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Arteta out of United game – Vermaelen, Henry doubtful

Arsenal have been dealt a real blow ahead of Sunday’s game with Manchester United with the news that Mikel Arteta’s calf injury has ruled him out of the game.

Speaking to Arsenal Player, Arsene Wenger confirmed the Spaniard had ‘no chance’ of taking part and that next weekend’s FA Cup game against Aston Villa was a more realistic target.

The Gunners face a shortage of bodies in midfield with Arteta joining absentees Jack Wilshere, Francis Coquelin and Abou Diaby, leaving the manager a straight choice between Yossi Benayoun and Tomas Rosicky, with the Czech international likely to get the nod.

There was further bad news as Wenger revealed Thierry Henry would face a fitness test on Saturday, while Thomas Vermaelen’s hopes of making a comeback seem slight.

“At the moment I don’t think he will make it for Sunday,” he said. “Let’s hope we have a good surprise. Let’s see how he develops. There may be a test. At the moment we just go day by day but he looks short.”

Vermaelen missing out would mean another game at left back for young Ignasi Miquel who struggled at Swansea due to inexperience and lack of communication from his senior colleagues. As he’s likely to be facing a player better than the butler from The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air on Sunday, let’s hope he’s getting the instruction he needs on the training ground this week.

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Ahhh come on our best (or consistent) midfield player is out for the one particular game where i hoped to give that lowly fuckin united club a trashing they deserve.
Or otherwise Wenger finally decided to get his own mind games and do the same to chewgum eating fergum.
Hoping its the later.

rectum spectrum



The good news form
Yesterday just continues.

Master Bates

I guess we should have 5 players for each position ,because we have shit luck (or medical team and fitness)


Sad to say, but this is what happens when the squad is carrying too much dead wood that is either permanently injured or just not trusted by The Boss. In the end we keep playing the same 14-15 players and after a while they start to drop like flies.


This is exactly what has been happening for the past few years.

Master Bates

Take Fabregas for eg , no more hamstrings injuries

Master Bates

I made a list

1.Players injured of unfortunate events
– Sagna(pushed by a cunt)

2.Players injured because of overplayed
-Le Coq

-Thierry Henry
-all overplayed players

4.Players always injured


5. Players not trusted and only played as a last resort
– Park
– Squillaci
– Almunia
– Miyaichi

Master Bates

Guess Vermaelen beling to the Diaby’s group. Yes THE VERMINATOR is injury *sniffs*

Le Coq was definitely Over-something-ed ,the way he got injured


Dear masterbates,

Your list is shit.

Master Bates

i did my best

Matt F

Oh, for fuck’s sake! We almost always have a list of fucking injuries when we play Man U. And inevitably it tends to be our non-shit players. Fuck.


That’s Sunday ruined.
That’s the problem with Wenger and the board buying cheap: the players come from the Staffordshire potteries made of porcelain and break easily.
I can’t sit through another fucking 8-2….


Why did Frimmy have to go on loan? We lack in midfield and we are likely to run after shadows on sunday.
AND this time have OX and Miyachi start NOT walcott n Arshavin who can’t even score


Agreed..I’m still sitting here wondering where’s the logic in sending frimpong out on loan DURING an injury crisis? especially cos diaby is out until further notice, jacky boy is still a few weeks away, and le coq was covering for both sides of our full backs? Who was ment to be backing up song? Has anyone got that denilson guys phone number? Sao Paulo are in the off season so tell him to get his ass back to London and earn some of that pay packet. But seriously… He keeps possession well and his short passing game was always his… Read more »


Denilson… way……no fucking way……

Under the Crossbar

Big “no” for Denilson, as there was a fee associated with his loan and cannot be recalled. That’s my understanding, at least.


Damn! My bet is TV will start (mind games) and do his ankle in the first half. Quelle suprise……as they say

On the upside my house is for sale, and amazingly jack wilshere came round for a viewing on Monday! After a shit myself he told me he should be back in 3 weeks!


Bollocks,…. to both.

Matt Hare

Henry’s only played 35 minutes so far and he’s injured too. Great. What is up with the injuries? Haven’t we got the best training facilities/physios in the world? Ironically van Persie is the only player who’s stayed fit.

On another note I can’t take any more performances from Arsharvin. GIve someone else a chance. Anyone.

Glory hunter

This is the worst possible start to a weekend!
Honestly if we go 2 nil down, I’ll stop watching, my heart can’t take any more!!!

king gooner

every single time we play those c**ts we have an injury crisis-it’s a sick joke


I wnt b suprised if we got thrashed again


In all fairness though, Man U have an injury crisis of their own. Vidic shredded his knee, Jones and Smalling have knocks, Cleverly, Fletcher, and Anderson are absent from the midfield, Ashley Young is out, Wellbeck is out, Owen is out, de Gea is out of form.

Young Gooner

de Gea is not a great keeper. He just made some simple saves and commentators will say “what a great save” bla bla. I’m not surprise by his form right now


Think I’ll stay in the bedroom with the door closed and have a discreet tug instead of watching the match. That way I’ll know for certain that I’ll enjoy a predictable yet reasonably satisfying experience. Maybe not replace the second activity with the first for 90 mins + H/T + Fergie added minutes though…..


I miss Gervinho because playing with Walcott, Arshavin, Ramsey, Djourou and Miguel in the same starting 11 only happen at a club like arsenal. Man U 5 Arsenal 1. Wegner should play left back because he played Santos in a useless match to help Marseille qualify and we still got beaten. I bet Sunday is his last game in charge, Wegner out


Who’s this wegner you speak of?

the only sam is nelson

Blogs, with all this negativity around (which will of course be gone if we win Sunday) we need something to cheer us up

can we have a live commentary from Southwark Crown Court on Monday for Her Majesty vs Harold “twitcher” Redknapp?

I think that’s one match where we all know who’s side we’re on


calm down people!


Your answer shows real itnelielgnce.


7IFi8w bvlkvfuuwgtw


sfDdvR edexfyziwpph


you just know whats going to happen on sunday now. yay


Everyone here seems to forget that Manchester United have a pretty shitty midfield, they had to bring back scholes, hopefully he’ll play and get sent off, what we should be worrying about is united’s fast wingers.


Well, Ashley Young won’t be around to torture us as in the first game, but Nani and Valencia could do some damange. It will definitely be a huge test for our makeshift fullbacks.


i am getting really tired of havin all our important players missing through injury for nearly anytime we play these cunts, what is it with them and us? I’m seriously beginning to believe that both our club and Wenger have been cursed!!


is miyaichi injured or does he just never get a chance?


miyaichi was playing high school football recently so I would give him some time to develop or send him on loan


The most injury prone club arsenal,cant believe thiery is un fit after the little tme he played at arsnal


Its OK though, we still don’t need to buy anyone! so many people coming back soon!


poor team management! we should not be surprised we are in this position, drop the dead weight or sink the arsenal ship!

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