Szczesny interview with Transworld Sports


Not the usual kind of stuff we do here, but this Transworld Sports feature with Wojciech Szczesny is well worth a look if you’re trying to while away the time ahead of tonight’s game.

What does your boss mean ‘You could do some work’?

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Future Legend. His modesty and humbleness is refreshing to see and alot of other footballers can learn from him.


You’re right, his attitude his fantastic.

I enjoyed the interview. What stuck out most for me was the role his father plays. I loved that they talk and critique his performance together after every game. That kind of support is brilliant.

Mr. Eboue Armann Yes


Merlin's Panini

this guy has great character. Gunner be a legend.

Mental Strength

I’ve seen many keepers waste time when the team is in front, but the SZCZ does it, is just awesome. That’s one of the main reasons he will become a legend.


This lad will captain us in his future.

Ze Gooner

he’s the same age as wilshere, are you nuts lol


Same age but much more vocal and dosnt put up with shit, he now also has more experience than Jack. That said they will both wear the armband for us at some point.


Not a bad thought though eh? Whether Wilshire or Szczesny captain the team is irrelevant, it can only be a massively positive thing to have those two in the team who love the club and will really grab the team by its balls when needs be.


Loved that interview,thanks very much for that.
We will have the best keeper in the world soon no doubt.


If I think at those days when we were stuck with the Spanish clown…

Ze Gooner

he’s been making mistakes the whole year, one good game doesn’t change that

Good Omens

If you think he has had only one good game this year fella, then you’ve probably been living up the ass your talking out of.

Ze Gooner

he made some costly errors, vs fulham, milan, swansea etc. one good game doesn’t change that, and yes, this is his first good game in a while so stop trolling



Runcorn Gooner

Come on Manuel no need to be bitter.
It is Manuel isn’t it?


Really should of thought about what your saying now when picking a display picture.


fabianski, is that you?


It’s good to see that he gets so much feedback from a top keeper in the form of his father.


He gets advice from a man who slapped Roberto Mancini!
Recipe for success.


Enjoyed watching this. I even enjoy his cockney-pole accent. I don’t like seeing keepers as captain of a football team, but would make an exception for Chesney, potentially a club legend.

Piers Morgan's punchable face

Lol. His accent is great. He even said in the vid that when he first came 5 years ago, he didn’t know the language ! Makes the likes of Tevez look even stupider.


Stupider – superb


That’s exactly what i thought….he event attempts to do an english twang sometimes 🙂 he’s a mixture of pride and modest….great attitude


What a legend of a bloke.

Also, his mum is a MILF.

gooner sami



Ha ze gooner, it’s funny cause you’re the troll. LolOlolol. You’re stoopid.


Arsenal du du du! Hahah


What is it with everyone pronouncing him se-chesney? is it really that hard to say “shch” in one go? I dunno, as in ashcheese? Trashchalk?

Runcorn Gooner

Run that pass me again

Malaysian Gooner

Because he saved Kuyt’s penalty like a sir. Therefore, Sir Szczesny! Haha


So how do you really pronounce his name?

I’m not trying to be clever, I actually want to know.


Syezni I’d say, and it does make perfect sense in my opinion.


E:NO: As I’m part of the Internet Language Police, and because of they way his name is pronound by some parts of the Norwegian media (ranging from Stenchly to Szczesny!) , I’ve consulted a Polish coworker of mine. It is actually pronounced with the double sch-sound in the beginning 🙂


So that’s Sh-ch-es-ny?

All the English commentators call him “Shesny”.

Polish Gooner

Because they’re lazy.

Sz is Sh and Cz is Ch in Polish.

Something among the lines of Shchesny without turning ‘s’ into ‘z’ when pronounced should be as close as you can get.

Greenwich Gooner

I just google translated his name so could hear it spoken aloud….I’ll stick with Chesney.
I think he’s going to be one of the world’s finest keepers, they way he’s improving. He combines great talent with self confidence, but not so much that he thinks he has nothing to learn. Bright lad too. So good to see someone playing well and enjoying themselves in Arsenal’s goal instead of some nervous wreck. Better for my alcohol consumption too.

Runcorn Gooner

Chesney for me too.Can he sing
‘I am the one and only’
Hawkes eat your heart out


His girlfriend is hot.


can someone please forward this clip to David Bentley.
what a guy, legend in the making


My sad spud following friend did some work on Chez’s house & even he had to admit he’s a top bloke!!!


He is a great character in a world of increasingly bland footballers. he must be great to have around for morale and togetherness.


Seems like a really nice guy. Also exudes a lot of the quirky Jens-esque madness. That’s good.


He used to dance! It should be “I wanna dance with Szczesny!”

[…] it strikes me that SZCZ is the kind of character who really wants to be the best. I watched an interesting video profile of him a few weeks back in which he revealed that after every game he spoke with his father […]