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Johan Djo-euro-u bound

Johan Djourou looks like he’ll have a plethora of clubs to choose from this summer as he weighs up a career away from the Emirates.

Having already been warned that he needs regular first team football to retain his place in the Swiss national team, the centre-back, who has readily admitted that his future at Arsenal is in the balance, appears to have had contact with several clubs in Italy.

Speaking about his client’s options, Djourou’s agent Flavio Ferraria said: “At the moment Napoli are not on the list of appointments but everything is possible. If he leaves the Premier League he will play in Italy or Spain.

“I saw my client the other day and he was enthusiastic about both Napoli and Italy in general. So far we have received an offer worth €10million.

“He wants to play for one of the top five Italian clubs.”

While some sources have interpreted the €10 million figure as a transfer fee, it appears far more likely that the sum relates to the likely earning of the player over the course of the contract offered to him.

As a further warning, it’s worth noting that the figure of £10 million quoted in certain publications is the result of a reporter failing to differentiate between ‘€’ and ‘£’ in the original article. Well done that man…

That’s not to say that Arsene Wenger shouldn’t recoup a decent fee for the 25-year-old. Having signed a new contract in February, for once we’re in the driving seat when it comes to naming a price.

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Decent CB. poor right back. As a third choice CB he will be missed.
And if that move promotes squillaci and or bartkey/miquel, it will be a big step backwards


Surely he is 4th choice centre back at the moment? kos tv per.
i would expect that if we sell jd and ss a replacement will be bought but if we promote bartley and miquel that may just do.


Decent CB. poor right back. As a third choice CB he will be missed.
And if that move promotes squillaci and or bartley/miquel, it will be a big step backwards

Glory hunter

oh well!


Will be sad to see him go. On his day his was a reliable player at centre half and I feel he was unfairly criticised at right back. Maybe a move is for the best if it goes through and I wish him luck (who’s gonna do Arsenal Insider now, stupid Arsene)


He’ll do well in Italy. The slower pace there should suit him. Not sure about Spain though


Shame he didnt continue his form from last season, good luck to him if he leaves!


Heard rumours Inler has fallen out with Napoli’s management.
Swap deal would be nice.

Merlin's Panini

Andre Santos for Arsenal Insider then? I can see it now “Hi gays!…”

Or maybe that was the sticking point for RVP in the contract talks? maybe he wanted to do Arsenal Insider…


we could keep arshavin and let him do arsenal insider, he makes funny faces, he just reminds me of a little brother even though he’s like 30


Why does everyone keep saying this guy was a ‘decent’ CB? I think we got demolished 8-2 with him playing CB. Yes, the whole team was poor that night, but I can distinctly remember us conceding at least a couple of goals because of Djourou’s individual mistakes.

He’s nowhere near as good as you need to be to play for Arsenal. Hasn’t shown any progress despite being with us for a good amount of time. Good riddance!


Who was djourous partner that day?

Rad Carrot

It was Kos, I think, but Jenkinson and Traore hardly bathed themselves in glory, the former getting sent off, the latter completely absent. Djourou had a poor game all round, but I don’t blame the defeat squarely on him.

Merlin's Panini

It wasn’t just the central defence that was poor that day. It was the whole team collectively, and seeing as we had about half a squad I expected us to get beaten quite heavily. Plus United were particularly clinical. It was down to poor organisation in the summer, not just Johan Djourou.
He was at fault for the first goal, equally with Kos, as neither attacked the ball, but give the guy a break. No one’s saying he’s the best in the world, but he’s not as bad as a lot of people seem to suggest.

Rad Carrot

Unfair criticism of him aside, I’d be sad to see him go, but fair enough if he wants to play regularly. Question now would be who to promote to fourth choice CB, I don’t think the youngsters are ready yet. I’d quite like us to find a nice, older, experienced centre back (PL experience hopefully) who’d be willing to see out his career with us for a moderate wage and transfer fee. Someone who could help the youngsters develop, who we could play against the slower attackers, and who would be able to show a sense of calm if he… Read more »


Yes. What has happened the last few times we have tried to sign an experienced centreback? They all fail.

Honestly, I know I’m in dream land but I wouldn’t mind us getting papadolpolous (not sure how to spell it). He seemed really good. But I know that is unrealistic. The most realistic thing that will happen is that Wenger will promote bartley or miquel, I don’t think either of them are ready, but I could be wrong.

As for Zat Knight, or any relegated defender for that matter, please just take a look at Scot Dann, how is he doing?

Rad Carrot

Fair enough, but just because the recent experienced CBs have failed doesn’t always mean they’re all going to be failures. I wasn’t necessarily suggesting Zat in particularly, but I don’t see us getting someone of (e.g.) Vertongen’s quality to fill in as 4th choice. I’d rather have an experienced centre-back who doesn’t make sloppy mistakes than a youngster prone to flapping.

[…] 来源:[Arseblog News] […]


I had a beer with Johan’s parents a few years ago whilst living in Geneva – lovely people they are. As a result I have always hoped he would be more than just a tall defender… but being played out of position hasn’t helped and not getting a string of games together has done him no good either.

will be a shame to see him go, but if he needs to develop his career, then it could be the best thing for him.


Koscienly was the only brain at the back,traore was thinking about the clothes his misseus was going to wear that night,jekinson was still having a hangover cos of the goal he scored in cologne


Djorou is ass at right back, steady and astute at centre back except for those “release the ball now before I get a heart attack moments”. I heard he’l be going for around £10 milli, well that’s a major coup for us. 🙂
Now I expect mert to firm up and rise to the challenge while miguel gets ready to take his place.

Merlin's Panini

I’d like to see le Coq firm up and rise to the challenge…



30 yard scorcher.


No worries merlin, coq jokes by the numbers just got major boost. Good for a laugh as well.

the only sam is nelson

Obviously Johann has ruled Spain out following the €100m bailout over the weekend. His confidence in Italy’s ability to escape the fiscal contagion is intriguing – although of course with his intimate knowledge of European bond markets and their affect on sovereign debt, you can only doff your cap in admiration at his financial acumen. My source at the club tells me that the positive movements across European markets this morning can be traced directly back to Djourou’s expression of confidence in the Italians. Straight up. Will miss him if he goes, I really can’t see a better option out… Read more »


What will we do without his amazingly punable name? Djou you realize how sadly it will be missed?

the only sam is nelson

I would rou the day he leaves.




If we get a good fee for him and put it on RVP’s loyalty bonus….eh? EH?!!?


Meh, will be missed as a backup, but I think we were paying him too much for a back up. Good luck and please do not start being an amazing CB when you leave, keep being mediocre to shitty please.

[…] Arsenal center-back Johann Djourou looks likely to join Italian side Napoli in a €10m deal, after the Swiss coach warned that the player needs more regular first-team action […]

Naija Gunner

It’s so unfortunate he turned bad, and he is now lebelled as a worst CB by by some fans, may be some of you didn’t watch what he did to Drogba two seasons ago at grove.

Am not trying to defend him but he has tried his bit, I support his move to another club just give a bit of credit to him, and bid him fare well.

Naija Gunner

….and I forgot to add his a decent back up


Best 4th choice centre back in the PL. Sad to see him go.

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