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Wenger: Thierry is special + goal in HD

As the euphoria from last night spills over into the next day, Arsene Wenger says that Henry’s quality means he wasn’t at all surprised by the contribution his new loan signing made.

At his post game press conference, Wenger said, “Aready in training I have seen that he was sharp and ready to play. I would not put him on the pitch with what he has done here if he was not ready because that would be unfair. He is a special player.

“What is good for the young players at the club is that a guy who has done it all comes and prepares 100 per cent, warms up, is focused and motivated, and comes on with an immense desire to do well.

“Thierry is a proud guy, he does not want to disappoint people. He knows he will be compared to what he has done before. That is what champions are about.”

Having scored last night, along with the departures of Gervinho and Chamakh to the ACN, there will be calls for Henry to start against Swansea this weekend. Some will suggest that he can van Persie might not be compatible but Arseblog News doesn’t buy that.

This isn’t a Lampard – Gerrard situation we’re talking about here. This is two highly intelligent footballers who can certainly dovetail in the Arsenal attack. And Henry starting will have more to do with his fitness than any potential clash with Robin.

Arsene says of him playing from the start on Saturday, “I haven’t decided yet. Robin will be back against Swansea. Will Thierry start or not? I don’t know yet. He can play behind or in front of Robin or on the flank, Robin can play on the flank too, but I don’t know yet what I will do. They can play together, of course, and they did play together.”

And they will again. Something to really look forward to.

Special treat: Download Thierry’s goal in 720p HD (German commentary)

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Did you see his eyes when he came on? He was looking like Superman scanning the area with X-ray vision. And I really think Arshavin got a kick in gut and a lot of motivation after seeing how easily Henry scored. And he put in good shift even after that. P.s. Did anyone notice the thug trying to take out Kozzer with two legged challenge and no attempt to play the ball. Bet had Rooney been there he would have got him off. P.P.S. Quiz: How many players have we lost after they played Left Back for us this season?… Read more »


A: Gibbs, Santos, Vermaelen, le Coq.

What do I win?


You missed Traore, he played for us before he left and even Sagna played one or 2 odd games at LB. Did I miss any one else?


legend – wait for it- thierry

Arsene McLovin

I’m going to keep this video and watch it again and again and again until I’m 150 years old.

Along with my “SZCZ clobbering Bale” video.


Also add the SZCZ clobbering Ashley Cole video to the list


Lauren on that cunt?


Arsenal Football Club what a story! Just look all what happened in 2011. As if AFC was the hero of a saga made in Hollywood and the bad guys are all the big spender clubs. And now we get a brand new episode with The Return Of The King, who just comes in and scores that magnificent goal, his 12th in 12 games against Leeds with the number 12 jersey in 2012…how surreal is that! Even Hollywood cant do better if you ask me. Arsenal is such a special club and no money in the entire world can buy that.… Read more »


@Guest, plz get out of my head, will you? That’s all my thought right there. My whole damn thoughts written by you. Thanks!


Well I guess all we gooners feel the same and I must tell you I was so emotional and buzzing while writing this.
And i had even forgotten it was ballon dor ceremony yesterday i was overexcited about the game…thats how much I love The Arsenal


Any other top 6 club overspends on a new striker…
It makes it better, knowing other clubs can’t experience this.
Thank you Arsenal


everybody already summed up the feelings about the King..
so I’ll just say..

I LOVE how the ball explodes off Ox’s foot.. L O V E I T!!!


A great clip with great commentary:

‘Alex Song … superb through-ball.. THI.E.REE.ONG.REEEE! THIERRY ONREE! – WHO ELSE?!

‘1-0 to Arsenal London! What history! And what emotion!’

‘Everybody has tried today and no one’s hit the target. David Beckham most amused with TH12. The lead-up by Alex Song also wonderful, of course.But the end-product, that’s also just perfect.

‘You don’t learn that; you either possess it or you don’t!

‘No defence possible for [Leeds ‘keeper].’

the only sam is nelson

heh what a night, what a return and what a finish btw did anyone else spot this little fella playing for us last night? ran around like a kid on speed all night long, good turn of pace, beating the full backs for fun, but couldn’t shoot for toffee. he looked promising, though. nico did well at rb too, good lad. people talk about a player having the presence to frighten the opposition – we saw that last night when TH12 returned. the first half yard might be in his head, but the second half yard is seeping out the… Read more »


Watched the match half heartedly until henry came & later the king scored. United’s overhyped youngsters youngsters must b waiting to get injured jus b4 arse v/s manu after last night


I could watch it over and over and over an over…

Breaking on SSN – Coquelin signs new long term contract at Arsenal. Confirmed at last. Great news!


I Think Arshavin played very well. Busted a gut to get on the ball several times. Only thing that let him down was his touch


“Carlsberg don’t do fa cup third round games against Leeds,. . . . But if they did”!! 🙂 🙂

the only sam is nelson

hahaha I hope that Budweiser scan the internwebs for FA cup comments, just to see how their sponsorship dollars are working out for them…

La Gooner

Night of specials….The Return of The King


isnt there any footage of from when he came on till the goal ?


Yup, still grinning. 🙂


I hope the rest of the team pick up some finishing tips from Henry. Ramsey played well but how many times his shots went over the bar?

the only sam is nelson

speaking of our full back crisis I think it’s worth offering a vote of thanks to Tony Fernandes for giving Mark Hughes the Fulham job, which means that Wayne Bridge will almost certainly be displacing Traore @ Loftus Road, rather than fouling the air around the grove with his awful stenchiness.

A bullet dodged.

Although to be fair I’d hope the manager never actually contemplated taking Bridge on loan…


I think you meant the QPR job. He got fired from Fulham in the summer for not being very good at his job 🙂

the only sam is nelson

haha right you are, i should have just said “shit hole in west london job” to avoid making that mistake…


He quit Fulham because he thought they wouldn’t match his ambition, didn’t he? And look how that worked out for him. He’s been unemployed since and is going to rock up at QPR any moment now. Waddadouche.


Should Henry start against Swansea in the Gervinho role?

I thought that Arshavin showed a lot of enthusiasm last night, but his end product was poor. Henry is probably good for an hour, but should he start or come on later?


As legendary as he is, i don’t think he can last long playing on the wing anymore at 34 without his old change of pace to beat FBs like they’re traffic cones. His qualities now it seem are his finishing and proacher’s instinct, so Arsene might put him on behind Robin if we are chasing the game?

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

I know he played for Manchester United, and that we’re not supposed to like him, but I was very pleased to see David Beckham enjoying Henry’s goal. He’s a great player himself, and he obviously knew this was going to be the sort of match that you want to take your kids to.

Genuine happiness from him when Henry scored, you could see that.

If he keeps turning up to our matches he’s going to turn into a Gooner.
How could he not?

Der Springer

I have rever seen Arsene Wenger so happy. The smile he had when getting the hug from Henry was one of absolute joy. For a moment, the Professor lost his reserve.


Lots of talk of how he will inspire the players but most importantly this is the tonic Mr W needs and hopefully get the master back his mojo


Not to take away from the shine of the whole episode, but did anyone see Nasri catching the game?


A pleasingly ranitoal answer. Good to hear from you.


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jZCBrW xiwsrwqhfabq

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