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Wenger hints at Cesc return

Arsene Wenger has reflected again on the loss of Cesc Fabregas following the Spaniard’s return to Barcelona and hinted that the midfielder could one day return to North London in a playing capacity.

Grateful for the 24-year-old’s contribution to life at Highbury and the Emirates, the Frenchman told Arsenal Player:

“We are thankful for the joy he has brought to us over eight years.

“It was a pleasure for the club to work with him.  Maybe it will happen again, he left at a very young age.

“Unfortunately, we didn’t want to do it. I repeat that it was not a question of money because if he had wanted to stay, no matter what the price, we would have said ‘no’.

“It happened because we gave in to his desire his home club. It was difficult for him to resist as well.”

Fabregas isn’t the only player to leave the club on a permanent basis this week. Emmanuel Eboue’s switch to Turkish side Galatasaray ended his six year rollercoaster spell with the Gunners. Something of a harlequin in the Emirates dressing-room, a target for frustrated fans on the pitch and cult hero off it, the Ivorian’s antics never failed to spark a reaction.

Wishing his former charge all the best on his Bosphorus adventure, Wenger continued:

“He was a player and a character. He remains a player and a character. He’s a lively boy with a very positive, extrovert attitude and of course we wish him well. Hopefully it will all go well for him.”

In a week which could still see Samir Nasri follow in Gael Clichy’s footsteps to Manchester City, and with several underperforming players sent out on loan, Wenger did make clear that the club would always big bigger than any individual. In a rallying call to both supporters and players he concluded:

“Of course [we move on]. This club is 125 years old and life goes on. We want the club to go on at the top level and we want to be faithful to its strength and that is to be brave, to fight and to give absolutely everything in every game. That is what we want to achieve.”

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The cynic in me just sees this as a bit of platitude for the fans.

But then again the cynic in me has always been a bit of a twat.


Yes. Fabregas will be missed. How about this new idea? We buy a player and try not to drop out of the top 4.


Maybe he’ll come and watch a match, it’s highly unlikely he’ll back and play for us again.


It’s hard to really care what Wenger says at the mo. He’s like some strange life coach guru talking about focus and mental strength, contradicting himself all the time. Next he’ll be saying Pat Rice is like a new signing because he’s had a hip replacement!
Wenger’s still got my support but it’s hard to trust someone who behaves like this, if he fails to strengthen this summer having let Cesc and Nasri go, I think his position with the fans will be untenable.

Aussie gooner

I think our beloved French professor has lost the plot !! Only time will tell?

Stepanovs is my Dad...

Eboue. He be crazy.



i dont think cesc will ever play for us again, he’s home now! all this 50% sell on clause and buy back for the same as we sold him, lets face it them fuck ridden donkey cock swollowing puss sucking spanish cunts will never sell him.


its true =/ i cant see him being sold anytime soon


I’d really like a new signing


Nasri is a cunt


The same was said about Brady……..and he went to West Ham.


Cesc could come back towards the end of his career to fufil his ambition to win trophies as Arsenal Captain.

He has been a great servant to Arsenal & all true Arsenal fans I know wish him the best for the future. He will be sorely missed.

Arsenal are bigger than individuals & life goes on, just need the club to sign players that can attempt to fill the gaping chasm left by his departure.


Fabregas will be back.Believe me.

indian gooner

That is like a new signing for the future. Seriously AW has become more and more deluded by the day.Unless he buys quality replacements soon well be out of top 4 and AW will be out of the emirates.the fans are losing patience and if people like Dein keep telling us to back AW we have only one answer.We have backed him for so long.We need some radical changes in the quality of the squad.up the arsenal


Please treat this as therapy for me feel free to cunt me off etc but unless I do this I’m gonna explode on a joey Barton scale, I’m normally a happy soul beautiful wife great kids job that I feel guilty in taking the money as it’s to easy etc life is good.. Apart from fucking arsenal. Never before have I felt so low regards our team even during the eighties when we were shit. The expectation then was low so apart from the odd fa cup we never expected much, then came George the world hated us but we… Read more »


No way back for me.


He’s not bought anyone because, he’s looking to buy only Frenchies. He always bring in at least one French/African French a season.

Unlike previous French buys however, recent imports have been average. Cahill, Dann, Jageilka and others are not coming. I can see him buyinging two Frenchies not better than Chamakh.


As an Arsene Knows person I am now fonding it almost impossible to defend the great man…..why…well (A) I cannot find one excuse for the lack of quality signings since January…not one! (B) I feel that the Gunners loyalties have been used badly since 2006. (C) I cannot see anything but lower gates from now on, and it started against Udinese…who would have thought that we would not fill the stadium in the Champions League? This is down to Arsene and the board taking the fans for granted and bullshitting them and the press with PR statements. All sad but… Read more »


Don’t buy a central defender! Buy a left back, a decent back-up to Song and a striker. Thats all! Promise. Sure, Liverpool pays obscene money for average back-up players, but why should we pay £17 m + for a forth choice central defender? Yes, Squillachi is utterly crap, but neither Jagielka or Cahill is better than any of our other three CD:s. It’s just a media-spun necessity that we have to invest in an English player that haven’t set foot outside the PL – and essentially lack experience of top-level football. At their age – if they were as good… Read more »

Sean furrow

Your a cunt gunnerpete

Sean furrow

Cunt arsene wenger you cunt

Buchi Onyegbule

Same old, same old. he says everything and says nothing at the same time.
Being an arsenal fan is alot like i envision marriage. Sufferring every minute of it but being unable to pull away from it.

Its difficult to sign quality players? How old does he think arsenal fans are?


going by the interview on barca website, i don’t think he’ll be back, don’t think he wanted to be here last two years by the sound of it. said he was stagnating.


Sorry to say it, but the only time Cesc will play for us again is in the second half of his testimonial.


His comment on a possible cesc return is his justification for not signing a replacement. We must keep his space free you know or it would kill him. Pecker.


Unless he’s going to rejoin us next week I honestly couldn’t give a flying fuck.


someone here is a cunt


We’ll probably end up playing them in the Champs League and he’ll end up repeating the same lines as Thierry did.
That is If he isn’t injured again by January


I’ll miss Eboue like i missed Silvestre after he joined Werder. Only for the loss of Eboue’s Top Three on the Arsecast. A true loss.


The support for the club and for Wenger is being split in two. Not by those who support or don’t support but rather by supporters love of Wenger’s work on the field and their hate of his work off the field.

We all love hidden gems and bargains but he used to buy the Pires’ and Campbell’s of the world. Now he wont even think about them. He puts in low bids and when they get turned down he shrugs his shoulders.

We love Arsene, we hate his transfer policy.

[…] also did raise the notion of Fabregas returning to Arsenal in the future. He […]

Arsenal Bystander

I honestly pray that this happens in the future =/


Cesc will come back to the Emirates.

When we inevitably draw Barcelona in the Champions League this year.


If he can’t break into their team, we could always take him on loan. Therefore Barca “own” him, but he’s with us in the meantime getting better.


Th manager stil fixated on th fab,wat mo th fans.hs image n personalit looms large @ th emirates,mo than henry or th icon rmains bergkamp

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