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Arsene wants loan rules changed

Arsene Wenger believes the rule which prevents an on-loan player appearing against the club who technically owns him is one which needs to change.

Previously, it was possible for players to play against their parent club but since the 2009-10 season this has changed and Wenger believes this is wrong.

“If the loan is a loan he should be capable to play against everybody,” said Wenger. “That is the only thing I believe. And it’s the same with Bendtner.  There was one period where you had the choice and I never, never refused the choice. I always said yes, you can play against us. Even though, one time, Francis Jeffers I think was on loan and scored against us.

“I allowed Jermaine Pennant to play against us with Leeds and I always allowed the players to play. I would allow Bendtner to play too.”

It’s an interesting discussion but that rule is designed to remove any possible conflicts of interest. Would a player playing against his ‘own’ club on the final day of the season score a goal which might send them down or cost them the title? Despite the professionalism of most players, for this reason alone it’s probably worth maintaining the current rule.

However, Arseblog News believes that the loan rules do need to be changed, but not for this issue. What needs to change is the rule that allows a club like Sp*rs to take Emmanuel Adebayor on loan while paying just a fraction of his wages.

If Man City and other sugar-daddy clubs, for whom resources are nigh on endless, want to stockpile players then that’s entirely up to them. However, if they have a squad that’s too big and they need to send players on loan then the club taking the player should pay 100% of that player’s wages.

As it stands Man City are subsidising Sp*rs, the same way they did with Cardiff when sending Premier League quality Craig Bellamy to play for them last season. Every goal Adebayor scores against Man City’s rivals aids the club that owns him and surely this is a situation which has to be made more fair.

If a club can’t afford the wages of a particular player then they should not be allowed to sign him. Or the player in question should agree to a wage cut for the duration of that season (and knowing some players the way we do that’s never going to happen).

Adebayor is currently going through his ‘Look at me, I’m trying hard phase’ for Ken Dodd‘s team but that won’t last. And then he’ll go back to Man City, where he’s unwanted, and they’ll try and move him out again whilst soaking up the losses.

The big lanky lazy twat.

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But then face TGSTEL?? *shudders*

the only sam is nelson

perhaps lee “messi” cattermole is injured so his supply of through balls is therefore dry




“However, if they have a squad that’s too big and they need to send players on loan then the club taking the player should pay 100% of that player’s wages….If a club can’t afford the wages of a particular player then they should not be allowed to sign him. Or the player in question should agree to a wage cut for the duration of that season…”

That actually makes a lot of sense. Brilliant idea.


Haven’t seen the article in question, but someone mentioned Adebayor saying something along the lines of ‘we (players) all only play to earn money’.

That being the case, no further questions Your Honour, the man’s a cunt, as charged.


It’s not something anybody wants to encourage, we all want to see footballers play for the joy of playing, and I really hate Adebayor, but how does playing for money make him a cunt? If you think of it logically, then he’s perfectly within his rights. He signed a contract to play football, not one to play football with x level of enthusiasm.


You’re absolutely right Feygooner, it’s his prerogative. However I’ve personally had it up to here with players, such as him, that we’ve had in the recent past where it’s all been about them, in a number of cases to the absolute detriment of The Arsenal. The list goes on and on.

Give me the boys we’ve now got over any of them.

And I’ll just re-phrase my initial judgement in that, notwithstanding his desire to only play for personal financial gain, which is his right, but conversely, taking a number of other offences into consideration, Adebayor is a cunt.

the only sam is nelson

i think it makes a lot of sense but not for the reasons outlined in the article, more because of the 25 player squad regulation. if citeh were forced to include all hughe’s hilarious buys in their squad, rather than simply offloading them and buying better replacements, imagine how fucked off mancini would be. and even if they tried selling adebayor for 2p, he’s on £170K a week. He’d do a winston bogarde before going to his boyhood love at the lane, no matter how fucking enthusiastic he is for them and citeh would be fucked. loans should be restricted… Read more »


The point is that Citeh shouldn’t be allowed to buy a tonne of players and then loan them out, only to not be played against them. Hypothetically if Citeh were to loan out two or three very good players to mid-to-bottom clubs then they’d be taking points off of all of Citeh’s title rivals leaving them in the clear because those players wouldn’t be allowed to play against their parent club. It could realistically head in that direction, and it would be rigging the Premiership. Add that to their £400m blowjob naming rights and a new £200m kit deal they’re… Read more »


A cock and a cunt. What is this


The loan system is nonsense in so many ways.I believe loans between premier league teams should be banned unless it is for experience.So if a young player has appeared in the premier league on no more than say five occasions that will be ok but people like Adebayor,Benoyoun,Bendtner etc should be properly signed or go on loan to a lower division team if they are prepared to.




Which parts of his comment did you not understand? I’ll help you.


Umm, I think it’s quite simple…why should they be barred from playing for another team on loan?


I agree with Fey. Why would you want to put a stop on players wanting to play at the top level? That would be like me or you wanting to move to a different department at work but being told you could only go to one that was at a lower level… You’d think it was a stupid idea


Its simpler and more basic – players should not be loaned to clubs in the same competition/laegue. This removes any potential for manipulation of the competition either directly (a players actions in any specific game) or indirectly (by not playing against his parent club and thereby weakening the team and de-facto altering the level playing field). I agree that the loaning club should not be permitted to pay more than (say) 10% of his total renumeration packagae including any bonus or sponsorship deals the player has with any connected party to the club (avoids club sponsor paying player directly under… Read more »


Then jack wouldn’t have gone on loan!


Don’t mean to argue but if players couldn’t go out on loan to clubs in the same league then Wilshere wouldn’t of gone to Bolton. There’s not much to disagree with there.


I think a 100% wage loan is very reasonable (between sides in the same league) while banning loans between same-division sides entirely feels much more absurd. Case in point: Jack Wilshere, Sturridge, etc. If the clubs can’t afford the players in the first place (i.e. Adebayor), then this would mean that they can’t. You’ve got to live within your means. If you pay only 30% of his wages and you get to play him for 1 full season, you pretty much have the parent club bankrolling you to win. The biggest problem is that the parent club will lose money… Read more »


I think banning loans from the same league would be a good move or at least allow it for players under 24 only.


That pic is class


If UEFA allow City and others to take the piss out of the financial fair play rules then who pays the loan player’s wages is pretty much irrelevant.


Just like you, I think that Wenger has got it totally wrong. It’s a clear conflict of interest when an on-loan player plays against his ‘parent’ club. How can you be certain that he is going to give his best against a club that is possibly paying some of his wages? And I don’t agree that an on-loan player should play in the same division as his parent club. Why should Adebayor be able to play and score against us, in the Premier League, but not against one of our biggest rivals, Man City? By the way: I fancy us… Read more »


I can’t recall ever watching a match on a Thursday and I’m not about to start anytime soon, but the knowledge that Nasri is playing, while I’m tucking into my Thursday night Spag Bol, will warm the cockles.


If Ade scores goals and as a result Sp*rs end up taking points of Man Citys direct competition for the domestic titles they may well view playing 80% of his wages as a brilliant investment… and not “wasting” money as some suggest.


There are two sides to that “final day” argument. Let’s look at the other one. Say you are minnow club X who have a player on loan from one of the big boys. Said loan player has become your most influential midfield provider. Final day of the season, you get to play his home club. They’re fourth in the league, six points clear of fifth and four shy of third. You need three points to stay up and the current rules have just made it that much harder to get ’em. The argument in favour relies on a club who… Read more »

the only sam is nelson

you can only imagine that citeh loaness would be motivated as fuck to help anyone other than citeh

after all, from being £170K a week king pin, adebayor is now behind tevez in the opinion of mancini

so i can’t imagine he’d be wanting to do them any favours at all. quite the reverse, in fact.

same with god’s fucking gift, let’s face it. he’d want to “prove” that being on the flank was wrong and stick one to wenger. he’d hardly be motivated to help us out, the ungrateful sod.

Midfield Corporal

I don’t think Adebayor should be allowed to play for The Scum because A- he’s a cunt and B- they are cunts, and as they saying goes, two cunts don’t make a right…..or something like that.


Corp, having thumbed-up once, I’m barred from doing anymore. So a thousand virtual “ups” to you.

Midfield Corporal

Cheers Mooro my man. I do like a thumb up.

Merlin's Panini

they don’t make a baby either.

Merlin's Panini


Merlin's Panini

I guess this whole thing is a bit of a mess really. Someone’s not going to be happy, whatever they do. If they’re asking teams to fork out a players entire wages for a loan, then there would be complaints if this were only the case for Premier League clubs. Championship clubs and below would suffer if they couldn’t afford to bring in a Premiership starlet here and there, and I can imagine this giving shitter teams like Sunderland the arsehole as they wouldn’t get their obligatory United players on loan every season. I can’t see them changing the rule… Read more »


“I would allow Bendtner to play too.”

As would I. As a matter of fact, I’d insist on it.


Am I the only one who thinks Bendtner could easily be a top striker in 2-3 years if he starts regularly?


Yes….unless we are talking about in his head.

In which case he is already better than Messi and RVP combined


I just want to add something to feygooners comment/question about what makes Adebayor a cunt.

Simple really. The fact he’s a cunt makes him a cunt. I thought that when he was wearing our shirt and I still think it now. The man has only one redeeming feature; he put Bendtner on his arse.


I didn’t say I didn’t hate him. I said that I don’t believe playing football for money automatically makes you a cunt.

Also, the exact quote is “We all play football to gain money”.

If you want to hate Adebayor and call him a cunt, then do so because of his vindictive stamp on RvP a few seasons ago, or his apparent belief/sucking up to City fans when he said that Arsenal don’t have true fans cause lots of gooners are from Asia (or something similiar, I don’t remember exactly).


The whole situation is a mess concerning loan players. It’s a romantic view that all players would be professional in a game against their parent club but there will always be that doubt if a striker misses an ‘easy’ opportunity or a defender/goalkeeper gets himself sent off for a professional foul giving away a penalty. Clubs like Man Shitty loaning out players and still paying out 70% of their wages is not a loss if the player is never going to be playing against them but is free for selection against everyone else. S***s are not direct rivals of Man… Read more »


My opinion is the players must not be allowed on loan in the same league as the parent club. A portion of all loan fees received by the parent club must be shared by the teams in the league accepting the loanee. This will ensure that the parent clubs are penalised reasonably for the excess players or for the ‘training facility’ of the hosting league. The wealth of the club should not give the club undue advantage. The profitable trading (needs to be monitored) of the club should have an impact on final position in the league. There should be… Read more »

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