Wednesday, September 27, 2023

Report: Arsenal 3-0 West Brom (inc goal clips)

Arsenal continued their excellent run of form with a 3-0 win over West Brom at the Grove today.

Arsene Wenger decided today was the day to rest Per Mertesacker, choosing to unleash the Vermscielny axis on West Brom and in the first half the pair were relatively untroubled. What they had to deal with they did well, and in general Arsenal dominated the game and possession.

Without really troubling Ben Foster Arsenal kept the ball well and moved it about the pitch at will. Carl Jenkinson whipped in a number of great crosses which a team with a greater emphasis on attacking those kind of balls would probably have thrived on.

We took the lead in the 22nd minute when Aaron Ramsey picked up a quick free kick and played a quite magnificent ball inside the centre-half and the left back for Theo Walcott. Theo ran into the box, shot at close range but saw it stopped by Foster, but who else was there to mop up? Bazillion goal scorer Robin van Persie, that’s who, and he tucked home the rebound to make it 1-0.

Wojciech Szczesny was asked to deal with a couple of crosses, which he did well, as Arsenal continued to boss the game. After a corner was cleared, Alex Song chipped a lovely ball to the back post, van Persie fired it back across goal for the onrushing Thomas Vermaelen to fire home with his left foot. 2-0 Arsenal. It was the Belgian’s first goal since that game against Stoke when Lennie snapped Aaron Ramsey’s leg.

Laurent Koscielny denied Jerome Thomas a shot on goal and West Brom wasted a great free kick chance late on to go in two goals down at half-time.

In the second half West Brom were a bit more lively – but that’s pretty much saying they went from corpse to shuffling zombie, while it was Arsenal who made all the chances. Jenkinson continued to whip in great crosses and Ben Foster was forced into saves from Alex Song and Gervinho before Arsenal made it 3-0 with the goal of the match.

Robin van Persie took a pass from Alex Song and turned beautifully past his marker. He played it out wide to Rosicky who gave it back to the captain in the box. He laid it off for Mikel Arteta to bury it in the bottom corner to make it 3-0 and seal the game for the Gunners.

At that point it was game over and there was no way back for West Brom. Szczesny made his first save of the game in the 86th minute when he stopped a Reid header from a West Brom corner.

Woy Hodgson’s men were pretty terrible today and it was as comfortable a win as Arsenal have had in a long time. Another good 3 points, a clean sheet, and you can’t ask for much more than that heading into the Interlull.

pic by @7amkickoff

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Rock solid. No injuries. Happy.


Cruised to 3 points, the back 4 looked very good indeed, Rosicky was bloody lively for his 20 minutes, enjoyed seeing that.

Liverpool got held 0-0 by Swansea so we’re now level on points outright.. We’ll be in the top four soon.


I loved that Liverpool only 0-0 w/ Swansea. IMO they are the real one man team, aside from Suarez, they’re all rubbish – especially that big lump with the ponytail.


Comfortable. Solid win.
Those links blocked already?


Tommy V back and in goal scoring form! RvP continuing is excellence. Club in crisis?


Forgot to mention Arteta. Brilliant. That is all.


YESSS! Now bring on Norwich!………….oh wait 🙁


Worst start ever, now 3pts off 4th.

Happy fuckin days!

Glory hunter

Im still hoping for 2nd!!!!


Don’t ignore Gervinho’s assist on the second goal


It makes quite a difference when you have a team working together. Gone are the big ego players.


So true, it calms my heart sometimes.


What a difference it makes to have a true leader as captain. This side is genuinely starting to look like a team.


Carl Jenkinson. He is hard working, he has amazing stamina and he is a fantastic crosser of the ball. Still quite raw and unexperienced, but he can become a great player.

Great to finally see a fullback put some good balls in.
Great win today, rock solid.

North Bank Ned

Do we need TGSTEL back to get on the end of Jenkinson’s crosses?


Well I can see your point, but I don’t think that TGSTEL will be back, because Cuntcelona, ManShitty and Real Madrid are battling for him, you know….


Here are some RvP stats :
– If he scored two or more goals today, he would’ve been the only player in Premier League history to score 2 or more goals in 4 consecutive matches
-He now has total of 29 goals in 2011, and has rest of November and Decemer to try and catch Alan Shearer with 36 goals in 1 year, King Thierry with 34, Nistelrooy and Les Ferdinand with 30…
But you know what, I’d rather see a good team play than selfishness.
All in all great game today. COYG 🙂


please no injury this november…….


Agreed, I think Robin should get a police warranty that forbides Chiellini beeing in a 50 mile radius of him..
( In case you forgot 15th Nov 2009 tackle which ended his season ) 🙁

Goon Mate

Great win, Solid performance. The lads are really united. It’s great to see!.. Dammn you Interlull!! 😀


I’m not that gutted tbh, give’s us the chance to rest Arteta without rotation.


I’m not that gutted tbh, give’s us the chance to rest Arteta without rotation. Wonder who else will be getting the call ups.

Ace McGoldrick

Annoyed to see BBC give credit to Arteta for Ramsey’s awesome pass for the first goal. Having said that I don’t mind Arteta getting praise he was brilliant again today. Excellent signing


Hughsie credits Song on the Arsenal Player highlights. SONG!!

Loving the togetherness this group of players show. They all want to be there and play well for the team. Makes such a difference.


Great team performance..


Just can’t wait to see Jack back playing in this team. And we still have Ryo, the Ox, Frimpong, Coq and maybe even Diaby. The midfield looks good to me.


good job.but still long way to go.hope the interlull doesnt brk the momentum…..or legs,hamstrings,etc.

Dortsmond Rev.

Now we are maturing

Master Bates

The Verminator scored a goal and did his defensive duties to get us second consecutive clean sheet since his return .I think we have been upgraded to 2 man team


We’ll soon be upgraded to a 3 man team when jack returns & an 11 man team when we win a trophy lol.


Bloodly marvellous. Tomas I want your children. Arteta honourable mention. Dull solid game….Ten more wins and I have to pay out for a Box at the Emirates. I must start saving. A bet from the summer…WELL DONE LADS…xxx

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I’m a nottingham forest supporter but love watching the gunners. By far the best passing side in the premiership but man city pushing you for that title now 🙁 But another good win for the gunners and top 4 within reach just wish you had a few players to loan my beloved nottingham forest 🙁 So keep faith with wenger because love him or hate him he’s a great manager and you are very lucky to have the great man.


How silent the boo-boys.

Nasri's mum



I just saw the stats posted on Sky Sports. Arsenal’s total crosses were 34 to WBA’s 9. Amazing and Jenkinson had a big part in that stat. COYG!!!!!


Solid at the back, controlling midfield and the awesome RVP up front…. Was west brom I know but can only beat what’s put in front of you… Fuckin good show boys…. Thought jenks was great today… Level with baggy faced dalglish’s mob now… Come on the arse….


Dominate shit teams and get three points. That’s the arsenal I know and love. Just keep rolling on. I see no reason for us not to finish 2nd. Were better than Chelsea and united and Newcastle, spurs and Liverpool are going to proven to be shit.

Now please lads, no stupid fucking injuries during this bullshit international break!!!!!!

Pele of Romford

Is arsene still our manager?

The Interlull Madness

Its amazing that the Naysayers of a 6 weeks ago have gone silent. We still want you hear but with good agruements… afterall its an opinon blog. Wenger Out possee where are you….

Autumn lovin

Qpr gave City a good game. City don’t handle set pieces that well. If we keep winning I think we can compete with them when we meet. Defensively we are looking solid and Ramsey Song and Arteta are improving each game. Just need RVP to keep injury free as our weakness is we don’t have anyone else to fill his boots.


I think QPR and Bayern have proven it’s possible to really give City a real run for there money in a well contested game. Indeed, so have Napoli, so while I reckon they’re fairly nailed on for the league, reckon we could get 2-3 points of them. Now our teams come together, reckon they’re the only lot who are conclusivley better than us.

Lord Teddy Ears

3 more points clean sheet and RVP doing the business again. Lets get him some help in as a late christmas gift and we should make 4th.

Ps Nasri is a bench warming lady flower !!!


Jenkinson is going from strength to strength, some excellent work today, he got very positive feedback from the Grove today.


No frog. No fatgooner. Funny that.


No quite sure what your trying to say mate. So spit it out clearly or fuck off.


I didn’t see the game so, unlike some people, I chose not to comment on it.

It’s brilliant that we won and kept a clean sheet. Our goal difference is positive at last.

If we are going to keep this going then Wenger needs to buy a quality second striker in January: we are relying too much on RvP.

Eric Irish gunner

What that they give opinions,some time the truth hurts, great team performance again from all the lads today were on the up

Eric Blair

Things are looking good. As mentioned before, this is looking like a real team for the first time in years. Is it unfair to think that might have been down to Cesc? Perhaps, it could just have easily been down to having players like Nasri and Bendtner in the squad which would do little to harmonise the environment. I remember when Gallas and Toure fell out, Wenger said it didn’t matter if players didn’t like each other as long as they were professional, but I think he was kidding everyone because we are now reaping the benefits of a united… Read more »


Frog did say something positive and I think even fatgooner’s warming to this team judging by his comments after the chelsea game! But as always there’ll be trolls being miserable about everything…but that aside another good win, 3 points, clean sheet and no real nervous moments in defence. Funny how liverpool for all their spending, getting transfers done early and showing ‘ambition’ are only ahead on goal difference after 10 games. And the so called pundits still think they’re title contenders! We are the Arsenal, we may not make much noise or spend millions but we still put points on… Read more »


Dear cometoseeeboue and ar,

I’m glad to see you two wankers actually come onto this site to see if I comment or not. It makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. I mean, this “eboue” puts didn’t even take the time to leave a comment of his own, only a cheap, incoherent swipe at fatty and I.


I was merely pointing out to ‘cometoseeeboue’ that you had actually made a positive comment as opposed to the insinuation that you normally have a dig at the team or something to that effect. The thing is with all your earlier negative posts people tend to think that you don’t like it when we win – which I don’t believe is the case and I made an effort to shed some light on that. If it makes you feel warm and fuzzy so be it! Each to their own..the main thing is we won, and 3 more points!


I always make positives comments and I never take digs at the team. I only take digs at the board and dumb ass posters.


It’s not really your point of view that was so ‘trollish’ more than it was your manner of speaking.

Just because eboue said “No frog, no fatgooner”, you quickly said “No quite sure what your trying to say mate. So spit it out clearly or fuck off.”

That clearly signals that you don’t care about other people’s opinions and/or lack total respect. You make yourself look like a cunt and it’s pretty much no one’s fault but yours.


Stop whining for once, Mr Frog. Or jump back into your murky pond, as it were. Can’t we just savour a sweet victory without yourself exhibiting your classlessness at yet another fan? Are you allergic to our new happiness?
What’s really your problem, sir?
So appalling.

The Interlull Madness

Frog: You may have ASD …. Its hurtful sometimes what you write. Not all is macho and hard as you. Well done fellas (kox and Anon) for sticking up to him


Read my post. It said nothing but true positive thing about a: arsenal b: the match played today. Both things totally relative to the thread. Some dipshit, eboue, takes a cheap shot, not even close to having anything to do with arsenal or the thread, and I’m the bad guy? Fuck off


Ramsey has an eye for that throughball and nails it more often than not. I can’t help but feel there’s something almost cesc-esque about it…


Hopefully not the leaving to Barcelona type cesc-esqueness, just the chip over the defence final ball type cesc-esqueness.


People need to stop comparing Rambo to Cesc. He ditched us, and cost us £15-20m. Remember?

Just because Ramsey is quality, it doesn’t mean he’s like Fabregas. He’s more industrious, and a better leader than Cesc. He’s also got the confidence to score goals, and shoot regularly. He is a more mature player than Fab @ 20, even with a formative year of his career smashed by that ugly cretin..


Clearly Fabregas does score goals, before anyone points that out.. He lacked the confidence in front of goal which Ramsey has, when he was 20.. I wouldn’t swap him back

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Can someone upload a vid of Jenkinson’s crosses ? Didn’t see the game..

[…] win it was, and one which have been missing from our game for the past 8 months. Arseblog has the full match report, while 7amkickoff provides us with some interesting and eye-pleasing statistics from […]


The only comparison with cesc I intend to make is the nature and quality of pass that ramsey produces on a consistent basis. People need not read any more into it than that, just remain calm.

Naija Gunner

up Gunners haters can go to hell, I love this club and especially the fans for staying with the club through out the crises.
We’ve already turned the damn corner and moving forward, we now have a team that is ready to die for the club even with our low budget thank you everyone am always happy to watch the Arsenal play the game of football.

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