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Chelsea 3-5 Arsenal: By the Numbers

It’s all about Robin

10 – League goals by Robin van Persie in the 2011/2012 season
10 – League games played by Robin van Persie in the 2011/2012 season
28 – League goals scored by Robin since January 1, 2011
27 – League games played by Robin since January 1, 2011
21 – Career games in which Robin van Persie has scored two or more goals for Arsenal
20 – Number of those games that Arsenal have won (1 draw, 4-4 Newcastle)
4 – Games in the 2011/2012 season in which Robin van Persie has scored two or more goals
4 – Arsenal wins in the 2011/2012 season when Robin van Persie scores two or more goals
2 – Number of away matches in which Robin van Persie scored two or more goals against Chelsea
2 – Number of those games that Arsenal have won
2 – Career hattricks
7 – Arsenal shots on goal in 90 minutes today
4 – Robin van Persie shots on goal today
3 – Goals scored today
1 – Assists provided by Robin van Persie today
1 – Number of away fans Robin van Persie gave his hattrick shirt to

Other people played football too

2 – Career Arsenal goals by Gael Clichy
2 – Career Arsenal goals by St. André
180 – Degree turn in St. André’s game after he scored
2 – Number of 5 tackles André made before scoring
4 – Number of 6 tackles André made after scoring
2 – Number of his three interceptions he made after scoring
1 – Number of blocks André made to keep the game in Arsenal’s favor (90th minute)

94 – Pass completion rate Mikel Arteta
78 – Passes attempted by Mikel Arteta
10 – Long balls attempted by Arteta
9 – Accurate long balls by Arteta
4 – Attempted tackles by Arteta
4 – Successful tackles by Arteta
1 – Accurate through balls by Arteta
1 – Key passes by Arteta
1 – Assists by Mikel Arteta
1 – Career assists for Arsenal by Arteta

83 – Pass completion rate Aaron Ramsey
60 – Passes attempted by Ramsey
3 – Number of shots by Ramsey (1 on goal)
2 – Number of 5 attempted long balls completed by Ramsey
2 – Number of attempted tackles by Ramsey
2 – Number of tackles won by Ramsey
1 – Accurate through balls by Ramsey
1 – Successful dribbles by Ramsey

22 – Number of clearances Chelsea forced Arsenal to make
11 – Number of successful clearances by Arsenal
18 – Number of clearances Arsenal forced Chelsea to make
7 – Number of successful clearance by Chelsea
5 – Number of Arsenal’s 11 failed clearances that went through Per Mertesaker
2 – Number that resulted in a scummy cunt scoring a goal

2 – Consecutive matches against Chelsea that Theo Walcott has scored
2 – Consecutive Arsenal wins when Theo Walcott scores against Chelsea
6 – Consecutive losses to Chelsea by Arsenal when Theo Walcott played
4 – Career goals against Chelsea by Theo Walcott
1 – Theo Walcott’s first Arsenal goal came against Chelsea (Carling Cup final)

1 – Successful crosses credited to Arsenal by Opta
2 – Minimum number of successful crosses credited to Arsenal by Tim
2 – Number of those crosses that came from Theo Walcott
13 – Last minute of the game that Arsenal had a successful cross or corner
0 – Successful crosses or corners that Arsenal needed to win the game

500 – Arsene Wenger wins
70 – Bob Wilson’s age today
5 – Most goals conceded at Stamford Bridge in Chelsea’s entire eight year history
4 – Time ante meridiem  which I woke up to watch this match
-8 – Arsenal Premier League goal differential after the 4-3 loss to Blackburn
+7 – Arsenal Premier League goal differential since

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Hey Tim, I’m just wondering if you’re completely sure about the # of tackles attempted+successful by Arteta today. Could have sworn he gave two fouls today.

Btw love your work, long time 7am reader who recently decided to start commenting more regularly!

jerry good jordan

Fouling one of those cretins is deemed a success in my book


Agreed Arteta gave away at least one FK just outside the area. It is something he tends to do once in every game, Anyhow, his stats looked impressive, he seems a solid midfield operator without ever looking to impressive, just consistent and reliable, just what we need at this time


He gave away three fouls. This is a strange thing about the way Opta count certain actions. A successful tackle is one where the ball is recovered. A foul is just counted as a foul and not a blown tackle. Whenever possible they try to avoid counting things twice.


1- number of times Terry slips to make me laughing so hard that I fall of my chair.


”most goals conceded at Standford Bridge in Chelsea’s entire eight year history” VERY GOOD:-)


2 – The number of times Arsenal fell behind in the match
0 – The number of times this affected their supposedly fragile metal state….

Now that we’ve got that out of the way we should continue our relentless pursuit of the top 4 place which is sure to be ours by the end of the season!



Hey, does anyone remember when Chelsea’s chariman said he’d hoped Chelsea would beat the crap out of Arsenal today? Let’s all laugh at that guy!


That is quite effective by Arteta. Me likes.


7Am would you mind finding out other strikers game to goal ratios in th premier league for this Callander year? Just wondering because (this comes with a little bit of bias) I believe Van Persie is one of the best players in the world at this moment of not the world… And I know about the midget who comes from Argentina and that tall bloke from Portugal… But the midget has one of the best players playing around him so he is bound to score a bundle of goals (not saying that we don’t have a great team just saying… Read more »


Mario Gomez has played pretty well since the start of last season too, he deserves some consideration.


94 – Pass completion rate Mikel Arteta
78 – Passes attempted by Mikel Arteta
Arteta … The Invisible Midfield General
I bow to you…. General Arteta.


100000000000 etc etc – Number of times I could watch Terry fall on his face like Bambi on ice and still laugh so hard that I fall off my chair.


7.5 billion – number of times I watched that chip where that cunt fell over (0;


1 the amount of racists that ended up with his face flat in the dirt looking like a total dick

Goon Mate

1 – Number of tackles by Per the BFG that left Frank Turkey head Lampard on his arse!


2 – Number of 5 tackles André made before scoring 4 – Number of 6 tackles André made after scoring Does this mean Andre made 2 “5 tackles” before scoring? Which means 10 tackles? 2 – Number that resulted in a scummy cunt scoring a goal What did that number do to make a scummy cunt score a goal? 1 – Theo Walcott’s first Arsenal goal came against Chelsea (Carling Cup final) actually think the title is wrong there. Also, I would’ve been very interested to see percentages of possession and the pass completion rates as well as distance ran… Read more »


* by certain Chelsea players.

Meant to say wanted to see crossing stats for Chelsea as well, seeing as 2 of their goals came from crosses.


2 – Number of 5 tackles André made before scoring
4 – Number of 6 tackles André made after scoring

This confused me also! And:

2 – Number of 5 attempted long balls completed by Ramsey

What does it all mean?!


Gotcha, thanks for clarifying!


Can anyone make a gif of Terrys fall?


Hi 7AM, great work mate, keep it up. Just wondering if you could provide stats on number of players who left arsenal to Man City versus their total minutes on the pitch? Is anyone a regular starter?


Just seen the highlights on Arsenal Player.

He goes over like a pissed up old dear on roller skates. Nice one to add to the collection of the over-rated, wife shagging, racist chav slipping and missing his penalty then blubbing like a little girl.


Frode Grøtheim

Arteta actually reminds me a bit of Xavi. Incredible those stats today. If you actually look at it, I don’t see our forwards and midfielders as weaker than those of Chelsea. The only reason I have some belief in what Chelsea is doing at the moment, is because of their manager. At the face of it, they don’t really have the squad for expansive football. At Porto he had the magical partnership of Falcao and Hulk. In this Chelsea team there is not even something remotely close to that. And the defense? They have a long way to go before… Read more »


True Barca are the masters at what they do. But I think there’s a lot to be said for the opposition they play against every week.. and especially the pace of their games, which is no where near as fast as the EPL. Which makes playing a high-line pressing game much easier to pull off. Wouldn’t a proper Euro League be something ey?!


Keep it down with the Barca loving mate! They may be good, but this IS an Arsenal site.. Have you forgotten how we were going through last year until that dodgy refereeing decision??

My GF wants me to take her to Barca to see the Gaudi works, but I’m worried it will be full of diving little cheats.

Bob the Gunner

simply stunning numbers by Arteta.


wow great game and puts us in the right direction. i think that that was a great team effort and nobody can say we are a one man team anymore. after all we have the racist fool jt to help us out in tough times.


1 – number of assists by RVP today..? Im pretty certain he didnt get an assist! song given assist for santos goal, walcott goal wasnt “assisted” as there was a breakdown in play when he tripped.


Haha… Very true.


Was just looking at our November fixtures and bar the man city carling cup game they are all,dare I say it, easy games that we hopefully should win if we continue to play as we are.!! COYG!!!


Double the mans wages and sign him for another 5 years.

[…] Some Stats for you: (Taken from Arseblog News) […]

Jim Deen

1 – Number of fuming Russian billionaires.

Jim Deen

1 – Number of Polish goalkeepers thanking his lucky stars that it wasn’t red.
1 – Number of Polish goalkeepers cursing that it wasn’t red.

Kenyan Arse

1 – More immense game by Koscielny

1 – Goal celebration where Arteta nearly undressed van Persie and made sweet love to him. ( Go on check out the 5th(!!!) one, Mikel uh, stayed behind)


6 – the number of times John Terry screen ‘fucking green cunt’ to the grass..splendid


Chelsea’s 8 year history…. Ha ha. Class.

Eric Irish gunner

Getting up again to watch MOTD, this is fucking great 5-3 and terry fucking destroyed


Anyone else say SUPER SZCZ singing “ITS THE ARSEEEENAAAALLLL” at the end? Gives me the chills seeing one of our own like that!


Lol at the polish goalkeeping stat Jim. Quality.


I heard this was a good game, but I couldn’t see it from the bench.

I’m looking forward to getting some minutes in the Carling Cup. I just hope because we’re against a good team the boss doesn’t leave me out again.

Eric Irish gunner

Get clichy to move his head you might get a better view


In case anybody forgot, Terry fell over. I don’t think it will ever get boring, in fact it should be a significant part of the commemorative 125 year Arsenal collage at the Emirates.


People, saw this classic comment on A Cultured Left Foot and felt I owe this house the chance to enjoy this: Tai Obasi, Lagos says: October 30, 2011 at 10:23 am The following transpired after RVP’s third and final goal at SB: PETR CECH(still on turf)- Capito, where’s the ball? JOHN TERRY(fuming) – For the fifth time, in the net, you crap! CECH( livid) – Me crap? What about you falling all over the place instead of… F. TORRES(intruding) – Please, what is a net? J TERRY(barks) – You should be interested in the opposite net, you 50-million-bag-of-garbage! JUAN MATA(shaking… Read more »

[…] hat trick, which is no mean feat, according to Robin Van Persie himself. Kudos to the man for scoring 27 goals in 26 games this year already! Match reports are available […]


11 – Number of mahoosive cunts Chel$ki started in the match

david seago

OPTA recording 1 successful cross is interesting, what do they consider a successful cross? one that leads to a goal? one that leads to a goal scoring opportunity? one that forces the opposition to give away a corner?

If anyone know’s then i’d like to know.

Because Walcott put 2 brilliant crosses in to Gervinho and RVP when it was 0-0.

david seago

Also, as a few people have pointed out, the Arteta passing statistics are quite similar to Xavi (except in volume). Which is great, he seems to be a similar type player. And i’d like to congratulate Aaron Ramsey on having a fantastic game, he seems to be playing a bit further up the pitch in recent games and i like it when he’s in and around the opposition box more. He looks like he’ll score goals aswell. he needs to keep geting beyond the opposition backline as he can finish. I’d like to see some 1-2’s with RVP on the… Read more »

Jack Nixon

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