Fabianski plays down exit talk


Before Euro 2012 Lukasz Fabianski made it quite clear, on a number of occasions, that he wanted to leave Arsenal in order to play first team football.

However, in an interview with the official site, he seems to have backed away from that position and says he’s ready to challenge Wojciech Szczesny for the number 1 spot.

Fabianski, who didn’t feature against FC Koln with Arsene Wenger choosing Szczesny and Vito Mannone as his keepers, told Arsenal Player, “It can change very quickly. From my own experiences I know that, so I am ready to step up. I feel confident that I am able to be No one. I am very happy, I must say.

“I had a little problem with my shoulder but so far everything has been going really well for me. I am happy with my fitness levels and the way I feel on the pitch.

“Pre-season is always a fresh start.”

The Polish stopper, who missed Euro 2012 with a shoulder injury (and would have played in the wake of Szczesny’s first game red card), also spoke about the new signings at the club, in particular Santi Cazorla.

“Santi? Amazing! To be honest with you during the first training session when we had a chance to see him, I think everyone was kind of shocked at his quality, the timing of his passing, everything is just great about him. I just hope he can cope physically with the Premier League.”

Fabianski will start the season as number 2 to Szczesny and probably the cup ‘keeper, and if he’s as determined as he says he is then it’ll be no harm to have some competition to keep the number 1 on his toes.

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Happy to hear this. The lad deserves some time here. Here’s to hoping he ups his level.

Dean '67

And…….and robin van terry are a cunt!.


Good. It’s never been about a lack of ability with him, more a confidence issue. If he’s willing to fight for a first team place then maybe he’s decided that he is good enough. Fingers crossed


He’a said it himself in the past, he has a problem confidence wise & I think we had that with Almunia too. Both had good GK qualities but were error prone. I don’t see anyone moving Sir Chesney but it’d be nice to breath easy in the cup games too instead of changing my underwear every time Flapianski has to collect a cross

Dr Baptiste

A) it’s Flappyhandski and B) fans calling him that isn’t exactly going to help his confidence


TBH he’s not been particularly bad since he’s started competing with szczesny. Decent keeper, and could be brilliant if given a run of games. We saw that before his injury.
The olympiakos game was of course an exception, but then that was almost a reserve fixture.

Mills N7

Sorry to nit-pick, but wasn’t that Mannone, doing the kung fu air swipe against Olympiakos? I do remember Fabianski pushing the ball into the net in Europe (and then being told to give the other team the ball, rather unfairly, in the second half, and they scored a tap-in from it), but I have a vague memory that it was against a Portuguese team…

Dr Baptiste

I think the game you’re thinking of was against Porto; Fabianski threw Varela’s cross into his own net for the opening goal but the second goal was even better. Under no pressure, Sol Campbell passed the ball back to Fabianski, who picked it up. Fabianski protested to the referee, and then the linesman, during which time Raul Meireles nudged the ball to Falcao, who eased it into the net.


to be fair I think although sol slightly touched it, it wasn’t a real intended pass. what followed was pure comedy, though.


It’s the right attitude either way.


If you are happy at Arsenal flap your hands.

gooner from bangladesh

Now THAT was funny, regardless of me being happy with flappy being our second keeper!


flap flap


A round of flappause for that one.

Jermaine Pedant

Now it’s time for RVP to be suitably impressed and stay.


Robin should stay. Really nervous about him going to united. He would make them favourites in my opinion and I’m really tired of united. If he stays with us, i genuinely believe we have a chance of winning the prem and champs league next season. Without him, it will be hard. I’m willing to forgive his ridiculous statement if he does a U-turn. Otherwise he’s just the same as na$ri and Adebayor to me. Would be a real shame to see someone I’m actually a fan off treat this great club in that way. Hope he stays. he still scores… Read more »

YOU guys

Think about your career Lukasz. If the Squid does leave, you’ll have a torrid time in goal, man.


“I feel confident that I am able to be No one” hehe, missing a hypen in that last word?

Merlin's Panini

he’s not doing a bad job of it so far.

big black clock

Fuck RVP.

That is all.

Lawrence Hunt

Fabianski has left a genuine impression on me from the (full) interview. What a fantastic, down to earth bloke, not to mention his impeccable English. Makes me want him to do well. Hopefully this year will present him with the opportunities he deserves. A refreshing change from the worryingly cocksure Szczesny.

the original Matt

who cares how nice he is…he’s shit

big black clock

Blogs, you really need to tune up your firewall. Seeing more and more of these shitty viral Spuds here nowadays.

the original Matt

yes of course.. I must be a shitty viral spud because you don’t agree with me.
Hes shite end of!


Some people need to have eggs thrown
at them. Brick shaped eggs……. made of

Hudson Hornet

I agree, hes fucking shite.

Get the fuck out of our club, mediocre twat.


To be honest, outsized ego is a quality I want in a keeper. Lack of confidence can lead to disaster.

Dr Baptiste

As shown by Almunia, Fabianski and Mannone. Both Seaman and Lehmann were incredibly full of themselves and sure of their own ability and we know how they turned out.

Mills N7

Was seaman really full of himself? I admit it was back in the days before Arsenal player, and every minute of players’ lives were broadcast for comment and dissection on the twittosphere, but I remember him being calm and self-effacing, in his incredibly reassuring Yorkshire burr. (He was from Rotherham I believe.) However, i do agree that confidence is an asset, but it doesn’t have to be outspoken, egotistical confidence; it might just as easily be calm assurance which normally comes with age. Don’t get me wrong, I think Sir Chesney’s brilliant, but I don’t think he’s particularly reassuring, yet.… Read more »

Dr Baptiste

At 22, Szczesny is already showing the ability and skills to be a world class ‘keeper rather than an empty husk of a man stood in the goal. Commanding and able to see his own mistakes. He talks to his dad after every game to see where he can improve.

Goalkeepers reach their peak later than outfield players, so he has a lot of time to get even better but then you lot do have Heurelho ‘Calamity’ Gomes in goal or was it Brad ‘The Pensioner’ Friedel……


The comments being made about Santi are extremely exciting – it’s not often players come out and praise someone like that after just a couple of days training! Role on next week end COYG!

Mills N7

I agree, although I think the shock is more to do with the lack of exposure he gets, being behind the rest of the Spanish midfield. I mean, these people trained with Cesc for years. But it is really nice to see! On a related note I watched the Serge Gnarby video on Arsenal player, and he was asked who the best player was, and he said Diaby, that he “sees the whole pitch”. I just hope the guy can string some games together, because he might just be becoming some of the player that Arsene sees in him this… Read more »


Good for him, it must be massively tough being a number 2 keeper – especially as he was really getting into some nice form before his bad injury gave Chez his big chance.

But really, it was never an option for Arsene to let him leave because the fact is, if we have to go with Manonne for cup games – Arsenal are not winning any cups. It’s that simple.

Mr. G

I’m fine with this. He was having a good run of form before his first big injury and I was happy that things were starting to go right for him…poor bloke, seems like a really nice guy.

I think he’s indecisive to ever be our number one, but if he can keep Szcz on his toes then I’m happy enough. Personally, I think he’s better than Mannone and is good enough to be our cup/backup keeper. In his few appearances last season he didn’t really do anything wrong.


He is way better than Mannone. Give him another year or two and then young Damien Martinez can replace him as No. 2.

In the article there was a Freudian slip when you said “I feel confident that I am able to be No one”. You mean No.1 right? Or has his confidence dropped that low?!


I heard spuds were looking for a new keeper. Perhaps they’d like him on loan?

Dr Baptiste

I heard the spuds were looking for new fans. Perhaps they’d like you on loan

the only sam is nelson

in other news Wolves have rejected SUnderland’s £12m for steven fletcher

1: phew! we might not have to face him on saturday hahah

C: hurrah! they might come back and offer us some coins for TGSTEL

IX: Wolves are holding out for a £15m bid.

5: STEVEN FLETCHER! £15m!!11!!!1!eleventy!!!lol!!!


Cazorla and fletcher the same money ?!

Beyond hilarious

the original Matt

They can have TGSTEL for 12 million….would be good business…oh…no one wants him


Wow have to give it wolves for not selling their players like henessey and turning out that amount for fletcher. sorry but anything below 25 for rvp is not good. i will be even more infurated to see reports we sell him for 20 plus some trophy winning add ons that would be ridiculous.Arsene’s smart but still just making a point. Best would be keep him show the balls that we can say NO too, fuck win everything thats there to win get the prize bonuses then it people and pundits(stan’s bank account) will come we did the right thing… Read more »


This is completely off topic but I really hope TalkSport get into so much financial trouble that everyone connected with them gets burdened with a lifetime of crushing debt. I’d also enjoy it if they got punched in the bollocks for every minute of the day. Thank you for your time.


I’d love to give Durham a good shoeing. And piss in Alan Brazil’s coffee


That sounds totally fair and acceptable. It comes to something when one of the reasons I want to win the league is to shut those gobshite cunts up.


I like Andy Goldstein, but Durham could do with being locked in a room with some angry Gooners for an hour or two…


He’s much better than vito

[…] 来源:[Arseblog News] […]


Trouble is that goalkeepers thrive on confidence and the fact that he himself said that’s one thing he lacks is worrying.
Not a bad keeper but not sure how to overcome his confidence issue with the lack of 1st team games. If he plays and lets a dodgy goal in his confidence dips if he don’t play because scez is doing well he can’t build it up. Catch 22.
Scez can have a dodgy game but bounces back like most keepers do.
Tough one but hope he stays, I like his attitude.


I wil b glad if fanbiasky gt his fitnes back, he wil provide a strng cmpetition 4 szczny. Arsenal 4 lyf!



Dean '67

It’s ‘for’ not 4!.
You speak english not bingo!.


How does one decide which vowel to leave out or what consonant/number to replace it with? Why are so many in this country SO illiterate?


In this country? They could be from somewhere else. He could be from Ireland!

Eric Irish gunner

There just lazy bastards

Rad Carrot

Happy enough with Flappy as our back-up, hope he improves a little and gets some game time though.


This is good news. Mannone isnt good enough and Martinez is too young to be back up for league games. Fabianski was actually playing very well until he got injured and Szcz took his place. He had an excellent run of games before then. Like the 2-0 win at Wolves when Chamakh scored(haha) twice(hahahahahah) in the 37th second and in the 94th minute. I am glad he is staying so we don’t need to sign another keeper.


Speaking of the hunt for backup keepers…

From The Guardian – “Lyon have confirmed that they rejected an offer from Tottenham for their goalkeeper Hugo Lloris this summer…

“Hugo wants to play at one of the best clubs in Europe,” the Lyon chairman, Jean-Michel Aulas, told the French radio station RMC. “This year there was an approach from Tottenham that was quickly rejected.”


Arsene's bottle of water

This is not ideal. We need someone better to keep SCZC on his toes. Fabianski might be a nice fella, but a good keeper he is not.
I don’t buy all this talk that he’s formidable in training. How many of us watch Arsenal training? And even if he is, I don’t care. What matters is the match, and he can’t handle.

But… that will have to do for this season. We got more important stuff to deal with than buying substitute goal keepers.

the original Matt

totally agree! got slated for saying the same thing in less words.
Let us not forget that He is a liability. No confidence and no defenders have confidence in him. He’s not called flapihandski for nothing.. Send him to Barnet on loan to boost his confidence….might help.



Dean '67

What did fabianski left hand say to fabianskis left hand?…………
Nothing, they just flapped.

Dr Baptiste

So he’s got two left hands? Might be part of the problem


Szcz looks suspect sometimes, as well. Especially on corners.

Great young keeper, but not perfect by any means. I think we’ll see both Polish keepers improve this season.


OT, but I don’t see where else to say this: Great move, Blogs, to add “The Tactics Column” to this site! The writer is knowledgable, and the column is full of meat and potatoes for us fans.


So obviously blogs isn’t using Stewart robson.


Chris coleman I think is an absolute asshole. Fucking shit!, no words to describe this cunt….aaargh.*€$©*@*?#. Aaah fucking shit!. Just bugger off!.

You back neanderthal shawcross over ramsey?. I think a balance in nature has to be restored here.


Shawcross is an inbred moron with an accident for a face and shite for brains. Probably eats and shits at the same time while doing leg ups for his next war. (we call it match).
Still pissed!


Shawcross and pulis are in fact master blaster from max mad beyond thunderdome. Pulis sitting on Ryan’s back with his cunt goblin cap on


In other words no one wants him.


Honestly, there are a lot of clubs which would take him. He would perfectly fit in many clubs in German, Spanish, Italian and Dutch leagues.

[…] rounding up some of the other news. Lukasz Fabianski says he’s going to push Wojciech Szczesny all the way this season and has played down talk of […]

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

Looking at the photo above I have just realised what a striking resemblance there is between Fabianski and Oddbod Junior from Carry On Screaming.

Can I borrow somebody’s coat? Left mine at home.


It seems Arsenal fans are happy just so long as a player wants to stay at the club. Pathetic.

Fabianski is a fucking clown. Let’s say Szczesny is injured for 6 months in September, and Fabianski steps in – season over there and then. That;s how seriously Wenger takes his job these days – the bloke is unhinged.

Still, none of you seem to care that Arsenal are on the slippery slope to nowhere, as long as these clowns want to stay at the club – chiefly because no other fucker wants them.

[…] terms of back-up Fabianski is ready to challenge him, despite expressing his desire to leave more than once, while Vito Mannone will be third choice if […]