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Rosicky reported injured for second time in 4 days

Earlier this week Arsene Wenger confirmed that Tomas Rosicky would be out for 6-8 weeks having picked up an ankle injury at Euro 2012. Despite the fact the news was relayed on Arsenal’s official website, it appears, somewhat bizarrely, that a raft of other publications have relayed the news as ‘breaking’ this morning.

Well done lads. Keep up.

Anyway, seeing as there seems to be an appetite for some classic ‘Ro-sick-note’ punnery, here’s the news about our Czech midfielder’s injury for a second time…

Tomas Rosicky is set to miss the start of the season after injury his plantaris tendon while on international duty in Poland and Ukraine.

The 31-year-old has since had surgery and is now undertaking a programme of rehabilitation which should see him available for selection in September.

The news (which is not new news, but news nonetheless) comes as something of a blow to Arsene Wenger (even though he knew all about it before the rest of us) with Jack Wilshere still sidelined, Aaron Ramsey Olympified and Abou Diaby expected to break his leg in Friday’s friendly with Manchester City.

Tune in tomorrow where we’ll be reporting the news that Tomas Rosicky is 6-8 weeks from fitness (minus one day) after undergoing surgery on his ankle.

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Our Midfield dynamo’s out!
Let’s all wish him a quick recovery, this archilles tendon thing ain’t a small thing……
Tr7 is such a lovable guy, get well soon.

Cygan's Left Foot

Yes, we should wish him as you said all that. But he should have the sense and retire from international football. Don’t give me, oh he loves his country bla bla bla. It is fine if his battered body can take it. But the fact it can’t and we pay his wages, he should take the right choice and be fair to The Arsenal too.

So I hope he will put his football future and what his body can and can’t do before I love my country rubbish!!!.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

I’m not sure people outside the UK ever retire from International football as British players do. I think they tend to remain available until their manager stops picking them. Weird behaviour from these Johnny Foreigners, no doubt about it.
Probably some strange patriotic notion.

Cygan's Left Foot

If you were not sooo assured and acting as you know what you are talking about and being sarcastic, I would not have shown you up …. Rosicky country man Pavel Nedved, retired from international football after the lose to the Greek in the semi final of the Euro 2004, and carried on playing his club football until 2009. NO, the manager didn’t stop picking him up, he RETIRED from international football. Should I go into Berbatove at the Manures and more examples???? So, it is not only the English players do retired from international football, do your research before… Read more »

Happy Gunner

Good thing this is a day old. He’s that much closer to recovery 😀

TGSTEL's First Touch

A bit sad for him really.

Well at least we have Diab–

Oh shit!

Andrew Maher

This just in… Diabi’s leg explodes after looking at that hyphen

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

No, he was going to say Diablo 2 to play while we wait for the season to start.


And so it begins!

Please sign Cazorla! If not then Affelay!

Happy Gunner

You’re one of those people who really doesn’t enjoy our squad at all, aren’t you?


And then we should try and get Messi on loan by offering him 600,000 pounds a week…

at least that is what I did on FIFA. 🙂

gooner from bangladesh

I did the same. xD

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

We could probably afford to keep him for a month, but can he reproduce it on a wet Tuesday night in Stoke? We already know that he can’t reproduce it very effectively for Argentina. Of course, Argentina don’t pick the rest of their squad using FIFA 12 do they?

the only sam is nelson

Get well soon Tomas, you rubber-kneed rascal


he’s someone who gives his heart on the pitch, keeps his head down and just performs, I love these kind of players, even if they dont deliver (mind you he does deliver) I just wanna see that extra bit of hunger in players

the only sam is nelson

ha this is the thing that consistently baffles me (and I think all supporters of all clubs) – how the *fuck* can players not bust a gut from the moment they’re on the pitch to the moment the whistle blows? It’s not exactly fucking rocket science and my God if a cunt like John Terry can become popular simply by diving around like an epileptic squid trying to get his face in the way of the ball then you’d have thought even the thickest footballer might work out that lots of hard work wins over the fans – there is… Read more »


But then there’s the flip-side, where we have a player like Ramsey, who really does work fucking hard, yet because he is in poor form and what he attempts doesn’t come off, he is slated 🙁 End of the day, I’ll support any player who wears the shirt and plays like he would die in it 😀


hope he does RVP and score 30 goals


This sentence just doesn’t sound well in me mouth…….

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

Swish it around with a tot of vodka, it may feel better that way.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

The 30 goals yes, but the 6 years injured? No thanks. I hope he’s back as soon as they say he might and then never gets injured again in his entire life.


Isn’t that the same injury that kept Vermaelen out for nearly a whole season? Get well soon Little Mozart!


Yep, Verm had both ankles done and they delayed the initial surgery too. Should be shorter.


I am usually amazed at how some websites report “stale news” as “breaking news”. I am not going to go into their names nonetheless.Whatever, Rosicky is a day closer to recovery today ! Arseblog is the best by miles!!


a certain news aggregation service is informing me that Ozyakup is having a medical at Besiktas… they don’t always miss the breaking stories

kiss my arsenal

allow me mate, dailymail, caught offside, constantly talking shyte 24/7

almost forgot talksport

Norn Iron Gooner

Dont forget Metro and that pillock Antony Kastranaks from the Sun. Oh and Rob ‘weasle’ Beasily from the same rag. Chav lovin scum.

If you see ‘exclusive’ with a broken Arsenal badge at the start of a stot ry,,u can bet 1 of the 2 wankstains wrote the piece. Infact everything Kastranakis writes is about Arsenal and ALWAYS negative. Poison spewing cunt….


And that legendary arsenal cunt from the sun….ian “i’l slate wenger every chance I get” wright.

gooner from bangladesh

I love this guy. Gives his best whenever he’s on the pitch. I went mental when he scored the 3rd goal against Spurs and later the 2nd goal against Milan. The only other time I went that crazy during a goal was the Mikel Arteta one against ManShitty and Varmelaen against Newcastle.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

You mean you didn’t go batshit mental when Henry returned and scored for us??!!!!????? What kind of Gooner do you think you are????????

kiss my arsenal

‘and Abou Diaby expected to break his leg in Friday’s friendly with Manchester City.’
i chuckled warmly

get well soon rosicky! hopefully this time next year when you’ll probably be lying on the treatment table, you can occupy yourself by polishing you’re premier league winners medal


Diaby…. noooooo!
He´s the quintessential player with promise…


Seems like rosocky done enough to get his contract extension and just in time before yet another injury. similar to rvp but he wants out. we will probably see an awesome 6 months from diaby followed by a long term contract being signed then another 4 years of injury.

Happy Gunner

Just go away. We don’t take kindly to yet types ’round here.


That doesn’t make sense. Tomas didn’t choose to get injured and RVP was never going to sign a contract so what was driving him to perform well? All three players have shown they’re bloody good footballers and not just when their contract negotiations are approaching, it’s pretty insulting to make that sort of insinuation.


Just a matter of time with TR7. Get ready for ‘complications’ following surgery etc etc…out til Xmas….hopes to face Barnsley in FA Cup 3 rd replay. Yawn…just buy Cazorla!


Can we stop all this Initial&No. bollocks please… every time I see it I’m reminded of the one who started it – CR7 (Which stands for Cunt Ronaldo, as opposed to FR9, which is Fat Ronaldo). Makes me physically sick.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla


Feel any better now?

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Merlin's Panini

I love that photograph.
“Take that in your face bitch! Jazzhands!”

Andrew Maher


Jim Deen

Agreed. The commentary accompanying Blogs’ first use of that photo (back in the Euros) has stuck in my memory: “Rosicky, seen here killing some guy…”


glory hunter

What??? he’s injured again!!!
does this mean i have to be angry/disappointed for the 2nd time???

Cygan's Anal Spatula

Remove the sick from this man’s name and you have Roy of the motherfucking Rovers.


Leaving aside your comment, your username really does conjure up some images. Not necessarily good ones either.


Nothing to do with football, but your handle reminds me of the Russian phrase for getting a reprimand–“Like being smacked in the cunt with a spatula.”

Die Hard Gunner

Get well soon my scooby doo, cant wait to have you back, especially when we play Tottenham Cuntspot!! so you can do to them what you did last season.

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