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Mertesacker: I’ll be fit for Euro 2012

Having been ruled out for the season by Arsene Wenger, Per Mertesacker has given an update on the status of his injured ankle and insisted that he still plans to play for Germany in Euro 2012.

Die Mannschaft (the best nickname for a national team surely?) play their first match of the tournament against Portugal on June 9th with games against the Netherlands and Denmark following soon after.

Writing on his Facebook page, Mertesacker informed supporters:

“My participation in Euro 2012 is not in danger.

“Dr Stöckle in Tübingen did the operation on Tuesday evening, attached a piece of bone back to the ankle and patched up the deltoid ligament on the inside of the ankle.

“All went well and I’m in Donaustauf, Bavaria, for the physical rehabilitation.”

It remains to be seen whether Mertesacker fancies his chances of playing again for the Gunners this season, but with the likes of Andre Santos and Robin van Persie both suffering similar problems in the recent past you certainly wouldn’t bet on it.

Taking that into account you have to wonder whether Joachim Loew will risk picking a player who won’t have played regular competitive action for such a long time.

All the same, Arseblog News wishes the BFG all the best with his recovery – a lengthy spell on the sidelines is all part of the Arsenal induction.

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You only know what you’ve got when it’s gone :/ We’ll probably miss the BFG more than i thought, get well soon!


“Die Mannschaft (the best nickname for a national team surely?)”

I lol’d.

Get well soon Per.

Master Bates

does that read “die man shaft” ?

eeergh! I like my shaft alive


I just hope he comes back in prime shape for us next season.

Up the Gunners.


Hope with the doc attached springs along with the bone on his ankles.
Comeon Mert i want to see you back this season get well soon.


Knowing our luck he’ll be fit and firing during the Euros and injure Wilshere and Walcott before scoring a hat-trick of headers

glory hunter

Lol how true!
But you missed out on:
Per then injures himself after dropping the Euro trophy ofn his ankle and thus misses pre-season training with Arsenal.


Eh Per? You’re rubbish mate. You literally fell over running! You’re that lanky it takes around 5 minutes for the message to get from your brain to your feet.
“Dont trip! Ahh too late. Forget what I said”
Plus Howedes? Hummels? Surely they’re in front of you now?


Unlike you and many other arsenal fans who moan about lack of experience in the team and can’t appreciate his qualities,Joachim Loew and German team wants/needs experienced defenders like Per.


I am good
Howdy you?

Cygan's Right Foot

79 caps for the German national team and the fact the Jürgen Klinsmann and Joachim Löw both had/have him as a first choice centre back with other players being his partner since 2005 shows you know zero about his footballing ability. Howedes with 6 caps and Hummel with 12 caps ahead of him? If by ahead you mean to be used while he is injured then maybe, but first choice ahead of him otherwise? Surely you jest sir. Also, considering this is his first season in the Premier League, he’s done well and i actually feel we are better defensively… Read more »


Need to go to specsavers mate, per is one of the few quality players we have.

Merlin's Panini

I actually felt a bit sick when I read the description of the surgery. Come back soon Per.

Cygan's Right Foot

When i read he had surgery on his left testicle in 2006, i winced a little


I am pretty sure mertasacker would have done great against millan we should do a transition to vearmealin he should be use as an left back and should only be use as an emergency centre and let pair koscieny with mertasaker and develop thier understanding of each other


We need him back playing for Germany in order to throw the “But you don’t get x caps for Germany for being a bit poo” at his critics.



For all his experience he lacks the quality. Koscielny and Vermaelen (injuries allowing) should easily be our starting center backs. Koscielny has probably ,bar RVP ,been our best player this season and Vermaelen is one of the best defenders in the league. Mertersacker knows he is slow. He must know anyway. So surely with all his experience he wouldn’t let the ball get played behind him all the time, yet he manages it week in week out. As for the Hummels and Howedes comment. The two of them are by far and way better that Mertesacker now and both have… Read more »

Cygan's Right Foot

Considering he is older and has played far more games; Per Mertesacker has more experience in the Bundesliga, Europe and at International level. Please tell me how you came to your conclusion as i am stumped. Also, other than Phillip Lahm (who seems to have been part of the national team for 700 years), Per has the same amount caps as the entire current German defence combined (that’s 7 other players) and is still only 27. I think he that shows he has experience in abundance and is adjusting well to the change of pace from Bundesliga to the Premier… Read more »

El Blondo

I like the German and I think what he’s added to the team this season has been sorely undervalued…he may not be quick but he reads a game as well as anyone. Get well soon big man!


man i support what u say 100 % al lot of people are nagging about him but he is soo damn smart and he can read the game . besides look at us last 2 games without him 4-0 & 2-0 down. besides German players always fight and we need that . Speedy Recover Per.


We can rebuild him, we have the technology, stronger faster – and maybe even score a goal with a header from a corner (well there are limits to our technology ) 🙂


honestly absence of Mertesacker was obvious after his injury we lost 4-0 and then 2-0 . a lot who were nagging abt Per he is intelligent i know he is slow but he is smart and he is improving compare him to Koscienly last year he is better and wait to see him next year.


Yup. Our defence without Mertesacker at the moment looks suspiciously like our defence without Mertesacker did at the beginning of the season.

I don’t think that’s a coincidence…..

Mr. G

Mertesacker has been very important in our defence this season.

I can’t see Vermaelen and Koscielny forming an effective partnership. For either of them to do what they do best (be the quicker, more mobile centre back who buzzes around more) they need a partner who is strong, positionally discipled and reads the game well…which is exactly what Per is.

Anyone who thinks he’s been useless for us this season as been listening to commentators/pundits too much.


I was so sure of my opinion of Mertesacker as well but because everyone is actually disagreeing with me I must be missing something rather glaring. I mean yes he does have way more experience than either hummels or howedes. I just reckon that they are better defenders and will be the future partnership for the German national team. Any who I will now try and look and the big man with a more open mind although I am still convinced that he is not good enough. I think the using the AC Milan game as example of how bad… Read more »

Cygan's Right Foot

It’s very rare to find someone on here that will go away and reassess their opinion, so your stance is refreshing. Yes the AC Milan game is an extreme example but then you could use the Sunderland game just gone to show that we seem to be missing without. It would be interesting to see our results with and without him. I personally feel the Koscielny/Mertesacker partnership works well as Kos likes to get forward while Mert will sit back and sit in the middle. Unfortunately even with the best positional awareness, if a fast player attacks on the counter,… Read more »


I would also just like to add that my prejudice of Mertesacker was from what I have seen of him playing for Werder Bremen , Germany and Arsenal. Its not based solely on his first season in the Premiership. As many have already pointed out, you need look no further than Koscielny to see how a player can adapt to a new league and improve throughout the season. Im sure Per will prove me wrong next season. I certainly hope he does anyway,


Let’s hope he plays and England play Germany. With his explosive pace on the turn surely we have a chance!

Cygan's Right Foot

Yeah, because we did well in 2010 when he was playing at the heart of their defence….

[…] something nice, Per Mertesacker reckons he’ll be fit for Euro 2012. Isn’t that fantastic. Not. As you probably know, there was an AST meeting yesterday. I […]


Wishing him a Per-fect recovery!



I just call him ‘Sacker’. Feels so good to utter it every now and then. SACKERRRRRRRRRR… yeah feels good. Get well soon. Miss, miss, miss you loads.


Good luck to the bfg and stay as far away from the arsenal medical team as you can.


Die Mannschaft?
Hang on, when translated into French that gives “Le Coq”…….!

(Any excuse really.)

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