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UEFA charges Wenger. Again

Arsene Wenger has been charged with ‘improper conduct’ by UEFA for comments he made about, and possibly to, referee Damir Skomina after Arsenal’s 3-0 win over AC Milan last night.

Wenger was unhappy that every time a Milan player fell over, Skomina fell for it and gave a free kick, saying in his post-game press conference, “I was not happy with the referee tonight because I felt he gave many free kicks in the middle of the park. Every time [Milan’s players] went down a free kick was given to them, and they sensed that very quickly and used it very well.”

Sky Italia reported from the touchline at the final whistle that the Slovenian referee actually ran off down the tunnel at the final whistle, shrieking “DON’T TOUCH ME! DON’T TOUCH ME!” as Wenger tried to speak to him about his performance.

What a drama queen. Still, this is no surprise as Wenger and UEFA have been uneasy bedfellows for some time. This season the boss served a 76 game touchline ban for being pissed off that Robin van Persie was sent off for nothing in a meaningless game against some lower level European side … oh wait, it was against UEFA’s favourites, Barcelona and we were going through at that point.

Arsenal will appeal, UEFA will reject the appeal, ban Wenger for the rest of his life and Michel Platini will sit there with a tub of E45 cream smothered on his tiny cock as he beats himself into a frenzy, the curly wanker.


UEFA has opened a disciplinary case against Arsenal FC manager Arsène Wenger for improper conduct in relation to last night’s UEFA Champions League round of 16 second-leg match against AC Milan in London.

Arsenal won the match 3-0, but Milan progressed to the quarter-finals on a 4-3 aggregate scoreline.

The case will be dealt with by UEFA’s Control and Disciplinary Body on 29 March.

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Ace McGoldrick

Bunch of cunts.


I’ve got a mate who’s a championship lino, normally he defends all things in refereeing related officialdom.

But he said, to have officials from slovenia is absolutely rediculous. His words “they may be the best in their country, but it’s the equivalent of league two at best”

uefa are a bunch of slippery hand wringing weasly cunts.


They can’t get anything right,

Look at the extra (pricks) officials behind the goal, now wouldn’t it be sensible to have them the opposite side to the (assistant pricks) linesmen, but no, not genius uefa, they’re the same fucking side…Cunts!


UEFA are cunts…think the article summed the point up nicely


No surprises here. pretty much expected


Freedom of speech is a protected human land everywhere … except lane football.


Fuck off uefa.
That is all.


He was probably screaming don’t touch me because he was also affected by the weird laws of physics which caused Milan players to fall over every time they got touched…

Oh. and UEFA are cunts.


Thanks for that last visual. Nice.

Also, since I cannot find the proper place to confess this, I will say it here. I love Gary Neville. I hate myself because of this.


Ever since he started commentating, my desire to punch him in the face got surprisingly lower.


I think I might still punch him in the face, but I might also cry while doing it.


Eric Irish gunner

Have to say he was up for the gunners last night and seemed dissapointed we did’ent get the fourth at least he’s not a biased commentater unlike that wanker redknapp


There was a moment in the second half when The Ox, clearly injured, still managed to ping a crossfield pass on the half-volley straight to Gervinho on the wing. Neville literally came on air when he saw it.

Just don´t leave the guy alone in a room with the kid, is all I´m saying…


haha, glad i’m not the only one who noticed that.

i feel like stabbing myself in the face for saying this, but i actually really enjoyed neville last night. but having said that, he pretty much spent 95 minutes praising us and heaping shit on milan, so what’s not to enjoy.

Piers Morgan's punchable face

“It’s Bingo Time !! “


he was spot on there, though. their left back was having a nightmare of a time, we should’ve been running at him the entire time.


Because the truth is harsh and UEFA runs away from the fact that they employ inept referees all the time. Bunch of cunts.


That was the best arseblog news story I’ve ever read. Cheers. Absolutely hilarious.

On a more serious note, if uefa doesn’t want managers going ape shit over terrible referee performances, maybe the should stop giving games to these amateur cock jockeys. That was pathetic, and now if we actually finish 4th , and have to play a qualifier next year, arsene will be banned. Fucking ridiculous.


Well, let’s just catch spuds and make sure that an eventual ban would be for a less meaningful first group match.
The only answer uefa has why refereeing is still the same as in the 19th century is to simply forbid criticism. They are about as open to progress as the medieval church


u say amateur but this guy if reffing the euros later this year so it looks like there are no decent refs in europe, god help football!!!




go fuck off UEFA… I wish you where as quick to respond when dodgy dealings are happening under your noses…

surprised the ref didn’t send RVP off for doing absolutely nothing wrong… but then that only happens when your playing barca…


We all know UEFA favour Barcelona and Real Madrid. When their new ruling comes in it will apply especially to English clubs because we all know Platini hates English teams. Can you imagine them applying the rule to Barcelona and Real Madrid as well!!! It’ll never happen. After all these clubs have been making dodgy financial dealings for years and UEFA have turned a blind eye. Not to mention the constant tapping up they do and get away with.

Platini is a disgrace to football and should be made to step down immediately.


I don’t think UEFA favor Madrid as much as they do Man United & AC Milan. I’d say Real Madrid are 4th in line after #1 is by far and away Barcelona.

Runcorn Gooner

Why put a ref in charge of a a last 16 match who was clearly out of his depth. He started by booking players for no good reason and then realised if he carried on like that no players would be left on the pitch. Result was the Milan players then started to dive for everything.He missed a couple of clear fouls by Milan that should have been bookings or in Van Bumholes case a sending off. UEFA are a bunch of clowns who don’t even have the common sense to allow reviews of dubious bookings/sendings off. They will continue… Read more »


Case in point…why was there quite a delay when awarding the penalty?

Was Platini telling him to award it on his bluetooth?


Why always Arsene?

If UEFA don’t want managers to complain about the referee then they should get a competent one fit for a CL match. Simples. What a bunch of proper cunts and morons.


Perhaps Wenger should request a personal hearing and turn up wearing a Balotelli “why always me?” t shirt

Tom C

Anyone any good at photoshop? Wenger in a ‘why always me?’ shirt would be hilarious

Mr. Eboue Armann Yes
the only sam is nelson

Watching the ref at the grove last night i was reminded of this individual

anyone else see more than a passing resemblance?


Thanks for sharing that! That’s my daily dose of pansy.

Cygan's Right Foot

To be fair, i’d prefer that ref. He seems to know what he’s doing while adding a bit of entertainment to the game


I want to know what punishment the ref gets for putting on a fucker of a game or is it okay ref like that and fuck teams up.
Shouldnt be allowed to ref the Sunday Pub 7 a side comp after that the corrupt prick.

Runcorn Gooner

I don’t think he was corrupt it was more that his decision making was appalling.
I think he guessed most decisions with the result that no one knew what he
thought was a foul or what wasn’t.
AC Milan took more advantage of this situation than we did.
We are very lucky in this country with refs(despite some poor decisions).
If you had this comedian every few weeks you would really be hacked off.

Master Bates

so , how many matches will he banned for ?

on the positive side ,We’ll get to see Wenger in the Executive Box like BOWSSS!!

the only sam is nelson

And his subsequent, post-ban return to the bench will make him like a new signing…

Master Bates

..and the new Assistant Manager on the sideline will be Like A new Manager….for the Wenger Out Brigade


Amazing isn’t it. UEFA appoint these useless officials to take charge of top games but you aren’t allowed to point out their imcompetence to them.
No wonder this game is in such turmoil with refs when a load of wallies take charge in appointing them. Platini should dtep down, the guy is a complete a hole!!

gun for the hills

I heard the ref ran screaming ‘DON’T TOUCH ME!!!’ then sounded his rape alarm…



Master Bates

in space with Phil Collins

Mental Strength

UEFA are cuntbags. “DON’T TOUCH ME”? Was he being raped or something that he shouts like that? I think if Wenger wanted to rape him, he should have done it any ways. We’d still only get a touch line ban.

Pat taylor

UEFA! The problem lies at your feet. I hearby suggest that you are to held to account for appointing a ref with not enough experience to handle a game of this size. Surely that’s as big a form of disrespect as chasing the ref around the pitch with a meat cleaver. Stinks of a stich up again.


Pfft! An Italian team diving? UEFA ignoring the obvious? Pfft… You guys…

Jesper Tengquist

The ref looked nervous throughout the game, I thought. The decision to appoint him to officiate a game of this stature reflects poorly on UEFA, not the first time they embarrass themselves and certainly not the last.

This from @YoungGunsBlog: “Ref Skomina said to have reported Wenger to UEFA. He said after: ‘I can’t comment, but Wenger’s complains say much about him’.”

Yeah, and your officiating speaks volumes about you… prick.


Agree the ref was clueless. when i saw the ref at kickoff he certainly reminded me of someone then i saw his face expressions while making decision oh wait and i remember another clueless twat who refd the game against wolves at home and sent some wolves player off except that he was later relegated to championship or league one by the fa and uefa gonna give this slovakian ref a seat in their panel or make head of refrees. Saying that fa are cunts too . Just astonishing how cunts(fa) disagree with cunts(uefa) , clueless cunts.


I wonder whether he’ll try a sneaky one again and have messages passed down to Pat Rice. I hope he does but chooses a more stealth tactic than last time like carrier pigeon or morse code. UEFA won’t know what’s hit them.

Cygan's Right Foot

What a fucking joke this pack of UEFA cunts are.
It always amazes me how much I can dislike an organization that is supposed to stand for something I love


Did you expect any less? On a positive note, we’ll be entertained by Pat Rice’s head nearly exploding as he screams from the touchline again…..then looks to the stands for Le Professeur’s approval, then Wenger gets another ban for nodding in the general direction of Pat….and the cycle continues.

Master Bates

Pat Rice is retiring , I hope they hire that AVB guy . Just for the Entertainment


Hilarious article, except for the fact that it’s true…


I saw more diving in that game than in a WWII submarine movie.

And that ref might have been all right for a Sunday kick-about, but had no business officiating a game of this importance.


Bunch of corrupt fuck sticks. Up the Arse!


Our opinions here or on twitter or anywhere else aint gonna matter fuck. Sometimes it feels like to just go and trash the uefa wherever they are located and blame it on spuds but we arent those fans. It hurts sometimes are we the only club who has to go on with this shit who dont protest because we have a certain class that none of the other clubs have(we are just to kind). Or is it that uefa, media and many others place bet on us for some result which they are highly confident of and we get the… Read more »


Nobody has mentioned that this fucker is reffing in the Euros this Summer. Are UEFA serious?


Why is it that the more important the competition, the more incompetent the officials? Just think back to the last WC, and we can all think of our own favorites amongst the bogus calls.

Merlin's Panini

oh seriously UEFA, just fuck off!
You employ morons to referee massively important games and can’t take it when someone exposes their idiocy. The entire media, even those that usually slate Arsenal, have said that the ref was fucking shite. He wasn’t biased he was just atrociously bad!
So, to conclude. Fuck off UEFA, you cunts.

Midfield Corporal

I heard there was a problem with the translation from Italian to English. He was actually singing ‘you can’t touch this’ by 90’s rapper turned preacher turned boxing promoter MC Hammer. However as pointed out previously Uefa and Platini are indeed cunts. And Nasri too.


and Ibrahimovic is also a cunt! Someone should remind him he’s not Italian!

Big nose

I’m Swedish. After the first leg the swedish press went ballistic over their little favourite big nose. Made me sick.

These are headlines from today: “Zlatan will never be the best”. “I don’t know what bodyparts of the Arsenal players we should salute: their backbones, their highly held heads or their big hearts.”

Midfield Corporal

Indeed, he is which is quite remarkable as I can’t think of another Swedish cunt………roxette perhaps?


Bet Geoff Shreeves is rubbing his hands together, the cunt.

Will give him another chance to make sure a camera is trained permanently on AW sitting in the stand, so he can do his grassing little shitbag act – please sir, Mr Platini, sir. I saw Wenger look at the bench sir, so he must be communicating with them sir…

Fuckin half-witted arse licking scrotum sack.


Absolute fucking joke! This is starting to become victimisation now, but nobody is able to do a fucking thing about it. They can charge Wenger for justified criticism of a cunt of a ref, but are seemingly powerless to do anything about the state of Milan’s steaming shithole of a pitch for the first leg???? And I gotta agree with the praise for Gary Neville last night (much as I fucking hate to!!!) He was well & truly behind us last night, fair play to him. S’pose I should say he’s still a wee bit of a cunt though, just… Read more »


Last night was the first time I’ve watched a game with the sound up in I don’t know how long (watched with the lad, who at 9 hasn’t yet sussed that 99% of commentators are cunts).

Anyway, I was shocked at how much less of a cunt Neville actually was. It seemed like he wanted us to win.

He’s still a cunt mind, just a bit less of a one (a cun? – I dunno).


oh this is a surprise.. what a bunch of cunts. If managers are penalised after the game, then so should refs be for wrong decisions. besides giving away the softest free kicks, he dished out yellows like he was alergic to them in the first half, only to forget them in his locker for the second. when our footy was flowing, he kept breaking it up with suspect fouls.. but what i do have to say is that the linesman was excellent, got all the offsides spot on (for & against us), got the peno spot on when the ref… Read more »

Midfield Corporal

Perhaps Geoff shreeves can host can the sky special – ‘A Night of 1000 cunts’ Spectacular. A 2 hour variety show honouring the biggest cunts in entertainment and sport. Think of it as being similar to ‘Hearts of Gold’, but for cunts.

Titty Bar Barry

He’s the right presenter for that.

Titty Bar Barry

Wow. Just wow.

Titty Bar Barry

Wenger’s comments echoed my thoughts. I would actually find it pretty at how bumbling and incompetent those employed by FIFA, UEFA and the FA to mediate matches are, if I didn’t love Arsenal so much. It almost beggars belief how a man can get a job if he is that bad at it, especially considering he is on a world stage. Last night was laughable. I’m shocked they didn’t dive in our box because the referee just gave a foul every time they touched it. I remember in the second half they booted a free kick into our wall, the… Read more »

Titty Bar Barry

*pretty funny


Really though it pains me to say this Wenger should know by now you can’t criticise officials and once again we will be in a state where we won’t have our manager available for a couple of European match’s next season yeah UEFA suck but i’m sure there are correct channels to go through where he could have issued a complaint utter idiocy

Runcorn Gooner

See your point but AW is AW and he is going to react with his heart.
If he feels hard done by he is going to react.Quite justifiably last night because
the Ref was a knob


Why don’t they ever open cases on refs, especially when their performance has been abysmal! It would make refs step up their games. If managers can be slated the way they are, why not refs?


Milan knew the ref was a soft touch, but the odd thing is, in the first 15-20 mins of the game he was quite fair, and seemed a no nonsense ref, but all of a sudden he just went and turned into a cunt, Milan knew it, & that camel nosed cunt dived at every opportunity as he knew he wud be rewarded. are we really surprised tho? I mean barca have been at this with the last couple of years,. and consistently get away with it? Why? Well because they’re the little darlings of uefa, who only want glamour… Read more »

Eric Irish gunner

Uefa a bunch of wankers lead by the arsenal hating cunt platini go and fuck off


Blogs, gotta say that last paragraph is fucking quality sir! Don’t think I’m ever gonna be able to look at a tub of E45 again though……….


briefcase wankers!


Sky Italia reported from the touchline at the final whistle that the Slovenian referee actually ran off down the tunnel at the final whistle, shrieking “DON’T TOUCH ME! DON’T TOUCH ME!” as Wenger tried to speak to him about his performance.

I lol’d so much at this

UEFA are wankers of the highest order

Naija Gunner

Uefa is cunt!

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