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Usmanov calls temporary truce with final Arsenal broadside

Alisher Usmanov has spoken to the press about Arsenal saying he doesn’t plan to talk to the press about Arsenal…for a while.

Claiming that he has no intention of either selling his shares or asking for a place on the board, the Uzbek billionaire squeezed in a final swipe at the current policy of selling valuable players before making clear he’s not planning any further ‘open letters’ to Messrs Gazidis, Hill-Wood and Kroenke.

“Nobody can convince fans that the club is doing fine if for the past three or four years the club has been selling its best players,” Usmanov told Reuters in an interview.

“It doesn’t matter who our extremely talented coach, Arsene Wenger, buys to plug these holes if we want to win trophies.

“Arsenal received our letter,” continued Usmanov, referencing his public show of frustration earlier in the summer. “We didn’t mean it as a hostile message or a declaration of war.

“We are tired of being accused of fighting for a place on the board. We have never in our lives asked for this place.”

Eager to call a halt to the sniping now that the season is underway, Usmanov, concluded:

“The season is beginning – we must close this discussion and support the club, coach and players.

“For now, we stay in Arsenal as shareholders as long as we don’t lose our love for this club. Now we wish it support and great victory.”

As far as Arseblog News is concerned this seems like the equivalent of throwing a punch in a bar and legging it.

Obviously feeling it necessary to put something/anything out into the ether off the back of the club’s latest financials it looks as though Usmanov and Red & white Holdings have made the wise decision to stay quiet for a while.

It’s interesting that for all the posturing about being ‘real’ fans that he finishes the interview hinting that he has the potential to fall out of love with the club. The mask slips a little perhaps?

No doubt we’ll hear from them again as soon as anything goes awry, probably when we next get an opportunity to sell somebody…


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Makes a fair point tbh, as long as he keeps his word I haven’t got a problem

Clock End Mike

Happy for Usmanov to remain as a shareholder. Happy to be reassured he’s not seeking a place on the board. Happy to hear him say he wants to continue to support the club, coach and players.

Happy to hear he’s going to prove this by keeping quiet in future (for a while, at least).

Hudson Hornet

Arseblog News seem to take everything Usmanov says very personally.

I wonder why … heh.

Usmanov also has many complimentary things to say about Wenger. These guys have kindly left that out for us.


“It doesn’t matter who our extremely talented coach, Arsene Wenger, buys to plug these holes if we want to win trophies.”

Hudson Hornet seems to take everything Arseblog News says very retardedly.

I wonder why.. heh

Usmanov may have many complimentary things to say about Wenger. However, he is a cunt and can take his bullshit criminal hands off our club

Hudson Hornet

Arsene has no problem with him …


Yeah because Wenger will definitely want to escalate any boardroom turmoil occuring at the moment by taking sides and insulting Usmanov. Also, he’s not an idiot and in case Usmanov does take control of the club, I think he’d like to keep his job.

But you know, after years of condemning irresponsible financial spending and putting in place a long term plan, Wenger will suddenly want a sugar daddy to come in who preaches short-termism and has already tried to disrupt the club. A club he supports ‘for now’ I may add.


Hudson Hornet – Probably because he isn’t allowed to interfere with the club in any way and try force anything behind the scenes … Therefore even I would be indifferent

big dawg

‘For now, we stay in Arsenal as shareholders as long as we don’t lose our love for this club.’

If he says that, no way i want him anywhere near the board!

Gearoid Kelly

Hear hear. He has admitted that his “love” for the club is a fickle thing.

Of course his “love” can be interchanged with “financial interest” quite simply.


Yes yes, and Kroenke loooves our club deeeply. They are both greedy motherfuckers. If there was not them we would have another greedys buying Arsenal shares. Only good thing is that we were not sold like Chelsea or City or PSG which sold their soul for black money.


The difference is Kroenke doesn’t put out reams of bullshit about it. He doesn’t pretend he’s been supporting the club since the war, he just does business quietly in the background, lets the manager get on with running the team and shuts the fuck up about the rest.


Exactly. People mock “Silent Stan” but in the end, how many owners get criticized for interfering with the way the club is run? Take tomorrow’s visitors. Winning titles under Mourinho wasn’t enough for Roman, he wanted to score a lot. So they’ve had about a manager a year since? No thanks. Give me the owner who says,” I am rooting for Arsenal, but as I know FA about actually managing a club Mr Wenger, you do it, I’ll be up in the suite.”


You don’t know that Kroenke is better then Usmanov. Usmanov is probably more primitive but in the end money is money. But I am not for Usmanov, not at all… I said I am happy we didn’t loose our identity yet ,and do hope that Wenger has more influence then it looks when we are selling everybody who is wanted by anybody, even to fuckn United!


Exactly, please don’t just view this in the terms of Arsenal, view it in the terms of all of Mr. Kroenke’s holdings. His three major sports teams in the US have all had owner initiated work stoppages the last two years,as a means to grab more money for the billionaire owners, and in the NFL which had ended a player lockout a season ago, just today ended the lockout of the refs over less than 1% of all NFL profits. They locked out the refs at great expense to the fans and the mostly the product on the field and… Read more »


@jt307 US sports seem to be run a lot different to the EPL. I know we Yanks get shouted at for using the term “franchise” instead of “club”. There is a distinction between cultures that may not be readily apparent to all, and innocent comments are met with anger. I won’t debate that the owners in the big 4 US sports are after the almighty dollar, for they are. It’s up to the commissioner’s office to translate the greed between owners and players into what’s best for the long term health of the league. What happens is that the commissioner… Read more »


What you’re saying is that we should judge Stan Kroenke over the actions of the commissioners and a buttload of other owners in sports that are run completely differently to soccer over disputes that by their very nature could never happen here.

What I am saying is that you just went full retard. And you should never ever go full retard.

I also find the idea that NFL fans are somehow out of pocket because of the replacement referees to be utterly absurd. Unless it costs money to bitch over botched calls now…

Dave Gooner

He was well matched with “I am a fan” badge-kissing Robin van Persie all right..

Maybe he could fuck off to JamU too. Do us all a favour.

Fight against fickleness

Lol like you have a choice!!


I am sure if we had a lesser start to the season there may have been more to say. the prick.
I like the “For now, we stay in Arsenal as shareholders as long as we don’t lose our love for this club” he tries to make out he is an arsenal fan- yet true fans are always with the club regardless of how things are. Depressing as that may be at times!
Looking forward to a good win tomorrow- hope someone hoofs Terry up the hole.


‘as long as we dont lose our love for the club’!!!!
Most fans dont have a choice, its in your blood, you love it no matter what.
there in lies the problem with usmanov.


Usmanov is so rich he has his own clone following him.


His clone needs some more neck-fat injections.


I bet he puts on his belt with a boomerang!

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

It’s why he was using the Royal ‘We’


Nooo, this is him but younger. He’s good at photoshop so he’s always putting at least two of his pictures together… you are asking why he’s missing hair on the younger one? He’s done Rooney.

Me So Hornsey

If the financial fair play rules come in effect properly, I can’t really see what much difference he’d make in the coming years even if he was allowed on the board. He wouldn’t be allowed to pump his own money in so he must be getting itchy feet really.


“For now, we stay in Arsenal as shareholders as long as we don’t lose our love for this club. Now we wish it support and great victory.”

Jesus H Corbett. If ever there was a statement in support of plurality of ownership, that was it. It may as well read “we like this toy, but only until a better toy with shiny lights and loud noises comes along”. I’m glad he apparently doesn’t want to be on the board.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

No it means “We like your toy, but if you don’t give it to us to keep we won’t be your friends any more”.


Usmanov is so fat he needs a vcr for a pager.


Used to not like him, but at least he attends at games (even away!) and speaks the truth about club’s ambition and direction.

Not like current owner’s ghost who don’t give a crap, attended at 1 game in 1 and a half year, says nothing and bought the club just to make profit (aka buy low and sell high)

Hudson Hornet

Yes, and that’s why he has a box at the Emirates.



Just to point out. I see Usmanov seems to attend some games, which is great and all, but some people seem to use this as a stick to beat Kroenke with. By nature, it seems that Kroenke is a low-key kind of guy – “Silent Stan” and all – so would it be surprising if he does attend fairly often, and just doesn’t make a massive song and dance about it? On the other hand I’m not surprised in the slightest that Usmanov is telling everyone and their uncle about how many games he goes to, since it ties in… Read more »

Glory Hunter

It appears that no matter what Usmanov says or does, people have made their minds up about him! Going by Bob’s logic, if it was the other way round & Silent Stan attended games & Usmanov didn’t, you wouldn’t give Usmanov the benefit of doubt, you would say he doesn’t care & never attends games! I don’t care for Usmanov but if I’m honest I don’t care for Kronke neither cos he does fuck all, but lets be objective on our reasons for disliking Usmanov! Cos no body can provide a valid reason other than a dodgy past, but its… Read more »

Dr Baptiste

He’s our second highest shareholder due to having the money to buy the shares. If a was a billionaire and bought those shares, I’d be the second biggest shareholder. He wasn’t gifted the shares due to his “love” of the club but bought them as he has a lot of money.
PStan does exactly what an owner should do. He employs people to cover all aspects of the business, so that he can concentrate on his businesses as a whole.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

Not only does Stan employ people to cover all aspects of the business, so that he can concentrate on his businesses as a whole, he does it without running the team down, and without declaring false love for the team in order to ingratiate himself with the fans, or threatening to fuck off if he doesn’t get his way.


I wonder how long will this self-imposed silence last?


When did Bob Hoskins join Usmanov’s entourage?


They call theirselves ‘real fans’ and then say they will ‘stay shareholders as long as they don’t lose love for the club’…

We’ll here’s an open message back to usmanov, real fans NEVER lose love for the club! I’m almost 30 and have loved the arsenal since I was 6! Through thick an thin! And that will never change!!! So don’t try palming us off with this drivel! I’m literally arsenal till I die, like most on here! We are the real fans!!!!

Wenger's Waterbottle

Fat Man Utd blubbering shit.

Goon Goon Goon

If you don’t want to be on the board then shut the fuck up you chunky cunt! Please fall out of love with the club as it means someone who shows a genuine interest. Can buy your shares and you can go back to selling AKs. DENCH!

………. As you were


Meh. Roll on Chelsea.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

He could too ! Look at the size of him….and his Maxi-Me as well !

Dr Baptiste

That’s no fat man, it’s a space station


“For now, we stay in Arsenal as shareholders as long as we don’t lose our love for this club. Now we wish it support and great victory.”
so a gloryhunter who will jump ship if we dont win anytime (or if cant take control) soon .well unlike you fat wanker arsenal fan dont loose love for the club and dont quit
cant believe so many fan fall for this manure lover cunt

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

I’m glad Arsenal don’t pay dividends. It means the only way he can make any money out of Arsenal is by selling his Shares.


i am a bit disappointed that arseblog finds it convinient to snipe at Usmanov at every turn even when he is echoing arsblog’s very own sentiments!! It takes a brass to do dat!!! Plus how about cut the guy some slack and stick it up to Silent Stan or better still Dead Stan!!! Cos to us arsenal fans the guy is stone dead! Zero impact.


Not entirely sure why you have a problem here, would you prefer an abromovich as head, firing and hiring at his pleasure leaving the club with 1 billion in debt …. I’m OK thanks, prefer silent stan leaving the business of running the club to the people that know how to do it!!!!


and that also means you never attend games to watch your team play??

Dr Baptiste

Which team do you mean, as he has a few while also having his businesses in the States along with his family. You don’t become a billionaire by neglecting everything else and just sitting champagne in your directors box.

I’m not trying to defend him for not coming, just showing that there is always another side to why he hasn’t come to a lot of games.


Oy. So, I am in the USA and can’t jet over every weekend, therefore I’m not a true fan? I guess a Sp*rs fan who attends games just to shout obscenities is by that logic. Are you serious?

Did Stan invest more than take over his boyhood club? You bet. Has he said at any point that he might take his ball and go home? No.

I’d love the ability to have the fans collectively own the club, but out of the two we’re stuck with, Stan is the man for me.

Altar Sheen

Does anyone know if Stanny K attends games for any of the NBA/NFL/NHL/NLL/MLS teams he owns? Wondering how quick we should be to judge him. People are different. I consider myself The Arsenal to the death. I watch every game although I do turn off the ones we’re losing near the end because it feels like I’m being stabbed in the heart. But if I could collect enough pennies, I’d buy the club in a heartbeat. I would hardly ever attend games though. I prefer watching at home. Granted I’d do things differently – I’d have a lackey pick a… Read more »

Altar Sheen

Oh and I should add, for me Usmanov owning the club would feel like being stabbed in my cannon-shaped heart repeatedly but somehow not managing to die.

Gah. I can feel the pain already. Moving back to the Arsene shaped light…

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

You aren’t “Us Arsenal fans” you are just one fan, and you seem to be a fan of Usmanov as well. Do you support Zenit St Petersburg as your “First” team?

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

I mean Dinamo Moscow, of course. Zenit St Petersburg is simply the other major Eastern European team his Companies support financially as a sponsor.

Dr Baptiste

It does seem to be a case of keeping quiet as his plan failed and the team look more solid than ever. The up and down nature of the summer has given way to renewed optimism which was evident in the fact that this year, it was a disappointment not to take 3 points from City and that Chelsea should be a simple win. I don’t care if he talks, doesn’t talk, eats the press officer, etc… as I have no say in what happens at board level and my own thoughts on it have no bearing on an outcome.… Read more »


and that also means not attending games to watch ur team play?

Dr Baptiste

What are you blithering about? At no point did I say anything about Stan Kroenke, you just felt the need to repeat what you’d already said on your won comment. Are you Usmanov’s Arseblog insider? Seems to be a tactic he likes, repeating himself over and over again.



Nice to meet you sir, it appears you’re new around these parts. Now fuck off.

Usmanov's Seat

Nooooo…please….not that….


Ah…..oh when is chelsea?. Right tommorow.

Hope you actually make it to the stadium you fat fuck!

Football Inc.

Bottom line. All owners are cunts. Football clubs should be run by fans. Usmanov or Kroenke, I dont give a flying fuck

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

No, football clubs should be run by somebody who will not send them bankrupt or put them in a position where they might become bankrupt before selling up and moving on.

Your best bet is to have a family who are in it for the long run and are fans as well. The Hill-Woods are infinitely better suited to Arsenal than some fly by night entrepreur with a murky background and a love for the club which is conditional on it doing as he wants in all things.


That must be why they sold their shares the moment someone with a big enough walker came along.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

They’ve been with Arsenal for decades as a family, and they are still involved. Better that than some fat fucker that says he loves the team “for now”.

gooner odst

Give credit where credit is due, Uzmanov brilliantly took advantage of the rvp situation by releasing that open letter in order to destabilise the board and pull on the heartstrings of us fans. If we (Arsenal) fans believed ‘everything’ that was written and allowed ourselves to be manipulated then Wenger would have been sacked and we would have ended up worse than spuds a loooooooooong time ago. True though our patience has been tested by fake, conceited players like…you know… but as Wenger put it, if you don’t like the club then you can leave if you want. We can… Read more »

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

Yes, people who want to take over a business are usually very good at popping up when problems arise and sniping at the current owners while showing their “love and support” for the business itself.

I mean, they want to replace the man at the top, but they have to be careful not to permanently damage the “Brand name” in doing it.

Then again, once they have gained control they can always rebrand the product… Milton Keynes Dons, Cardiff City anyone?


Couldn’t agree more with Baptiste there.

Besides how can anyone support either of the 2 clowns(The Fat One and the Silent One) I have no idea. The difference between the 2 is The Fat One knows how to play the media game while the Silent One stays silent.

How I wish it was back to old times when real fans become owners of the club.

Charlie Charlie

I don’t think that time ever existed.
Clubs have always been owned by fat fucks. It’s just that they are now foreign fat fucks with bigger wallets!

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

If he knew how to play the media game properly he wouldn’t be pissing off so many Arsenal fans by saying shit that he thinks will make them love him. He can get the “money will solve all our problems” brigade on side with ease, they’re the tarts of the Arsenal support and would drop their knickers for a gorilla if it had money (say, that is almost exactly what is going on here), but he is making the fatal mistake of trying to seem like one of us when he clearly isn’t. Some people just come across as the… Read more »


I have no problem with wenger “plugging the holes” left by our “best players” if it means buying more players like cazorla podolski and giroud.


At least Usmanov communicates to people….still havent heard a squeak from Kronke.

Dr Baptiste

With 2 small children, I personally like silence.


With usmanov there, thats no two children?……..That a freaking crowd of little children.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

He communicates AT people. He would not be likely to listen to, or respond to, any grievances the fans might have were he in charge. At least the current regime do try to talk to us occasionally. I don’t know why people are so keen to run down Stan for his silence, when he employs skilled people to do his talking for him. If you want malicious silence just look at Abramovic at Chelsea. Says nothing. Known to sack some of the very best managers in the world after giving them only a few months in charge to achieve what… Read more »


John terry will always be a cunt…

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

Very dry.


I don’t understand the hate and vitriol directed at him. I mean sure he looks like ‘jabba the hut’ but we shouldn’t discriminate a person based on appearance. I have no problems against him and maybe Arsenal need a more vocal and commanding leader to compete against teams like Man u, Barcelona, Real Madrid, on and off the pitch. To me he seems like an astute businessman that may have a dodgy background (how many billionaires don’t?) but he clearly has contacts with major companies and may help Arsenal get massive sponsorship deals. (Still cant believe United can get £20m… Read more »

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

We should discriminate against him on the basis that everything he says is designed to destabilise the Club, and because he has openly admitted that any ‘love’ he has for the Club could end. He said “For now, we stay in Arsenal as shareholders as long as we don’t lose our love for this club.” That alone is worthy of disgust. Could you respect and trust an ‘Arsenal Fan’ who said that he loved the Club “for the time being, but you never know if I might turn to another club one day” ? That is sometimes said by one… Read more »


“The season is beginning – we must close this discussion and support the club, coach and players.”

Did anyone else scroll up to check the date? Guy’s an untrustworthy prick. Hold onto the shares you have but don’t get any ideas about fucking around with the club.

Dr Baptiste

I think he’s been reading what Liverpool fans have written, as they all claim that their season starts against Norwich on Saturday. Maybe he thinks Arsenal v Chelsea is our opening match…..

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

Maybe he only counts football clubs owned by Russian Oligarchs as worthy as consideration as opponents. For him we have a two match Premier League season.

Mikel Anon

“not a hostile statement… or declaration of war”


“as long as we don’t lose our love”



It is a shame we can’t have the best of both worlds.

We can keep the self financing model… It wouldn’t hurt though if the American or Russian used their contacts to up our sponsorship deals by a million or 10.

Dr Baptiste

That’s just it though. As the contract was signed, it would be illegal on both sides if the values suddenly changed.
Unfortunately, we just have to wait until we can renew properly and be in a position that makes us an attractive prospect that leads to bigger contracts.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

No, he means that they should step in when the contracts expire and become our ‘generous’ sponsors in the same way the team at the Middle Eastlands is getting sponsored…. or indeed Dinamo Moscow. From Wikipedia: In February 2008, his Metalloinvest also became sponsor of Dinamo Moscow, the Russian capital’s football team. His Metalloinvest group’s name replaced the Xerox Corporation’s on its players’ shirts as part of the $7 million deal. “For me, Dinamo is a first love,” said Usmanov, the club’s website reported Usmanov as saying. The ballet fan had sidestepped a conflict of interest with Arsenal, London’s The… Read more »

the only sam is nelson

Usmanov = John Terry after 1bn pies

Kronke = John Terry after a tracheostomy

Hill-Wood = John Terry on the blower to the Daily Star sports desk

etc etc etc


poor usmanov, he can smell the lovely food but he’s not allowed to eat it ….

he tried to launch a coup in the summer but it didn’t work, i guess his plan is to hope that stan gets in trouble and has to sell up
otherwise he’ll go to plan b which is sell off his shares and buy up some other club, although he’ll have a hard time finding one as juicy and succulent as the arsenal

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

His long term plan may be to get control of Arsenal and keep Wenger in charge of the team so that he can use Arsenal as a feeder club to his beloved Dinamo Moscow.


i do wish silent stan was more like speaking stan though

how hard can it be to just make a statement every now and then, something bland and reassuring is better than nothing

and just go to a match once a year or so or whatever, i’m sure he comes over here every now and then.
just sit in the stands and wave like the queen or something


Seriously, what the fuck is wrong with all you lot? The only person who should be in and out of the papers taking about running the team is Arsene Wenger. There odd no reason for Kroenke to open his mouth at all.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

He employs Gazidis to tell us about the plans or ambitions of the club. He’s been doing a good job too, or have you not been reading articles in Arseblog News over the last few weeks?

Dial Square

Why should he come to the games? lets not forget, as much as we would like him to, Stan doesn’t love the club, thats not why it bought it. He bought it because he loves sport and he saw Arsenal as a club that he could run successfully and improve turnover and profit, and that seems to be the direction in which we are heading. As for the fat orange man utd supporting cunt the sooner he looses his “love” for the club the better. What if he took conrol, invested millions and then lost his love for the club,… Read more »

Per's Nimble Footwork

Mr Usmanov, when will you get enough? Obviously money doesn’t buy class Sir.

Like any other shareholder, if you don’t like the direction your business is going, vote with your shares: use them for a takeover or sell them. Your tripe is getting tired.


Usmanov, he’s so fucking fat he falls off his bed from all sides!. But seriously why do we listen to this guy every time he pops up. Today he’ll absolutely slam wenger the next he’ll say he’s behind him. The dealings from the club him being a major share holder and all, he has to be consulted or has even to atleast know of its offing. He never ofcourse speaks out then, he’ll wait untill things start to go not so according to plan (eg. We get bad results or everyone slams us for selling our players) then he’ll join… Read more »


Ah. Good to know he doesn’t feel that his BS in the off season doesn’t impact the club.

Mother Reilly

So THAT’S who ate all the pies.


How do five gay guys walk? In One Direction.


“No doubt we’ll hear from them again as soon as anything goes awry, probably when we next get an opportunity to sell somebody…” Well that shouldn’t be too long should it ? As the transfer window opens on January 1st 2013 and we either sell Walcott or give him a freebie next May. For all the anti Usmanov bluster on here, the one point thats always missed is that he acts as a restraint on Kronke, or would if he got to see the full extent of Arsenal’s fiancee. Not just the doctored tat that Gazedis pontificates on, every six… Read more »


As long as he shuts the fuck up I wont have a problem with him. Sick of him popping up every once in a while trying to sound all intellingent. I’m afraid to think what he’ll do with the club were he to be given full shares…… I bet he’ll be breathing down wengers neck everytime he steps on a dry leaf. He’ll even take charge of all transfers I’m afraid something arsene handles quite sanely!,(without sugar daddy dough) or he might fucking eat us all!

[…] you read Arseblog News yesterday you may have seen this about Chubby Usmanov, which links to this interview with the big man published by Reuters. […]

[…] 来源:[Arseblog News] […]


I said it once and I’ll say it again, fuck off you fat cunt!


Tbh everything I’ve heard Usmanov say has made complete sense. Why everyone feels so negative about him seems odd to me. If I had millions to invest in a club I liked then why not get annoyed when the current administrators of the club refuse to listen…and continually let the best players go. It makes sense to me, does it not? Can anyone not understand the man’s frustration at letting our best players go….and not replacing them with better? Nobody would have remembered RvP had we bought someone better – it’s how we recover and replace our top talent which… Read more »

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