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Szczesny: We hate Tottenham and we hate Tottenham

Wojciech Szczesny says that whatever happens this season he’s determined to help the team finish above local rivals Sp*rs.

While fans often express their dislike for other teams, creatively and otherwise, it’s unusual for a player to do so quite so openly. However, the Polish stopper is coming at it from a playing and supporting point of view.

“Getting above Tottenham is the main target,” he told the London Evening Standard. “We don’t want to finish below them no matter what. That’s just my personal ambition because I am one of the fans and so it means a lot to me to finish above them. I am confident we will do so.

“They will slip up eventually. They have been in good form – you have to give it to them – but I am confident we are a better side and will finish above them. Time will tell if they can handle the pressure but they look good at the moment. Hopefully they will drop points in the second half of the season.”

Arsenal’s number 1 also believes that despite the loss against Man City yesterday, Roberto Mancini’s side will also drop points as the season progresses.

“They will drop points. They lost against Chelsea, who are a good side, and they seemed to have got their confidence back. We are confident, playing well while they are on top of the league but United are catching up. Everyone can win it still.

“I don’t think there is a big gap between the teams in terms of quality. They just got the winning goal and that was the difference. But we showed that we are just as good as the richest team and possibly, at the moment, the best team in the league so that gives us confidence we can beat everyone else.”

The Gunners will be looking to get back on track on Wednesday night against Aston Villa whilst hoping that Sp*rs and Chelsea can take points off each other just before a meteorite lands on the White Hart Lane pitch just after the final whistle on Thursday.

ps – comments closed because Sp*rs fans who have come here appear to be total bellends.

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Never change, Wojciech. Never change.


someone please kidnap almunia and give this boy the number 1 shirt he deserves.


He has at least 14 years at arsenal ahead of him! he was superb against city.

Steve Lazarides

ha ha- your main aim is to finish ahead of Spurs. an amusing role reversal.

arsenal fan

we will finish above spurs


thats nothing but wishful thinking at this stage, almost repeated like a mantra, like a soiled bishop who is questioning his faith


Frank, why bring religion into this?


I love this lad ! Keep playing the way you are and you’ll be our number 1 for the next 15 years.


Erm, he’d be number for fifteen years, correct. But he won’t be at Arsenal.


Oh will he not Alan? Please tell us all where he will be playing instead, as we value your insight and prophetic vision so greatly.


Wow. The mighty Arsena use to be happy playing for titles. Now they just want to finish above Spurs. So is Spurs have a loss of form and end up 9th, Arsenal will be happy to finish 8th?


no, we’ll be happy to finish above them. in the top 4

why is my name required

every one connected with Arsenal FC, whether you are wearing the shirt or a true fan of the club, must know that sp*rs are cunts and will forever be in our shadow


insightful as always

Bobby Bee

Is this site run by the North Korean government?

It seems as though posts are deleted if they aren’t in total agreement with the author and question someone else’s post.

Ah well…I suppose that’s communism for you


Let me put in a way that doesn’t break those rules. Arsenal used to be a side who looked at finishing above spurs as a mere formality. Now it’s your main objective. You didn’t used to care much for the Carling Cup either but now it is the reason for season’s collapsing. You have double the revenue, much larger wage bill and yet spurs are widely accepted as having a bigger, better squad. These days when we beat you, we celebrate likes it’s another game. That’s a fact. Also finishing above you is not our main ambition. We want to… Read more »


“nobody gives a fish’s tit what you lot think.”

Maybe, but you certainly give a fish’s tit where our club finishes don’t you?


you obviously do because you keep replying


Don’t understand why my comment was deleted. None of the comment rules were broken.

Too many home truths probably.


oops you replied again, just cant help yourself


Haha.. you deleted my post you moron and there was nothing wrong with it. and before you reply.. nobody care’s what you think… let me tell you I don’t care what you think you twat!


Of course… because your keeper is an idiot


We are commenting on an Arsenal site because it appears on a spurs newsnow thread because that website has associated you as a spurs site. You know why? Because this thread is all about Tottenham.

A little tip, if you want Arsenal fans on this site, then talk about Arsenal. You want spurs fans on here then carry on.

Also the title is perfect for this site.


Spurs are happy to get kicked out of the Europa League ? THE EUROPA LEAGUE !! Spurs are happy to be ahead of Arsenal at Christmas ? I bet they are. Because that is the best they can hope for. Spurs can hope for Europa League next season…..If they are lucky..

Come On You Gooners !


Somehow that doesn’t quite stack up against the truth does it Gunner?

Best we can hope for? Your keeper is the one saying his main target is to finish above spurs. You are the ones currently outside the top four.


Spurs may well slip up, but so will Arsenal. Be interesting to see if they can achieve their ‘goal’ of such high aspirations. If Van Persie picks up his once a season injury then i doubt it.

A gunner

I for one am just happy to see that the best goalkeeper in the league is a true gunner and like all fans wants to finish above spurs and I’m sure it’s obvious he wants to finish in the champions league spaces


@Alan: Our keeper need not keep targets to finish above you. In fact, nobody has to target that. It just happens automatically. See you at St.Totteringham’s day 🙂

Come On You Gooners !


Why have we got a spud infestation on this topic? As blog said, we don’t care about your views, go back to your own blog

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