Saturday, November 27, 2021

Giroud loves Diaby and the Arsenal fans

Olivier Giroud has added his name to Abou Diaby’s long list of admirers by claiming that his compatriot is essential to Arsenal’s midfield.

Praised by Arsene Wenger, Bacary Sagna and by French national team manager Didier Deschamps following a barnstorming start to the season, the 26-year-old finally appears to be showing his potential following a well-documented long-term battle to regain fitness.

Despite only playing with Diaby for the first time this summer, Giroud told that he was immensely impressed by all facets of his new teammates’ game.

“Abou is absolutely essential to how we approach games tactically at Arsenal.

“He’s an athletic, complete player, extremely effective at winning the ball back, but also at distributing it and driving into opposition territory.

“He’s a very important player for the club, but also for France, and he’s doing everything he can to leave his injury problems behind him.

“He’s a great professional, and it’s reassuring to play alongside him.”

Looking back on his first month in the Premier League, Giroud also took time to praise the Arsenal fans for heartily welcoming him into the Gooner bosom.

“The atmosphere in the stadiums is pretty much what I was expecting; the support from the fans is amazing!

“They chant non-stop, and I felt very honoured that they even sang a little song about me when I arrived.

“On top of that, the fans are very knowledgeable. They applaud when you block a clearance, when you drop back to help in defence, or when you put in a strong tackle. It’s actually a tremendous way of looking at the game.

“In terms of the quality of play, the Premier League is, in my eyes, the best league in the world. It’s very intense and demanding, and requires much more focus.

“I’ve not been too surprised by that, to be fair, as I used to watch English matches on TV quite often, but you just have to put all that out of your mind and go out and play.”

Arseblog News likes you too Olivier.

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Na Na Na Na Na naaaaaaaa
Na Na naaaaaaa Giroud!!


Can’t wait for the home crowd to scream this chant, hope someone uploads it on youtube so I can put it in Fifa 13!


That doesn’t sound like a chant by any stretch of imagination!



Vermaelen's Cheekbones


Dean '67


joe shmo

came across this on the guardian:

Sol Goodman

If john terry was a link, he would be this link…….. and another one to a Jedward live performance.


I love Diaby and the Arsenal fans too…..
In fact, I love every Arsenal player as long as they turn out for The Arsenal…. and I love The Arsenal fans forever…

There’s a lot of love…..



according to the current stats (38vs2) there is approx 95% love at the Arsenal….

as I said… a lot of love…….


really hope he scores again southampton


help yourself to a 15 goals target for the season would you, Giroud? If Santi and Poldoski can chip in and share the load we would truly have a season to look forward to. One-man team my foot.


Of course, he will.

Wright – his first league goal was against Southampton (September 1991)
Bergkamp – his first league goal was against Southampton (September 1995)
Henry – his first league goal was against Southampton (September 1999)
v Persie – his first league goal was against Southampton (October 2004)


That’s a nice stat.

3 legends and a cunt.

'desi'gner gooner

What separates the legends from the cunt is the month……..the legends all scored in september – the cunt in october!!! Although Wright is a bit of a cunt with his opinions these days….


…and we love you too, Giroud! 😀

big dawg

Yep, Giroud is the man. Can’t wait for him to start bangin ’em in…and Diaby is a total Yaya Toure clone, only Diaby is much better obviously. Can’t wait for the Tottenscum match, Diaby will impose his presence in the middle of the park and sagnkinson will destroy garethbale…ahh bliss…


Nice. Now score.


Calm down bitches. No need to shoot your blood pressures. I’ll score against southampton and it’s gonna be goal of the month!
P.s that cunt who said “I HATE INTERNATIONALS”. Go fuck yourself.

Merlin's Panini

I guess there are a lot of people fucking themselves right now.


You’re all so pretty giroud, i’m sure you enjoy fucking yourself.
We dont.


Internationals = international games (line the world cup) NOT foreigners, if that’s what you thought.



He meant the break… Relax


Have faith gooners, i mean Diego Forlan took how long to……..actually no, fuck that! He should be capable of finishing from 5 yards out /gainst Southampton………he should be….right? : /

Dick Swiveller

Aye, I had a nasty flashback when talking to a friend about Giroud and saying ‘he’s making the runs and getting into position, so it’ll come’ as I swear I heard over a dozen Man U fans say pretty much exactly the same about Forlan.

Then again, Forlan ended up with a Golden Boot in the end so it’s all good.


Diaby is Class, nice to hear praises from his teammates

Robin's horse placenta

Abou, I’m here if you need me. Unemployed at the moment.


I’m sure Robin will need you soon enough………

Brian Mendoza

And we love you Giroud





What is with this mendoza thing?? honestly

Dean '67





Americans think it’s funny, I just ignore it. All the time!


no we don’t…its stupid….


You stole my comment. You are not the real McBain!


“On top of that, the fans are very knowledgeable. They applaud when you block a clearance, when you drop back to help in defence, or when you put in a strong tackle. It’s actually a tremendous way of looking at the game.

Particularly liked this bit from him.

g clarke

over est arsenal fans knowledge and if he dont get a goal soon will be quickly abused

Merlin's Panini

I think we’re quite knowledgeable, generally. You’re a cunt.


only by the private media, worthless bbc bloggers and shitcunts who comment on the daily mail (world’s most-read news website!), not by any true arsenal fan. we support our players through thick and thin, or so i like to believe… he’s saying all the right things, although he doesn’t really have to because “the fans are very knowlegeable”.

upvoting and downvoting is a great passive/aggressive internet custom. so you’ll be hidden before long, anyway. just as you probably are in real life. go suck a song-stick.


J’aime tu Giroud.


That’s je t’aime…


oh stop it, you!

Steve Bould's hairdryer

Hi all, remember Robin Van Persie? Me thinks he is a cunt.


Robin who?


*Refreshes this guys memory
The fucking prick that fucked off to the glazers to play alongside shrek leaving the handsome walcott, giroud, poldi all in limbo. That twat.


Bould and Diaby are like the signing of the season. Love you too Giroud

Midfield Corporal

‘Despite only playing with Diaby for the first time this summer, Giroud told that he was immensely impressed by all facets of his new teammates’ game.’

What is this thing ‘summer’ you speak of?

Giroud reminds me of an actor, think its Eric Bana who was in Munich. Also there’s an element of Lawrence Fishburn about Diaby too, think its the eyes. This is what the interlull has reduced me to, playing Hollywood lookalikeys


Sounds like he’s kissin’ arse so that if the goals don’t come he’ll again say he loves us and we’ll all forget that he’s there to score. Will work like a charm.

“I am giroud, I may not score as many as you want but remember I love you all, (smiley face)”

gooner from bangladesh

Kill yourself.

Dean '67

You too.

gooner from bangladesh

I would’ve, if I were a cunt like him.

Mach III

Giroud has the right mentality and focus to get him into the top. He’s not going for a quick fix get the odd goal in the league. He’s adapting his mindset and starting all over again. This determination is gonna make him one of the all time greatest EPL players!


And I loved this one “giroud loves arsenal fans”
I mean giroud loves my fucking arse!!!, how lovely of you giroud.


i think you could’ve explained that a little better.

or not at all.


Sorry, but the jury’s still out on Giroud. Those horrible misses against Sunderland and Liverpool look worse every time I watch them. If he’s not the real deal then we are in trouble: by not signing a third striker Wenger has put


…us in a precarious position.

As for Diaby, lets see if he’s still fit at Christmas.

Yeah right

In every life there is some trouble,
But when you worry you make it double,
So don’t worry – be happy

Dr Baptiste

He’s fat, he’s round, he’s such a fucking clown.. FATGOONER!


Fatgooner, although you are sort of the Glenn Beck of Arseblog and I’ve disagreed with what you’ve said a lot in the past, it seems people now thumbs-down your comments just for it being you.

What you’ve said is reasonable.

Except the ‘horrible misses’ – I think the only real sitter was the header against Liverpool, which for some reason wasn’t mentioned much.


The guy looks good so far. Powerful, skillful, hard working… And from the videos I saw of him in France, he’s got an eye for goal and is not afraid to shoot.


What? Come on mate. You act like we don’t have the goal machine chamakh waiting in the wings. He was free from bordeaux you know. Signing of the century. THE number one reason we sold that cunt to those other cunts.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

Stop watching them then. Watch the goals from the Liverpool match instead.

[…] 来源:[Arseblog News/阿丝博客新闻站] […]

Dean '67

And btw happy birthday to giroud’s dearest friend, the always tremendous laurent koscienly!!. Many of those candles, many of those last man tackles. Koss!


Diaby is class! The longer he stays healthy the better he is. He will regain his full match fitness and that edge one has from playing at the highest level constantly and then everyone better be afraid. I hope he’s really working on strengthening now that his issues seem to be resolved and his personal trainer has sorted him out. Giroud is class! Class on the pitch and class giving interviews. Already speaking English pretty well and seems like a very humble guy. What I see in him is that he’s all about business. He’s not overly fussed when he… Read more »


We all love you too Giroud….. Your future in arsenal bright. Up Gunners… Up Giroud.

Dean '67

Never up giroud, just up le coq!!


It’s another Beauty and The Beast (gay version).

gooner from bangladesh





Did I say black or white?

gooner from bangladesh

Its a joke. Jeez. Since Giroud is obviously beauty, anyone else is the beast. :e


Give him time the goals will come n ul even forget about his horrible misses even Henry vp wright and bergkamp scored their first goals against Southampton after several attempts

Lord Teddy Ears

And the Fans love you sexy man now please relax in front of goal take your time then and only then will score beautiful infact almost pornographic goals !!!

PS I hope that Diaby stays fit and makes me eat my words for doubting you


Diaby has started the season fantastically but lets not get ahead of ourselves people he needs consistency in his performance more than anything.i hope the praises wont turn to insults if he doesnt live to our giddy”based on 2 games” expectations. Just saying!


Let’s hope he scores soon and turns out great, cos I’l hate to see him get ‘the other side’ of the Arsenal ‘fans’, we can tear a players confidence from zero to – infinity.
Sometimes I read comments about players like chamakh and the squid and I think, there must have been a time they thought to themselves the fans were pretty fantastic too.




Girouds “slow” start doesn’t concern me. Even if he is not scoring his movement helped create the space for podolski to score the opener against Liverpool. I would only be concerned when he stops getting into good positions or stops asking for the ball. Until then he’s got my support every step of the way.
International break is such a pain in the arse tho for fucks sake we wait 3 months then get a little taste of the good stuff then it’s gone again
It’s like trying to have a flog on dial up Internet


Giroud will come good. its just adaption to a new team, league and even country for fuck sake. A few more starts, time playing with and understanding his team mates and he will get goals. Arsenal as a team produce so many chances. Honestly we could take on most half decent 10goal a season striker and get him more goals. i think even if chamakh got a run in the team he would start scoring again. its hard produce with only 10 mins every week


Go on Giroud! I can’t wait to see your hat-trick for the Arsenal this year.


Giroud to open his arsenal goals account come saturday!!!!


Giroud to open his Arsenal goal scoring account come saturday!!!

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