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Campbell set to secure ‘first team’ Betis move

Joel Campbell is in Betis today to finalise his loan move for the upcoming season.

The young striker spent last season with French side Lorient and, due to work permit and squad size issues, will spend a further season away from the Emirates as part of his development.

Speaking to La Nación in Costa Rica, Betis president Miguel Guillén said, “Today the player will be here to arrange the final details and if all is well, sign the contract. From that moment I can talk about how we take the arrival of Joel.

“We are very happy with his arrival and he’ll be very important for us. We’re sure that if he’s got a space at Arsenal then he’s going to have that here in Spain.”

Guillén also spoke about how the deal came to pass, citing a ‘close relationship’ between Betis and Arsenal and revealed that the player’s contract would have clauses which saw him paid more the more he played.

“In any case, when Betis make signings we make them to improve the team and when someone comes it’s to become part of the first team”, he said.

It is likely that Arsenal considered a number of options for Campbell’s loan period and perhaps Betis were able to provide greater assurance that he’d be considered for first team football.

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Malaysian Gooner

I am curious as to why we didn’t apply for a work permit as it was reported that he meets work permit qualifications. Is there a limit as to how many work permits a club is allowed to apply for? As we saving our applications for other players?

Even if he isn’t going to play for us this season it makes sense to apply for the work permit anyway as an injury might cause him to fall below the 75% ‘A Grade’ international games required for work permits.

Am I not understanding something here? Can anyone clarify this?


I thought that the club could only get one exceptional talent approved per year. Ryo got it last year, and they’re fairly stringent, plus there are some subjective decision making factors so in a sense it’s pot luck.

Betis seems like a good move though, being a fairly prominent club, and all that.


Spot on there, bloggs!

Well lets just hope that he concentrates on his football at Betis & come out close to a finished product.

Also we’ve to literally hope that he doesn’t listen to his agent & father who both are nothing but a combined pack of humungous, selfish, self exalting cunts.


@Cape Gooner: thanks for the source! (And who are the twats giving him “thumbs down” for his addition?)


I’m fairly certain that there are Spurs scum that lurk here and just randomly thumb people down to piss them off.


That report was wrong – simple as.

While we’re on the work permit issue, what I don’t understand is why players who have so much trouble qualifying for permits here, tend to just turn around and walk into teams in Holland, France or Spain, no problem?

I thought the point of the EU was that we have the same rules. So… what the fuck?

And just to be greedy: Ryo – any clues on what he’ll be up to this coming season?

Cygan's Right Foot

As I understand it, our FA works on the premise of work permits while other countries limit the amount of non-eu players per team per year. Italian teams for example are only allowed 2 or 3 non-eu players and then can’t register anymore without clearing one of those out first.

I may be completely wrong and if so, I would honestly like to hear a correct version.

Cygan's Right Foot – While it’s not for all leagues, it should explain it a little better


Last seasons signings were by far the most curious business we have done in a long time. Park, he’s here but why? Campbell, he’s here but not here. There must be a strategy at work here but I’d be [email protected]@ked if I can figure out what it is. We’ve all gone out, gotten drunk and gone home with the fat ugly bird with the wart on her nose but you would assume that decisions to improve our squad are well thought out and done over the course of several weeks if not several months. Surely AW has dossiers on the… Read more »

Cygan's Right Foot

No one can explain the Park transfer except Gazidis and maybe Wenger while Campbell was obviously a player Arsene felt was worth getting on the books now rather than wait for another club to snap him up and then have to pay a large fee. He would have known that a WP was unlikely but probably feels he is one for the near future (as in next season) and so the loaning out for WP and experience sake is worth it.


Exciting player and a great prospect. Good luck to him in Betis and hope to see him in The Arsenal shirt soon!


If and when he plays for the Arsenal he will be the LANS to end all LANS.


Unless Diaby makes a proper return!


The french league felt like he was too far away but now…… we can take a closer look at the lad. His interactions with ‘big ego’ ronaldo and ‘I know i’m that good but I don’t say it out loud’ messi
Top move for him.


Hope Campbell bests both Messi and Ronaldo at once in one match.

Master Bates

It’s the la liga , It’s very possible to score 20+ goals with regular football

The BearMan

It is a good move! It is a pity some lads in the reserves never considered pursuing opportunities overseas, to broarden their horizon and gain useful experiences. From the outside looking in, it appears Arsenal is making a right cockup with a number of wonder kids. In some cases the record shows that the club has been paying vast sums of monies to have the investment displaced and in some cases the players development are hindered by holding clubs. Prime example is Wellington Silva. £5M investment two seasons wasted, last season few first team opportunities. At that rate it will… Read more »


Surely I’m not the only one annoyed by the constant use of the word ‘monies’?


Can someone translate this?

And while they’re at it, shed some light on where £5m on Wellington Silva comes from?

The BearMan


£3.5M is the correct sum!

Happy Gunner

IIRC wasn’t it attitude problems on his part that kept him out of the team? I could be wrong, but I thought I remembered reading that this was the reason he wasn’t getting a lot of first team action. And that at the tail end of last season he realized he was screwing up and recommitted himself. I might be making this up, I can’t even remember now lol


I dont think the lack of a work permit is the only reason campbell is being sent out on loan. He needs to further up his game plus.with us acquiring far more proven talent like giroud, poldi I don’t think it will be the right move for him to stay with us and play from the bench. It’s just prudent to let him have game time while we clear out the waste of space that is in the form of chamakh and co.
Heres to hoping he comes back with afew bruises (toughen up) but a better all round player.

[…] 来源:[Arseblog News] […]

Alex Song's Chipped Through Ball

I don’t want to get ahead of myself but when we signed him and I went through the standard routine of ‘watch every single youtube clip you can possibly find of him’ and he reminded me of a young Samuel Eto’o. That is to say left footed, smashing his finishes across goal into the top corner. Capable of the unexpected and the spectacular. Obviously still a raw talent but Eto’o learnt the game at Mallorca (a mid-table Spanish team – similar to Betis), hopefully Joel can emulate him. If we have half the player Eto’o is/was on our hands then…… Read more »

Merlin's Panini

good move. Hope he get’s more time playing at Betis than he did at L(eyton)orient.
Best of luck.

Michael Miller

FYI: Real Betis is located in Seville.

The BearMan

It’s goodbye from RvP!

[…] can remain on Ramsey.  Elsewhere, Hull City’s Steve Bruce wants to sign Vito Mannone & Joel Campbell does indeed go on loan to Real Betis. And apparently Arsenal have postponed their trip to Nigeria due to logistics problems.  I […]

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