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Adams: I hope I’m not done yet with The Arsenal

Tony Adams has spoken with pride about having a statue erected in his honour outside the Emirates and stressed that despite being cast in bronze he still harbours hopes of returning to work at The Arsenal.

The legendary club captain, who is still apparently working in Azerbaijan despite suggestions he had left Gabala, also revealed it took an official letter from the club asking for his dimensions before he twigged that

Speaking to the Arsenal official matchday programme ahead of yesterday’s one-nil victory over Everton, Adams hinted at a long-standing ambition to return to N5.

“A statue? You don’t really get one of those until you’re dead, do you? Well, I hope I’m not done yet. Actually, I hope I’m not done yet with the Arsenal! It’s an incredible honour being remembered like this.

“When I first heard about the idea of a statue, I thought they were probably talking about one of those little 6-inch high models you used to be able to buy when I was a kid.

“It wasn’t until I got the letter from [Club Secretary] David Miles asking about my measurements that I realised what was going on!”

Speaking about the moment captured in bronze – his celebration in the aftermath of his memorable volley against Everton in 1998 – Adams reflected:

“Oh, I just whacked the thing and I suppose it could have gone anywhere. But that was one of those days. I knew – we all knew – it was meant to be.

“A great season, a great afternoon. And the feeling after the ball went in, down the North Bank, was very special. It wasn’t going mad because I’d scored. It was sort of serene, just a moment that took me over.

“And I’m lucky; it was a moment, like Charlie [George] lying on the pitch at Wembley or Micky [Thomas] scoring at Anfield, that’s been remembered ever since.”

Although Adams was unable to make yesterday’s parade of club legends, the former centre-back will take to the Emirates pitch ahead of the New Year’s Eve match with QPR.

Let’s hope his statue is still in good nick, as the man himself noted, “You know they’ll be Tottenham fans down trying to pin a tail on that statue, won’t there?”


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Ok hope he does not miss his return to Arsenal as I am desperate to find out who and why he fell out with Arsenal. I say he he does not miss out not in jest as we play Wolves on Boxing Day not QPR


He’s still one of my heroes, no matter what happens. It’ll be good to see him back on Boxing Day.


He is still my favourite player of all time


How/When/Why did Tony fall out with the club?


IT”s a mystery would love to know though.

Mark G

“I knew – we all knew – it was meant to be”

“It wasn’t going mad because I’d scored. It was sort of serene, just a moment that took me over.”

Tony… You are Mr. Arsenal.


He fell out with the club because he didn’t get a second testimonial.

Adam, Watford

Firstly, I agree, he is an Arsenal playing legend, that volley still brings out goosebumps on my neck . . . and I only saw it on the telly ! However, unless he proves himself as a manager somewhere meaningful, I rather hope he confines his interest to coaching any new defence we might have, if we need to fill that coaching need. That and his continued 100% off-field support in the media. That is what a legend is made of, for example like Bob Wilson Dennis Bergkamp or Lee Dixon for example. he was a great player, I hope… Read more »


We already have qualified people in our coaching ranks who deserve a shot at Pat Rice’s position when he leaves.


I was in the North Bank the day he scored that goal. Perhaps he’s a bit upset because Wenger hasn’t brought him back as a coach, which Adams clearly wants. He hasn’t proven himself as a manager so I’d only like him back as a defensive coach, he’d surely be great in that role. I don’t think it’ll happen whiilst Wenger is there though, or indeed any of our 1990s heroes.

Big Tone

Charlieboy. Is that right? I’ve always wondered. the man has always been my favourite goon, I grew up watching him lead us like no one else has since. I’d love to see him sort out whatever it is bugging him. What about sorting a pre season with his lot?


Whatever it was it seems to be over thank god. The statue I think would Go some way too whatever wrongs someone has done to this great man in the past. Possible replacement for pat rice at the end of the year? I’d love to see it.

Tommy Gun

Is TA coming to the game on Boxing Day or the QPR game which is on NYE? I can’t make the QPR game so hoping it’s the former.


Apparently true big tone, I love him, such a great leader, I remember his 1st game when he came out if prison I think it was against qpr and he got so much stick but I’m quite sure ge scored and then gave two fingers to the qpr fans, cracked me up! I heard hes coming to the game on boxing day.


Remember that one Charlieboy. I was also there for his first ever run out after prison, which was a reserve game at Highbury (against Reading I think, could be wrong though).

Can’t recall the score now but I’m sure we got a pen in the 2nd half and TA stepped up to take it. All beautifully set up for him, in front of a bigger than usual crowd, and he absolutely smashed it……..right over the bar.



The greatest Arsenal player of all time without doubt. Loved is loyalty loved that he was flawed like most of us. Most of all he loved arsenal like a fan even city or Barcelona can’t buy that.


I’m sure I read in an interview that he bought his players over to the arsenal training ground in the summer to see the facilities.

Cygan's Left Foot

Mr Arsenal going through a lot of changes in his life, let him find himself and he will always be Mr Arsenal and welcomed.


Wished DB10 had a statue too. My choice would be DB10 standing just as the ball left his foot into the Newcastle net.



Adams was Me Arsenal and played in the best back 4 the premiership has ever seen. With his knowledge and insight into defending and holding a strict line across the back, having him back at the club as a defensive coach would be incredibly beneficial in light of previous performances this season. Also can we have some more statues, DB10 and Bradey definately deserve there place at the emirates. Love you rip roaring reds

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