Arsenal 6-1 Southampton: By the Numbers


9 – Robert Pires
16 – Jermaine Pennant
19 – Jermaine Pennant
23 – Robert Pires
26 – Jermaine Pennant
35 – Jo Tessem
47 – Robert Pires
16 – Arsenal shots
13 – Arsenal shots on goal
13 – Southampton shots
5 – Southampton shots on goal
60 – Percent of possession owned by Arsenal
49 – Total number of games that Arsenal would go unbeaten after that match against Southampton
1 – Number of dives by Wayne Rooney to help Man U beat Arsenal in the 50th game

11 – Jos Hooiveld (OG)
31 – Lukas Podolski
35 – Gervinho
37 – Nathaniel Clyne (OG)
45 – Daniel Fox
71 – Gervinho
88 – Theo Walcott
23 – Arsenal shots
9 – Arsenal shots on goal
11 – Southampton shots
3 – Southampton shots on goal
50 – Percent of possession owned by Arsenal
8 – Arsenal current unbeaten run
0 – Number of dives by Wayne Rooney against Arsenal so far this season

1 – Own Goals for Arsenal in 2011-2012
2 – Own Goals for Arsenal so far in 2012-2013¹
1 – Dropped catch by Wojciech Szczesny v. Southampton
2 – Dropped catches by Wojciech Szczesny in 2011-2012
1 – Error leading to a goal by Wojciech Szczesny v. Southampton
4 – Errors leading to a goal by Wojciech Szczesny in 2011-2012
14 – Passes attempted by Wojciech Szczesny
8 – Passes completed by Wojciech Szczesny
2 – Passes attempted to the left side of the pitch by Wojciech Szczesny

573 – Passes attempted by Southampton
300 – Passes attempted by Southampton in the second half
52 – Percent of Southampton’s passes they attempted in the second half
567 – Passes attempted by Arsenal
245 – Passes attempted by Arsenal in the second half
43 – Percent of Arsenal’s passes they attempted in the second half
131 – Passes attempted by Southampton in the Arsenal final third
168 – Passes attempted by Arsenal in the Southampton final third
85 – Passes attempted by Arsenal in the Southampton final third in the first half
83 – Passes attempted by Arsenal in the Southampton final third in the second half

84 – Passes completed by Mikel Arteta²
67 – Passes completed by Carl Jenkinson (second best for Arsenal)
18 – Passes from Ward-Prowse to Schneiderlin² (most common pass combination for Southampton)
17 – Passes from Mertesaker to Carl Jenkinson³ (most common pass combination for Arsenal)
16 – Passes from Arteta to Jenkinson (second most common pass combination for Arsenal)
64 – Passes completed by Santiago Cazorla
38 – Passes completed by Santiago Cazorla in the Southampton final third²
5 – Chances created by Santiago Cazorla against Southampton²
0 – Number of those chances converted
18 – Number of chances Cazorla has created all season¹
2 – Number of assists for Cazorla so far this season
59 – Percent of Santiago Cazorla’s completed passes that were in the Southampton final third
31 – Number of both attempted and completed passes by Lukas Podolski
14 – Number of those perfect passes which were completed in the Southampton final third
4 – Successful dribbles by Lukas Podolski²
2 – Successful dribbles by Gaston Ramirez³
2 – Successful dribbles by Gervinho
12 – Successful dribbled by Gervinho so far this season¹
2 – Shots by Lukas Podolski against Southampton
2 – Shots on goal by Lukas Podolski against Southampton
1 – Goals by Lukas Podolski against Southampton
8 – Total shots so far this season by Lukas Podolski
2 – Total goals so far this season by Lukas Podolski
9 – Total shots so far this season by Gervinho
2 – Total goals so far this season by Gervinho
2 – Goals Gervinho scored against Southampton²

315 – Minutes before Arsenal conceded a goal in the 2012-2013 season¹
10th – Longest start to a Premier League season without conceding a goal (Arsenal 2012-2013)


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¹Best in the League in this category
²Lead both teams in this category
³Lead just his team in this category

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90 the amount of minutes we didn’t need rvp today.


no thumbs down since you are first but i gladly dish them out for any short form for non arsenal names like JT, steve g, wazza, RVP.


No point writing that cunt’s name in full though. He’s not worth the effort.


Infinity – the number of times rvp can fuck rite off. I really mean this.


69 the number of times I touched myself, watching as cazorla DICKtated the play.


Fuck rvp, I don’t want to hear another word about the cunt, especially when we get the 3 points.
I loved watching the gooners today, didn’t deserve to concede either. I think we should all make it a gooner public holiday the day the BFG scores his first goal. You could tell he was desperate to get on the score sheet for us tonight


1- No of cunts who disliked your post.


I notice this with RVP and Podolski.
RVP, when tackled or fouled, went on complaining to the referee, or sulked.
Podolski, when tackled or fouled went on playing and went to tackle back and just tried to get the ball back. What is more, I saw how happy he is playing for Arsenal. I did not see that kind of happiness in RVP’s face (and also in Cesc’s face) some months before he was actually transferred out.

big black clock

Can we just admire at how amazing our defence is right now? Not a single mistake from anyone all game long. Mertesacker keeping Kos out of the team shows how much of a world class player he is. Jenkinson is efficient.

And Poldi is just lovable isn’t he? He was just unplayable in the first half. Absolute class.

Dick Swiveller

It actually freaks me out a little when I see us give the ball to the opposition and then our entire defence holds it shape and we simply clear it when the opponent inevitably gets caught in possession, it just doesn’t seem right and If it wasn’t for the occasional lapse in concentration I’d be truly confused as to whether this was Arsenal or not.

Interesting to see Jenkinson’s stats, I guess it would be due to So’ton not putting as much pressure down their left but shows he’s improving every match and long may it continue.


Jenks had an almighty game today. Dealt with anything Southampton threw at him, was strong in the tackle and always looked to bomb forward.

I like him.

Red Cannon

Yeah, I agree with the Swiveller. Jenks looked great today. He was solid in defense and at least moderately clever in attack. I felt very happy for him & for us Gooners during the game.


0-number of cazorla-like players in the league.

He’s right up there………..all alone.


Interesting how we are letting teams have much more possession now


I`m going to come out with it if no-one will say it.
Bould OUT NOW!

Master Bates

we had so many direct players. Wenger said before the match that Soton might park it , I think we should apply this tactic against ALL bus packers


That particular bus parking team will be filled with mighty cunts I tell ya. Chelsea.

Good thing we have le coq so he can squeeze through them


We need a strategy to deal with teams that park the bus since forever, so I was really excited to see quick first-touch passes with the likes of Podolski, Gibbs and Coq providing options down the sides, specially on the left. I think our directness was definitely responsible for the scoreline and for the lower possession!


On the BBC, they said we had 70% possession. Now I know they also had said Sahin was on his way, but it’s interesting to see such a large discrepancy. Unless it was a typo.


We only have two OGs


Szcz needs to be more careful, especially as there seems to be competition for his spot. Anyways, good game by the team – 3 points and 6 goals – a wonderful way to return from the interlull. Bring on Shitty!

ickenham gooner

Great numbers, as always. Love the Rooney references but bet the 2012/13 number does not stay the same, sadly.

I think Carzola and Podolski could be the combination signings of the season. They just seem on each others wavelength, and they both work so hard for the team.

Great players do not need to cost £30m!


Yeah we beat the worst team in the league 6-1, the same team that scored 2 goals against man U and would have beat them without rvp.

Some douche bags out there!.


Last time Cazorla registered an assist for Arsenal — Sept 15 2012 Last time Fabregas registered an assist for Barca — March 11 2012 Last time Chamakh registered an assist for Arsenal — Dec 6 2011 Minutes Fabregas has played for Barca since that assist — 907 Minutes Chamakh has played for Arsenal since that assist — 143 Minutes Cazorla has played for Arsenal since his last assist — less than 90 Games Fabregas has played since his last assist for Barca — 15 Games Chamakh has played since his last assist for Arsenal – 7 Games Cazorla has played… Read more »

gooner from bangladesh


bangladesh from gooner



I would absolutely love this stat but he assisted two goals this evening.
Cazorla doesn’t need comparing to Cesc though. he, is not a new cesc or a better Cesc, He is just Santi and there is one of a kind.


So Cesc has two assists in six months. Wow! This is the kind of thinking that gives everyone the freedom to trash Chamakh for not scoring even though he is not playing. What I liked was that neither of Cesc’s assists were gimme Assists, which is what you get when you pass to Messi. That said, I bet Reading or Southhampton could rip Getafe a new one, so I’m not impressed. Point is: you have to play, and play in a side that suits you. It is not inconceivable that Cazorla is more direct and a better fit for Arsenal… Read more »

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

I think Wenger concluded that Arsenal could only be a success if we stopped using the sole focal point of attack approach — we now have a more varied attack. We have tended to be a team that develops a reliance on one player for some years now…. Henry, Rude Van Nistlepursey, even Fabregas to an extent. I imagine that we may be about to develop a reliance on Cazorla, but I think that it will not become restricting as our former one-man reliances did. Firstly, I think this is because Cazorla has a wider overall spread of skills than… Read more »


not to be a dick or anything, but today Cesc played one of his patented lofted balls over the top and Villa scored

Hugh Jarse

When did Cesc sign for Villa?


Is Villa back from his leg break?


Cesc assisted Barclays first goal last night. H also assisted soldado goal fo Spain a week ago.

big black clock

Have you ever thought about giving match ratings for our players Blogs?

Would love to read your in-depth comments about individual performances after a game.

taz king boss ace 111 king yo slim

ArseStat. Its fuckin’ accurate.

Go for it blogs.

Also make sure you split the stories for each player into little tabulations as we can`t get the big picture from your intricate prose. It is so so confusing 🙁


I write these. I will consider all requests


Well, it’s Tim who does these columns. We might consider them for match reports but they’re unlikely to be in-depth.

Brian Mendoza

Pictured: Lukas Podolski riding an invisible bear.


Off topic… By any chance is there anyone in the detroit/ann arbor michigan area that watches matches? Having trouble finding a good bar that has any fans (that are not pool supporters… Which is getting sad to watch)

Seemed like every street sucked today, hopefully there will be a replay.
How bad was chezzer’s drop?
Nice to see $hitty and chavs drop points too


Yeah, same here. I just moved to Rochester, MI. Arsenal’s website has listed Hamlin Pub in Rochester Hills as a venue to watch arsenal matches but they open at around 11 am. So never been there but if there is a match after 11 am, I’m definitely planning to go and watch there.


where am from, it’s fun watching all matches with the pool fans these days


I watched a game last year in pub with a Liverpool fan and he had the nerve to tell me it was time for Wenger to go, since he hadn’t won anything in a long time…I am not sympathetic to their plight.


“…..a Liverpool fan and he had the nerve to tell me…..”

Well, either that or it was actually someone from Le Grove in disguise…..


The most eye-popping stat is that Gervinho is almost as efficient as Poldoski in front of the goal. I never could have imagined such a thing.


I too was surprised by his efficiency.


Arteta Rocks!
Carzola Rules!!
And podolski is king!!!


and Verminator kills!!!!!


5 – number of “oh fuck” moments schezzers gave me today.

Tony Adams morning breath

2-number of CUNTS that did not get a handshake from A. Ferdinand at Loftus Road today.


Terry was like, Pleaseeeeeeeee shake my hand be my best friend…. 🙂

It is what it is

Football frieeeeeend?


Wow, quick after the game awaome stats, sad that I didnt get to watch the game today but absolutely happy at the result, bipolarism at its best


Let’s go for another invincibles then.

Runcorn Gooner

Just the 34 games to go.No problem


3 – number of times that CAZORLA was called carzola on here tonight,seriously,show some respect and spell it right…=)


Number of times I spelt Crazola right — 3


You see how if we get good results we dont really have to worry about the other shitty teams progress. Right now it’s all about the arses progress, I will not care how other teams do just concertrate with my arse. Last season we had to worry alot about “how did chelsea go, eh?, did totts draw? I bet united lost”

On to the next one.!

Last arse

I miss Kos the Boss!


Me, too. Me, too! But on the other hand isn’t it utterly brilliant that our best defender can sit on the bench and we are still looking mighty great in defence?

Santi Cazorlas coming to town

I Am fucking Amazing

That is all

Santi Cazorlas coming to town

Arteta’s pass for the third was also beautiful!!

Spanish midfielders rule


I think they said that song is the only one who can chip.

And I asked song who?


You do realise how mighty great santi cazorla has been for us. Everything that comes out of my santi cazorla mouth seems to want to praise santi cazorla alil bit more. Santi cazorla is doing wonders guys, did I mention santi cazorla?…….well ofcourse I did it’s up there betwen all those other santi cazorlas

Santi cazorla?


It’s truly incredible. The blue mancs got Silva, the Chavs got Mata and we got Cazorla from the bargain bin and it turns out he’s the best of the lot! Oh Santi!


I think Silva is the best followed by Santi b4 the chav dude


…..there’s no 2 because he’s fucking santi cazorla!!!.
…..3. Silva
…….4. Mata

Then afer that really I dont give a shit.


Yeah and the best thing about him is that always wants arsenal to be with the possesion. You could see him running to the goalie and pressuring him to release the ball every time without fail, I especially admire this in him

And once he gets the ball on his feet just step away from that spanish fella, he’ll do you my friend, oh he’ll do you goooood.

Oh to have a santi in my team!.

Nuck Fasri

1- number of ‘Cygan’s left foot’ not making any retarded comment today. Yay!

Cygan's Big Black Clock

My foot’s in rehab, take it easy on me.


Two own goals for us today looks like we got own goal from Manu in the deal for rvp as well as 24m.


ya but they still have the penalty thing going for em… seems red nose is a running a diving institute.


I dont know who to talk about…
… Don’t u just love it!!!

Steve Bould's hair dryer

How bout sczezny? He looked alumniaed in this game…just sayin..

Oleg Luzhny

I imagine Koscielny will play midweek giving Mertesacker a rest. They should be able to win in Montpellier even with some rotated players. Even rest this early in the season is vital!


6 the number of time we dont need rvp
1 the number who still make us best defence in the PL
0 troll for at least few days


Trolls are busy with winless spuds problem

[…] 来源:[Arseblog News] […]


Arteta – man of the match!

Ivan Drago

10th – Longest start to a Premier League season without conceding a goal

Who makes up the rest of the top 10?


Brilliant! The group of players we have now are so likable! They work so hard and that’s what any fan wants to see..they seem so much more of a tight knit group as well..genuinely like each other..oh how I love the arsenal!!!


And not ONE riduculous hair cut on display! Brilliant!!

Nigel Winterburn's love child

I think Gervinho might have something to say about that… Jenko also had a bit of a lesbian trucker thing going on

Steve Bould's nasal hair remover

yeah Jenks needs to take his hair to one side and have a quiet word with it. it’s becoming joey barton-esque


Lesbian trucker thing…now thats some funny shit..its true though…i’ve seen them at rest stops on the interstates…kicking a ball around, getting all worked up…then off to the rig…and they all look just like jenks…


Gervinho’s hair isnt ridiculous?

Gervinho's baldness

I’d say it’s the l a c k of hair on his forhead that needs looking to.

But who cares what haircut they have as long as we crush the opposition.


What I worried about is not Gervinho hair cut. But, have we tested with oposition score first and then we can finaly win the game?


Podolski rides his invisible horse to victory.

Holdin Mygroin

So the little boy inside you screamed ‘Manchester United?
Arsenal FC, We score WHEN WE WANT


I just love the comments guys. COYG

Rad Carrot

Arsenal have the best GD in the league currently. That’s kinda delicious too.

The Little Boy Inside

I don’t like it here. This bench is hard, its freezing cold and my finger smells of fergies bum.

Holdin Mygroin

nice one mate


I was working yesterday so I’ve only just seen the game. It was fantastic watching us play like we used to and really demolish the opposition. For me, Gervinho was a revelation: I loved the confident way that he took his first goal – why can’t he be so clinical more often? And the Poldolski free-kick was pure class. I bet Giroud was really pissed off that he didn’t start – he could have bagged himself a hat-trick. Again, we defended really well – it’s becoming a bad habit! – except for that bad piece of goalkeeping that led to… Read more »


and forgot
1- amazing goal by the king


Lukas Podolski’s pass completion rate hit a baffling 100% against Soton. He has put all of his 31 passes right during the 75 minutes he spent on the pitch as an AML. His passing precision is all the more impressive to me considering his position on the left flank of Arsenal’s attacking lineup. Off course credit must go to the teammates on the receiving end of his passes, mainly Santi, Gerv, Gibbs and the Coq for their good first touch, which allowed for this amazing stat. I wonder why Qq has not made a bigger fuss of it, especially when… Read more »