Thursday, September 29, 2022

Mannone: Nobody wants to go there!

Vito Mannone says his time on loan at Hull was invaluable but that he had to overcome some initial reservations before he went there.

Known throughout the UK as the Paris of the North, Hull offered the kind of distractions, bright lights and beautiful women that could test of the focus of a bishop, let alone a fledgling net-minder.

But the Italian knew he’d have to just knuckle down and get on with it if he wanted to turn his career around, and if that meant going to Hull, bacchanalian land of temptation and all, then so be it.

“To be honest, every goalkeeper has his own path,” he told the Evening Standard. “I had mine. I had bad times and I just rolled up my sleeves and worked hard. Then, I thought, ‘let’s go to Hull’.

“Nobody wants to go there really but I found a good club, good fans and I gained experience. I played games as a number 1. 24 games in a row, so that’s what I needed. It helped me going onto the pitch thinking, ‘Ok, I can be number 1 now’.

“I had a great spell last year where I learned how to be a number 1 really. When you play games in a row, it is a big challenge because you need to recover well and prepare for the next one again.”

He goes on to talk about that nightmare game in Greece when he let in the strangest of goals. Arseblog News believes we all exist in this universe but also within our own individual universes, and his universe shifted slightly to the left as the ball continued on its way to goal thus rendering his fly kick useless.

Why did this happen? We’re not universe experts, sadly. For now though, we know the Italian has proved some of the doubters wrong and long may his improvement continue.

Grande, Don Vito! Grande.

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Mannone a decent number 2 for me.

Wonder if Fabianski is actually ‘injured’ or not.




\(. _ .)/


(-_-* )




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Mannone says that hull is full of shit, you go there and right away you get depressed. Come on gays,

Mannone nose.


“Nobody wants to go there really” Its the shit capital of England. I wouldn’t send Ashley cole there, oh hang on, that ain’t such bad idea!


Really explains a lot why Arsenal didn’t go in for Julio Cesar and Hugo Lloris now. Whatever they’re doing with the keepers they’re doing it right!!


We didn’t go for ceaser because he wanted a fat paycheque, doesnt care about his carrier anymore. He’s at the end of his fucking playing days. As for lloris, it’s clear he found AVfuckingB too handsome to turn us down. Also wanted to play everytime something he’s not doing at the moment. Ironical.


I lived in Hull for 4 months as a kid. Scarred me for life.

Cygan's Left Foot

I have never been to Hull, but them having Phil Brown Stuff as a manager scarred me for “life and half”.

What a useless liar he was.

Runcorn Gooner

I won the first prize of a 1 week holiday to Hull
I was lucky my friend won the second prize of a 2 week holiday to Hull.
Boom Boom


“Arseblog News believes we all exist in this universe but also within our own individual universes, and his universe shifted slightly to the left as the ball continued on its way to goal thus rendering his fly kick useless.”

A good mystery for Einstein and Sherlock Holmes(yes, imagine them together!) to investigate.

The Loving Hands of Wenger

Isn’t Hull the bottom part of a boat or something?


Mannone says its a shitfactory that depleted his already withered confidence. We should agree


Good point. What do you think the ‘arse’ is?


I think you’ll find Vito loved every minute of his minute in Hull – he went to loads of supporters meetings and said as much. Loved the city too – if you took time out to visit you’ll find it compares very well to much of London. The quote is I believe lost in his translation.


go to oprah! go to oprah!


“…if you took time out to visit you’ll find it compares very well to much of London.”

Looks like we got ourselves a comedian, folks!


Talking about individual universes… just kidding Malcolm, I’m sure it’s nice.

Arsene Nose

This is brilliant.


I went on holiday a couple times in Hull when I was younger and it was pleasant, not the racist shithole I expected.


Who goes to hull on holiday??


apparently Bill


Poor Bill.


I think the phrase you’re all thinking of is, ” thank you Hull for developing our promising future number one keeper.”

You’re Welcome.


I think he is top class. He needed a run of game. Wenger shouldn’t have benched him for the SOTON game after two clean sheets. Wenger broke his run, a good run and I think that was a bad thing. I imagine that it takes time and practice for a keeper to develop the confidence to mARSarshall a defence properly I would have kept him for the SOTON game plus Montpellier and told him that I was considering Czznik for the Shitty game. Why replace akeeper keeping clean sheets? That would have given him game time and we may have… Read more »


Also, i feel you missed a trick by not having a title of “i went to hull and back”


Apparently, The Sun liked your idea, Chambo. You should send them a bill.

The Loving Hands of Wenger

I can imagine Mannone using his wealth to set up a little Italy in Hull where he’d sit on the titty terrace in the summer in garish suits ignoring streams of angry betrayed women while being on the phone all day.


My recent visit to London in April took in the sights of Croydon and North London – top place that Tottenham area – weren’t there both scenes of last years riots. Carshalton by comparison was pleasantly most un-London like.

I’m the comedian? – why is it that Londoners old & new seem to think every where outside their sprawling violent metropolis is sh*te.


Because it is.

In Arshavin`s Accent

Shut up, you Bearidiot.

Big Dave

Mannone has improved a hell of a lot. I’d actually be suprised if he doesn’t keep his place for an extra game or 2 once Chez comes back.

Plus he looks like a badass mafia nut.


Drayton park is the place. A couple of missus’ strutting around in hot pants walking their dogs bound to get a boner. Can you easily get that in hull?. Eh. Meh.


Good boy. The keeper formerly known as Vito Oh-no-nne is giving SZCZ some serious competition.

Can only be a good thing.

Merlin's Panini

Mannone’s was one of the better performances last night. Montpellier just really took the game to us, and it was rather more of a fight than I was expecting it to be, especially in that we hardly saw the ball in the second half. It was a tired performance but also one that showed this team as the grit to pull through when things aren’t going their way. Some players just didn’t seem to be quite with it and some of the decision-making defensively from individuals was at times bizarre. I thought the ref was pretty shite, especially in the… Read more »


Yep, the ref was a bit of a toss-pot. It’s almost like they have set out to prove a point to Wenger. I can see Platini chanting “He blows when he wants” about the ref. Also, the Sky Sports pundits!! Amazing, they describe us clinging on for all 3 points as desperate defending but they will describe others doing the same (ie Chelsea last year) as courageous. The shites! I found it funny that they had no negative comments about the defending shown in the highlights of the other matches playes yesterday. They even tried to make Kompany’s duck for… Read more »


speaking of refs.. i saw the manure CL match .. 3 blatant penalties against them turned down .. one awarded for them . and the commentary . Sometimes things just get too utterly ridiculous to believe.

Rocket Diary

But you have to agree that was a very beautiful duck. It was a collectors’-edition piece of art. Stop making fun of the poor guy, he gave us a moment we can savour for a long time.


Weirdly, I noticed the ref was being a bawbag last night… but that also made me notice that for some reason the refs are giving us everything in the league so far.

Is this reparations for last season?


In fairness to the ref, it seemed the goal line official called the penalty against TV5. He blew the Diaby yellow card, true. But I thought he didn’t fall for as many dives as European refs usually do. Linesmen were spot-on with offsides.

And, let’s be honest, that Diaby challenge in the last minute could have easily been a penalty. If the guy Diaby fouled hadn’t had acted like such a diving cuntbag earlier in the game, he just might have gotten that call.

Geovanni's 30 yarder At The Emirates

Mannone say’s:

“I’m just beginning to see how Hull is, and I’m pleasantly surprised because people did not say so many nice things about it, but I like it – it’s at the seaside, and it’s less busy than London”.

Translation: ‘Some cockney mong who has never been North of the Watford Gap told me bad things about Hull. I’ve found what they said to be a load of b0ll0cks’.


I know it’d be be nice to have yet another keeper to compete for the spot, nonetheless, Mannone lacked confidence coming out of his goal yesterday, you could see that.
There was a reason they tried to catch him out.


this just fufils every misconception i’ve ever had on gooners, your all muppets


Can’t we all just be friends


Uh oh, some people from Hull are all mad at us… better take down this article before more of them come on here misspelling words and not knowing what “misconception” means.

Cygan's Big Black Clock

I wonder if the people from Hull will start protesting around London’s embassies and rioting. We first-world people should be more sensitive.

Cygan's Big Black Clock

Oh, and “tigersfan,” do you usually spend your evenings frantically searching the Internet articles with ironic or insulting comments about Hull just so you can protest in the comments section?




Ta. If you have a misconception that believes we’re all muppets, then I believe that means we’re not in your eyes.


Gutbukkit Deffrolla

Educations levels in Hull are still lower than the national average then.


There’s no way to describe Hull eloquently. It’s basically like being in a haemorrhoid


Following ‘The Arse’, you’re in a better position than I am to comment. I bow to your undoubted rectal experience. 😉


Nice response Middo. 🙂


^brotha where have yu been all this while?


In a haemorroid, apparently.


Arsenal will never win a major trophy again.

Get used to the ennui.

I guess most of you will just simply start supporting someone else.


Now call us stupid poopy heads and run away in tears.

Red and White Stripey Socks

Zev, are you from Hull?


Why would someone who wasn’t from Hull be in here defending Hull?


Mancunian mate.

Dislike Arsenal mainly cos of it’s bland middle class fan base.

All your best players leave at their peak.

Face it, slagging of teams like Hull is about all your good for.

And 4th place of course, or will it be 3rd this year? Oooh the excitement

Merlin's Panini

Bland middle class fan base? That’s rich coming from a Manc! Jog on cunt


FAO Merlin’s Panini Yeh our middle class fan base comes from glory hunting cunts who used to support Arsenal. Arsenal fans are that fan as portrayed on the Fast Show. Arsenal fans are Jack fucking Whitehall. Face it. You’re mediocre. Like Wenger, like your petulant food throwing players – you have no class and never will. Seriously, when will you ever win a major trophy again? You might scrape a League Cup or an FA Cup at some point – but the league and Europe – no chance, not for at least a generation. And by generation I mean 20… Read more »


Do you not like the middle class? My family are upper class landlords from Pakistan. Arsenal are popular all around the world and our fans are extremely diverse. We also know a lot more about football than the average Manchester United supporter. Cantona kung fu kicked a fan, and he was voted by you “fans” as the best player to play for United, when in fact, he was the most overrated player of the 1990s.Roy Keane and Paul Scholes are two of the dirtiest players to ever play the game. Wayne Rooney is a fat, stupid, cheater. (On the field… Read more »

Merlin's Panini

Right mate. Assuming you’re a United fan: Your fans are the biggest bunch of gloryhunting know nothings alive. Enjoy hanging out with your “prawn sandwich brigade”; a phrase coined by your old captain for YOU. If you’re a City fan then, well, your fans get tattoos of Rooney on their backs so says a lot for you really. As for Arsenal being mediocre. You can’t win everything all the time and it won’t be long before you experience the same, plus we play by far the most entertaining football in the league and don’t have to rely on bullying the… Read more »


“Yeh our middle class fan base comes from glory hunting cunts who used to support Arsenal.”
And its sooo hard to find a glory hunting ManU supporter isn’t it??
“Face it, slagging of teams like Hull is about all your good for.”
Says the man trolling on a rival fan blog.
“And 4th place of course, or will it be 3rd this year? Oooh the excitement”
Yeah its quite exciting Zev. Atleast more exciting than failing to qualify for the knockout rounds in the Cl.


I see you won as many trophies as we did last year. When are you going to win the next one?
Shouldn’t you be on a Manchester City blog?


My wife’s a southerner and many of her family are Arsenal supporters – I must admit to having a soft spot for them.

Londoners however are the ones that are clueless and ignorant about anything that is outside a 20 mile radius of the Capital.

the only sam is nelson

Speaking as somebody who saw Ian Botham waddle out at the old showground in 1985 for the mighty iron, i have to admit a certain antipathy towards the tigers although at least they’re not fucking grimsby

frankly if you want to experience the full spectrum of ignorant bollocks spouted by aggressive cunts who express themselves like a broken Sun editorial, you’re far better off wandering the streets of small towns the length and breadth of the country than london. just sayin’

as to don vito, hull have done us a favour. so, thank you hull.


John Terry is a mis-conception

Cygan's Big Black Clock

He’s also a cunt.


I don’t even like me!


dont send me there pleeeeeeeeeeeease

Eric Irish gunner

RVPrick bottles taken peno for manc scum and nani misses

The Gooner

Life long Gooner from Islington, season ticket holder for 6 years before they priced out the regular football fan. I moved to hull 2 years ago and i love it up here, if you ain’t been you should have a go for a weekend piss up, cheap booze, relaxed, and most of the birds up here are fit as f*ck and the majority of people are a pleasure. Plus Hull has very few rude foreign mugs and teeth sucking on every corner. You should take a look at your own area before mugging off a place you’ve never been lads… Read more »



+ Easy to get shitfaced
+ Slags
+ No black people

– Is Hull


Hull is alright if:

– You believe the contents of ‘The Sun’ newspaper
– You are white trash
– Hate blacks, Asians, immigrants, forriners, your wife
– Like to lick windows
– Ignorant, thick, have a inflated view of one’s own comedic talent
– A bit of unsocial cunt

Welcome to Hull


And before some wise cunt asks, YES I’ve been there


Hull ! Ostensibly hideous. But… Philip Larkin. That will set you right.

[…] 来源:[Arseblog News] […]

[…] He says of his initial reluctance to move to the Tigers: Nobody wants to go there really but I found a good club, good fans and I gained experience. I played games as a number 1. 24 games in a row, so that’s what I needed. It helped me going onto the pitch thinking, ‘Ok, I can be number 1 now’. […]


Hmm, and article about your new first choice keeper and yet your headline is a dig at Hull. Let it go boys before people start thinking you’re obsessed or something.

Jerry Hartley

Ever ACTUALLY been to Hull? Try it, and you’ll be suprised! I always love heading back to my roots there. Besides, Islington is hardly Utopia is it?!

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