Thursday, July 18, 2024

Sagna returns to first team training

Arsenal have been handed a boost with the news that Bacary Sagna has returned to full training.

The French international used his Twitter account to to say, “Hello my friends..hope you’re all good and healthy…very exciting day for me as back to full training with the team for the 1st time…☺☺”

Leaving aside his affinity for smilies you can barely see, it’s good news for the Gunners. We’ve been without Sagna since some dirty Sp*rs twat pushed him off the White Hart Lane pitch back in October, and with further injuries to all our other full backs, and their families, and anyone who has any of the letters F U L B A C or K in their name, it’s been something of a struggle.

A return to training shouldn’t be mixed up with a return to first team action, however. It means the intensity of his sessions will return to normal but typically it takes a couple of weeks for a player to get back to the sort of fitness that readies him for matches.

You do wonder though if the current situation might force the manager’s hand a little bit. Johan Djourou suffered a torrid time at right back against Man United and while youngster Nico Yennaris did well when replacing him, he is just 18 years of age.

Still, the outlook is better and fingers crossed we see Sagna back sooner rather than later.

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Ace McGoldrick

Thank the lord. Welcome back errm…Bac!

Dave Gooner

My day suddenly looks much better!




You do have to say thank fuck for that and we may see the Walcott from the start of the season again due to the back up on the right hand side (it’s not a coincidence that his game suffered after losing Sagna and Jenkinson. Djourou just doesn’t have the ability to be a fullback).

I’d personally play Yennaris and bring Sagna on for the last 15-20 minutes to start building up match fitness but then i’m not the manager.


Walcott’s best game of the season (or for Arsenal in general) was at Chelsea, and Djourou was at fullback. Still I agree with your point! This is great news for the club. As we say every year, our best eleven can compete with the very top sides. pity they never get the chance…

Alf Johnson

Good job your aren’t the manager – taking an 18 year old off after 75 mins gets you called a clueless **** 🙂


Walcott is crap. His last three performances, in particular, have been awful. And I don’t understand this argument that having a decent full-back behind him suddenly makes him a better player.

Will Sagna suddenly improve Walcott’s hopeless crossing? Or his dreadful decision-making when it come to shooting or passing? Or his finishing?

I don’t think so.

It’s great to have Sagna back – we have really missed him. Let’s hope that we see Wilshire back in full training soon, too. And it’s not too late to buy the left-back that we so desperately need.


Granted his performances without a recognised full back have been poor but it shows in his stats that having a proper full back does help him. With Sagna and Jenkinson he had 2 goals and 5 assists (same with Gervinho having Santos and Gibss behind him), without he is struggling due to no one helping pull defenders out of position or having to deal with 2 defenders against him. It also aids the defensive game that was starting to look solid on both flanks until the injuries. You really are so negative fatgooner that after a while your comments have… Read more »


I’m only negative about rubbish players. In my last post I indirectly praised Sagna, who for me is one of the few real top-quality players that we have. I have also heaped praise on Vermaelen, RvP, the Ox and Wilshire in the past. Theo Walcott is not good enough to play for Arsenal – simple. Hopefully he will be gone this summer after the Board refuse to pay his outrageous wage demands for signing a new contract. Then we can go out and replace him with a decent winger. You can prove anything with statistics, but you’ll never convince my… Read more »

Master Bates

Let’s say Walcott is the WORST winger of all time . What’s Steve is saying is With Sagna coming back walcott’s game will improve . Remember the Bolton match where Sagna played and Walcott assisted RVP two goals.that’s good for shitty winger ,Right? So Fatgooner , we are stuck with the crappy walcott for the rest of the season , So I suggest, you just hope support him and hope he give us the kind of form he had when playing infront to of specialized fullbacks . We might not sign Hazard or Gotze or Bruce Lee this window, so… Read more »


Like showing Walcott has managed almost as many goals and assists as Henry did up to the same age, while also not playing in his preferred position.
Wenger trained Henry as a winger at Monaco (a position that contiuned at later clubs) and then moved him to his preferred position at Arsenal. Can you tell me how that ended?


Thank you Bates, at least you got my point


Theres no point arguing over Theo. I felt the same about Almunia, no matter what he did(good or bad) i justt couldnt stand the guy and to me everything was his fault, and i would constantly lambast him for being useless on various blogs. But in the end i realised that regardless of my opinion of Almunia as long as Wenger thought he was good enough, he would always play. So fatgooner, your opinion of Theo means fuck all and you know it. Dont get me wrong, he frustrates the hell out of me, but if Wenger thinks he’s good… Read more »

Master Bates

Comparing Walcott a 22 year old to Almunia is unfair .don’t you think ? He contributes about a lot of goals for Arsenal, we just happen to exaggerate his misses a lot , there are a lot of Winger who don’t score or assist as many goals as Walcott eg Robinho,Downing,Manchester City’s Na$ri,Nzogbia,Lennon, etc etc etc . The difference is we HATE our player more than other team’s supporters hate their players . Take Liverpool for E.g Stewart Downing ,even though he is a complete flop , but he doesn’t receive the kind of negativity that Walcott does in Arsenal… Read more »

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

In 1998 Tony Adams said “I looked in on the Arsenal website and was horrified by the comments. ‘Tony’s playing rubbish,’ it said. ‘It would be a shame if it were to end like this’.

I felt really angry. What was all this? Even if it does end like this, they have had good value from me. ‘They’re a fickle lot, these fans’, I thought. I felt really down.”


While the return of natural fullbacks will undoubtedly improve Theo’s effectiveness, I can see how some will find little consolation in this fact. So much of his game that is not dependent on the ability of his fullback is lacking at the moment and, consequently, the return of Sagna will have relatively large impact but little in absolute terms. On a related note, comparisons to the difficulties experienced by Henry at the same age are not really comparable as he looked like a much more complete player. In addition, Henry probably started to develop other parts of his game in… Read more »


Just to point out the bleedin obvious, FG’s opinions aren’t worth fuck all. You/I might not agree with them, but they’re what he thinks at the end of the day.


Since when is it a rule that you have to support a shit player? Anyhow, fatgooner is rite yet again. Theo isn’t good enough.

A Dara’s sagna goes, thank you baby fucking Jesus! I’d say he’s been our best, most consistent player the last few years. A true worldclass talent in the side. To me, the best player we have no doubt.


*. As far as …..


Oh behave yourself. No one said it was a rule but you should still support your players until the end of the season or their time at the club. I’d love to see how you’d do in a job being booed and constantly told your shit…
Why don’t you let us know why you agree with fatty rather than just parroting his comments.


Well Steve, it goes a little something like this: I’ve spent months on this blog telling it how I see it and I’m growing bored of repeating myself over and over only to be thumbed down and called a twat by nit wits. Then, 2 months later, when said nit wits realize what I was saying I.e. arshavin and chamakh being shit and us needing a new striker, becomes obvious even to the most stubborn of posters, I’m still called a twat.

Fatgooner and I have been toeing the same line here since day one. Go back to bed Steve.


No, what you do is insult anyone who doesnt follow your opinion. You claim this player is shit and this player and this player, etc… but cant accept another point of view. After you’ve thrown your insults and people get bored with being talked to like that, you are then called a twat, cunt, doom-monger, etc… You and fatgooner think Walcott is crap, well that is your take on things. Other fans actually think he’s a good player, has been thrust under pressure since a young age and is slightly behind where he should be because of this. While Chamberlain… Read more »

Master Bates

…and that’s why Wenger doesn’t play The OX frequently . he let him developby playing with easier games and by training with First team . He is protecting him from negative people like FatFrog.

Imagine if Oxlade misses a sitter or misplaces a pass in an important match at the Emirates infront of the crowd that boos at their own players.


As much as I’d love to type a long, drawn ou response to that crap you just said Steve, I’m going to just take the other road and file the Steve comments in the file with the “anon” comments. You know, the comments you just skip and don’t read. A wise man, or jay- z, I don’t remember which, once said ” never argue with a fool, cuz people at a distance can’t tell who is who”. Im sorry you don’t like me Steve, but you drank the wenger- gazidis- hill wood kool- aide voluntarily. I didn’t. I support the… Read more »

Master Bates

Midtable bound , I’ve heard that prediction for years


to be honest i think walcott is playing above his standard, he had improved since being labeled just a runner. we have seen him defend a lot more, decisive passing (although most goes out of play still), better positioning and dribbling/running. however i must say even if he had improved its at such a slow rate that if given the ox a season or 2 might just take his position. we say theo is a striker/winger while the ox is a midfield/winger, i have never seen theo score a proper striking ball, i might be wrong but all I’ve seen… Read more »

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

A proper striker’s goal is anything they can do to force the ball over the line. Proper strikers don’t try to make every goal a spectacular 30 yard curler into the top corner. They are happy with low balls, chip balls, 2 inch tap-ins, and goals they bundle over with their arse. Every goal Theo ever scored was a good goal because it was an Arsenal goal.


Does he have to make a return before the end of the transfer window to officially be LANS?


LANS knows no bounds, transfer window or not.

Cygan's Left Foot

I just hope when Diaby and Gibbs are back we don’t call them LANS, how many times can they be LANS, is there a limit to being a LANS. Lets set the rules for LANS once and for all.

Sagna is the REAL LANS, what is LANS was invented for. We should Find new word for Diabby and Gibbs.

How about Never LANS????

Cygan's Left Foot


I Can’t Believe It’s Not LANS?

Master Bates

Or LALS ie Like a Loan signing

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

Well they won’t cost us any more money to get them back, and when they are they will be great, so they won’t be LALS – Like A Liverpool Signing

Merlin's Panini



Forgive my ignorance, but what does LANS mean?


Like a New Signing! I don’t know why someone would give you a thumbs down…

It’s a lovely Wengerism.


or ‘Look, a new sicknote’…..

Runcorn Gooner

Or Walcott saying Like a new striker. Not

Dench Bergkamp

“Leaving aside his affinity for smilies you can barely see…” love it. Welcome Bac


Yeeeees!! Great news. Baccy is King




Best news I’ve had all year: Getting Bac into our back is more than a tonic.


Sounds some relief to all gooners.
But the suffering isn’t over yet.
More Setback awaits us on the way to may last day of the season.

Time to let Wenger Go and Mr Silent Stan plus Gazidis


Really baldy. Do you have nothing to say but anti arsenal crap filled from the mouth of a big spending philosophy pundit. People like you need to fall out of your trance and come back to the Arsenal way. Wenger is our greatest manager and suggesting his time is up just shows that you have lost your supporter stance and have graduated to a follower. Enjoy looking for a new club. I thin


Ooo, someone’s tired…

Midfield Corporal

Time of the month?


Do you understand how a majority shareholder works? Now, unless you’ve got £500+ million in your sweaty palms, i doubt you’ll be able to get Stan to give up his majority shareholding (which considering the competition, i’m happy for him to have).

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

He may be a Liverpool fan in disguise. Those simpletons actually think that “they” got rid of their last set of owners.


Wouldn’t be surprised if he makes a comeback in the LB position,with Yennaris holding his own for the moment,and Vermaelen struggling a bit.


I’m going for a record for thumbs down, so…………..

He’ll probably have the other leg broken in training by Djourou today!


I think ya man Baldwyn is gonna grab that record Chrispy.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

Diaby is going to break Baldwin’s leg?

I told you that badmouthing the Arsenal players on the web gets back to them!!!


on a positve note…… there aren’t enough braided hairstyles in the EPL. Train hard, train tough and get back soon.


Bac is back at right back! 1st LANS of the window! COYG!


its about time we caught a break

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

Could you please not say that!!!!! Think of Diaby, Ramsey, and Edu….

You’re tempting fate.

Midfield Corporal

I always thought braids were for 14years old girls on holiday in Fueta Ventura.

Check out these bad boy’s fro’s. David James is my favourite.

Merlin's Panini

Yeh, that’s what I thought. I’m not keen on the beaded curtains look myself, having that constantly on my face would drive me nuts. But then Bac’s made of stronger stuff than me, and I no longer have the hair to do that!
Glad to have him back.


Abel Xavier was the king of outrageous haircuts. I have to say though, the David Beckham one does look like he’s stolen it from a small girl.

Midfield Corporal

I’m 40 on Sunday, maybe I’ll have my hair braided as part of my mid life crisis.


I think you should go for the full Gervinho braiding style, really show off your forehead

Midfield Corporal

Ha ha


You can never have enough forehead!

Midfield Corporal

I don’t know, have you seen that film ‘Mask’, with Cher in it? I’d say that boy had too much fore head by about 6 inches.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

Midfield Corporal, go careful with that braiding mate. At your age the extra weight could make you go bald.

foley oluwashola

thank god bac is back,i’m very hapi for him u are highly welcome.


[[Comment remove: txt speak]]


Now THAT is a reason to remove posts. Thank you blogs


Return of the Bac…some good news in a month clogged up with crap!!Jack,Gibbs etc to follow,& we can concentrate on overtaking the shower of shit from Enfield!


Return of the Bac…some good news in a month clogged up with crap!!Jack,Gibbs etc to follow,& we can concentrate on overtaking the shower of shit from Enfield!


So good he said it twice 😉

Midfield Corporal

I’ve just had déjà vu. 🙂

Merlin's Panini



Somehow knew you were gonna say that…


You can say that again.


[…] […]

Merlin's Panini





Amazing news! Happy to have him Bac. :c)

Naija Gunner

Some relief after the hurricane!!! Welcome back Sagna


Great news on Bac. Hopefully he regains form soon. Now we need the laft back to be fit. Vermallen although, tried his best but not ideal, his lack of awareness lead to the first MU goal. Coquelin should also be back soon. He will give Song some competition and rest.

the only sam is nelson

fingers crossed bac doesn’t pick up any more injuries before the end of the season and the next game he misses will be the league game before the european cup final when he can be rested because we’ve secured fourth place and in which CJ creates a couple of goals for a rampant chamakh in between an arshavin hat trick

put that in your pipe and find fault with it, fatgooner – i think you’ll find it’s a sober and realistic assessment devoid of wishful thinking


I love pure, blind optimism – who needs reality?

the only sam is nelson

pure blind optimism is certainly better than reality at the moment

that is, unless reality is a bubble in which the only thing that exists is southwark crown court, where harry is using a v interesting defence tactic, viz: admitting he is very stupid indeed; and blaming the other bloke for his tax dodging


Merlin's Panini

bwahahaha. that’s amazing. He fits right in at Sp*rs, doesn’t he?

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

Harry lies like a two year old as well !!!! Wipe the chocolate off of your face before you try to tell them you haven’t had your hands in the cookie jar, Harold.


I really hope ‘arry gets off – its the only way he’ll get the england job. balance; restored 😀


New chant: “Illiterate! Illiterate! Illiterate! Illiterate!”


How many weeks are we looking at realistically before he starts a game?


I’d say 2-3 for starting a game and 1-2 for playing some part to gain match fitness. Once you’re back up to speed in team training, you can only go further with game time.


I bet fat gooner is andro

the only sam is nelson


an intruiging thought. cross-dressing angry arsenal fan, needs to lose weight.

i like it

Touraine Gooner

Heh !


Off-topic: both Bendtner and Frimpong are going to out long-term with massive facial injuries. Our injury curse just doesn’t wear off, even when you’re out on loan, does it?

Master Bates

Vermaelen just tweeted

“Congrats to my mate @Sagnaofficial for his 1st session with the team after moths of injury! Saw some good free kicks from u!! Keep it going!”

So my theory is true ,that our players are injured by KILLER MOTHS .

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

They must be related to the moths of bad luck we suffered from in the summer.


Best comment of the day
People are staring at the airport because I just laughed


any news on wilshere, gibbs, arteta? jeeeez we have 11 players out if you count Gervinho, no wonder we’re struggling. I feel slightly sorry for Arsene; has the fans on his back, has so many injuries to manage and wants to stick to his principles. can’t be easy


Fantastic News, Sagna is one my favourite players in the team, a professional through and through. Can’t wait to have him back XD


Bring Back Bac!




Great news. To say we’ve missed him is an understatement. Hopefully I’m right and Bacary’s return to the first team will bring out the best in Theo.

Sagna/Theo right
Santos/Ox left.

Tell me that doesn’t make you drool.


Nah it doesn’t. See what does: Sagna/Ox on the right and Santos/Gervinho on the left. With that we have a sledge hammer…and everybody is a fly.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

All these combinations sound good to me.

Doesn’t it make life easier when you have an experienced full back in your team ?

Can’t wait to see him back. Even a 20 minute cameo would improve us for 20 minutes and give us the proper up-tempo finish to a game that we have been missing recently.

[…] finally, in brief, some good news as Bacary Sagna returned to full training yesterday, and if you haven’t seen it already, after Harry Redknapp’s admission he can barely […]


love what wenger has done for the club but its time for him to go

[…] finally, in brief, some good news as Bacary Sagna returned to full training yesterday, and if you haven’t seen it already, after Harry Redknapp’s admission he can barely […]

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