Monday, July 4, 2022

France Football: Diaby to rest for six days

France Football are claiming this morning that Abou Diaby will sit out Saturday’s match against Southampton.

Having picked up a knock against Finland on Friday, the midfielder was sent back to London by France coach Didier Deschamps and missed last night’s World Cup qualifier with Belarus.

With obvious concerns over the 26-year-old’s ability to cope with regular football, the decision by the French camp was initially deemed precautionary.

The report claims that although the player has done no serious damage, he will rest for six days before returning for Arsenal’s opening Champions League match with Montpellier next Tuesday.

We’ll likely get an update on this situation in the next 48 hours with Arsene Wenger likely to speak to before facing the press in his weekly press conference.


Wenger speaking to TF1 last night: “He has slight pain on the hip, on the sartorius muscle. It doesn’t seem serious at all to me. He even has a small chance to play on Saturday.”

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Just keep him the fuck away from the Arsenal treatment rooms.

Dr Baptiste

Yeah, because his injuries just healed by themselves. It had nothing to do with the training regime created by our doctors and physios……

Dr Baptiste

Lucky for Diaby then that they opened the cheque book to pay for the trainer. Strange that he didn’t dip his hand in his own pocket when it got too expensive….


Now, Jamie. I’m going to stop you right there. That article is flawed in many ways. Arsenal has a state of the art medical team and the facilities to do them justice. Note that these statements where made by Diabys personal trainer. I can not comment on Diaby in particular since I do not have sufficient knowledge about his case. But I’m pretty sure that Diaby did not have one leg fit as a ten years old. I would rather pose the question:” Well, Mr personal trainer, how exactly did you assess that?” On a side note, you can become… Read more »


@Dr Baptiste.
Yeah, if it worked wonders then why didn’t Diaby pay for it himself? I’m sure he can afford it. That PT is full of sh…


I like the way you say “treatment rooms”. Arsenal treatment rooms? haha, do they take in retards?.


You are the one who’s dumb!, maybe not yet retarded so there’s a chance you can be still be saved.

Get off the net and start on therapy, asap.




Arsenal medical team seem to have done a good job for Edu, Ramsey, Sagna and even the traitor RVP – who I see picked up another injury on international duty which is new(!). Personally think they’ve been great, just unlucky and considering at a few points last year we were playing boys in the first XI (Wilhere, Ramsey, Coq, etc) it’s bound to happen against the strong seasoned veterans of the EPL…


You can never be certain in medicine. The medical team is not the ones to blame for our injury record. I blame Shawcross, Barton and all the other orcs that don’t understand the meaning of the word “ball”.

Dave Gooner

I always got the feeling that our treatment guys treated the injury with a view to the rest of the players life, while other lesser clubs treated an injury with a view to the rest of the season. And fuck the long term consequences.

Can’t wait for the season to resume. We look so fucking good!!

We’re by far the greatest team the world has ever seen.

Robin's horse placenta

Calm down guys, let me handle this.

a gunner

For Christ sake – people need to calm down…Diaby that, Diaby this – Diaby released a fart, Diaby shat….damn …


You quite literally have the inside scoop don’t you!

Tenacious Defence

What? Diaby farted and shat? Oh-oh… sounds like a nasty stomach bug – might be out even longer!


OMFG it could be the Walcott virus that Woy was worrying about possibly spreading around the Ingerlund squad.

I hope that we have the right cream to hand if Diaby gets patches of consistancy.


I understand not playing him in too many games in one go. Whether he can get two games in a week will be a big ask at this early stage. I think we’ll see him on the bench at the weekend at best


There is enough cover on the bench to rest him anyway.if he is fully fit I don’t think wenger would play him anyway.back from a fully season out its not wise to play him twice in the one week

Fairly recent Gooner

Agreed, seems that there is plenty of cover and Southhampton haven’t exactly been solid defensively so far. Seems the perfect opportunity to give Ramsey a game, with Ox to sub in later if needed. Wrap Diaby in cotton wool until CL on Tuesday.


Fuck Ramsey. Bring in Le Coq.


Kevin Ratcliffe said:
“”Aaron Ramsey to me is a miss at the moment. He’s not playing well and it’s very difficult to leave your captain out, isn’t it, when you’ve made him captain of your national side?
“He might need to be left out, to get that confidence back and be a better player than he is at the moment. Because at the moment we’re not getting anything from him”


Best fatgooner comment ever. I agre. %100. Fuck Ramsey bring on coquelin.

Dan Gunn

I just feel sorry for Diaby. An immense player lives in that brittle body. Once Wilshere is fit they can rotate rather nicely. Two halves in this scenario will make two wholes if that makes sense.




Was alittle worried about abou but it seems he’ll
be all good for soton game assuming the said six days were counted from last weeks qualifier (friday). If not I would prefer we move chambo into diabys position then bring in either gerv/arsh in chambos place. Ramsey is not a starter more of an impact sub. As for cazorla it’s clear he’s the best thing that has ever happened to arsenal and the premier league at large. More of those perfomances santi, and even more stellar ones for the arsenal team.

big dawg

Aaaargh pleaseplease wenger just put him in a bouncy castle till tuesday, I couldn’t stand havin another injury for diaby, by the way rvp is injured as well. Shame


Diaby out injured, rvp struggling for fitness is this 2009 all over again. Dejavu. Rvps should come back two times more harsh coz he a cunt now.

Fairly recent Gooner

Bouncy castle! Clearly you’ve never had a couple of beers at a stag do and jumped headlong into one. If this is the course the physios take I hope Arsene enforces a no trick/practice flips policy. It’ll be more than his hip that hurts if not.

gunnersaurus rex

Wenger Out

Santi Cazorlas coming to town

This actually made me laugh out loud!
how random


its ok, you can relax …. he just popped OUT to the shops for some coriander soup, and now he’s back IN


But did he end up out-out?


its time u went extinct gunnersaurus rex

Mikel Anon

Maybe no one but a very few handful of people realized that this could well have been an immensely thick cloud of sarcasm blanketing the dirty words “Wenger Out”?

Or it could have been obviously very thinly-veiled sarcasm?

gunnersaurus rex

Lots of Sheldon Coopers out here… Was the sarcasm… Hell YES


You have to expect niggles after not playing for so long. Everyone says so.

So it’s wise being safe, and, at least, he wasn’t risked by Didier Deschamps … that wouldn’t have happened under (the vile git) Domenech.

If there’s any uncertainty I doubt he’ll play on Saturday which leaves the door open for Ramsey or Coquelin instead of the soon-to-be-returning Wilshere and Rosicky. (Oh, do hurry up.)

But for now be thankful we haven’t also got R*P to fret about. That’s someone else’s problem. Ha!


sounds like its time to bring the coq out!

gunn cabinet

this qualifies Sagna’s statement sometime ago that diaby, when fit, is France’s best midfielder. Still, i’d rather deschamps didn’t play him at all. i don’t think wenger – being french and all – was exxagerating when he said abou needed his rest after a terrific start to the season.
still, i’m convinced its not serious.

gunn cabinet

PS. heard van persie got crocked himself. it true?


I do hope so.
I’d like to see what the press have to say about a team having a leaky defence and a crocked RvP. I wonder if it’ll be anywhere near as bad as what they said about a certain team last season who had a series of defensive issues and a fit RvP……?

Not that I’m accusing the sporting press of having its collective tongue up the backside of Ol’ Red Nose. Perish the thought.


do you think his backside is also red? like a baboon?

[…] 来源:[Arseblog] […]


Com’on injury!!! You can’t do that to our Diaby.


nut you can do it mancunt persie 😉


Fingers crossed, he’ll be alright.


Give him a rest. I hope le coq gets his chance. He performed well every game he was given last season and he deserves it.


What a shock! Diaby plays in four whole competitive games and now the poor thing’s injured!

I actually hope he doesn’t play against Southampton: another match might destroy the poor lamb for the season. Hopefully, he’ll play in that Champions’ League game before disappearing for the rest of the year.

It’s a good thing that we didn’t sign M’Villa, isn’t it?


He’s come back from a major injury and played 4 competitive games. He’s bound to have a few niggles chill.

Unless you’re being sarcy, in which case text doesn’t translate it well.


While some of the criticisms you level at the club, team, manager etc are quite valid, although expressed in a manner which will only result in getting people’s backs up, this is a load of old trolling shit and you really ought to think twice about posting this kind of bollocks in the future.


I for one think he’s taking it as a challenge. When we say fatgooner stop posting utter shit he’ll even be more shittier in his next post. What a clown.


That post wasn’t “trolling shit”. It was, however, sarcastic. Diaby has spent years at our club taking money whilst being almost constantly injured. During the summer, I suggested that Wenger should sell him and just move on. As usual, I was thumbed down to China. Stubborn Wenger just won’t see that this guy, although a very good player, has fitness problems which make him not viable has a top-class footballer. Now, having sold Song, we could be in trouble if we rely on Diaby to stay fit. We should have signed M’Villa and got rid of song. Instead, we are… Read more »


Fat – given your ‘previous’ it’s very difficult to tell if what you’re saying is sarcastic or not. But you strike me as somebody who’s intelligent enough to know that your sarcasm is open to misinterpretation 😉 As for your point re: Diaby, again it’s quite valid. I wouldn’t have expected him to play, and I think I said more than once that counting on him to play a major part in the season would be wildly optimistic. That said, I don’t think we’re a defensive midfielder short with Song gone. It strikes me the balance is better there with… Read more »


FG says this: “That post wasn’t “trolling shit”. It was, however, sarcastic.”
This I presume was about the bashing of diaby in your earlier post.

Now fastforward to his next post and it’s clear he still supports his earlier sentiments about diaby. He even says we should have sold him. That my friend was not sarcasm, you obviously just want diaby to bugger off and you keep emphasizing on it.


Dr Baptiste

You know you’ve been busted when blogs gets involved

Brian Mendoza

I must ask you fatgooner, are you ever happy? Like, ever?

Also, inb4 McBain, chill bro, have a salmon puff.




You are definitely the most negative person that has ever lived.


LE COQ! will do the job guys, leave it all to LE COQ he will rise up to the challenge. He’s here for the LONG run, goes in double HARD. What an IMMENSE player we have got.


Man utd fans sweat as they wait for news on the hobbling judas.


Deviating off the main subject a little, would someone kindly explain to me the what the Hillsborough disaster was all about and why people are demanding ‘justice’? From what I heard, as terrible as the disaster was, the whole thing was an accident and I don’t really understand why people would be that worked out about something that was nobody’s fault.

Forgive me if this is a naive question, I’m 16 and haven’t really had much to read about the whole event, what with being really far away in Singapore and all that. Thanks a bunch! 🙂


the police told the ambulances to stay outside, thus meaning more people than necessary died.


If this was already known, then what are the Liverpool fans waiting for then? Twitters been buzzing about it.


Because the Liverpool fans got blamed for it all, the police changed hundreds of statements. They were waiting for an apology for police corruption.


That’s horrifying. Never again.

Midfield Corporal

It’s a bit more complex than just the police keeping the ambulance outside. These documents are more to do with exposing the cover ups relating to mistakes made by the police, which I believe include ushering the Liverpool fans into one penned in area while areas either side of that had plenty of room. I recall the afternoon of Hillsborogh vividly as I’d beeh to a memorial service of a school friend and then turned on the TV to see this tradegy unfold. Many older fans who stood on the terraces will agree that they had experienced similar overcrowding at… Read more »


Well said. However, no club’s supporters are perfect, we’re all human and make mistakes or do stupid things.


He’ll be fine very soon.


You people chill. You expect diaby to absolutely fit and play every game after that much of a lay off?. Come on gays, it’s better to hope for a hamburger that looks like the ones in commercials. He’ll go through some nudges for him to be finally fit and strong.

Stop FTFO!!


If Coquelin plays, will that mean Arteta will be released slightly further forward? The more I think about it, the more obvious it is that our current midfield 3 is the most effective. Bringing in either either Rambo or Coq, we just might lose something in there.


no idea. but i’d like to see coquelin play. He’s a talent.

Merlin's Panini

I’d love to see Arteta playing with the Coq in behind Giroud.


Yeah, with diaby now out I expect le coq to fit right in behind giroud. Arteta will guide him.


We can’t be shy of using other talented players just because a particular combination of three has worked well. We have a long season ahead of us.


Yes, fans could gave lived had the police let the Ambulances in. Also the South Yorkshire police destroyed incriminating videos and statements from various police officers, paramedics and fans about their police’s culpability in the disaster. In addition the Sun newspaper told lies and the police’s actions on the day were subsequently investigated by the West Midlands Police force. Who later turned out e totally corrupt themselves
Lastly no one has been held accountable for the lives lost that day.


Phew. I want us to show off our new Diaby to Europe in the CL on Tuesday.



why not?

Dial Square

What is this ? am i on liverblog ? Sure it was shocking and must never happen again, but this ain’t the place for it….
No way will Diarby play this weekend, it would be foolish of Wenger, and, he’s many things.. but he’s no fool…bring on Le Coq..


Coq will fill that hole cum saturday.

Too Drunk To Be Offside

I am hearing word of Robin Van Glassie having gotten injured.

Lets hear 24 million laughs.


When rodders came back he had a few niggles for a while and everyone said he was done for and then he played out of his skin for us last season so give diaby a chance to get over the initial rev up to full speed… Hips and hamstrings always cause a little jip at the start… As for vp being injured …mhhuhuhahaahaha… The wenger nose knows…


Time for some coq!

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