not clever…..below spurs indeed!!


Smart bit of business, Utd and Pool wanted him, so if we didn’t do it now then we would miss out. Still need to do more business, but at least it shows we can spend. Happy Days.

North London is my home

We still have fab and nasri so I’m still happy.


I read an article that the big German Unit Mertesacker (?) is open to a move to the Premier League, his club is prepared to let him go and in last year of contract. We need him, but must sign him before the other prick clubs find out and hijack the move. I hope Arsene is reading. SIGN HIM NOW!!!


Agreed. We should sign Mertesacker immediately. Forget the medical. Don’t care if he’s got some small injury. Sign him up. Having said that, I think it’s a little ambitious to think we can sign him “before other prick clubs find out”. I think these “other prick clubs” may be able to read articles on the net as well as you, Needham!


That’s great news. Now that’s one extra winger on the right side which we don’t need, and when Glen Campbell arrives tomorrow, we’ll have another winger on the left side who we don’t need. I think Arsene is trying to create the first ever central defense made entirely up of wingerz.


agree mate vela is a winger as well he is shit and wont play as usual and wil end up going out on loan, whats the point in filling the squad up with young wingers etc no actual goalscorers except rvp in the squad even more inexperience especially if nasri and cesc leave the defence should have been sorted out 6 years ago but we have to put up with the alzheimers suffering french clown he has to be sacked , dont let him leave us in this mess ffs


I take it you mean Joel Campbell. His imminent move was actually called off until he had finished playing for the Costa Rican U20s. Talk of him arriving again is for the moment just rumours. Even if we did sign Joel it wouldnt be a bad thing, at that price he could potentially play as a CF. But thats besides the point, buying quality young players certainly makes us a better side, if Oxlaide is bought instead of a CB then we have the right to be extremely irritated, but I cant understand what is so difficult for some Arsenal… Read more »

North London is my home

Don’t you guys think if there was the opportunity to bring a quality CB to Arsenal wenger would of done it already. Why wouldnt he? What possible reason?


alzheimers he is told something then forgets about it he doesn’t know where he is 6years have passed and he still thinks arsenal are going to win the title


Oh shut up, Sagnawig. If all you can do is spout unsubstantiated personal abuse, then you have lost the argument. Alzheimers? Pedo? Are you a Spurs fan trying to wind us all up?


By the “english”, i can say that he is a angry brother from Africa.


*a =*an

Alex Fisher

I agree that if a great choice was available he would have snapped him up. He tried at the beginning of the window with Phil Jones (although he is only 19 and not the 100% proven player we need). However, even if the top draw CB isn’t available, a CB that’s better than most of what we have IS (Jagielka is one example) and more could have been done earlier to try and strengthen our biggest weakness, instead of leaving it till one week before the season starts. The situation is such that he has to bring someone in even… Read more »


Forgot to say: now, imagine Walcott at 21(?) taking on the role as Chambles’ (17) father figure. This is the Arsenal I love!

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