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Ramsey not helped by ham-fisted Coleman

Arseblog News never really had a problem with Chris Coleman when he was Fulham manager. As a coach he was nothing more than average, while his uncanny physical resemblance to Mowgli from the Jungle Book appealed to our love of all things Disney.

Alas, the older Coleman gets, the less he looks like Mowgli, so we’re not feeling so charitable towards him.

Recently appointed manager of Wales, the 42-year-old has been busy plotting his homeland’s next failed World Cup qualification attempt by pinpointing Ryan Shawcross as the key to having a leaky, majestically dim-witted and thuggish defence.

The problem for Chris is that his captain, Aaron Ramsey, doesn’t much like Ryan.

It’s not because the Arsenal man is offended by Shawcross’ ridiculously disagreeable face, or that he’s underwhelmed by the man’s artisan attitude towards football … it’s because the bloke assaulted him on a football pitch and left him with his leg hanging like a broken twig.

What a surprise that he doesn’t want to share a dressing-room with him.

Chris doesn’t seem to fully understand this. Chris feels he should go public on the fact that Aaron has a problem with Ryan. Chris seems to think that Aaron is the one who should be burdened with the decision of picking the Wales team.

“I’ve had a conversation with Aaron and it was positive but there is an issue there,” said Coleman yesterday.

“I still haven’t spoken to Ryan or (Stoke manager) Tony (Pulis) about it, but I will after the Bosnia game.”

Brilliant man management Chris. Isolate your captain by dredging up one of the nastiest incidents in Premier League history just before the pair face each other again.

Provide a platform for Tony Pulis to spout his caveman logic on the issue, serve the media something juicy to chew over in the build-up and give the Stoke fans another ‘reason’ to direct their ire towards Ramsey.

Well done Chris, well done.

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danny boy




And speak for yourself, Allen, Disney can go f#ck itself, as far as I’m concerned.


Off-topic: Lovely day for a Guiness??

Where is Santos?


Is this ever going to get old?


stoke away is fucking annoying.but this time i think steve bould will put up a good show.i wanna see some fight on pitch.

Dean '67

We fought last time I think and now we’re are in a far better ‘fighting’ position.
We visited china and vermaelen is now a shaolin master!(. It’s sounds too much…..but c’mon it’s neanderthal stoke.)

El Blondo

Fucking Neanderthal

Mikel Anon

I’ve browsed Stoke fan forums regarding this incident, and most seem to pissed at Ramsey for being ‘classless’ that he didn’t accept Shawcross’ apology. To this I ask, are you fucking Ramsey? Is it yours to decide if he should forgive Shawcross? Should Shawcross feel angry and ripped off that Aaron is still angry at him for breaking his leg? It’s his fault to begin with, no matter what form or extent of solidarity you choose to express, it DOESN’T DO A THING. It’s like wearing a T-shirt that has an Ugandan warlord’s name and putting the current year in… Read more »

Mikel Anon

Side-note, I wouldn’t be fucking pissed at John Terry if he didn’t forgive one Arsenal player for breaking his leg, because he’s human and I understand. Even if I don’t dislike him, it’s not his fault he’d get his leg broken in the first place. I would understand his anger, but that doesn’t mean I would like him. At least I wouldn’t put this fact against him, since it makes perfect fucking sense to discriminate a player for not forgiving a very earnest, solidarity-expressing, sincere guy’s apology right? I’m not saying Shawcross wasn’t sincere, I’m saying Stoke fans are fucking… Read more »


I agree. I wouldn’t care if John Terry didn’t forgive Diaby 😛

Rad Carrot

Completely agree with you. Stoke have been for some time one of the teams I sincerely detest, and actually the only team I can properly think of that I hope get relegated each year. My other was Birmingham, so I was very happy when they fucked up and went down. I don’t want teams like sp*ds and manure to be relegated, simply because I enjoy the rivalry (The Batman needs The Joker, and all that) – I just want them to do shit, us to beat them year in and year out. But Stoke? Stoke can fuck right off down… Read more »

Persie out, arsenal lives

Stoke = cave men.
The only team to sub an onfield player for an extra pair of hands!.

Dave Gooner

Except Glen Whelan, who remained at Aaron’s side throughout on that shitty shitty day.. Aaron Ramsay thanked Whelan for his support afterwards.

All Stoke fans are indeed wankers as indeed are most of their underskilled thug players, And of course that overblown prick of a blowhard of a drunk driver manager of theirs.

But I exempt Glen Whelan.


And Peter Crouch.

Such a nice lad.


I hate Stoke, Stoke’s manager and Stoke fans with a passion. I wouldn’t accept Shawfuck’s apology either since it seems he’s keen on breaking more legs.

And I’ve stopped listening to Stoke fans after concluding that they are all a blob of IQ-limited mistakes of humanity.


Stoke has fans..? AND THEY HAVE FORUMS?!


It’s a myth. There are no computers in Stoke


I believe that their forums were created by a kindly old gentleman in an attempt to help Stoke fans evolve.

Alan Sunderland's Afro

Stoke fans don’s have forums, they have four thumbs.

Dean '67

Their ‘forums’ = spartcacus when in the arena. People shouting from every corner while others are fucking in the other.

Fergie the Gooner

This subject gets my blood boiling every time!

Is there so little else to do in Stoke that they have to spend all of their time whining about the Rambo Shawcross incident and developing a hugely distorted opinion on it?


What a nob . Spineless approach


Ryan and any other guys from Stoke are not footballer. Why do we call a cricket player to play in a football team?

Dr Baptiste

Cricket player? He does wield a bat while dragging his knuckles I suppose….


Lol, you might mean rugby 😀


What a douche.

big black clock

Is it possible for the FA to just relegate Stoke for having a ridiculously fuckwit stupid hooligan group of fans and a penis-look-a-like manager?


Fucking prick

why is my name required

Well he’s a half wit.

Dr Baptiste

The story first appeared at the start of July didn’t it? Why have Coleman and the media brought it back up. Is he that in need of the media spotlight that he needs to have a ‘poke-a-bear-with-a-stick’ moment?

big black clock

If I was a football player and a captain and I had to put up with this kind of bullshit from my manager then I’d just retire from international football. Would rather devote my time and energy to the Arse.


I’ve seen Stoke fans call Ramsey a “fucking pussy” because they said he’s still sensitive. Bunch of uneducated, gormless pre-Neanderthal cunts they are.

I mean, Ramsey’s kept quiet about the incident all this time. He’s behaved with so much class and dignity, he hasn’t even publicly criticised Shawcross, yet he still gets tirades of abuse for the fact that he had his leg pulverized, thus severely damaging his career.

That said, it would be funny to see Shawcross lumbering around after world-class strikers. Clueless gibbon.


to be honest, i want us to win at stoke more than anywhere else this season.
more than at man u, tottenham and even man shitty

Mikel Anon

It would be nice if we could fuck Stoke in COC final (CC), FA final and PL twice.


i dont want stoke getting to any finals, i’m happy to knock them out in the early rounds 🙂

Merlin's Panini

I’d rather we didn’t play them at all in the cups and they got knocked out in the first round by shit teams from league 2 or something. They deserve to be embarrassed as much as possible, Pubis to get the sack and to finish bottom with a new record lowest points score.


and add gary lineker to the twat pile for joining in the ‘fun’ at arsene’s expense last season



Wales could do better by appointing a decent coach. Instead they chose a failure as their next manager.


on an unrelated note, the spell checker on my browser want me to change tottenham to Hottentot

seamonkey UK

When I try put in Tottenham on my computer is spells cunts. On a bright note, I have got my 2 year old niece singing `Arsenal, Arsenal, Arsenal` unfortunately her mum and dad are spurs supporters and they are showing her the way to the dark side. Can’t wait for them to hear her singing it next time she sees Arsenal on TV.


Thats a smart little niece you have there!

Merlin's Panini

Haha Gandalf. Well in indeed.

Merlin's Panini

oh, and I assume that’s a retort to my username?
I have to say though, I’m not familiar with Gandalf or Kebab football stickers…

Gandalf's Kebab

A kebab is particularly magic at midnight on a saturday


Evidently has the intelligence of all the stoke wankers

Persie out, arsenal lives

Overpaid douchebag!.

Glory Hunter

Ramsey should just take a temporary hiatus from international football until this Twat gets the sack which frankly wont be too long, especially if he thinks Shawcross is the answer!


No wonder Ramsey didn’t want him as manager.


you cant have those two together in the same team…that would be like having a prostitute you’ve just visited help your wife with the groceries

just plain idiotic.

ringo xiii

Or like being in a therapy group that’s run by your own rapist


reckon thats even a better one ringo

Or like going horseback riding and after a few miles you notice that your horse is not a horse but john terry’s mom


if only the dimwit could see this


He needs a clip round the ear that Coleman does. What an absolute rat

admiral bubblepants

The best thing Aaron Ramsey can do even if Shawcross is a thuggish knuckle dragger, is come out and say when asked because he will be, he has no problem playing alongside him for his Country. (Even if he does), then the inbred Stoke fans, the troll pukis won’t have anything to moan about.


But then he’d have to play in the same team as him. While I realise this might be the only mathematically certain way to avoid having your leg broken by Shawcross I don’t think it’s worth it

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

Why do you think they only have thick-headed, thick-bodied, thick-legged players at Stoke? It’s because they have to be Shawcross-proof.


John terry is a cunt! Sorry, think I’ve missed the point of feed. Ah thats it, john terry you’re a cunt!

Harry Krishner

What a c*nt!

Merlin's Panini

just in: Walcott is not going to play for England. He pulled out of training with a bruised thigh.

the only sam is nelson

the strange thing about all this is that Coleman is trying to pin the responsibility for Shawcross appearing in a Wales shirt on his skipper. I don’t know that many Welsh, but can they all be in a fucking mental rage at the prospect of being denied the potential of watching Ryan Shawcross (an Englishman, and not a very good footballer) because of Aaron Ramsey (a Welshman, and a very good footballer)? Any Welsh gooners (or anyone) care to comment? Would you be completely outraged at being deprived Shawcross’s services on the say so of Aaron??? I mean, I could… Read more »

Midfield Corporal

I think Aaron’s issue with Shawcross might be that he feels the apology wasn’t sincere and that he frankly had no option other than to apologise. In the next breath he would state that he had kind support from Ferguson and that he won’t change the way he plays football. So in effect he isn’t really sorry as he doesn’t think he was really to blame. It’s like me going home to my wife and telling her I screwed some bird the other night but I’m sorry, but i can guarantee I won’t do it again, then wondering why she… Read more »

Gandalf's Kebab

I don’t understand it at all; I’m quite fond of the people up north, a decent bunch in general. But this is weird and nasty.

Judging by this behaviour, if Fabrice Muamba had his heart attack at the Britannia they would have held back the medics, let him die and pissed on his grave for good measure.


Everyone see all the good news this morning? Walcott withdraws from England, Wenger rejects anything going on with Song and insults the Spanish media. We are linked with another striker for no particular reason. Shaping up to be a fun day.

Dr Baptiste

Off topic but Joey Barton’s loan move to Fleetwood is going to be blocked by the Football League due to his ban. Couldn’t happen to a more awful person.


The only loan move he should be allowed should be to the Wormwood Scrubs lags’ XI.

Should come with an option to make it permanent too.


Brilliantly written article ! made me lol


Diaby shouldn’t have to have ever apologised to Terry, but kicking his ugly as fcuk head in he forced him to get surgery to appear less hideous to the naked eye.

He is still as ugly as a bulldogs arsehole, but now he doesnt force television cameras to blow out when they capture him on tv.

[…] 来源:[Arseblog News] […]


Let me add my applause to your excellent post and some brill commentary.

As we all know, being a footballer doesn’t quite have the longevity of other careers. Between 10-15 years if you’re lucky and stay out of harm’s way. Ramsey lost a whole year to that thug’s actions and let’s face it, he hasn’t been the same since. I’m hoping that he finds his form once again, because he’s shown tremendous courage to fightback to play for club and country.

Lord Teddy Ears

What a fuckwitt !!!


I think shawcross is a halfwit he shlould turn the table around and see how he feels being in ramsey’s shoes!(Having his career nearly ruined) I imagine ramsey wld have been a much better player if he didn’t have that long layoff due to injury.


Ramsey should simply retire from international football. Playing for Wales is an utter waste of time and will only shorten his career overall.


A sizeable group of Stoke fans have convinced themselves that Aaron Ramsey’s leg spontaneously shattered milliseconds before Shawcross’s scything tackle made contact. Read some of the comments from these fucking morons.


I don’t think one should read the comments of known morons in the first place. Sometimes we don’t so ourselves any favours. What do you call it when you surf other fans pages for comments to be offended by – “reverse trolling?”. Aaron Ramsey performed very creditably for Team GB (and a substantial number of Stoke fans will have cheered his contribution). It seems his team mates took away some valuable life lessons and learned a great deal about how real sportsmen and women conduct themselves (c.f. recent interviews with Jack Butland and Tom Cleverly); not that Ramsey needs any… Read more »


as author of the video attached to these comments I was of course interested in what Arsenal fans thought about the Shawcross tackle on Ramsey. When writing an interesting and erudite comment it’s best not to start out with an incorrect assumption about “reverse trolling”.


Thanks Dave, it was nothing personal. I don’t think it’s incorrect to say that some Arsenal fans have looked at and commented on Stoke fansites ever since that dreadful day; my personal opinoin is that it is unwise to do so because I like to think we’re better than they are. Actually what offends me most is the contributions made to the debate by Pulis himself, McLeish (passim) and a handful of other ex pros promulgating the idea that physical intimidation is a legitimate tactic but conversely that potentially career threatening injuries that may result are somehow “unfortunate”. Specifically I… Read more »

Ryan Shawcross

I like to. touch my self

Ryan Shawcross

I touch my self all the time.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

You’re ‘touched’ alright, you prick.


Fucking orcs hate em!


My favourite Chris Coleman moment was when he was managing Fulham and was interviewed just after his side had been one-touch-footballed to a ruinous defeat by the mighty Arsenal. His team had barely even seen the ball, let alone got to play with it.

His comment on the game: “I have absolutely no idea what you’re supposed to do about that.”.

Sums him up. Refreshingly honest, but clueless.

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