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Quotastic: Arsenal strikers say nice things

Updates from happy and (relatively) content sounding Arsenal forward.

First up, Marouane Chamakh:

On the formation and his lack of playing time:

It would be better for me if we played with two strikers but that’s the system and the way of playing here. I respect that and it’s working very well. That’s the way it is, that’s football and if the system were to change we would need another striker. This would provide a chance for another player but that’s the way it is at the moment.

On his Arsenal experience so far:

It’s gone well overall, the first year, the first season is about settling in and adapting and there are lots of good strikers around. I haven’t played as much, what with Van Persie coming back from injury but for me, it’s been a settling in period. It’s been good to play for a club like Arsenal and getting used to the league but I’m trying to learn, enjoy it and long may it continue.

Next, is Ju-Young Park:

On why he’s had a slow start and needs time to settle:

I couldn’t train much for about two months before I moved here, I just had to do some personal training instead. Since I joined the team it has been two months and I feel like I am in my normal condition now. The coaches adjust the training depending on the games we play and it’s good.

On living in London and playing for the Arsenal:

I am settling off the pitch as well, all the Arsenal staff and everyone else have helped me. Also my wife is here so I don’t have many problems settling down. Personally I don’t like a loud and noisy atmosphere, I prefer a very quiet life. And I live in a very quiet area in London so I really like it, it’s pretty good, I don’t have any problems living here and I am not a fussy eater so I don’t have problems with the food either!

On his teammates and the manager:

To be honest, all the players are world class so it’s surprising and shocking, for me, to play with them, it makes me very happy.

Arsene Wenger has been working here as a manager for a very long time and he has the respect of everybody. He’s a really good leader and I’m happy to have this chance to work with him, it’s a great thing for me to train under this manager, he is a good leader.

And saving the best for last, it’s Robin Van Persie (speaking mostly at the release of his 100 goals DVD):

On his connection with Theo Walcott:

After every single goal, people ask me, ‘Who gave the assist?’ I just say, ‘Who do you think?’ We have that connection, I know what he is going to do, which is very important. It’s vital to have a player around me, as a striker, who knows where I move, how I move, do I want the ball into feet, do I want it behind. He knows where to find me. Stuff like that is vital.

It [his 100th goal for the club]was just a big honor and I asked Theo to celebrate with me, I had my history with Arsenal Football Club.

On Wenger’s influence on his career:

I’m so thankful for having met him because he made a big difference in the way of seeing, looking at football. I was 20 and he said, ‘Why are you not a top player yet?’ I said, ‘Because of this, this and this.’ He told me to think about it. Then, a couple of weeks later, he asked me, ‘Are you a top player?’ I said I didn’t think so and he told me to think about it.

I started to realize and then he gave me a little bit of advice about certain actions that I did. For example, I made a couple of little mistakes in a game. He told me that a top player doesn’t do those actions. I started to think about the conversation. It was a conversation that only lasted for five minutes, but it was a conversation that went on for a year because every couple of weeks he was referring back to it. He was showing me proof as well. I was taking it on and then it was up to me to find my answers. I was finding my own answers and that’s how he helped me big time.

On his current form:

For people on the outside it might look as if I’m going to score because I’ve been scoring the last couple of weeks. But for me I’m in a different vibe.

I still have to do it. I have to find the solution to score which is completely different and quite hard. But when you’re in the vibe and only need one or two chances to score, that’s the best feeling that a footballer can have.

On his first goal for the club, against Manchester City at Highbury in 2004:

I lost it a bit! It was very good, it was very memorable. I went and celebrated with the wrong fans!

On his equaliser against Barcelona in last season’s Champions League:

I’ve seen images of fans celebrating that win, it just makes me really happy to see that. There’s one picture in my mind of a fan dressed up with [an] Arsenal shirt on, a hat on and he was just screaming it out! It was like the best moment of his life. It made me so happy. You could see what it meant to him and it made me even more happy to see that. When the whole stadium is desperate for a goal, as a footballer, when you are the one who scores it, then it gives you a boost.

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Bless their hearts.


oh that Barcelona game was probably the best moment of last season period.


That Barcelona game was the best ever… Orgasmic!


Was with my little Brother, dude was just getting into Arsenal, I’d started taking him to the odd game, but he was still adjusting to football and needed that special moment to make him a gooner forever. Did that game do the trick or what, my occasional source of tickets (am poor student) obviously couldn’t/didn’t want to hand ’em over so we watched it on telly, we score’ score again, boom a lifelong gooner is born. We sang Arsenal songs for the next two hours and I could hear him still singing after I put him to bed. Just as… Read more »

Glory hunter

Great story, although u might have just ruined the rest of his life!
Only joking lol


No doubt the GREATEST ever game at the Ms.

So far.


Quotastic indeed


Proud of them.. They (like others in the current team) wear the jersey with pride. I feel special about this team.. It just isn’t talent anymore, we have some very hard working players who fight for the team.. Love them all who wear the jersey and play for it..


rvp is a total legend. COYG

the only sam is nelson

good attitude all round

gotta feel sorry for chamakh, though, the poor bastard can’t buy one at the moment, and it’s not as if it’s for lack of trying. if humility = goals he’d be outscoring RvP. what a shame that humility = humililty, then. still better than the bendtner attitude…


@picture of the 3 strikers training….!!!!stand up and salute wenger!!!there is no denying that there isn’t quality!!!all are skillful in their own ways!!


I respect Chamack more from that interview. I watched this morning before coming to work. No complaint’s just acknowledgement of the situation with an attitude to make it better. With all those who talk down Theo, hear what the ledgend has to say bout his contribution. By the way has Theo turn into a different type of player. I am impressed. I thought it was an Arsenal thing, but I saw it during his international outing this week. He seems, to be playing with some sort of patients and even defending, one touch quick give and go. he’s just not… Read more »


It’s good that the sprit in back up. Very important in the dressing room


Henry back training with the Arsenal.

January Loan?


haha brilliant idea! and why not?!

but these pictures might be fake…there’s pictures of the ‘missing’ diaby, walking around on a football field…so I’m not too sure.




The first picture I put down to my weary eyes, but then there were more!!! He’s alive and hope he can come back and stay fit, it’s never bad to have too many quality midfielders!! 😀


Diaby is back in full training but will need months to get back to full fitness. Talk of a cameo during the Man City CC game

Cygan's Left Foot

I think the season is too long and all will get their chances to shine.

I don’t know if I should post this link here but it is to prevent public money being used to support the Spuds’ redevelopment of its football ground.

Please click and sign


We get stuff like this all the time in the US. Why not long ago, an NFL franchise had my county support it’s desire for a new stadium, yet we are not an adjoining county to the city of Denver. We get no benefit from the handout to a privately owned sports franchise here… yet we still had to pay. If the spuds cannot afford their own redevelopment, it shouldn’t happen. This is just their way of pouting about the loss of the Olympic stadium to West Ham. Businesses should be required to pay for their own growth and development,… Read more »

Bromley Gooner

A little tear of joy welled up in me reading RvP’s comments, and seeing Henry back is nice he hasn’t aged a day what a leg-end, oh memories sweet memories, come on The Arsenal give us some more sweet titles so in years to come we can reminisce

Pele of Romford

Thierry Henry.



just love the super positive spirit that has engulfed the team. We needed this after the loss of confidence for so long a time.
Things can only get better.



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