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Matías Suárez to Arsenal rumours cancel each other out

23 year-old Argentine striker Matías Suárez, top-scorer in the Europa League, has been linked to Arsenal recently. Apart from news reports building up over the last 3 days in Belgium, Philippe Auclair recently tweeted about an alleged offer from us for him (which he then distanced himself from).

Suárez, arrived in Belgium in 2008, and has worked hard to beef up his lanky frame to augment his considerable skill, and has had a strong 2011. Currently back in Argentina to marry his girlfriend, he is due to link up with Anderlecht’s training camp in Turkey by the end of the week as the Belgian giants prepare to return to action after the winter break.

For his part, Suarez has had just this to say:

“I do dream of a big transfer, but at the moment it is quiet. I want to be champions with Anderlecht.”

Auclair’s source insists that negotiations are underway, and with Arsenal being traditionally tough negotiators, and Anderlecht being a selling club, a deal might happen.

The rumour is serious enough to have been picked up by major national newspapers in Belgium.

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Master Bates

From the youtube videos he looks he’s got that super quality that Wenger wants,Good Goalscoring record too

Hope he is not a racist,biting,handballing,diving,donkeyfaced cunt like THAT Suarez.


You forgot buck toothed 😉


I think donkey faced covered that. However there are not enough words to describe what a supreme cunt he is.


Not that I’m defending Suarez just trying to measure the hypocrisy in Britain.

If Suraez is a racist then,

EVRA is based on the video in French Canal +
Alex Fergusson is a big racist when he said Typical Germans after losing to Bayern.
If arsene/someone else would have said ‘Typical Asians’/something then it would have been racist, presumably a long term jail sentence acc to the hypocrite british media:) but Typical Germans the whole of British media conveniently chose to ignore…….


The Germans are a nation not a race (You could have white/black/asian germans). Asians are a race of people hence “typical asisans” would be a racist comment.
Please get your facts straight before commenting bullshit


Sorry, Colin, Asians aren’t a race either. Are Israelis and Koreans the same?


@Colin Okay, you don’t have to label it “racist” but that doesn’t mean it’s acceptable. I’m sick of people saying they aren’t being offensive because they’re basing their prejudice on national stereotyping rather than racial. It’s the same bullshit but filed under a different name.


Not sure if you’ve any knowledge about history. But how many British & Americans were quick to point out the fact that Hitler was a racist. So if we go by the color of the skin according to your plum theory, then Hitler was not a racist.

Grow up son, & stop flapping!


Fascist would be a better word, but racism is pretty much fascism to the skin, which is still fucking fascism no matter how you put it.

Also, don’t forget South-East Asians! I saw them listed as a race in some Register page!

Johnny Massacre

With a name like kkkkkk I can’t take you seriously as an authority on racism.

And you do realise that the word negro is extremely sensitive because, oh, there was this whole slavery and colonisation thing?

Johnny Massacre

He has the same name, which means surely they have the same personality.


What kinda logic is that, you lil muppet???


It was a joke from Johnny, something you clearly have trouble understanding…


Kkkkk and others replying to my earlier clarify, of course asia is a geographical region and referring to Asians as a race is over simplistic.however, when we use the term Asian in the uk we are referin to indian,Sri lankan, pakistani descent. And when we talk of a race we are referin to. Group or people with the same physical characteristics. My gripe is that whenever a genuine racial issue is discussed in this country what automatically follows is a pointless comparison to other non race related offensive comments, kkkk’s original point about Germans for example. Do fergusons comments… Read more »

Lord Teddy Ears

Is that like Nasri the horse faced lady flower ?

I Love Titi



Come on…Shorter right footed RVP in the making….


Andrey micheal

Arsenal need this guy suares pls wenger bring dis guy to emirate pls.


When does the biannual Salomon Kalou rumour come out?


On 31st morning, after we miss out on all our targets and Kalou scores an own goal for Gabon but Gervinho scores the winning goal and they all forgave him.

Merlin's Panini

Gabon? You mean Ivory Coast? Different country mate.
Other than that good joke.


Right after Sebastian Frey and Yaya Toure.


I am one that never gets excited by transfer rumours but look where ju got me parked chamakh!


If this one is true it solves quite a few of our problems. We’ll have an rvp as well as a gervinho backup


Seen him a few times and he does look the part. A very good addition to the squad if you ask me.


please mr wenger we realy like him he is good get him pls.

Benoit Brouwers

I follow Anderlecht since I am 5. Suarez would be a great signing for Arsenal, but I am not sure whether it would happen now as there is the work permit to be granted…


I think he’s been in Belgium long enough now for a Belgian passport. If he has a Belgian passport then he will have no problem getting a work permit.

Ram Jay

What about podolski


I didn’t even think about work permit issues. Bummer.

Lord Teddy Ears

What tit marks down this guys comment for fuck sake get a life you looser !!!


I am having a laugh. We will agree terms by 29th by which time it will be too late for Anderlecht to find a replacement, so they then pull out of the deal. Meanwhile Titi would have scored a brace the weekend before and Wenger will state that as reason not to buy….moreover, Chamakh is on his way back from ACN cos Morocco has been knocked out.


Eduardo (not his fault), Park, Chamakh. It’s about time we hit on a striker.


I reckon the fact RVP is as good as about ten strikers rolled into one makes up for that a little bit.


Ten strikers playing while in a red zone sounds pretty fucking dangerous.


I hate transfer windows, we never get the players we want and worse the ones we need. Amazed if we do business this time even tho we are desperate for a striker and come march when Henry goes back we could be in trouble.
If we don’t get that 4 th place I honestly think the club will then be in serious trouble. Just hope wenger sees the light and makes a signing or two to make us great again.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

You know, I have the strangest feeling that we might have bought RVP during a transfer window.


We didnt. It was the off-season.


We should be wo lucky! Ideally, I`d opt to sweeten the package, by also grabbing his compatriot Biglia. The two men are mates and their club may fear that it would harden his declared intention to leave. As it happens, I would prefer Biglia, an Argentine International, to some MFs who are mooted. A.C. Milan have proved that signing two or three from the same Country, helps new players settle in quickly, all things being equal. Our injuries, once again demonstrate that AW, must bring himself to spend a few bob. We might just creep into the top four if… Read more »

Cygan's Left Foot

Not trying to crash everyone hopes, but have we not been there before? have you not heard the manager saying he is adding Henry to already “strong” “quality” Squad ? and this from Arsenal com “[I am expecting a] quiet [market]. Europe is depressed and there is not a lot of money available, only some clubs who have exceptional resources. “Let’s say that clubs who are not linked with the economic environment at the moment can buy!”. You really couldn’t make it up, dodgy Arry next door above us in the league with less injury worries and no money begging… Read more »


Well thats Arsene for you. Don’t believe everything he says.
Isn’t he the same manager who said, on, that sometimes players come from the African cup of nations when they are dead?

Cygan's Left Foot

Sorry it is my bad, Arsene has a habit of surprising us in every transfer window for the last 7 years by signing top top player. Where have you been since Dean left, gooner? If the “economic environment” is that bad, why is he still getting pay rise EVERY year? is he a banker.? To those who doesn’t understand, I have never questioned his coaching ability, he is the best in the business at getting the maximum out of a player and developing talents, only an idiot would disagree with that. Just don’t let this mad man near the money… Read more »


Dont insult Nigerians. Its uncalled for


Wenger with all his experience on and off the pitch, I don’t expect him to behave the way he is doing in the transfer window. Is he not aware that RVP continuous stay with the club hinges on how we fare this season? Walcott and Song all have their contracts coming up in 2013 and if we miss out on CL, we are likely to loose them as well. Why is he holding on to players who have proved over time that they cannot help us achieve any good feat? Cant these players(Chamakh, Squalacci,Arshavin) be sold out and proceeds from… Read more »


Podolski won’t come, his club pretty much depends on him and won’t let him go till summer na he himself won’t risk his spot in the national team just before the euros with a change of clubs. He’s a realistic target in summer, it might even be wrapped up before the euros, but not before.


Cygan your bang on again mate, but on here you get slaughtered for anything that is remotely negative no matter how much it’s based on reality.
You can just see the statements from the club come next summer. We missed out on cl and we have to cut our cloth accordingly blah blah blah. The lack of ambition and foresight at this club is scary. You reap what you sow, come next year if we don’t make cl and spurs will and rvp leaves as expected the grove will empty and the spiral begins. it’s not doom mongering


I think most people here probably have some issues with wenger’s recruitment policies, but what you get ‘slaughtered’ for is repeating the same bollocks over and over whenever possible…about bringing dein back, about kicking out half our squad and replace them with a bunch of superstars, about being in relegation battle next season, and blabla… i’d be happy about additions, too…and given our history in the transfer business I am a bit worried, too. but I still believe we have everything to play for, this team can pull of a top4 finish, and rvp is going nowhere. who again is… Read more »


heh. as much as I enjoy reading arseblog news and the comments…and although I’m taking the time to reply to this right now — neither do I have that much spare time nor is your opinion of that great importance to me 😀 sorry mate


I’ll put my name to this one as well. We may very well be wrong and the board/Wenger may have learned their lesson from this Summer where we lost Fabregas and Nasri. I just find Wenger’s latest statement very alarming and it is frighteningly reminiscent of seasons past where we’ve dropped the proverbial. I find the argument fornot buying star quality weak to be frank and it would be interesting to know the thoughts of our captain also. I’m sure Van Persie would relish the competition for his spot, in fact I’m sure it would bring even more out of… Read more »


Sounds to me like you lot have gone about and ” copy and pasted” all of the comments fatgooner and I have been making for quite some time now.

Everyone of you who have posted on this thread have had a go at fatgooner or I over the past few months for making comments echoing theses sentiments.

Welcome to the club girls. Next time don’t be such dicks.


Oh and we have the money to invest, one of the few that does at the moment. None of this makes sense. Poor management by wenger or the board? I have no idea who’s to blame but if it’s not sorted then we could be in the wilderness for years to come like spurs were.


I fully expect Man City, Chelsea, Liverpool, Man Utd and that lot down the road to suddenly take an interest in him, now that we have been linked.


Have we not learned from our mistakes? Other teams scouting consists of reading news about who Arsenal are in for as we have superior eye for talent while they have superior back pockets and steal them from under our noses. We need to pretend to be in for chaff like Wayne bridge to throw other teams off our scent . 😉

[…] Suarez. Let’s hope he’s the good kind and not the handballing, bitey racist kind. Turns out he’s called Matias Suarez, he’s Argentine, plays for Anderlecht and is the top scorer in the Europa League this season. […]

link to the original twitter acount, could be a very good buy for us.
One question though…. Do we have to wear T-Shirts for this guy?


No offence but didn’t D.D bring in the cygunner, Jeffers and inamoto? Enough of this bring back dein stuff already.
Where did that even come from?


Some bullshit comments removed.

Grow the fuck up.


well done arseblog! i reckon u’d be decent on the arsenal board. theres some bullshit that needs removing from the squad.


If the writing style of Nigerians/Africans bothers you that much, you must have personality problems. They are fellow gooners, and should be respected just like anyone else. Their opinions are just as important as yours, and far less bigoted. Shame on you. Take it back.
Sorry to any black people who were offended by that earlier comment. I hope the poster retracts it.

As for bringing back Dave Dein….do your research on his last days at the club. You might just change your mind.

die hard gunner

Mr WENGER Ʈђe miser


Suarez, is that you? Go back to Klu Klux Klanfield and button it!




I’ll take any attacker right now – although this particular signing has Wenger written all over him. Right now we need someone to challenge for positions and just shake the team up a bit.

I remember Wenger’s words from the 03/04 DVD about how a signing in January gives them time to get used to the change of lifestyle and be ready for the next season.

It’s been very rare that a January signing has influenced the remainder of the league. There has been exceptions however.


Diaby and Adebayor come to mind.

Lord Teddy Ears

They turned out well !!!


Well, they turned the season around though. Plus Ade scored 30 goals a season later and got us about 20m pound profit. He’s still a twat though.


I seem to recall his agent ( Philippe Auclair ) from somewhere?? I can’t remember from where, or when, but I have the suspicion that he was/is horrible cunt? is this his first time ever linking one of his clients to us? can some one shed some light on this please, as it’s annoying me as to how I’m familiar with him.


He’s just a football journalist, so take what he says with a grain of salt.

As for being a cunt – not sure. Seems likely


It’s pretty unfair when people come up with a name and the second thing you mention (as if it’s important) is whether or not the man is a cunt.

It’s great and all that JT’s a cunt, but just because someone is a cunt does not mean they spew false rumours. Kinda over the line (because that was totally uncalled for) if you ask me.

Heck a Google search of his name came up with a title “Philippe Auclair Talks Arsenal” on an Arsenal blog.


He is french i guess he was on Arsecast.


I’m pretty sure he was on an Arsecast, can’t remember when though.


Philippe Auclair is a friend of this parish and contributes a fine piece on Herbert Chapman in ‘So Paddy..’.

So perhaps save the cunt epithet for those that deserve it. There’s plenty knocking about.


I’ll admit I was uninformed about Mr Auclair and his relationship with Arsenal and may have drawn my own conclusions. My apologies.

Fact is it’s hard to tell when it comes to some football “journalism” what is agent/club posturing, rumours started by newspapers and what may in fact be a well informed article based on fact.

I shall label myself a cunt and move on from this mess I’ve made.


I can’t see us signing him when a 34 yr old Henry is LAN


He’s not LANS as he signed on loan from a different team. LANS are players who already play for you but are injured long term. Wilshere would be LANS

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

Poor old heihaci never finished what he was saying . He said LAN not LANS. I suspect he was interuppted while writing LANRFG.

Like A New Returned Footballing God.

Martin Keown is my hero

So do we all want this lad more than Podolski? Yesterday Podolski was the best thing since sliced bread, and now this fella is the dogs bolix. I worry that we’re getting too excited over any Joe Soap who happens to be a striker. Personally, I’d rather wait a bit longer and get a proven striker that we are as sure as we can be about, rather than get saddled with another flop who we end up giving two seasons to “adjust”.


Totally agree about how the Podolski. He seems to perform better for country than club, so I wouldn’t fight too hard for him. This Suarez cat seems to have some legitimate skill and the fact that he is the top scorer in the Europa League seems to be a good sign for him making an impact. I expect no further signings in the January window, other than Henry. I would love more, but have learned to temper my expectations.


that first line was due to my dog pissing on my shoes. Ignore the “how the”


Also Podolski just won’t come in january. He himself and the club clearly said so. It’s only logical, he’s got the Euros in summer and his club needs him. Plus his contract is still good for one-and-a-half year, so Cologne is in no rush before summer.


How about that Jordan Rhodes at Huddersfield? He seems to be knocking goals in for fun. 5 yesterday and like 26 in total or something. The argument that it’s league 1 and is a massive step up falls flat due to the emergence of Jenkinson as a very worthy RB deputy.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

One swallow doesn’t make a summer.


No but one Jordan Rhodes does get the golden boot for 2 seasons running

His honours so far:
Fastest ever headed hattrick
Golden boot 2009/10, 2010/11
Most goals in a game
Successive hattricks
Joint most amount of goals in a single match


Does no one else think Podolski’s game is a little too static? (from watching Germany, I don’t watch BL)
One of the things I miss most (besides the whole “not losing”) from the invincibles is the lightning fast counter attacks. We just hold the ball up every time now.


No, he likes to run with the ball with space in fornt of him using his pace. He used to be very lazy, and admittedly still has fits of it, but overall his workrate is greatly improved. Cologne play a counter-attacking game. So he’s anything but static. I’d doubt he could be a direct replacement for RVP, I see him on the left wing or as a second striker, definately not the main striker.


I dont get it!! How does Arsenal and Mattias Suarez cancel each other out!? Are saying the deal is not gonna happen??


“(which he then distanced himself from)”

Pretty invisible when not a paragraph really focuses on the contradiction part.


Dunno much about this fella but there’s no doubt Ricky Alvarez has shown his ablity and potential at Inter. Would’ve been world class within two season had he joined The Arse where he would’ve got more playing time imo.
A real shame he chose inter Milan instead.

Likewise this Suarez fella could be a relavation and I trust Arsene knows what he’s doing.




Lol I know. Was just trying to abbreviate

Johnny Massacre

You lot do realise that no matter how much money we spend it won’t make a difference right? We can’t ever get a player over Man United, Chelsea or Manchester City. Look how City have weakened Man U this year. Man U desperately needed Nasri, and Man City denied them, now they are clucking for a creative midfielder. Man City also weaked us. And they loaned Tottenham Adebayor for half price because they want Tottenham above us because we are more of a threat. Oh, and Adebayor can’t play againt Man City when they face each other surprise surprise. It’s… Read more »

Lord Teddy Ears

I also believe the board have tied his hands as well if you remember the veiled threats in the summer


Bollocks, JM. We CAN compete with City, Chelsea and Man United. The problem is that our board is just not interested in doing so. They just want to make profits. But this mismanagement of the club could blow up in their faces. Just like Voldermort above says, next season we could find ourselves in deep shit. No Champions’ League football and no RvP will probably take ten thousand off the gate. That’s why we must buy in this transfer window. But fucking useless Wenger and the Board either can’t or won’t do anything to prevent this – they’ll just sit… Read more »


If its only ten thousand we have had a result, arsenal fans are fickle always have been we will be lucky to 40 k against the likes of Wigan Blackburn etc. like I’ve said downward spiral, just the board can’t see it and many fans are in denial that it could happen.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

Arsenal fans aren’t fickle. It’s just a few that start talking doom and gloom after a couple of poor results, or at the start of each transfer window when Wenger doesn’t make instant signings of the players they have heard rumours about in the press.

[…] News has reported that Arsenal is linked with Anderlecht’s Matias Suarez. I know for sure that this ‘Suarez’ doesn’t spit on players, racially abuse […]


Arsene¬ Don`t just do something – stand there. Oh! First let someone – (anyone – who cares for Arsenal} get past you and save us from a potential disaster.


What a bizarre comment. Turning down Barcelona, Real Madrid, Inter Milan and recently PSG to stay at Arsenal shows that he does care about the club. You obviously haven’t watched any interviews from him. He’s the most successful coach in our history, has kept us competitive every year despite the emergence of Chelsea and Man City and he has to deal with fans like you. Makes him a bloody hero in my book.


Bollocks! He’s won fuck all in the last six years. He’s taking six million quid a year for asset-stripping the club and making money for the shareholders. He doesn’t give a fuck about winning trophies any more.

Hero? Fuck off!


How much has David Moyes won in the last 6 years? Or Roberto Martinez? They sell their best players to make money for the club.
Other than a league cup, what has Harry ‘wheeler-dealer’ Redknapp won in 6 years despite spending far more than Arsenal? One champions league appearance and a lofty 3rd place. Yet those managers can do almost no wrong as they are punching well above their weight.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

Fatgooner, your claims of a conspiracy within Arsenal to destroy Arsenal from the inside are getting wilder by the day.

Arsenal Fan?


Arsene, you are a complete and utter arsehole. Just like the rest of those stupid Wenger-lovers, you’ve been duped into thinking that fourth is all we’re worth. I’ve got news for you, knob: Arsenal football club is financially one of the biggest in the world. We are a much, much bigger club than either Spurs or Everton. What Wenger and the Board are doing to the club right now is an absolute disgrace. Instead of taking on City and United and trying to win the league and Champions’ League, they are simply running the club as a money-making business and… Read more »


I will tell you a thing about mourinho firstly he doesnt have RINHO factor in him . He is a guy whose team when cant play football they will just sort to kicking the opposition and they do get a lot away withit maybe not against barca. He is just no different than pubis both utter cunts.


Yeah, Mourinho is hopeless – that’s why he’s been successful wherever he’s managed. Apart from winning the Premier League, Italian League and the Champions’ League, he’s shit.


Porto was a fluke, proven by the fact he’s never won the champions league anywhere else. Also, the trophies you mention are at teams with an almost blank chequebook. The richest clubs at the time; Abramovich had just bought Chelsea, Inter have always had money and now at Real Madrid who are bankrolled by the banks themselves. It wouldn’t surprise me if City or PSG were his next destinations.


Before I get slated, I have realised my mistake and edit that he won the champions league with Inter Milan. (We need an edit button for idiots like myself). I still believe Porto was a fluke as only the richest clubs have won it since.


The main problem we have is 2 billionaires that don’t want to help each other and thus is bad for Arsenal. Kroenke won’t invest heavily as if the club is more successful then share prices go up which means a full takeover will cost substantially more while Usmanov won’t invest as the board hate him and he won’t want to do anything to help them. Yes it petty pointless squabbles usually reserved for the playground but that is where we are right now.
Also, didn’t I hear somewhere that Usmanov was a Manure fan or did I make that up?


You could make your points about the team equally as well without resorting to calling the manager/board names.

It just provokes a negative reaction to that part of your comment and not the substance of it


Cmon Fat really… Again with the bullshit negativity??

If you’re always so bitter abt this football club, why not jog the fuk on to Chelsea or City?


Fatgooner – first and foremost you’re bang out of order for throwing insults at someone just for disagreeing with you. You make some valid points and then lose all credibility by your complete lack of respect for another gooner. Give your head a wobble. While I agree with you that this pathetic acceptance of fourth is just that I don’t think its fair to blame Wenger without proof. I’m more inclined to think its the board or more specifically Gazidis. Oh and to compare our financial state to Everton and whoever else it was ‘Arsene’ is frankly beyond sense or… Read more »


Next season, when we are a mid-table and having the piss taken out of us by Spurs supporters whose team are playing in the Champions’ League, maybe you’ll think differently about my ‘negativity’.

If Wenger has had his hands tied behind his back by the board – if he has been told to win things without spending money – then he should tell the Board to fuck off and resign.

But, of course, he won’t. He’ll just keep taking the American’s money.


dear,dear fats you have got aright head of steam up just out chill pal its football not life and death


Being a manager is still a job whether you see it like that or not. In any workplace if you have to work within a budget and strict guidelines then you don’t just tell your employer to fuck off (well you might), you try and do the best you can with what’s available. If you think otherwise then you must have a very chequered cv’s of jobs where you’ve been given a bit of pressure and have crumbled like nani stubbing his toe. Yes we know there is this rumoured 100 million but has anyone actually seen the clubs bank… Read more »


Yeah maybe ‘Next season, when we are a mid-table and having the piss taken out of us by Spurs supporters whose team are playing in the Champions’ League’ (which is unlikely to happen, but that’s not the point) people understand your negativity, but not this season when Arsenal is the team playing in the Champions league and can therefore take the piss out of spuds, city and manure supporters. While having spend way less money, and paying off an awesome stadium that spuds can only dream of. Of course you have to look forward, but you worry so much about… Read more »


While I agree in part, I think the Everton, etc… comparisons were more to do with managing despite their financial handicap. Of course I want us to win trophies and our handicap is nowhere near as restricting but I do think that Arsenal have overachieved for a few years now, especially considering the financial resources of teams around us.


By winning nothing we have overachieved?

I suppose we have avoided relegation – Cor! That Wenger’s a genius!


I can see both sides of the argument but should a club with the dearest season tickets in world football be keeping 30 odd million quid in the bank when we have a desperate need for a quality striker? Am not saying that if we buy we will finish top 4 but IDE rather have given ourselves every chance and fail than to have not tried everything we could have. we may finish top 4 regardless of spending who knows. Personally I would go for the Huddersfield striker. He would be happy to join a big club and learn his… Read more »


I agree that we should buy a striker but then you have to really question the quality of those available. It won’t be a striker whose club are in champions league (they’d be cup-tied anyway) and then you have to take the bedding in period. All of our summer signing took a few games to find their feet and 2 of them played in the premier league already. So we’re essentially looking at a Europa league team, with loads of strikers and they have played premier league football (or the equivalent)… Off to Man City we go 😉


Well we might not all agree on those very important points above, but Colin Wanker’s sacking should bring a smile to everyone’s face.

Good fuckin riddance.

N7 Gooner

After Chamakh I refuse to think a player’s going to be great for Arsenal based on YouTube….and after Mata I refuse to believe a player’s signed for us until they’re at London Colney!


And after colin wanker getting the sack, I refuse to believe there ain’t a god.


Sky sports news reckon we’ve inquired about Solomon bloody Kalou…. Please god no…. Surely we can do better than that….?!!?


Happy Kalou Day. Happens every year.


Ha ha… Very good mate. Sky now says he’s flying back to sort out a deal….! Give me strength….!! Solomon fuckin Kalou….. Jesus…..!!


The Huddersfield striker is the overall top scorer in England at the mOment, with 27, which is fucking mental, whether he is up to the prem is a different matter though

I’m saving fatgooners point just incase he is right, what he says is harsh but realistic, unfortunately.


arsenal football club will NOT be purchasing a striker in this transfer window, why? because in order for us to sign a striker we would have to either sell a player or loan out a player, mannone


We are openly trying to sell Chamakh and Arshavin.


I understand about chamakh, but I don’t know if we are openly trying to sell Arshavin? but then again we are notoriously secretive when it comes to our transfer dealings, as fans we only ever hear something concrete when the deals been done, usually on the last few hours of deadline day! but I can also understand why, cos if we were more public about who were after then city, chelski, & spurs & utd would all be suddenly interested too.


I read somewhere that Arsene has deemed Arshavin as surplus to requirements. It is probably all media hogwash but there you

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