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Arsenal sign Macedonian goalkeeper

It’s not quite the big-money summer signing Gunners fans have been waiting for, but according to it appears Arsenal have snapped up 17-year-old Macedonian goalkeeper Dejan Iliev from FK Belasica.

The teenager, who has been capped by his country at youth level, looks set to join the Arsenal Academy where he’ll compete with the likes of Reice Charles-Cook, James Shea and Damien Martinez for a place between some sticks on a faraway pitch at the training ground.

The report claims Iliev impressed while on trial at London Colney and put pen-to-paper on a deal this morning under the gaze of Arsene Wenger himself. It also claims that some of the biggest clubs in Europe were interested in his signature, although a quick Google of his name only returns a link with Italian side Chievo.

One for the future…like you haven’t heard that before.


Thanks to @JamieDalton82@JLefasie for the link.




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Think we need a replacement for Song, nah, we MUST SORT OUT OUR NEXTGEN KEEPER PROBLEM.


Yes because we have exactly the same people working on both.


Try multitasking in Football Manager!

Mikel Anon

Arsene Wenger can never win against fans like you.

Cygan's Left Foot

Barca, City and Manures trust our project youth as a FEEDER CLUB for them. So, is he next Barca, City or Manures keeper??

I can see the French Fool pleasing his Yank master again.


He’ll be another home grown goalkeeper in a couple years.

What's my name?

I b-Iliev Dejan has potential to shine! Just give him time…

Matt F

He’s the spitting image of Wenger.

Matt F



So the sentense will be.

He was the spitting image of wenger????…
Still not quite.


He IS the spitting image of * a young * Wenger.

New Yorker

Loved how twitter world thought it to be Bender, then Perisic and finally a 17 year kid. It’s fun to be an arsenal fan, especially during the final days in the transfer window.


He’ll be coming off the bench by February when Martinez (who is covering for Mannone (who broke his hand off covering for Chesney (whose august rib injury ended up keeping him out all season))) gets sent off for bringing down peter crouch. You heard it here first.


top, top, top class player, eh?


Classic Wenger though 🙂


Should I be happy that we’ve finally signed someone?,
Are you?.


In your face Citeh, Chavs etc. Have some of that.

Some Gooner

Better tie him down to a new long-term contract now…


I hope we don’t Iliev to regret this.

Joey Joe Joe


big black clock

You missed the point so hard Joey

Joey Joe Joe

no big black cock, you did




Haha bitter joey joe joe. Just go.

Die Hard Gunner

Hopes the boy is as good as claimed!!!


Top Top Top Top keeper. Next Lev Yashin

Merlin's Panini

YES! A NEW… 17 year old… goalkeeper. oh.
Well welcome Mr Iliev. Hope you do well for us.


Mooro. Fucking classic mate amd pissin myself.


You’re shitting me right…? Arsene please tell me you are.


Well i am a Arsene fan but i would wanna know if he shitting or not.
Wow you are a level up.


nothing to do with wenger ,youth recruit for the academy have nothing to do with him ,been say many time


Got horrible feeling that’s as big as it will get this year prav


this year?
giroud, poldi, santi


Sadly we’ve just signed one guy.


Wenger, come on. We need more, more!.

Merlin's Panini

I’m hoping he’s 8ft tall and morbidly obese, so all we’d have to do would be to put him on the line and nothing could get past the chunker.

Merlin's Panini

Jesus, he is one fat Foulke. heh.


“At the end of the first match in the 1902 Cup Final Foulke protested to the officials that Southampton’s equalizing goal should not have been allowed. Foulke left his dressing room unclothed and pursued the referee, Tom Kirkham, who took refuge in a broom cupboard. Foulke had to be stopped by a group of F.A. officials from wrenching the cupboard door from its hinges to reach the hapless referee.”

You’d never see something like this nowadays. Football has gone to the dogs.


Hahahaha. A most typical Arsene signing. I fucking love it.

Watch as he hires DD to be his agent in 3 years.


So typical of him to sign youth players. No one else does it.


I honestly don’t think there will be any notable new signings these coming days, although I recon we’ll be fairly busy come January, but I don’t even want to think about then.

Yeah right

People were complaining about signing the Ox too, when we were waiting for a big signing.
It won’t affect any other potential signings, so relax


I must admit, I thought at the time that it was a luxury signing we could do without. Boy, was I wrong: In Arsene we trust. Although an additional striker would be smashing!


A teenager nobody has heard of from an obscure league.

I’m getting a DEJAN Vu.

Mrs Bendtner's Greatest Son That Ever Lived

Sir, I have you coat.


Thank God! I was afraid Wenger wasn’t gonna re-invest that money we got Song & RVP.

I rate Martinez very highly! This lad has some competition ahead of him.


Now one now szcezesny but now his a great goalkeeper ,Its ok if arsenal signs young players i dont sea the problem .

Yeah right

I’d lake to correct you on some of those words ..


Haha you fucking smart ass!.

I lake you!.


I can sleep easy knowing we have a 6th choice keeper in place. Now …….. if we can get an assistant tea lady and someone to help out with white lining of practice pitches…… then we really could challenge.

FFS Arsene…… strengthen !!!!

Rocket Diary

Ha ha ha…Chrispy you know what, you putting unnecessary pressure on the wage bill, moreover, due to the new rule, very few Top, Top, Top class tea ladies are available right now

Merlin's Panini

Arsenal, Schalke, Olympiakos, Montpellier

not a bad draw that!


Giroud against his former mates.

Sorry gays, he won’t lift that shirt if he scores against them.


He will run to santos and lift it anyways.



“We are active but we don’t want to bring average players in. I am relaxed…if we find a top, top, top player we will do it. We are working hard.”


He’d better be a top player for his age then.

Bendtner's Ego

So, what are this kid’s stats in FIFA / FM?

I know one of you has probably already looked.

Rocket Diary

I have heard this guy is pretty versatile. Even though he is usually a goalkeeper, but he can also play as a defensive minded midfielder, and as a defender too. Also, he is Top, Top, Top Class. When Wenger said he would buy a midfielder and defender, you guys didnt believe him. In your face, suckers…
Ahh..apart from being a pissed off, I’d like to wish this guy all the best. Welcome to the family, IIiev.


And he was a top scorer in Macedonian league! 35 is the number. Some from the penalty area directly to the other side, some last second headers, and even some solo runs like Messi! Krejzi top top top player!



Wake me up when we sign an actual someone.

George Smith

This one is for the future.Haven’t we heard it before? I tell you what.Wenger is gambling wih Arsenal’s future.I for one can’t see see the gunners upgrading from the 3rd or 4th. The rumours have it that he might buy six players by tw. He might not get anyone.He is stuck in his self sustaining model.The game has moved on .If the gunners are stuck in stagnation,it will take at least three to ten years to get back to cl status with the gunners despeartely throwing money around.Arsenal could be like Liverpool. The reds haven’t won the epl for 22… Read more »


Whole world’s stuck in the self-sustaining model. It’s called not spending money you don’t bloody have.


Replacement for Song finally..


I’m proud that my favorite blood club arsenal signed my fellow country men Dejan Iliev I hope that he will make me proud !


Can he play defensive midfield?

I love the bizarre outrage from fans who think we’re using our first team budget when we sign a young player during a transfer window.


Bard. We do have the money all this bollox spouted about us not having the money and not wanting to end up like Pompey etc etc is total and utter bollox. We have money but it’s in the bank. Where it won’t score goals or earn points. We don’t have city money true but we have enough to strengthen if we had the will or ambition. Sadly as a club we lack both.
If people think this squad as it stands is strong enough to compete for the league then your wrong believe me.


Wenger says he has injured players coming back.Well he said so afew yaers ago.Now he says he will buy in the winter.All I know is don’t be surprised nobody comes in.
He is deluded if he thinks Walcott will stay.RVp kissed his Arsenal badge and went away. Walcott loves Arsenal,according to the fm. The love will turn sour if the gunners can’t compete.How to compete against international class players by playing wc kids?


Potential signing for the future! Arsene wenger does have a good eye for young talent, I do hope if he turns out to be a great goal keeper for the gunners that he isnt sold if a huge offer comes in for him!


maybe 5 years from
now he will be worth 15
million pounds

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