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Henry v. van Persie: By the Numbers

I know that everyone is curious about the numbers from the Borussia game but truth be told I started looking at Robin van Persie’s scoring record in 2011 and.. well, I fell into a stat hole.

This started by simply dumping all of Robin van Persie’s matches for 2011 into a spreadsheet and then looking for some nifty facts. I did that and then I wondered how Robin compared to Thierry Henry’s numbers from the 2003/2004 Invincibles season.

Now, obviously I’m not saying that Robin van Persie is a legend like Thierry Henry. That would take multiple trophies and seasons of performing at the highest level. That said, the similarities in Robin’s form to Henry in 03/04 is pretty striking, I think you’ll agree.

Other Odd numbers from Robin’s 2011 run of form

15 – Arsenal wins when Robin scored*
6 – Draws when Robin scored
5 – Losses when Robin scored
6 – Wins when Robin scored before the League Cup final
1 – Draw when Robin scored before the League Cup final
0 – Losses when Robin scored before the League Cup final
9 – Wins when Robin scored after the League Cup final
5 – Draws when Robin scored after the League Cup final
4 – Losses when Robin scored after the League Cup final
8 – Wins when Robin scored this season
1 – Draw when Robin scored this season
1 – Loss when Robin scored this season
10 – Number of games where Robin has scored more than one goal
6 – Number of games this season (18 matches) where Robin has scored more than one goal
4 – Robin’s longest streak of consecutive matches scoring (twice)
2 – Robin’s longest streak of consecutive matches without scoring a goal (4 times)
1 – Red cards for shooting after the whistle

Compared to Thierry Henry from 03/04…

21 – Wins when Thierry scored
4 – Draws when Thierry scored**
1 – Losses when Thierry scored (@Dynamo Kiev 2-1 October 21, 2003)
10 – Number of games where Thierry scored more than one goal
2 – Number of hat-tricks (or better)
5 – Henry’s longest streak of consecutive matches scoring
4 – Henry’s longest streak of consecutive matches without scoring a goal (twice)
0 – Red cards for shooting after the whistle

*Just to re-iterate: these records are for all competitions, 2011 only
**The Community Shield match ended 1-1 and counts as a draw even though Arsenal lost on penalties


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Robin has to stay until he beats Henry’s goal record!


I had to sit down after reading those stats. 38 goals from 83 shots? Mind boggling.

11 cannons

83 on goal. 180 shots total. still impressive.


My trousers get slightly tighter at the thought of a injury free season for R.V.P.


I do admit I’m growing a slight mancrush for van the man at the moment…




What about assist? Would be interesting


I’d like to see a side by side comparison of chamakh vs. any other competent striker in the world.


torres? >)

Johnny Massacre

Will drop pants for more RVP goals.


There’s no need, we all know more RVP goals are going to come. Better to say: “will drop pants for new RVP contract signing event”.


When it comes to the numbers, there’s only one that matters.



Henry was The best striker in the world whilst at the arse. In my opinion RVP is now the best striker in the world. Henry relied on his pace. RVP edges it on skill. Henry had amazing players around him and we had a much stronger first 11 back then. Unfortunately RVP doesn’t have that same luxury. RVP has suffered with injuries throughout his career. To say RVP is not a legend is a nonsense. Who is the better player? I remember when the team was not performing and Henry was not getting the service he sulked at times and… Read more »


I remember Henry gave a interview pitch side in our last season at Highbury and one of the questions was, who is the most skillful player in the squad that you see day in day out in training. Without even blinking he said RVP was, that some of the stuff that he could do with a ball was mindblowing.
So on the edges it on skill bit, even the great man himself would agree with you.

matt swinson

Call me an old nostalgic, but imagine the two of them playing in their pomp together. I wonder whether they would have complimented or negated each other. Giggidity.

Graham S

If Bergkamp could make it work….I think RVP in his current form could too.

Mmmm Bergkamp


Maybe Wenger will do a loan deal with TH in January (although has has stated otherwise)
Rvp and TH together??? underpants unbearably tight at the thought


i think the great thing about RVP is that he could play at the top level well into his thirties. he has the ability and intelligence to drop back and become more of a bergkamp player once his pace and power start to decline. titi was great, but he was very reliant on his explosive pace and power. i’m hoping we see rvp stay with us long enough to break titi’s records….


Similar situation with Di Natale from Udinese. We all saw in the CL qualifiers how effective he can be, even though he is 32-33. We would all love a similar situation with Robin, I’m sure.


what about henry’s long shots? i reckon henry is more clinical than van persie in terms of goals per shots van persie is more of a shot creator.


Henry vs Van Persie?

Imagine if you will Henry COMBINED with Van Persie.


Dennis Van Henry


Never mind Robin must stay until he beats Henry’s record, Robin must stay, period.

As for the question about how the two would play with each other, I think they’d be phenomenal together. I see a lot of Denis Bergkamp in Robin. Ahh Denis /sniff


38 goals from 83 shots? I will be a doomer not to expect 49 goals from 94 shots.


…and 101 goals from 101 shots eh?

The invincible arse

To be fair, he got a yellow card for shooting after the whistle. Still, cunt referee.


I remember the days when HENRY used to have a go at VAN PERSIE when VAN was at fault nd PERSIE does seem to be carrying that trait not just goal scoring but having a go or having a word at the team mates if they get sloppy.
Nice to see these qualities in the captain.

Pele of Romford

Bruce Ricoh will always have my respect for signing Dennis.
To this day still the only player I was truly gobsmacked we had signed.


I 100% agree with you.

I still find it incredulous that we haven’t found a place for Denis at the club yet.

Eric Irish gunner

True, proberly only world class player signed by us the rest made world class by wenger

Bromley Gooner

Weah pele of Romford not seen your comments for a while, 7am please please can we have a stats for gervinho vs mata and others we were linked with in the summer it’d be interesting to shut a few people up! Please

La Gooner

He is a legend already if u ask me

Bromley Gooner

Ps I meant that in a nice way Pele, where is todays blog, come on blogs I’m bored !!


If he stays at Arsenal for the rest of his career and keeps us near the top level throughout, even if we don’t win anything, he should be considered a legend. We have to accept that winning stuff is almost impossible with the financial doping that currently exists and respect our players for what they give to the club. If he is performing as well as some of the best invincible players but doesn’t have a team around him that is good enough to capitalise on that, it shouldn’t take away from his reputation.


RVP has come a long way and if he stays injury free for d season then we just have to hold unto our hats cos we are in for our crazy ride dis season. In btw pls, I would love to know Nasri’s goal stats / assists during his period with d GUNNERZ!!! am loving these stats and who says RVP isn’t a legend!!! best Captain I have seen in a long while, I just love how he leads d team n not just d goals, his gestures and leadership is impeccable


RVP is already a legend.
Great stats once again dude! Interesting to see the minutes played was so different. He’s spent less time on the pitch and got those numbers… That is pretty impressive. I think he’s gonna sign and stay for the rest of his career!
Gerv vs. (insert linked player) stat off every month!


This is his first year he is injury free and he already want to go like Nasri.
If he stay he is legend , if not he is just an ingrat.

Jay Allen

Oooh! Clichy vs Santos next please..

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