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Potential strike threatens Wolves game

Arsenal’s game against Wolves on December 26th is in doubt due to potential disruption from a one-day strike by London Underground drivers.

As well as restricting those who wish to spectate, it would also have an influence on matchday staff. Arsenal released a statement today saying:

We would like to make all supporters aware of the situation surrounding our proposed home match against Wolves on Monday 26th December. The club is fully aware of the proposed industrial action on London Underground on Monday 26th December.

We are closely monitoring the situation, together with all the relevant agencies, including the Metropolitan Police, Transport for London, London Underground, the FA Premier League, Wolverhampton Wanderers FC and Islington Council.

The paramount concern to Arsenal Football Club is the duty of care we have towards the Arsenal supporters, Wolverhampton Wanderers supporters, matchday employees and indeed everyone who is planning to attend this match. Any decisions or developments regarding this match will be immediately communicated on

There is some suggestion the game could be moved to December 27th should the industrial action go ahead, but London Mayor Boris Johnson is hoping to reach agreement with trade unions to avoid the strike.

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That just means RvP will have to score four in his next two games to be the most scoringest striker in a year in PL history! Piece of cake for Captain Van Tastic!


He why are the comments closed on the previous thread? We can’t give in to terrorism!!


Too many Spuds spoil the blog

the only sam is nelson

too many chefs spoil the lasagne… or something


That was 2-3 seasons ago and it was also never proven…. Apparently the chef was a WHU fan, so Arsenal were never there…..


Let’s go over to a spud forum to tell them what we think of them

Final Word.

Nah, we’re better than that. Let’s just enjoy the fact that Arseblog has pissed them off so much that they’re wasting there time on an Arsenal site 🙂

Final Word.

Spurs fans are cunts, always have been and always will be. They’re that argumentative little bastard in the pub with small mans syndrome and need to argue every single point regardless of whether it makes sense or not. Repetition is there mantra, no matter how much ammunition we gunners have over them they fixate on one minor fact (we all now they’ll finish outside the top 4) but as Gooners we are bigger men. We rise above it, smile and think, awww you poor ignorant bastards. Now go on, off you trot.




Wait…doesn’t that make us cunts? I’m not a cunt.


Sp*rs = cunts that are irritating
Crabs(and probably sp*rs fans) = irritate cunts
Best anology I’ve heard in a long time


Spurs = Temporary form
Arsenal = Permanent class


This extra day could work in our favour as it would give the players an extra day.


Not really. One extra day between Villa and Wolves, but one less day between Wolves and QPR. Considering we play Fulham after QPR on one day’s rest (ridiculous), I think we’d rather the Wolves game be on the 26th as originally schezhuled.

Jim Deen

” as originally schezhuled.”

Hmm, I like the way you worked in reference to Szczesny there. Props.


Considering it’s christmas, as a player i’d rather have an extra day off to get over whatever i got up to (it’s not all going to be pea soup and water…) and then use the continuity to take on QPR. Also, i think QPR would give us a chance to rotate. No offence to them but i think our game is suited to taking them on and winning.


But our lads are far less likely to fill up on a aldi 4 bird roast than the Wolves players.

[…] for today, strike action threatens the Wolves game on Dec 26th. London Underground drivers have planned industrial action which will affect fans and staff if it […]


love ya gooners! Spuds can lick sweaty chicken balls…hey! Its on their shirts! How fitting! Up the Arse !!


Wa-wa-wa-ankers they’re all wankers


Can you explain the start of your comenmt? You can’t trust Vermaelen in central defence except he plays alongside TV Well TV would be Thomas Vermaelen, so he would have to play alongside himself? He’s a good player but i’m not sure he can clone himself quite yet.Wading through the rest of your rant, i can deduce that you have not got a great idea of how the team rotation works You don’t play A or B teams. You have a first team and add the squad players into it. I’d say we have a fairly solid team when you… Read more »

Pele of Romford

I know I shouldn’t of (you know being the bigger man and that), but I’ve been there and had a laugh with them tits. I started a thread saying asking are we now better than arsenal and posted first saying no. I learnt something, moral victories are people with morals. These are twats who sign most of our ex players and for some of them sing their names after racially abusing them. And the best one I think is their best season for half a century involves them finishing in the top 4 at best. Fuck tottenham, small club. Victoria… Read more »

the only sam is nelson

Fuck moving the game, it’s hard enough arranging xmas week around the footie without moving the fucking game!

if you can’t walk to the arsenal then learn how to read a fucking bus timetable ffs

and wolves fans can drive/get the coach/walk from euston or whatever station their hole takes them to/etc etc



Almunia should give everyone a lift to the ground.


*Unanimous Applause*


Please don’t ruin my boxing day!


I plan to watch the other title contenders falter and fail to cheer myself up on Boxing Day


I’d love it to be changed.. no trains for me to get to the game on boxing day… postpone by a day and i can get there to watch the wolves go down

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