Chamberlain hails sage Van Persie


Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain is desperate for Robin van Persie to stay at Arsenal citing the striker’s influence both on and off the pitch

Admitting that he didn’t have a clue if the Dutchman would stay or not, the young midfielder praised his captain for helping him through his first season at the Emirates while also commending his willingness to organise social events for the team and their respective partners.

Speaking to The Sun, the Ox gave a glowing appraisal of RVP’s authority in the camp.

“He’s a massive part of the dressing room, helping all of us and speaking to the manager about what we’re feeling, what we want and what we can do better.

“He even does the little things like arranging get-togethers with players’ wives and barbecues and fun days and golf days.”

Still only 18-years-old, Chamberlain has been treated with kid-glove hands by manager Arsene Wenger this season despite impressing in his six starts and cameos from the substitutes bench.

While supporters called for him to be used more often, the teenager stressed that wise words from Van Persie kept his spirits up on those occasions he wasn’t selected.

“He told me that when he first came to Arsenal it was quite similar to me how the boss dipped him in and dipped him out.

“He would score a goal then wouldn’t play the next game or he might score two and he wouldn’t get on in the next game or would play five minutes.

“He told me to keep working hard and bide my time and keep plugging away and my time will come.

“Before games he tells me to do this or that or go here on a corner. He’s a big leader.

“It will be good if he stays, definitely. I don’t know if he will but I hope he does.”

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That’s a great picture.


brings tears to santos’s eyes every time he sees it

Ryo Ego

No doubt about “Well done Gay”.


It’s the Arsenal Centipede.

Cygan's Anal Beads



Who’s Roland?


The Ox is at loggerbutts with his captain. I hope he gets out of this tight spot! Love it.

Calvin Alias

Off topic, but i just read Kalou is now a free agent, how many of you would want to see him signed?


kalou has been playing for chelsea since he was 18 hes now 26 and hes not made 1 improvement in his game , hes not top level material, if he was playing for a mid table team no-one would be remotely interested in him, id easily rather have hoilett or kagawa .. both younger and better players


erm… aren’t Chelsea a mid table side?


As a better alternative to Chamakh, 3rd choice striker? I actually wouldn’t mind.


wow the more number of thumbs down means no right?
let me try.


If we absolutely must get someone from Chelsea, would rather get that Sturridge fella. He’s quality from what I’ve seen, and wants out.


Apparently he’s a Gooner too

Cygan's Anal Beads


The funny thing is I doubt anyone wants anyone of Chelsea’s players bar Cole, Cahill and Mata.

That’s how fucking lucky they were. They will fall back on their CL trophy by default because it’s the easy unintelligent choice, but mark my words that is the shittest team to win the CL in living memory. And just goes to show that anything can happen there, which means I don’t feel so bad about not winning it.

Die Hard Gunner

I will rather have Ramires, the bloke is pure genius rather than “STORAGE” why take storage when we want immediate performers. LOLZ!!!

the only sam is nelson

i’d rather take boswinga who is used to being rotated, can cover across a range of positions and knows how to get away with fouling a lot, we need a bit more of that.


But…. the eyebrows….
I wouldn’t be able to cope.

Die Hard Gunner

I bet you have not watched him play, i will rather have Cygan back than Bosingwa. LOLZ


I can sure the allure to be honest, but the bottom line is that he is a mediocre player and I have no doubt he would end up being like Joe Cole for Liverpool. A free transfer is usually not a good one.

I was against Sol Campbell coming over, and I guess that turned out okay. But, I still never want to see players moving from our rivals to us, it is just poor.

Cygan's Right Foot

Sol Campbell coming over from the spuds turned out ‘okay’…. A little bit of an understatement


why does arsene wenger play the ox so sparingly and the same with rvp when he was younger but with the likes of wilshere and cesc he played them all the time, im a firm believer that if your good enough then age dont matter, i mean look at messi , ronaldo, rooney just to name a few that started playing reguarly at a young age and blossemed in to one of the best players around


because with wilshere he had no choice, our midfield was almost decimated due to injury and he had to field 11 men on the pitch so he had to take wilshere but look at the effect too many games has had on him, a warning as too not play the OX too much.And cesc, well cesc at his age was already brilliant he would have developed more at a harder level than with playing for the reserves and was good enough to play in the first team already, he was simply put, exceptional and cesc’s game required less running and… Read more »


i can understand not playing the ox too much like he did wilshere but he would rather play a low in confidence ramsey out of posiiton on the left wing then play a confident and inform player that is more suited to play on the wing who is ox


that does baffle me too, but i guess the most reasonable explanation is that this season it was so unclear as to who would get the cl spots that arsene must have thought that its best to play the most experienced payers no matter what going more for a “dont lose at all costs” attitude rather than “win with aplomb” attitude which meant taking risks with young players had to be sacrificed in order for a more stable and experienced lineup. im not saying its right but im saying its reasonable

Die Hard Gunner

you are the same people that will complain of over-use when they pick up injury, very good example: Wilshere


“He even does the little things like arranging get-togethers with players’ wives”

I hope its not the John Terry way…


with players’ wives- all RVP.

with players’ wives- all Terry

but what’s with that wrong with arsene and the dipping in and dipping out of RVP? It’s now your turn Ox. Take it all in.


Again another player saying how vital it is to keep rvp. Let’s hope the board are listening to thier own players. If we let him go it not only deflates and sends the wrong signal to fans but how much it effects the players should not be underestimated.
It’s absolutely vital we keep him for many reasons and not just for his goals.

the only sam is nelson

on the other hand when TH14 and PV4 were doing their annual flirt with the big continental sides back in the summer of 2004, the club responded by going out and spending £2.75m on an unknown from the Dutch league. An unknown with a reputation for trouble. How did that work out, again? Not sure that it *is* all about singing big names and sending signals etc, but if it is then Grant Holt is having a contract row with Delia up in Norwich so it’s only a matter of time before he’s unveiled as our great hope for the… Read more »


to be fair it took van persie a good 4-5 years to become the complete player he is today… signing him was clever… genius even but the fact is it wasn’t a statement of intent like signing podolski has been, we could have enough talent (up front) to challenge for the title next season, just depends on what arsene thinks. I certainly believe he is aiming to win it and IMO we need a couple more top signings in midfield maybe another in defence to do that, but then with song’s forward forays, frimpongs injury we have coquelin who is… Read more »


Now the picture is clear. Van persie can play across the front three positions. And those are interchangeable


RVP seems to be the captain we have missed for a while.


We should emulate Man City by selling fringe players e.g. Squillaci, Bendtner and use the money saved from sales/wages to buy Van Persie a trophy, he would feel grateful and sign the contract!

why is my name required

Our home kit has the Netherlands colors on the sleeves next season. Maybe its a message to Rvp to let him know we want to keep.him


Ryan Bertrand – 1 Champions League Medal
Rvp – Zero.


Ryo Ego

Henry got no Champions League Medal the time he was at High Bury.
But look now what he got in front of Emirate Stadium, fool?

It’s Priceless.


Ryo Ego, don’t be a num nut.

Henry – 1 Champions League Medal.
Rvp – 0

Your supposed king had to left Arsenal to get a medal. You see the trend?????

Cygan's Right Foot

If you read the comment properly “Henry got no Champions League Medal the time he was at High Bury”. It was never mentioned he didn’t have one at all.

I mean, I know I’m expecting a lot from a spud in terms of actually being able to read. I figured I’d give you the benefit of the doubt but then again, you lot all insulted Chris Hoy rather than Chris Foy, so it’s asking a lot

Also it’s numbnut and not num nut….. moron

Dave Gooner

Go back to your shit club.

Oh and mind yourself on the way in, you might be trampled to death by all the players on their way out.



The morales of the story is that in recent times, if arsenal players want to win medals they have to do that elsewhere…hell man, even us spuds, have a medal 😛

Cygan's Right Foot

Well no, Sol Campbell was a gunner when he won the medals. Don’t try and take his achievements as your own

the only sam is nelson

Arsenal players have the opportunity to win a European Cup medal next season.

Howabout spuds?

see a trend there?


We should be cautious with the Ox. He’s young and, most importantly, still growing. Playing him too much might hamper his body, which is still in development. He has a lot of pace, so I hope he doesn’t end up like Pato, who pretty much wrecked his muscles using that lightening pace while still developing.


It appears that all these chelsea strikers are leaving or unhappy drogba torres sturridge lukaku who might we get………kalou!

Cygan's Right Foot

While it may not be popular (and I’m expecting a fair few thumbs downs), would anyone take a gamble on Drogba? Considering he’s free, experienced and seems to always score against us, he could give us a plan B.
Obviously, on the other hand he played for Chelsea and so is essentially scum


He’s already said he couldn’t sign for another Premiership team.

And when you think about it, it would be like Anelka going to Chelsea, Oh wait…


You know Foot, unfortunately I agree with you. But this is Didier Drogba, who has over 150 goals for Chelsea, and said he didnt want to sit on the bench and watch a new project unfolding and blah blah blah. Can you honestly see him agreeing to be a Plan B? First of all, he’s too tall, can’t rap or act, and he aint white….

the only sam is nelson

he wants £200K a week, it’s not going to happen is it

Cygan's butt

Drogba is a great player and you are stupid. Write something interesting and something which is not related with your so called well known history of arsenal fc (for what two single google clicks are enough). Or shut up!

Cygan's Right Foot



I actually thought that

why is my name required

i don’t want anyone from chelsea, because they are represented by a huge cunt like John terry. and i dont want anything to do with John terry


Taking the scraps from other clubs is beneath us. There was a time when the other clubs used to look at our players and dream about having them in their side…

… It was bad enough paying a wage to that ex-ManUre player who did nothing for us… we don’t need to do it again. These are not the big name signings we need right now.

Cygan's Right Foot

Phil, is that you?


Chamberlain >>>>>>>>all signings made by mancini…u want.proofs? the year is 2013.


I remember a certain tottenham captain having to leave a small provincial club to join thier rivals just win medals not so long ago.

the only sam is nelson

Ahhh the big Ulsterman, Pat Jennings. Happy days


I hate all the ‘big name’ signing bollocks, I don’t care if they cost £2.50 and come from the blue square premier as long as they perform well for us.

Cygan's Anal Beads


But let’s hope in the Blue Square they’re better than Denilbum, Bendtnob and the dread Chawakh.

The Gun

We don’t need anything from Chelski. As far as I am concerned, those motherless defensive cashsquirting cunts don’t even exist.


Anyone noticed rvp has been replaced by podolski in the front page new kit advert ? Is someone trying to stir it up or what ?


On arsenal home front page they replaced all 3 , wilshere , rvp, ox with walcott podolski arteta if you hadn’t notice.


And when you entered the arsenal page on the right side of the page you can see the advert of the new kit with wilshere rvp and ox

[…] 来源:[Arseblog News] […]


warning to arsenalfc, owner, manager, players and fans, don’t let Robin Vanpersie go… Unless you get capable replacement for him….


Well thanks for that nugget of priceless info captain obvious.

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big dawg

Thanks mate, think we kinda noticed that…


dennis didn’t 🙂

big dawg

Dennis the menace..


Face it your just as worried as I am mugs, oi bruv someone just called you a mug on the internet – do something .. Before you lose your pride. Mug


this sounds like last years stories, except change Van Persie to Fabregas.