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Silent Stan talks Arsenal…very briefly

Arsenal’s majority shareholder Stan Kroenke has backed Arsene Wenger by stating that the Gunners will only spend money on players deemed value for money.

The American businessman has steadfastly lived up to his nickname ‘Silent Stan’ since completing his takeover at the Emirates in May with fans agitated at his failure to speak on his vision for the club.

However, questioned by the American media in a press conference held by the St Louis Rams, his NFL franchise, Kroenke played down the idea of spending big money on transfers at Arsenal.

“There’s a risk of going backwards if you overreact and start throwing money around in an attempt to solve your problems,” he reflected.

“Unfortunately we saw that with the Rams several years ago. Signing a bunch of free agents wasn’t the answer. It set things back, and it took us a while to dig out of it. Our track record is out there for people to see. If we think there’s good value, we’ll spend.”

It remains to be seen whether Kroenke chooses to address Arsenal shareholders and fans in the coming months, although Arsene Wenger hinted last month that the new owner would become a more familiar personality at the Emirates.

“He is a man who loves sport,” said Wenger. “No matter how rich you are, if you own four different sports clubs it shows you that he is deeply passionate about sport.

“Until now I think he lets people who are responsible inside the club work, which is a credit to him.  On his personal side I don’t know him well enough to speak about him.

“I think you will know him better, he will turn up [to matchs] much more than he has done until now and we will learn to know him.”

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Thanks, Stan. We’ll sleep easy now.

Cash O'Sullivan

Another stale, idle, cheap addition to an aging board who have no interest in trophies, only revenue. Get him out, get Hill-Wood out, get them all out and bring in Usmanov and Dein.


70 year old David Dein will certainly add some youth and freshness to the ‘aging board’.


Cash O'Sullivan

Okay, that certainly doesn’t add youth and freshness, but would the Nasri situation have occurred if Dein was there? Would they have got Mata and Jones when they could? The point is the board and the fans have different definitions of success, the boards being a healthy bank balance, the fans’ being trophies. And Wenger takes all the flak for it (media wise). Something has to change surely?


There’s no reason to suggest Nasri wouldn’t have happened if Dein was there.

When Dein was there we lost Ashley Cole over £5k a week, Edu left on a free, Wiltord left on a free after we spent £13m on him. Absence makes the heart grow fonder and all that.

Who knows re: Mata and Jones? Failing to get players is not a new thing either.

And don’t take this as a defence of the current board but maybe the solution is to look forward for something new rather than backwards just because it feels safe and familiar


arseblog “When Dein was there we lost Ashley Cole over £5k a week, Edu left on a free, Wiltord left on a free after we spent £13m on him. Absence makes the heart grow fonder and all that.” Get your facts straight my friend. In all of those Dein argued against it. But he was overruled by Danny Fiszman who was the controlling shareholder. In fact Arsene and Dein formed one block on the board and Danny the other. Thats where the troubles started between them. If Dein comes back he will have complete control because both our shareholders are… Read more »


So, regardless of his past and history you’d have someone like Usmanov own the club because he happens to live in London? And why does he live in London? Not out of love for Arsenal, that’s for sure. And as for Dein, as I’ve always said, if he wanted to have a say in how Arsenal was run there was a very simple solution and that was not to sell his significant shareholding in the club to a cunt like Usmanov. When people criticise other directors for cashing in it’s amazing Dein gets away scot free having been the very… Read more »


“So, regardless of his past and history you’d have someone like Usmanov own the club because he happens to live in London?” You may not think it is important to be based in the same locality as the club but it is actually vital. Think about it. The match day income represents the majority of the turnover. Sponsorships and TV money is important but the match day income is the life blood of any business. If you cannot be on top of your customers you will lose them. We are in direct competition with Spurs and the only thing that… Read more »


One rule for one, one for another. However you try and dress it up


“One rule for one, one for another. However you try and dress it up”

Not trying to dress it up. Its the truth. Hypocrites will always be considered the lowest of the low.

Rectum Spectrum

do you think there’s no positives to having a man like dein back at the club? not that it would ever happen, but I think our opinions differ on him and I wonder why. of course he left the club very rich, but he was a shareholder and he sold his shares to a man he believed would be good for the club, and he loved the club as much as anyone i believe. you always seem very critical whenever anyone mentions his name and i was wondering if its personal, or i have missed something myself wihich leaves me… Read more »


You really think Usmanov has Arsenal’s best interests at heart?

Talk about selling souls to the devil.


I have to say that there is this ignorant hatred towards Usmanov that I dont quite understand. Just because he resembles Jabba the Hut doesnt mean he’s less likely to do whats right for the club than Stan. From all Ive heard Usmanov say Id gladly have had it been him rather than stan take over. He would not have settled for the current hypocracy levelled at the public week in week out. Im so frustrated with the “go with the flow” attitude of the current leadership at the club!


interesting but it does not tell whether or not usmanov will be a bad decision maker for arsenal, and ultimately that is what matters. to put it bluntly it’s not our concerns. Did usmanov say he was whiter than white? can anybody on this earth claim they are? What’s with the Holier than thou attitude then?


Nothing holier than thou about it, Raio. I just think people should have all the information available to them before they call for this man to take charge of our football club.


The problem with a character like Usmanov who does have a rather dark background is will he actually do whats right for the club or bleed us dry. Look at Birmingham and Carson Yeung the man is facing money laundering charges and Birmingham have started to go down the pan because of it as they need him to keep them afloat. And although it may not happen with Usmanov I guess a club like Arsenal can’t be affiliated with people like that and risk that kind of bad publicity.


Arseblog – Have to admit, I had no idea Usmanov had ever been convicted and imprisoned. Thanks for the source. Disappointing too, as he is highly skilled at promising fans what they want.

Cash O'Sullivan

It’s not so much as I want Usmanov rather I don’t want Kroenke. Look up what he did to (I think) the St. Louis Rams and you’ll see why. He’s more likely to bleed Arsenal dry than Usmanov. However dodgy and insane Usmanov is/appears to be, if Arsenal are to compete with the top clubs financially (because I really can’t see those cunts at Uefa enforcing financial fair play seeing as it’ll damage their beloved Barca and the rest) Usmanov will provide that, not Kroenke.


Yes, but I doubt Roman Abramovich is squeaky clean. Or even Sheikh Mansour, yet Chelsea and City fans aren’t that unhappy. If he (Usmanov) is a cunt, yet comes in and makes the right decisions for the club and is prepared to move forward, I don’t have a problem. For all we know he’s acknowledged his mistakes and changed. We can’t be sure of anything, except from a footballing perspective, and Usmanov looks a far better owner than Stan in my opinion.


Who decides how much is too much on transfer fees?


I would guess that’s a decision made by the manager and the board.


Football Manager…


What is the track record he refers to by the way? Is it as an owner who’s teams win trophies, or turn a tidy profit? Not sure I’ll bother the good people of Google with this question.


Are you mad? “There’s a risk of going backwards if you overreact and start throwing money around in an attempt to solve your problems,” he reflected.” That is not backing Wenger at all. That is saying I am not going to invest. ITS WORST POSSIBLE NEWS. That means we can forget the likes of Hazard, Gotze etc. Expect more crap like Benayoun. Thats not the way to run a football club. What good is a owner if he doesn’t invest his own money into own business. Look at Liverpool’s new owners as a contrast. We are in trouble with Gillette/Hicks… Read more »


That’s one interpretation. And it takes rather a large leap to get there.


How? I am a very senior strategist and one of my jobs is to interpret what directors and CEO are actually trying to do. I also owned Arsenal shares at one time. You have to couple what is said and with actions. You cannot look at words in isolation. And lets look at whats happened. a) Prize assets are sold off. Nasri and Cesc. Nasri against the managers wishes. b) Income is not totally reinvested in further assets. c) Low bids are made that are obviously going to be rejected, d) Enquires are made but no bids on top players… Read more »


@Mark.. Sir with due respect, the fact that you owned Arsenal shares or are a very senior strategist, doesn’t make you right. So there’s no point bringing that up in an open group comment section. As far as your reference to actions goes, if i remember correctly, didn’t Wenger tried to bring in Chris Smalling in January, Phil Jones in this window with both players choosing Utd over us. And we say he ignores our defensive problems. We even offered more money than utd to both of them and to their respective clubs. The “problem” is that Wenger is not… Read more »



No, Saurabh it makes it more probable that I have analysed the situation a bit more carefully with more information than the average supporter or even blogger does.


Just the fact you are telling random people who you are or what you do to make a point shows how much you want people to listen to you..

Apparently people at your company don’t listen to you much..


Mark – Usmanov is worth a lot of money and he would probably spend. The problem is that he is a piece of shit. He is involved in spurious activities. Do you really want that kind of person running the team? If you take a look at how Arsenal is run you can have only two issues. Marketing money and the insistence by Wenger to always get the lowest price on a transfer target. 1. Marketing – I know our kit and shirt sponsorship is almost up for renewal but our high priced marketing team has not brought the money… Read more »


Comment deleted for use of text speak

Please read the comment policy –


couldn’t agree more, I don’t understand why people think this man kills babies, its insane. he has almost a third of the club, he should be in there weighing on the decisions.


I have no opinion on the basis of character of billionaires. But why don’t you type ‘walmart employees’ in google and tell me how ‘moral’ Stan Kroenke money (which comes from his wife Anne Walton) is? Because to be honest all billionaires are bad each other if you examine them carefully.

Arsenal Bystander

I actually thought Benayoun was decent yesterday. He was lively, and kept closing down players. A nice change to see someone giving his guts out to play. So IMO he ain’t crap dear sir!


Thats your opinion. And I haven’t argued with anything that the blogger has written based on his opinion. I do differ with his judgement on the implication for the club. Which is horrendous.

Do you think that Benyaoun has been a good signing? Because its a type of signing that Swansea would have made. Not the mighty Arsenal. But then again with owners trying to reduce us to the likes of Aston Villa and West Ham shows how we have fallen.


Wtf he says he tried it at his other franchises by signing a whole load of free transfers and it didn’t work?! He has no right to be associated with the Arsenal – we need quality, when we ask for signings Stan we’re not asking for free fukn transfers! Free transfers imply players who are just signed for the sake of signing, not to ensure that we strengthen weaknesses of the team! As suspected this bastard is looking after the needs of his own pocket. So out with him as a first. I do not know enough about Usmanov so… Read more »


I agree that Kroenke is wrong on this one. The NFL has a salary cap. The good teams “draft” young players and nurture them. That way you have more depth on your team. This does not work in football. Barcelona has the best academy in the world and they buy at least one big player every year. Same thing with ManU. Arsenal can produce top talent but they must buy top talent. If they want to compete for trophies.


TexasGooner6, ManU don’t produce sh*t from their academy……….And JVC, American player exchange is different from world football system……….What Stan means is that splashing the money on transfers(on players instead of a selling club) at his team before backfired……

Ray Bandana


NFL is totally different to European football in the way transfers are dealt with. Picking up free agents in the NFL is definitely not equivalent to getting free agents in the EPL. It’s pretty hard to compare the two really, but I think Stan was basically trying to say that while he’s not going to throw cash around, he appreciates that money needs to be spent.


I think I preferred him when he was silent ;-(


Never thought i’d ever say this but right now arsenal needs Usmanov if we are to remain a top club …because Arsenal is becoming less of a big club with each passing season :/


Nasri isn’t the cause or solution to Arsenal’s problems,I know we need a verbal punchbag to vent our frustration however the real issues are our transfer policy (joke) and defensive coaching/or lack of,and seemingly rudderless direction of the club in general not to mention the poor Pr the club’s hard to know where we are heading ;-(


Going by his comments it looks as if status quo would be maintained. I have a feeling that this could also be Wenger’s last season at Arsenal.

Dutch Gooner

I have no problem with what Stan says…good value = Hazard, M’Vila, Chamberlain at 20 and under, for big fees who will hold or increase value in 5-6 years…bad value is Cahill at 25 in the last year of his contract for 18m! I also think the right call has been made on Parker…good player though he is at 5m…Coquelin and Frimpong look up to covering Song and Diaby…experience was needed in attack and Arteta, Gervinho, Benayoun and Park have that…


I agree 100% with this and funnily enough was thinking roughly the same thing. People need to realise that throwing money at a problem doesn’t always solve the problem and i think key example of this is Fernando Torres who is pretty dire at the moment and now blaming his own team mates for his bad form.


Everyone says throwing money doesn’t work. But the fact is Bug bucks do work. Remember when Chelsea were owned by Ken bates, Terty was practically begging us to come an by him, we almost did as weel replace Adams. But in comes Abramovic and they start winning back to back leagues. Look at City, without the shaikh who were they? No-one can deny they are now contenders. Imagine if some billionaire buys the Spuds…then what. The fact is most fans don’t really care about making profits on youngsters, most of us love football, and the glory we can cherish and… Read more »


Are you on medication?? Even the most optimistic fan would tell you Cesc out,Nasri out. Arteta in Benny moon/Gervinho in is a downgrade and a step backwards.


Honestly I think Na$ri’s a good player but, also totally hyped up. Cesc is a real loss but, no amount of money can buy a replacement to cover what he did for us. Arteta is an ideal age and perfectly balanced player both for the club and for the youngsters to learn from. The same applies to Yossi, fans need to leave him alone.
As for the board, if they tried working together it might help things

Dede Nigeria

As I read all your [ edited– please read comment policy – ] comments I but wonder if there is any hope our beloved club! Since all the board members aint helping matters its time we had a revolt to kick em out


Im not sure why people to continue to bring up craig murrays accusations against usmanov. As far as I’m concerned he supports the club and wants us to be successful his past and enviroment is different to what we in the uk would ever experience and I wouldn’t judge him on that basis


Come off it a dodgy sun article from 2007 your scraping the barrell. I’m a supporter of self sustainability but it’s not happening we are not competing and since the sad passing away of danny fizman and since David dein was ousted we have no ones with a real desire or drive to make afc better, regardless of his past or anything else i believe usmanov would add a degree of ambition to our current board.


We can’t let someone as dodgy as Usmanov to take over. Think about other people like the bloke who owned Portsmouth for a while. What happened to them? Also Shinawatra, former Man City owner, arrested for corruption. It would be way too risky.


Silent Stan is the wrong person for Arsenal. He has no clue about football and I suspect he has bought to make money. His main interest is in the US and that is where he will invest his money. Arsenal cannot compete when buying good players and paying them the wages. There are so many players that we have not been able to buy or have lost to other teams. Usmanov would be a better person at the helm of Arsenal. Dein should also be brought back as he is Arsenal and he knows football. Gazidis maybe good for getting… Read more »

Manx Gooner

According to this blog:
it ruens out that the allegations about Usmanov were false.
After reading this I no longer think the hostility arseblog has towards him is justified.
I for one would welcome Alisher Usmanov onto Arsenal’s board. At least he would enable sufficient funds be released for Arsenal to purchase and pay truly world class players. We would then be able to challenge, both Manchester clubs and Chelsea for the league title and Champions League instead of battling for a european place as at present.


So you think the evidence of an experienced diplomat is to be ignored because some blog says so?


The claims, “claims” of an experienced diplomat. Whose to say the Arsenal Insider article isn’t spot on instead? You seem to be treating one as gospel and dispelling the other out of hand because it suits your argument. Personally I couldn’t give a toss either way just pointing out a bit of blatant hypocrisy.


Having been on the end of Usmanov’s legal threats, designed to stop publication of information about his past, I’m not inclined to be favourably disposed to him. And I would believe a man who has knowledge and experience of Uzbekistan and its politics ahead of that Arsenal blog.


I have no qualms about your stance on Usmanov, but to make out it’s anything other than based on the word of others isn’t right. I am also certain that you and many other Arsenal blogs have received letters/calls/emails from Arsenal’s legal department asking about adjusting or withdrawing articles. What’s the difference?

Johnny Massacre

Football is as corrupt as a motherfucker. Chelsea are clearly dodgy as fuck. Man City, even dodgier. Look at the situations of Real and Barca. There are no morals in money, and our rivals who sold their souls are doing better than us. It’s a sad day when if you are to compete, you can’t do it via actions on the pitch, you need some infinite-money cheat to make things happen. Arsenal get the piss ripped out of them endlessly in the media, and we’re one of the only clubs bar United to have been competitive and earned money through… Read more »


I have no qualms about your stance on Usmanov, but to make out it’s anything other than based on the word of others isn’t right. I am also certain that you and many other Arsenal blogs have received letters/calls/emails from Arsenal’s legal department asking about adjusting or withdrawing articles. What’s the difference?


No, that has never happened from Arsenal. And my stance on him is based on a number of factors. I’m not suggesting any billionaire is whiter than white, but I just hate the idea of a man like Usmanov in charge of Arsenal.


And I do think Kroenke has been found wanting, big time, since his takeover.


That is fair comment. I don’t have a preference for either as I think the self sufficient route should be our target, even if it means a few years clinging onto the fake clubs (City and Chelsea) coat tails. Although I get the feeling UEFA’s FFP rules will probably be adjusted by that fraggle haired muppett Platini just because Wenger is the champion of self sufficient clubs. He loves nothing better than to kick our manager when the going’s tough.


Ooops, replied to the wrong post.


David may have sold his shares but just maybe, as a man far more knowledgeable with regards the direction football was heading, he showed foresight and as an undisputed dan of our club, got Usmanov on board. Usmanov, a man wealthier than Roman and willing to splash the cash. For me it depends on FFP. If it works it’s merely a case of roughing a short-term storm before we reap the rewards of Emirates. If not then Usmanov or similar are the only way forward. As for Stan, central Americans know fuck all about football and he’d merely in it… Read more »

Manx Gooner

I cannot see FFP working. Already Man City have a £400m sponsorship deal that is effectively their owners sponsoring them. I’m also sure all Europes top clubs are having their lawyers poring over the FFP rules to find loopholes.
The only way we will be able to compete with the Manchester clubs and Chelsea is to have our own multi-billionaire on board who is willing to directly provide funds for transfers and wages.

She wore

Blimey arseblog you don’t like usmanov do you?!

She wore

Mo mate take a chill pill and get off arseblogs back, like me and you he’s a gooner,as for blaming him for toure at rightback or slagging off players to get them sold? Come off it


Shocked by all the negativity. We won! With Gervinho and Song back, we are going to beat Dortmund. With all the new additions and injured players like Diaby and Wilshere due back. It’ll take time for us to gel. But I’ll take some grind it out wins while we improve over the course of the season rather than have us play well, lose, and crumble at season’s end.

We will attract better players as we keep winning. Chelsea is vulnerable; we can take them. Come on you Gooners!


I had some trust in Stan beceause he has documented experience in sports with interests in NBS, NFL and NHL. Usmanov has none of this. He’s another “global businessman”. Now I would not easily prefer one before the other. Stans low-key profile have made me wonder if he really even know the agenda concerning Arsenal himself. Where has he been at this “hellish summer”? The problem is bigger than the major shareholder. What is our current board doing, in whos interests and in what manner are they willing to develop this club further into the future? Peter Hill-Wood doesn’t seem to… Read more »

Alpha T

COMMENT DELETED for use of text speak.

Please read the comment policy –


bring dein back, bring dein back…that kinda implies that he himself would want to come back and isn’t happy with the millions he made when he sold his shares..? one has to be careful judging people by stereotypes or vague info (soviet gangster etc) but…frankly, i’d rather see the current board learning from their mistakes and ‘tweaking’ their strategy than giving this behemoth dirtbag any power whatsoever… it’s also interesting how all that “na$ri is a cunt” has turned into “the board should have prevented the nasri situation” in this thread….lots of people discovered that theyre business experts it seems… Read more »

She wore

We can take em! I love it

[…] Another one who has broken is vow of silence is Staaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan! No not the song Stan by Eminem, but Stan Kroenke, Arsenal’s owner.The American explained why we did not splash the cash. […]

Arsenal Bystander

Okay guys, i sense the amount of hostility towards Stan. But bear the bigger picture in mind, anyone exiting the club now is not going to be beneficial to Arsenal. The turmoil might instead be an unwanted distraction to our team.

Support the lads, and lay off whoever you are pissed of with!

Till the end of the season.


Thankyou arseblog for your insight and external blogs regarding Usmanov. I was aware of dirty Russions invading are league when Abramovich invested in Chelsea but had no idea of the atrocities that Usmanov has been linked to. It is true to say we at Arsenal do not want dirty Russian money propping up are beloved Arsenal up. If this means that we can’t compete with the likes of Chelsea then so be it. You can not put a price on decentcy, integrity and moral attitudes. What we have always said as Arsenal fans is we will not sell are club… Read more »

Bergkamp Man Crush

Agree with JM’s comments above. We don’t need dirty Russian or Middle East money. Kroenke has a solid reputation. He is not an asset stripper, don’t think he has sold any of his US sports teams, some of which he has
owned over ten years. If the club’s management/board need changing, Stan will work with Arsene to make it happen. Hopefully this Summer’s events will be the catalyst.

Gunner Moondogg

I don’t get some fans,dissing are our own players please get a grip we are all gooners

Yar She Blows

Just to clear this up, American sports do not work in the same way as European sports. “Free agents” do not mean “free transfers”. Here, you can only obtain new players by trading players or draft picks to another team in return for players or draft picks, or you can wait until their contracts expire and they are a free agent for anyone to sign. Here, free agents are actually very coveted most times. I’m not backing Kroenke yet, just saying don’t take “free agents” as a warning that he is going to raid the free transfer market. It’s very… Read more »


One thing to note about Stan kroenke- he owns the Colorado avalanche NHL hockey team. At one point they were the one of the best teams in the league. They sold/traded a load of good players, never replaced them and now they are the second worst team in the league. Similar circumstances at both his other US teams ( nuggets and rams). This guy is not at Arsenal to win…..he’s here to make money….. That’s it.

In. Gu.

Some of the comments are like double-speak ..
a lot of the replies (about usmanov, dein, the board, new signings etc. etc.) ..aren’t making sense and/or aren’t balanced ..

Blogs mate, respect for trying !


It’s not fair to make the Avalanche situation out to be asset strippping. The avalanche were one of the top teams in the NHL for some time. They had some of the best players of all time playing there and those players made a lot of money. Several years ago the NHL instituted a salary cap due to people like Kroenke far outspending less fortunate teams and even their own income streams. When this happened, many teams had to cut salary to fit in under the cap. Also their roster was aging and some of those great players retired. No… Read more »


One big issue is transparency. No one really knows how much money the club have. PHW says our debt is ring fenced but then Wenger says he can’t buy a “big name”. Who is telling the truth. Arsenal don’t officially discuss transfer fees and payroll. So how much money do we have? A.S.T. said that Wenger had 35 mil going into the summer. That means after his transfers he has about 51 mil in transfer money. Well why didn’t he buy big? Why didn’t he buy earlier in the summer? Wouldn’t it have been better to give Nasri a huge… Read more »


I think wages are a huge part of the problem, arsenal have money to spend but cannot match the wages demanded by the best players anymore. Yes we could have got Mata for 18m but as soon as Chelsea show an interest the wage demands go up beyond the arsenal pay structure. Could the club increase the wage limit? Probably but that’s a steep slope as all the existing players will demand more money to match it when negotiating new deals. Arsenal could afford the wages of a few stars, but not a whole squad, that’s billionaire playground money and… Read more »


Fair play to you Arseblog for highlighting the history of Usmanov. The Craig Murray story if true should be a warning to our club to stay away from the corruption that other clubs are involved with. Our whole society is under constant attack by the greedy and immoral actions of those that cause destruction in our lives today. I regret that there is little that ordinary concerned citizens can do bar another revolution al la France. Corporate interests, monied elite and corrupt politicians – eg UK and Ireland – are looking after their own interests. Vive la revolution – Come… Read more »


Having Kroenke mention the Rams hardly hardly eases my mind. As an NFL fan I can assure you that the current Rams–a once proud team–now suck.


only interested in whats in it for him( MONEY ),we are fucked wiv this guy !!!!!!


The economics may be quite different between kroenke’s US teams and arsenal but the fact is all of his US teams suck now and little is being done to improve them…..while he is still making plenty of money. The avalanche still sell out almost every game. I just hope Arsenal aren’t headed this way……


It’s funny that the same people who want dein to step in for the board to help us buy more players should forget his son’s role in us “becoming a selling club”… And there replacing a board is no replacement for playing proper football, and I think Chelsea fans would attest to that… On the pitch, evidently we haven’t been the sharpest, whether its tactics or guile… But I still believe Wenger is the man to sort it out, after all, it’s his problem… But until we sort ourselves on the pitch, I wouldn’t be too worried about the… Read more »


So your not a fan then?

[…] his silence, indirectly, to talk about Arsenal and the transfer policy at the club this summer, saying: There’s a risk of going backwards if you overreact and start throwing money around in an attempt […]

Clown Shoes

The things some people will do for money…. Just because the fat Russian has money, there are many here that believe that’s a good enough reason to have him on the board….

I can only imagine the Gold digging sluts you lot would be if you were female.


Well , the comments are like by a business man in relation to any business ” we buy if we see value ” But question is, value to who ? To the footballing side or to the share holders ? Note: don’t get optimistic by assuming that Stan has aquiared majority this year & something will change now. The privious majority shareholders brught him on board long back & they all were working with common goal/intension.Shares changing hands between them will not going to change anything on the grounds..


Personally I’m pro Usmanov. He’s stated previously that he doesn’t want to throw money around but does believe that you need to speculate to accumulate. As for his darker deeds, interesting how the sources were i) The Sun which is real source of truth and morality and ii) an article which yes is accurate but then its about a man imprisoned by the USSR. Again another great example of morality and truth. I’m not saying it wasn’t a just charge or imprisonment but what I would ask for is a bit of perspective. Even if he was guilty then isn’t… Read more »

Johnny D

It would seem that the fans are having their say on how the clubs being run……… I have not seen so many games with tickets on general sale for a long time. Supporters voting with their feet maybe?

[…] In other Arsenal related news, Stan Kroenke broke his long standing silence to speak about Arsenal’s transfer policy: […]


I’m finding it shocking how many people here seem to think that an owner wanting to turn a profit and wanting the club to be successful are mutually exclusive. As Arsenal fans, you want the club to be profitable. As an owner, Kroenke cannot by any means want the club to fail. So long as he runs the club honestly and leaves the management of it to the people who are most skilled and motivated to do so he is a good owner. If he wants a good return on his investment in the club he will need it to… Read more »

Nija Gunner



Free agents dnt mean the same thing in EPL i understand now… due to the salary caps etc

Which is probably why Stan Kunte does not want to alter the wage structure at the club.

His frugal approach to player transfers are not suited to the “free market economics” of the EPL. He cannot use his approach in a salary capped sporting league to justify his transfer policy at the Arsenal.

And make no mistake about it, that is exactly what he did.

LOL and just using the words “free agents” does wonders to display his PR prowess


end of the day no matter how much profit or money we get from sales we cant use it. truth is we don’t need a sugar daddy to sign big players, we had 90mil to spend but we didnt buy any big names.

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