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Ramsey reveals team meeting boost

Aaron Ramsey has revealed that a team meeting last week played a part in ensuring Arsenal took three points home from the Stadium of Light on Saturday.

Thierry Henry’s 91st minute goal completed a 15 minute comeback and the Welsh captain says that keeping going right until the final whistle was something they had discussed.

“We had a meeting last week about doing well for the rest of the season,” he told Arsenal Player, “and one of the points that came to us was to never give up in the game.

“That was the case against Sunderland, and we showed it against Aston Villa too. There was a great atmosphere in the dressing room after the game and everyone was enjoying it. We were 1-0 down with just over 10 minutes to go, so it was a great win for us.”

And while he was delighted to get on the scoresheet himself, Ramsey was equally happy for Thierry Henry who marked his last Premier League appearance for the club with that injury time winner.

“It was nice for me to get on the scoresheet as well as Thierry getting the winner. It’s been a fantastic period for him coming back to the Club he supports and has done so much for. It’s a great story for him so far.”

The goal was Ramsey’s 3rd of the season and his first since his last gasp winner against Marseille in October, so let’s hope this opens the floodgates for him a little bit.

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Got the feeling Rambo will have a big game aginst Milan..


I wonder which ‘celeb’ is going to bite the dust if he does… (The Sun)

Cygan's Right Foot

For those who haven’t seen it –

Hilarious and i’m hoping for a hattrick to see what happens

Merlin's Panini

Please let it be Phil Collins

Cygan's Right Foot

I’m hoping Piers Morgan is one…


Not only that……”60 stone Brit is fattest in World”.

In Olympic year, that makes me, for one, proud.


I’m surprised Ramsey ain’t been done by the fa for the murder of Whitney Houston.


Would love to see him score more as long as famous people and dictators stop dying the day after.


Finally we start seeing that mental strength the boss talks about. Two second half comebacks in a week. So sad we signed it at the end of january


Wasn’t able to see this one live, but I tracked it on my iPhone. Brilliant cross from Arshavin. When he has his head in the match he is capable of great things. I think the boss brought Thierry back for two reasons: 1) Instant impact when he enters a match (obviously); and 2) He wanted a role model for Arshavin, Chamakh, Oxlade-Chambelain, Walcott, and… well the rest of the team. In a fairly short stretch of time, our all-time leading goal scorer showed his work ethic, mental toughness and class. Well done.

Ger Scully

It’s good that professional footballers realise that playing until the final whistle is a good thing. Jesus, this shouldn’t have to be brought up in a meeting. It should be inherent in a winning mentality. Those quotes worry me about our players.


Lookin foward to 3 dictators dying at once as Rambo nets a hatric against milan. Yes i said it


While I would never wish for another person to die, I think chronic diahorrea, pathological piles and terminal tourettes to the 3 of the most odious tw*ts in the premier league: Dalglish, Redknapp and Ferguson respectively is the least I would wish for.


Doesn’t Redknapp already have Tourette’s?




Really! They had to have a meeting and be told to not give up in a game? WTF are they normally being told? I’m fuming right now reading that something as simple as not giving up and playing a full 90+ minutes is some sort of revelation to a bunch of professional footballers, regardless of age. You are paid to play and win, if you’re not winning you work your ass off to get the 3 points. If you are winning you work your ass off to keep the 3 points! You should never give up on yourself or your… Read more »




Oops. Busted myself on that one.. No offense – supposed to be a pun on Tourette’s etc. Sorry!

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

Actually, what has me a little concerned is that we have now had two occasions when our win has been credited by a younger player to a team meeting. The impression I get is that these are something so unusual that our young players are feeling it worthy of comment after the game. Surely such meetings should be happening before every match? I hope I’m reading something into this that’s not the case, but it sounds like they’ve had a revelation or an epiphany when they credit playing to win for a full 90 minutes to a meeting they recently… Read more »


I think people who are getting their knickers in a bit of a twist over this need to put these comments into perspective a bit, and look at the positives.
I doubt that the players all of a sudden went “Oh! We’re supposed to keep going for 90 minutes? OMG! Thats what we’ve been doing wrong!”
I think the point being made here is that the squad sat down together & got a bit of fighting spirit going. Which can’t be a bad thing at all.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

Bet Man Utd sit down and get a bit of fighting spirit going on a daily basis.

Never assume today’s youth understand any basic information unless you have personally tested them on it with a surprise test in the middle of the night while dangling them from a high window and dripping water into their faces.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

Note that this technique can also convince a woman to declare her everlasting love for you (*)

(*) While we guarantee the effect we make no claim to the actual duration of said “everlasting” love.

donnie gooner

I wish negative supporters would just go away. You are no good for the club, if you don’t like what our players say or do then stop reading what they say and stop watching them play. It was always going to be difficult at Sunderland and I for one am proud of the team.


People always find something to whine about, such as Ramsey’s quote. Can’t please everyone!


On another note, Gervinho missed one of the 19 penalties yesterday in the ACN. I guess that’s not the real boost that we were all hoping for him to happen.

Cygan's Right Foot

But his goal in the semi-final might be


Don’t want to appear negative here, just facts. Have you ever played football and possibly missed a decisive penalty?
I’m pretty sure a miss in final game (let alone penalty shoot out) is more intense than a goal on way to the final.

Cygan's Right Foot

Behave yourself. Yes i’ve played football and these days i coach kids football, where we teach them the joy of playing rather than that winning is the be all and end all.

Without the goal (something he has been struggling with since he arrived at Arsenal) they wouldn’t have even got to the final


The “behave yourself” is inappropriate here. I like that the fact that you coach kids but that is irrelevant in the answer as well.

Of course they wouldn’t have made it into the final, but in retrospect that doesn’t really matter because they did play the final. And on their level, it is all about winning (trophies) in the final game.

gun for the hills

Hmm.. bit worrying they needed a team meeting to know not to give up on the game.

just needed to whack on rick astley before each second half…. “ne


Ramilson, you, as well as Walcork, please do your talking on the field.


I think he did on saturday pal. Grow up


“Fat, drunk, and stupid is no way to go through life, son.”

Master Bates

why do you want them to give interviews on the field




No apologies on that one, Meaner 😉


God, please rid the greatest club in the world by far of ‘fans’ with dung for brains.


So, let me see, we actually have a problem with our players sitting down, analysing their performance/s and re-committing to a “never-say-die” attitude and spirit? We have a problem with our players, without the coach having to say anything, taking the responsibility for their actions and SPEAKING POSITIVE INTO BEING??? Caps required sometimes, I think. Where exactly are these supporters from, pray tell? Are we sure they aren’t double agents sent by our rivals to fuck up our heads? Christ!! Give it a rest!


Thing is when we win, there’s nothing to complain about….


I’m not super familiar with that area , but it looks to me like the cssoelt location listed on the chart is Farmington, with a date of May 1. If you tend to have similar weather to Farmington, I would use that date. You’re right on the edge of the two groups. If it is a mild winter/spring and you are excited, I would follow the yellow schedule. If it is a cold winter-spring and you are more relaxed, I would use the green schedule.


I dont blame the negative fans, our recent lack of sucess has turned their optimism to scepticism.
I on ther other hand beleive we’ll win the FA Cup, Champs lge and finish aboue Spurs.
Who’s living in the real world!!!!


I think the negative fans, aka wenger-out brigade, are mostly just little kids otherwise there are a lot of short-sighted, reactionary retards out there on the web claiming to be arsenal fans


Plus some people just like to whine and talk shite, has anyone evr read comments on any Sun football articles? Its scary how immature and stupid people are on there. I was pretty shocked when I first read them


Aaron Ramsey scores V Man Utd (01/05/11) – Bin Laden dies (02/05/11)
Aaron Ramsey scores V Tottenham (04/10/11) – Steve Jobs dies(05/10/11)
Aaron Ramsey scores V Marseille (19/10/11) – Col. Gadaffi dies(20/10/11)
Aaron Ramsey scores V Sunderland (11/2/12)- Whitney Houston dies(12/2/12)

hopefully when Rambo scores next it will be either ball bag McLeash or Nasri the c**t 🙂

Master Bates

Don’t make fun of Whitney’s death bro , I liked ‘The bodyguard’

Cygan's Right Foot

Where was Kevin Costner when she died? What a shit bodyguard he turned out to be…..

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