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Man City 1-0 Arsenal: By the Numbers

90 – Mikel Arteta season average pass completion percentage
92 – Mikel Arteta pass completion percentage v. Man City
79 –
Mikel Arteta season average pass per game rate
73 – Mikel Arteta passes v. Man City**
84 – Gervinho season average pass completion percentage
93 – Gervinho pass completion percentage v. Man City**
27 –
Gervinho season average pass per game rate
45 – Gervinho passes v. Man City
23 – Number of Gervinho’s passes that were in the attacking third
20 – Number of those passes Gervinho completed*
77 –
Robin van Persie season average pass completion percentage
59 – Robin van Persie pass completion percentage v. Man City**
4.5 –
Robin van Persie season average shots per game
3 – Robin van Persie shots v. Man City
1.8 –
Thomas Vermaelen season average shots per game
5 – Thomas Vermaelen shots v. Man City**
5 – Kun shots v. Arsenal**
93 –
Samir Nasri season average pass completion percentage
78 – Samir Nasri pass completion percentage v. Arsenal
48 – Samir Nasri season average pass per game rate
60 – Samir Nasri passes v. Arsenal
60 – Number of times I heard “Sami you’re a c*nt” through the television

9 – Pablo Zabaleta tackles v. Arsenal
19 – Tackles per game (at home) Man City season average
33 – Tackles by Man City v. Arsenal
21 – Tackles per game (away) Arsenal season average
24 – Tackles by Arsenal v. City
17 – Total times RvP (7**), Gervinho (6), and Theo (4) were dispossessed by Man City’s defense
13 – Total times Man City’s entire team were dispossessed by Arsenal’s defense
8 – Interceptions by Gareth Barry v. Arsenal**
17 – Interceptions per game (at home) Man City season average
26 – Interceptions by Man City v. Arsenal
18 – Interceptions per game (away) Arsenal season average
20 – Interceptions by Arsenal v. City
8 – Season average attempted through balls by both Man City and Arsenal
16 – Man City attempted through balls v. Arsenal
3 – Arsenal attempted through balls v. Man City

12 – Cost in millions of Pounds for Arsenal’s three substitutions
60 – Cost in millions of Pounds for Man City’s three substitutions
14 – Passes by Theo Walcott in 69 minutes v. Man City
13 – Passes by Andrei Arshavin in 21 minutes v. Man City
1 – Shots by Andrei Arshavin in 21 minutes v. Man City
1 – Free kick conceded by Andrei Arshavin in 21 minutes v. Man City
0 – Other stats generated by Andrei Arshavin in 21 minutes v. Man City
2 – Attempted passes by Chamakh in 8 minutes v. Man City
1 – Successful dribbles by Chamakh in 8 minutes v. Man City
1 – Successful aerial duels by Chamakh in 8 minutes v. Man City
0 – Successful passes by Chamakh in 8 minutes v. Man City
0 – Other stats generated by Chamakh in 8 minutes v. Man City

599 – Passes per game Arsenal season average
518 – Passes attempted v. Man City (#2 season low)
504 – Passes attempted v. Chelsea (season low)
238 – Passes attempted by Arsenal in the first half v. Man City
280 – Passes attempted in the second half by Arsenal v. Man City
17 – Attempted Arsenal defensive clearances 0-53 minute v. Man City
4 – Attempted Arsenal defensive clearances 54-90 minute v. Man City
2 – Successful headed clearances by Arsenal 0-90 minute v. Man City
7 – Attempted Man City defensive clearances 0-53 minute v. Arsenal
19 – Attempted Man City defensive clearances 54-90 minute v. Arsenal

*Leads team
**Leads all players

More of this kind of thing over at and in 140 characters or less @7amkickoff on twitter


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Arshavin is a waste of space. Why is the Ox not at least on the bench? Much more of a threat coming off the bench than that fat lazy Russian.


seconded. He really is poo isnt he that arsha wat-cha-ma-call him.


Really hoping Arsene loses faith in Arshavin after that performance. I was shocked when I saw him on the touchline getting ready for a substitution, and he duly delivered a ripe course of disappointment.


“60 – Number of times I heard “Sami you’re a c*nt” through the television”


[…] Match report – Video – By the numbers […]


So they dominated the first half, we dominated the second, could have gone either way really, and but for either keeper cud have been a much bigger score line. SCZC, take a bow!


I feel despite his incredible form and consistency, the SCZCINATOR is still underrated. One of, if not, the best keepers in the league. He looks so assured and doesn’t ever look like he’ll have a Fabianski loss of confidence. Long may it continue.


I think the two best keepers in the league were playing at Eastlands yesterday. Szczesny & Hart are both quality, there ain’t much between them. Reina and Cech are good also. De Gea is crap.

Van Ali

Why are Ramsey’s satats not included? I bet everyone will be disappointed to see how many balls he lost. I don’t understand why many of us are fans of him. Rosicky can do way better than him. He created nothing when we needed him. Only stupid back heels shock led to counter attacks, and accurate passes to the keeper, #legend.


Ramsey was not quite good enough yesterday. But I think you are being harsh. First of all, ManCity are a fantastic team, and Mancini played most of his powerful and athletic players (Kolo over Lescott; Yaya over de Jong) through the middle (with the most powerful at right back). Ramsey is young, lacks a bit of savvy, and missed a year. He was up against Yaya Toure and Gareth Barry who have, esp Toure, orders of magnitude of experience (esp against tippy tappy football) on the kid, and they could play to their strengths (and were in a better team… Read more »

Van Ali

So we will have to wait for another 2 or 3 years until we can have a great midfielder again? Haven’t we waited enough? Isnt better to use our resources to bring someone who is better and ready to lead to us to glory? We can use ramesy as a sub and to rest other players, but to play him in the big games is just unfair to us and to him. I mean favregas and willsherd in his age showed more talent and creativity. He is overrated since he is British. The boy has talent, but it’s not the… Read more »


Van Ali, I’m not sure if you’ve heard, but we have this guy named Jack (Wilson? Wilbur? ah, Wilshere that’s it) whom a lot of people think is pretty good. Rumour has it, he’ll be back within the next month or two.


I actually agree with Van Ali. Ramsey’s just not who he was in the years P.S. (Pre-Shawcross), let’s all be honest. Lately he’s been very frustrating, with errant shooting and passing (especially), and in truth he’s getting more of a chance than Eduardo ever got, given the similarities in their circumstances. Each week with Ramsey makes me miss WIlshere more, and I’ll probably end up building WIlshere up to demigod status if this carries on. Plus, Ramsey should be on his toes: If one of he and Arteta have to make way for Wilshere, it’s obviously, at the moment, him.


That’s exactly right. Even Ramsey will admit he’s being played more than he expected b/c Cesc and Nasri both left, and Arshavin hasn’t got the stamina to play through the middle. When Wilshere’s back, Ramsey spells him, and spells Arteta. Simples. More natural learning curve restored. However, this season, when we need a central midfielder to step up late in a match against Wolves, or similar, to grab the three points on an off day for too many of the first team, Ramsey has the stamina, the heroic make-up, the mentality to not give up, and the composure against lesser… Read more »


There is a team dressed in sky blue that you may find more to your tastes. You’ll get lost in the masses of ex-utd, chelsea and spurs fans but you won’t be missed here. so toddle off now Van Ali and go and support the money.


I think you’re being a bit harsh on Rambo. Consider this, without true wing-backs we lack the option to play out of our defence. How many times did you see our defenders playing it back to SZCZ? How many times did you see our wingers playing deeper and tracking back? Without wing backs we only have 3 in midfield instead of 3 midfields and 2 wing backs and with the Mancs playing ball passing wingers we were out man and out done by them. When we have the ball in our final third Citeh’s wingers press our full backs. When… Read more »


1 – Number of teams still in the Champions League.

It's Grim Oop North

Number of teams still in the Carling Cup – 1

Number of goals scored in the game – 1, by David Silva.

Number of teams still in with a shout of winning the Prem – 1

Number of times Samir Nasri won man of the match – 1

(although I will concede that was just a wind-up to the Arsenal fans, but he did have a decent game overall).

Very enjoyable, if uncomfortable game, just as it should be.


Grim, just don’t slip up and let manure back in with a shout. If you are going to taunt us, at least humiliate your neighbors first and foremost. Repeatedly. Surely that would be more fun for you.

Tee Song

Percentage of current City fans who’ve just recently jumped off the Man United and/or Chelski bandwagons–99.9999%.

david seago

number of manchester teams in the champions league – 0

and i think you’ll find that you haven’t won the league as it’s still December. Trophy doesn’t get handed out till May, by which time you probably will have injuries to key players and will finish third.


It's Grim Oop North

Dilma, it would give me enormous pleasure to ensure our quiet neighbours do not retain the title, and it is indeed more fun than beating you lot, although our current rivalry is quite heated at the moment, which is interesting to say the least!. Tee Song, if we started off with a regular attendance of about 45,000, then we add the percentage of newcomers you quote, (99.999999%), then that adds up to a very big number, and makes my head hurt. But if they all buy a replica shirt and a David Silva quilt cover and pillow case set, then… Read more »


I like how Grim North brags about still being in the Carling Cup. What a marvellous accomplishment! Only equalled by Crystal Palace and Cardiff.

It's Grim Oop North


I’m trying to inject a little humour into the proceedings, by also pointing out we’re in the Europa League – the Carling Cup obviously isn’t a priority for you, why get so upset by my remarks??

Don’t be so uptight, it’s only a game mate, there’s always next time, it’s not as if we totally played you off the park is it?

As it happens, I enjoyed the bit about Nasri being called a Cunt, swearing on TV is big and clever, and we all enjoy it.


I think some of your numbers are wrong…

Number of teams still in the Carling Cup – 4 (hence the 2 semi-finals)

Number of teams still in with a shout of winning the Prem – between 5 & 6 (it’s still December don’t you know. The league finishes in May)


Hmmm. Just three attempted through balls. That says alot about our AMF and his confidence. Ramsey needs to start believing in his ability to find holes in defences if he wants to convince us that, AMF is his best position. That could be the difference in the big matches where disciplined defences mark our wide players out of the game


AMF isn’t his best position but Wilshere is injured, so has needed to play there. Ramsey does his best work as a box-to-box midfielder with a more attacking midfielder to pass to, as shown early in the season and with Wales.

why is my name required

nice pic

even the Kun thinks Na$ri is an asshole

haha look at balotelli and kompany even they thought so

Jolyon Williams

How about “Number of City players who stayed down after being tackled by Arsenal players on a booking”? Blogs was spot on with that comment, it happened far too often to be a coincidence. I´m sure Kompany did it as well as Barry and Richards. Shocking, really shocking. None of them needed treatment but they stayed down anyways. First time I´ve noticed something so blatant in the EPL…


Have you never watched Luis Saurez play?


I loved when the crowd at fulham chanted cheat at him, I don’t think I’ll ever forget his intentional handball that saved uraguay against ghana at the last WC.

Sami Rockfeller

His name is Samir not Sami -.-


Nah mate, its cunt 😉


His name is CUNT jheez how many times


But they shouted Sami and not Samir


With even one real fullback to add width and attacking options I’m sure we would have at least scored if not won. Still the game showed we can still very much compete with the wealthy neighbors.

Those Theo vs. AA stats are very interesting. Just two very different players? or is there something more… hmmm…

[…] yesterday’s match between Manchester City and Arsenal. I broke down the numbers over at Arseblog News and on the surface you might be tempted to agree with pundits who give plaudits to City’s […]


3 – Number of times Phil ‘all-time-cunt’ Dowd denied Arsenal of deserved points. (Vs Newcastle last season 4-4 n this season 0-0 and Man Cheating yesterday) 100 – Percentage hatred Phil ‘Pig’ Dowd has for The Arsenal.


although sometimes justified, it’s a wee bit too easy to blame everything on the ref and I don’t feel dowd cost us the game cause he did’t give the pen or whatever else…if two equal, in terms of quality, teams play each other, the element of luck can be decisive and in this case it wasn’t in our favour. the attitude and quality the team showed though I think is enough to beat most teams in the epl and with players coming back I’m still optimistic we can coyg something out of this season..


I think he was wrong to deny us at least one of the two penalties, especially if you consider the two penalties he gave to Newcastle against us, they were really soft. What borders me is his inconsistency of character, nothing more, to have given those two to Newcastle and then refuse to give for that Gervinho foul on the first day of the season and yesterday makes me feel we are dealing with two different characters.


Actually it was Peter Walton against Newcastle this season. Dowd is still a cunt though…


yeah, I wasn’t trying to take anything away from THAT fact, just referring to the game on sunday..


Just out of curiosity, who out the the midfield trio do those 3 attempted through balls belong to?


Song and Ramsey


7 – Number of back heels by Ramsey (at least…)


Number of times I’m going to be wishing everyone a Merry Christmas a few days in advance – 1.
Suitcase packed I’m off to France, enjoy the matches if you go folks, have a fun one.


I’m a die hard arsenal fan. And for that reason I want city to use this win to eventually win the leauge ahead of manure and chelski. I will hate them like the other 2 next season


I’m torn with who i want to win the league as i don’t want utd to win it but i also don’t want it to be won purely due to money being thrown around like it’s monopoly


I don’t want City to win the league, I want THE ARSENAL to win the league

[…] that about everybody yesterday.  Example from the good people over at Arseblog & their “By The Numbers” feature on Arteta’s play: 90 – Mikel Arteta season average pass completion […]


we should sign huntelaar and henry to partner van persie. we’ll be scoring goals for fun.


93 – Gervinho pass completion percentage v. Man City**
59 – Robin van Persie pass completion percentage v. Man City**

**Leads all players

Confused. Are you saying Van Perise leads all players by having the worst %?


Gervinho -highest, leads, has highest in team
RVP -lowest, leads, has lowest in team

still confused? Maybe it could have been explained better, but don’t nit-pick at the language used when the meaning should be clear.


Although we did well on Sunday, i do feel that the team failed to just do the basics of our game at times and they almost slipped back into Arsenal of the last 6 years with trying to find the “hollywood pass”.
Too much showboating and not enough pass-and-move, which our game is set up for. Composure was a must and unfortunately, it just wasn’t there in some players when we needed it.

Cape Gooner

Number of good goals disallowed – 1
Number of stone wall penalties not given – 1
Number of erroneous yellow given to Arsenal – 1
Number of correct second yellows not given to Barry – 1

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