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Wenger: change loan rules

Arsene Wenger believes the current Premier League loan system is flawed and provides certain teams with an unfair advantage.

Currently no player can play against the club which holds his registration, but the Arsenal manager thinks that’s wrong and should be changed.

“Personally, I would not ban players on loan from playing against their own clubs,” he told this month’s edition of the Arsenal Magazine.

“At the moment it is a big opportunity for some clubs to reinforce other teams, without losing ownership of the player. For example, if a big club sends a big player to another club in the Premier League they only have benefits.

“That player cannot face his own club, yet he could win games against their rivals.”

And while many, Arseblog News included, think that the club taking a player on loan ought to pay the full wages of the player they’re taking – which would prove difficult in cases such as Emmanuel Adebayor – Wenger’s solution is more simple.

“What I would like to see is that you are not allowed loan players over the age of 21.”

Which, when you consider the loan deals we’re part of, including Bendtner, Denilson, Vela and even Yossi Benayoun, would prove to be quite restrictive, but perhaps it would make the club more efficient from a transfer/contract point of view.

The boss also explained what he hopes to get from sending young players out on loan. As well as the obvious benefits to their football development, time away from the safe environment of Arsenal and experiencing new challenges is a factor too.

“It’s a reality check for them,” he said, “because they are looked after extremely well here. They get to learn a little more about what real life is about.

“Even if it is still not ‘real life’ – being a professional – it’s closer to real life than being here. It’s a reminder to them what it could be like at another club.

“It’s also a reminder to them that it’s not the case that just because they play for Arsenal they will be an automatic pick at another club.”

Arsenal currently have 12 players out loan, it was 13 but Emmanuel Frimpong’s injury cut short his time at Wolves. They are: Nicklas Bendtner, Denilson, Carlos Vela, Joel Campbell, Henri Lansbury, Vito Mannone, Pedro Botelho, Wellington, Kyle Bartley, Chuks Aneke, Ryo Miyaichi and Samuel Galindo.

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What's my name?

And Watt, yes?

the only sam is nelson

oscar wilde eat yer heart out


i think he meant Sanchez Watt is on loan as well.

What's my name?

Sanchez Watt on loan at Crawley, yes?


and Daniel Boateng


Yes indeed, at least according to his Wiki page:


I like the system as it is. Over 21’s should be allowed to go on loan and prove that they should be in their clubs first eleven. It enables Arsenal to give them a chance without risking Arsenal results.


Reports that Wenger is trying to push through loan rule changes before Arsenal’s FA Cup clash with Sunderland, in the hope that the Mackems will play Bendtner up top and thereby nullify any goal threat, are made up.


How much of cunts wages are s*urs paying? I think if they had it that you only have to pay 100% of the wages for players over 21 it would be fair.


What is the rule in the case of an injury? Was Frimpong’s loan cancelled because he’s out for the season, or are Wolves still paying for his wages? I’d assume they’re on the hook – unfortunately for them – no?

Any ideas what’s going to happen to NB52? It’s not like he’s having the best of season. Did his value in the transfer market diminish? Should we have tried to offload him last summer?

Cygan's Right Foot

It wouldn’t surprise me if Wenger couldn’t pay a team to have Bendtner…

Payment of wages would be discussed between the 2 clubs. As Frimpong’s registration was cancelled with Wolves, the player is nothing to do with them but as a loan was signed off, it may be they pay a smaller amount as they can’t actually use the player.

Jose Ozorio

Imagine the legal fees we are paying for Bendtner’s various shenanigans.


I think if you loan a player out to another club they should be able to play in every game, regardless of the opponent. The only reason I could see arguing against that (and it is very rational) is that a player might feel loyal to his parent club and not give 100% in that match vs. his parent club. Also, the chances for illegal match fixing would increase dramatically I imagine. Regarding NB52, he’ll ride out his contract at Arsenal and I hope he doesn’t get an extension. He’s useless and nobody will pay his wages (that we shouldn’t… Read more »


As usual, Wenger is talking bollocks. A loan player should never be allowed to play against his parent club. you can’t expect him to give 100% commitment against the club that are paying part of his wages. And on-loan players shouldn’t play in the same league as their parent club, either: why should Adebayor be able to score goals against Man United but not Man City? What does this say for the integrity of the Premier League?

More deluded rubbish from a deeply misguided man.


He might play better against his parent club to make sure they take him back. There’s an incentive to play a stormer and put his parent club’s preferred choice in his position to shame. As for playing in the same league, surely that’s the prerogative of the loaning club and the club taking the player on loan. It might seem unfair to Man U if Adebayor scores against them but can’t play against Man City but again, the incentive is there for someone else at Spurs to step up to the mark and stake their claim when Adebayor can’t play.… Read more »

Floppity Joe

If the club he’s with are paying 100% of his wages then it’s not an issue.

As for not being allowed in the same league, it’d make the development of a player like Miyaichi more difficult. As it is he’ll get Premier League experience which is much better for him than farming him out abroad.

Your arguments are as misguided as you think Wenger is.

Floppity Joe

And just in case you hadn’t noticed – “why should Adebayor be able to score goals against Man United but not Man City?”, is exactly what Wenger is saying.


And what leads you? Pies?

Cannot be bothered to begin to explain the logic in above reasoning. Apart from the age restriction of course.


Has the IQ on this website suddenly dropped by 100 points overnight? Or are Floppity Joe and billymac just plain dumb? Joe: Wenger thinks that Adebayor should be able to play against BOTH City and United. I think that he shouldn’t be able to play against EITHER – get it, dumbass? Having loan players affect the results of games that could benefit their parent club is morally wrong and could damage the integrity of the entire Premier League. Billymac: If City want to pay an average player like Adebayor 170,000 a week then it’s their fucking problem when he’s not… Read more »


Mate, you have every right to have an opinion. You have slightly less of a right to slam abuse on fellow Gooners (I’m assuming you’re one, of course).

But whatever your rights are, you’re showing quite a lot about your upbringing by insulting people just because they disagree with you.


Yo fatmo, lay off the heavy-handed abuse. If you can’t express disagreement without this trollish language, maybe the moderator ought to send you off for a time-out.


What. A.Twat.


Personally, i disagree with Arsene,players on loan shouldnot be allowed to play against their parent club as it may create dissent when he returns to the team.


I second Amyth’s opinion.

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