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Wenger talks Wilshere setback and Nasri exit

It’s safe to say that Arsene Wenger is under pressure as he takes his side to Italy for tomorrow night’s Champions League qualifier with Udinese. Without the departed Cesc Fabregas and Samir Nasri, deprived of Jack Wilshere due to injury, banned from the touchline by UEFA and under the spotlight in the transfer market the Frenchman needs a change in fortune soon. Here’s what he had to say to Arsenal Player about the current state of affairs.

On the Udinese match defining the season…

It’s difficult to say; ideally we want of course to qualify so at the moment we are focused on doing well. We have won the first game without conceding a goal which is quite a good result. We go there to score as we always do.

It is not critical. It is for us an opportunity to qualify for the Champions League group stage. It is a good opportunity.

On team news…

Unfortunately, Wilshere had a setback yesterday in training and that is bad news for us. Added to the players we miss, some through transfers and some through injuries, at the moment the squad is short.

Rosicky is available and in the squad; he had a test this morning. We don’t know how much he will be fit to start but he is at least in the squad. Djourou and Traore are back. Koscielny is out but has a chance to be fit for Sunday.

On the quality of Udinese…

They are quick on the flanks so I think we have to keep them quiet, especially [Mauricio] Isla on the right side who is a provider and in the build up quite good. In midfield of course they had some good players and they have Di Natale up front. We need a good defensive performance, but we have experience in the Champions League and it is a good time to use it tomorrow night.

On Nasri’s departure…

The summer was very difficult because we had Fabregas and Nasri on permanent transfer negotiations and that is draining in the end.

We lost two great players and that is a sad side of the story. At some stage it has to be over because we want to focus on the future.

On keeping Nasri for tomorrow’s game…

You cannot think only about one game in a season. The decision had logic, that is of course business interest. Overall what we want is that we have players who do not play and think they go the next morning. It’s not ideal. We want players who are completely committed to the long-term to defend our chances.

On having the chance to sort Nasri’s exit earlier…

It’s not naive [to think in such a way] but what you forget is that it doesn’t just depend on us. We wanted to sort all these cases out very early at the start of the summer but it wasn’t possible. The pace is not only dictated by us unfortunately.

On replacements for Fabregas and Nasri…

What is at stake at the moment is us qualifying tomorrow; I think we can only do that with the players we have at the moment. They are good enough to achieve that and therefore after that we will see what we can do. After that we’ll see what we can do. We are working very hard on the transfer market.

I bought some great players as well. We have brought in Chamberlain and you will see that he will be a great player. Gervinho as well will be a great player as well for the club. Ideally we want more, we are short on midfield at the moment and that is where we want to strengthen.

On the current environment in which he works…

I believe that it is part of my job. I’m not at all de-stabilised, overall my job is to give my best to do well for my club and that’s what I do. I have belief in the team and the players I have available. This is the best opportunity we have to show that we are good enough to fight for this club.

On the timing of Nasri’s exit upsetting squad focus…

There is always a concern, but never an excuse. You are always concerned about the consequences it can have on the team. It can as well have a positive influence; if you are strong mentally it can increase the solidarity knowing you have to fight more. Ideally that is what you want – mentally strong players.

On being banned from the touchline again…

I think the most important thing is to prepare the team before the game and after that we’ll speak [with UEFA] about all the possible decision we can make during the game. I really don’t know why I have been banned for the first time and naively I still don’t know why I should be banned again for a second time.

On whether he feels more pressure…

I don’t feel more or less. It is exactly the same pressure. I want to win every game for Arsenal football club and the rest of the pressure is created by your environment, but I have enough experience to take a distance from that. I know what I do to be at my best, and that is what I try do.


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Not Critical? You’re having a laugh.

The Wasp

Yeah, sure it would be embarassing having those ‘Thursday Night on Channel 5’ taunts coming back to haunt us… but heh – if it’s shakes the Board and this Manager out of it’s current stupor then surely that’s a good thing?

Chris Thompson

Sorry but i don’t wont 2 be a Arsenal fan any more wish it was 98 again :-/

Chris Thompson

Clichy to Toure, on to Nasri who makes his way past three defenders, on to Adebayor who shoots and scores! #arsenal score, wait, no, City do

Lord Teddy Ears

Lets sign Metal Mickey he can do a job for us and he only needs a spanner to fix him and we have a ton of spanners in the board room

micky readman

so is jack in or out then?????

what the fuck is going on man, im starting to get seriously frustrated now…….

i need t.p for my bunghole……..bunghole.


t.p for my bunghole indead

Uncle Pat's Rice

are you threatening me..too much cappucino


There’s so many slots in Las Vegas, I just don’t know where to begin

micky readman

too right mate!!

Lake Titicaca, Nicaragua!


There’s some fucking Jonah on our backs.


To quote a commentator on a older news story:

“We going to fuck shit up.”

…I still believe this. We are still in pre-season, come September it will be back to kicking ass and taking names.


…and if not, then there is always the Rugby WC to look forward to 🙂

Black Matta

No. Rugby is shit. Fact.

micky readman


not yankey ass!

an ass is a donkey!

micky readman

and ive just broke a fucking mirror…….honest!

it gets worse!


Yeah well my Arsenal flag fell off my wall a few weeks back…and it was hanging there for 2 years. Talk about signs!

micky readman

i knw matey, i hope the 7 years back luckfrom me breaking the mirror is backdated in respect of the gooners!

fingers crossed!


I think winger went in to the house of mirrors and broke the lot. Still we got 8 days left. Like that’s gona help

micky readman

i make you right regards the house of mirrors bud!

think wenger has mirrors on the soles of his feet the last few years!

Martin Woods

He doesn’t sound very optimistic about our chances in Italy.

Stop The Wenger Spin

Wilshere injury 2011/12 = Verminator injury 2010/11 Excuse followed by reassurance followed by fudging it followed by reassurance followed by …………………………. etc etc until early Feb when its finally conceded TOO LATE that our fears were wholly justified I hope I’m wrong Buy Cahill M’Villa move JW forward and buy someone to replace Chamakh / Bendtner £45 million so we have change for Hazard ( maybe even a left back that doesn’t break when you breathe on him ) if we want All this crap about transfer budgets having to include five years wotrth of wages is ridiculous – That… Read more »


Well judging from wenger’s recent comments, I think he’s satisfied with the signings he’s made…so don’t get your hopes up for more.

Johnny Massacre

Yeah and then let’s buy Zidane and Kaka and Ronaldo, and put everyone at left back, and then sign Villa and with the change split that in two and buy Hazard, and let’s play Hazard EVERY GAME because he’s AMAZING and then let’s use all the money to buy Anelka.


Jack is tough as nails, he’ll be ok


“Imagine the worst situation, that we lose Fábregas and Nasri; you cannot convince people that you are ambitious after that.”


micky readman

you listening to talk sport mate, adrian durham just said that!


Not actually listening to talkSport, can’t hack it at the best of times, never mind the stirring Durham would be doing over this. Just remember hearing this quote at end of season and thinking it could come back to haunt us.

micky readman

durham loves to stir the pot matey, he lives for it!

i love talksport, been listening to it since 1999 when it was talk radio and tom watt was on the air!


There is something up which the club are unwilling to own up to. It is truly bizarre. Either there is some black hole which the board need to fill with the current funds, or they are using Arsene as a scapegoat. Whatever it is it is highly undignified for the manager and insulting to the fanbase.

micky readman

defo pal, i have no idea whats going on…..

its a bit crackers imo.


Roma manager has said that Zarate wants out, speculating it will be to Arsenal or Inter


He plays for lazio not Roma

rectum spectrum

and has scored 25 goals in three full seasons and plays as a deeper striker. we need someone who scores 25 goals/season and is a full striker. RVP is our deep lying striker.


Zarate is shit. Next!


David moyes said today that Everton need funds and fast or they can’t compete in the prem. Let’s raid the toffees, badness, fallainie* and chillin. All 3 soft spots covers. 30 million for the lot, sorted. I wish


I’d be happy if Fellaini, Jagielka and Baines joined. But I can’t see Everton selling all of them if they ‘want to compete in the perm.’ They’d be in our position then, lots of cash but no one to fill the boots.


Badness = baines, shit phone


I don’t think Arsene should do interviews with the media anymore. All the things he doesn’t say are as worrying as the things he does.

Waiting and watching to see if we sign anyone this window is a bit like having a cut on the roof of your mouth. You’d like to be able to let things happen in their own time, but you just can’t stop yourself form poking at it.

we needed 4 good players through the spine of our team BEFORE Fabregas and Nasri left.

As Harrison Ford says, “I’ve got a Baaaad feeling about this.”


does anyone else want Hazard… badly ?

because it appears he’s happy at Lille and they don’t want to sell. So no go for less than 26 mill. I don’t think we’ll get him. This saddens me immensely.


Another player that is talented but isn’t fussed about joining us. Wonder why

Willy young

Anyone fancy a game on Sunday who can play midfield it is up north but you get a free shirt! Only 17 years need apply



AW on bench tomorrow. As coach rather than sub. I hope.

Uncle Pat's Rice

he used to play in defence and was shit….



I wonder if ever we will learn the truth behind AW’s reluctance to credibly strengthen the squad? Was it lack of finances, transfer market or transfer negotiation incompetence, a total miscalculation of ability/talent, or blind adherence to ideology? I would really like to know.


No kidding. Now these reports are coming out that Arsene wants to spend but the board wont let him. The problem with that is the board comes out and says we have plenty of money. The only person publically stating we don’t is Arsene.


In a perfect world we qualify tomorrow and then Arsene goes on a shopping spree. Sadly we don’t live in a perfect world.

So my hopes are that we qualify tomorrow and our young kids get more experience.

In response to the Hazard question: Absolutely we all want him. He is like Nasri but more accomplished. He can play up front in a 4-3-3 or in midfield ala Cesc. 20 years old. Sign him to a long term big contract and get on with it.

Kreame of the krop

Why does everything this summer seemed to have been handled in the worst possible manner? Why haven’t we spent any of the cash the board says we supposedly have? What the Fuck is going on at the arsenal? Someone dropped the ball big time this summer. I’m so fucking confused. A.F.C. Arsenal FOOTBALL Club. Definitions (2) 1. In finance, the purchase of a financial product or other item of value with an expectation of favorable future returns. In general terms, investment means the use money in the hope of making more money. Spend some fucking money! After all isn’t all… Read more »

LC gooner

harder for me to read


Knowing our fucking luck Wilshere has a Vermaelen/Rosicky style injury, which will be a perpetual 2 weeks, lasting the rest of the season.

Of course I want us to go through, but there is a cynical, rotten part of me that thinks if we go out, it serves Wenger and the cunting board right, they have created this fucking mess, cunts!


You cannot be a good bloke if you call AW a cunt. That should be reserved for proper cunts like the Neville brothers and Ruud van horsefaced cunt. This is a man that has been the most successful manager ever at the Arsenal. You clearly have no class like a good deal of modern Arsenal so called fans.Even though i can’t stand Liverhoof you would never hear their fans calling club legends cunts, it is beyond the pale. You and many like you are classless and clueless. We may never know what is/has happened with regard to what finances are… Read more »


Well said Graham! A-men to that. I dislike those people more than I do Gary neville nowadays! Sad times as we are all fans of the same club.

“kenny you useless old cunt, why the fuck did you splurge all that money on Jordan Henderson!” you’re right, I can’t see it

Gunner steve

Something feels different with the club. Im a season ticket holder and have been for 15years and was an ardent follower before that and I truly believe somethIng has changed in the dynamics I’ve never felt so low and let down. I am not a negative person and the first to defend my team against any other fans and be optimistic about our ambitions until the last home game of the season and the summer madness. Now I admit we are not a big club any more we have no appeal to any player over 21 and we continually sell… Read more »


I think it’s the Carling Cup final coupled with the Newcastle 4-4 draw at the back end of six years of trophy futility. Like you and most Gooners, I have waited patiently since 2005, thinking that once we got the stadium paid off, we would stable, start competing financially with the big boys, with our superior coaching and style ensuring that we would rule the Premier League. The capitulation at the end of last season had the positive effect of making it clear to Wenger that he absolutely, positively, needed some quality in defense and some more depth up front.… Read more »


*not like we’re gonna abandon the club


So why the fuck was Jack training in the first place? I understand that we are desperate for midfielders, but is our medical staff really that hopeless? And whose fault is it that we have no midfielders anyways?

I cannot stand injuries as a result of trying to bring a player back too early 🙁


here here. And yes, yes, our medical staff is that clueless. I hope they get the common cold and die treating themselves.

It would be hilarious if the negativity on ARSEblog towards the medical staff filters through to the stadium and the fans actually boo Colin Lewin. Journalists, Wenger, the players, no one would have a clue what was going on.


Is Ryo with the team – he’s showing better form than Arshavin?? If not, Wenger is showing that not only does he mess up with delaying in the transfer market but that the right team selection is still a problem for him.

Maybe that’s the way he’s trying to resolve by only having 12 outfiled players incluidng a sub….

On mention of raiding Everton – I’d sooner have Arteta that Jag’s (Cahill being the better option)


Arteta is class but too injury prone


I think we all need to step back and relax a bit. We’re not really in such a bad position as it looks at the moment in my opinion.
I honestly believe that we are only 10 or 11 players short of having a squad good enough to challenge for the title…………… 😛

Lord Teddyears

Love it I can’t stop laughing


I can’t help but feel that the board have decided they want a change of manager, but as they don’t want to payout a wedge of cash to sack him they are trying to paint him into a corner where he has no other option but to quit. I hope i’m wrong but still………….


I really do smell something fishy with all this. I know that plenty of ‘fans’ now like to paint wenger as a doddering idiot losing his mind. I’m pretty comfortable saying that people are welcome to their opinions, but that particular opinion is shit. I increasingly believe that Wenger has his hands tied and out of his loyalty and love for the club is taking this ridiculous amount of flak and playing the fall guy in this shit storm. No matter what you think of wenger, the guy is not an idiot. And certainly not enough of an idiot to… Read more »


I have to agree. I think Arsene playing the fall guy and dying inside. I imagine he knows what he needs and how far off we are from having a team that can actually be called a title contender. I get the feeling that we are biding our time… for what? Im not sure, do we know something about Financial Fair Play that everyone else doesn’t?


Agreed. The shriekers and screamers should ask themselves who has shown most loyalty and commitment to the club over the past fifteen years including rebuffing offers from the likes of Real Madrid?

Clue 1: It’s not a player.
Clue 2: He’s not on the board.


“Dying inside” is not a good response. Being a good company man is cowardice. If he loves the club so much, he should threw the board completely under the bus and use public pressure to get Silent Stan to open his wallet. You might be correct in your hunch that Wenger’s hands are being tied by the board, Allypallygooner. But you nor anyone else knows the truth. We’re all speculating. One of the things that I and many other Gooners are pissed about is the secrecy and lack of direction surrounding Arsenal at the moment. We are feeling doom and… Read more »


Put it another way: the Glazers have heaped massive debt on Utd. and Utd supporters absolutely despise them. Talk about booing…. But have the Glazers ever denied Fergie funds? No. The debt grows but Fergie keeps spending and the team keeps winning. We, on the other hand, are the complete opposite. As of yet, there have been no anti-board protests or public questioning of Kroenke. He might be dead for all we know. Compared to the Glazers, Kroenke is popular with Arsenal fans. But does Wenger have the freedom to spend what he wants? Absolutely not! So what’s going on… Read more »


Actually, I’ll get behind the team. I like what the boys are doing, they are clearly trying their best. It’s not Miquel and Jenkinson’s fault they are 19.

But I refuse to blindly support people who I don’t feel deserve it.


Does anybody else feel completely and utterly let dowm by the board and Arsene? That may seem a daft question but I can’t remember a time the divide between fans and the board has been so obvious.

Whether the insider report was true or not AW’s generic rhetoric irritates me beyond explanation.

As for Stan… He’s so far been outstanding in his impression of a mime. Usmanov’s going on the bacl of my shirt I tell you.


Before you go getting on your high horse Graham and Pallywhatsyourface, I’m not normally in the habit of calling AW (I have a lot of time for the man) a cunt, but the rot is setting in fast and some cunt has to take responsibility. We should have let those pair go on the 1st day of transfer window and used the money to replace them + improve the squad. Instead we are short of players, winless in PL and facing an uphill task of getting in CL. The word cunt in the dictionary, aside from being vulgar slang for… Read more »


Mate, i gotta say i’m impressed you looked up cunt in the dictionary. Quality.


Fair enough fair enough. Agree with most of that. I do find myself ready to jump up on that noble white steed in a heartbeat at the moment. We are all frustrated though!

I’m of the opinion that AW is far too astute to be completely blind to what all of us laymen have known for years. I’m looking above the manger for my cunts at the moment I think.


On a lighter note….who’s up for re-signing Senderos after this performance…?

At least he’s got the measure of that Barton fella.


That was nice


Jack out for the season then, at least when he comes back it will LANS, spend some fucking money.

[…] situation last season. Let’s hope hope hope that isn’t the case. On the bright side, Wenger confirmed that Djourou and Traore are back- yay! Also missing due to injury are Gibbs, Koscielny (although he […]


I have to agree with all those claiming something must be happening behind the scenes to get the club into this mess. They cannot be THAT incompetent can they?

Bizzare statements from Wenger, either he is out of touch or it is a challenge to the board, and the board won.

And why the F does Silent Stan not come out and say something.

Worrying times…

Lord Teddyears

I see a common thread here and the board are the ones we should throw in the pits so come on guys who’s up for some good old medieval torture

Ps Nasri fuck off your fucking retard like Cesc you will keep the fucking bench warm


We are fucked, plain and simple. We will go out tomorrow night, get done in the back door on Sunday and not sign anyone in Aug, no fucker wants to come to us and can you blame them? Not really Arsene, you fuckin train wreck


I’m a bit on the fence to be honest. I must say I understand why people think there’s something going on & why everyone’s so pissed off at the board etc, and I’m in no way saying there’s no truth in it, just offering another angle on it, one that’s mostly down to Wenger. Not that i’m here to slag the boss off in any way, I just think a lot of it is down to what can be seen as a stubbornness, but also as a man trying desperately to stick to his principles. He’s made no secret his… Read more »

rectum spectrum

i’m with yopu part of the way there. what i don’t get is that arsene is just refusing to spend 30m on a player, or 40m on two in one season say. if the money is generated by the club through the normal channels this wouldn’t be copying the sugar daddies. i just don’t think he has that budget, and the wage budget to support signing several of these players. i think the behaviour of a few clubs has affected the ability of all clubs to do business. now all agents want big slices of the action, players get huge… Read more »


“one area wenger is up for critisism is that i feel he gets too attached to his players ” Unfortunately rectum, that is a gigantic problem. We have a host of players who are just not good enough, are on wages which inhibit sales out, and we dither so much on incoming transfers that it would be hard for us to replace these players even if we sold them. For example, why is Bendtner still around? He was rumoured to be leaving weeks and weeks ago. But we’re not selling them. So we have an average team. And many of… Read more »


There is no way that AW is this silly, something is going on in the board room it’s clear for all to see. For people who are writing us off already, I remember this being said for the last few seasons so lets take stock… 1. Were we in the running for the title for most of last season? 2. Did we make the final of a Cup? 3. Did we go out of a Cup to a shitty team or did we exit to the Champions? 4. Did we drop the CL or did we beat the best team… Read more »


At the moment, nothing is clear for all to see at Arsenal. That’s part of the problem. None of us have any idea of what’s going on.


I was confused by #3. Because we did “go out of a Cup” to a shitty team who were also the champions: Birmingham. Remember?


Just midfield area we need to strengthen ?? Taxi to the looney bin for the nutty professor
We are a laughing stock


“Wenger, Gazidis, and Kroenke makes three,
why don’t you spend some fucking money?”

Pretty terrible chant actually; I’m sure you guys can do a lot better?

gooner 4 ever

this is a mess.i hold ivan responsible for this as he is the link between wenger and the board.arsenal could have offered 25£+another 5£ to benzema in the beggining of window.sell bendtner for 10£ and clichy 7 £…get a good PL defender and move on.we still have fab,nasri,RVP,arsha,walcott.we would have players like miyaichi,wilshere,ramsey who add depth.adding a worlclass quality would have been a statement of intent and that would have made fabregas to stay and would have made contract extensions for RVP,walcott and vermaelen that the team is weak their agents will be all over this.frankly i never bothered… Read more »


Wages, wages, wages.

The team needs to get rid of Bendtner and other likely high wage earners such as Rosicky, Almunia and Arshavin (who seems to get worse with every game, at least he tries)

[…] answer which Arsene replied with is Chamberlain and Gervinho. FOR NOW THAT IS. Arsene says that they are working on bringing new players to the club, but the priority should be on tonight’s game. Which does make sense as I reckon […]

Fed up of Barca

Why do I get the feeling Wilshere will be this years Vermaelen, on 2 years agos Rosicky?…..

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